Lamps Plus Asks Americans to Show and Tell Their Vintage Stiffel Lamp Story

My Stiffel Story Contest brings awareness of the prestige of owning a vintage luxury Stiffel table or floor lamp

New Stiffel luxury lighting fixtures offered exclusively by Lamps Plus pay homage to the vintage lamps

LOS ANGELES – June 8, 2021 – Lamps Plus is asking Americans to unveil their vintage Stiffel lamps and tell their stories of these treasured family heirlooms. By doing this, they could be selected as a winner of a $500 Lamps Plus shopping spree.

Lamps Plus believes that not all treasures are on display in museums. Some are prominently showcased in living rooms and dens, or tucked away in attics, basements or storage rooms, like vintage Stiffel table and floor lamps.

Lamps Plus is the exclusive retailer of new Stiffel luxury lighting fixtures. Through the My Stiffel Story Contest, beginning today, Lamps Plus is looking to bring to light the heritage and timelessness of the Stiffel brand and their classic vintage lamps.

My Stiffel Story Contest

Stiffel became a landmark lamp manufacturer for most of the 1900s. The storied company was founded in Chicago in 1932 by Ted Stiffel, a craftsman with a background in fine arts, and its brass lamp designs became synonymous with luxury, prestige, and style in homes across the nation. The lamps were, and are, prized for their elegant lines and superior brass workmanship.

“These lamps are valuable and luxurious. Vintage Stiffel lamps are beautiful pieces still displayed proudly in homes,” Lamps Plus Founder and CEO Dennis Swanson said. “We’re asking Americans to display the beauty and art of their vintage Stiffel lamps through photos and to also share memories of the lamps to create better awareness for this one-of-a-kind, unique American lighting brand. We are eager to see photos of beautiful luxurious Stiffel table and floor lamps in people’s homes. Our new Stiffel lighting fixtures acknowledge and are inspired by the brand’s lamp luxury throughout its history.”

Contest entrants are asked to submit an original, quality photo of a vintage (defined as pre-2000) Stiffel table or floor lamp in their or their family’s possession. Submissions can be posted on Facebook or Instagram (using a public account and #myStiffelStory hashtag), uploaded to, or emailed to The contest runs until July 14, 2021. Official rules are at the Lamps Plus link above.

The top 10 photos as determined by a Lamps Plus panel, including Dennis Swanson, will receive a free $500 shopping spree and have their lamp and story featured on Lamps Plus’ social media.

Unique about this contest, Lamps Plus does not offer second-hand, vintage or antique products of any kind. The user-generated contest of historic lamps is to bring greater awareness to the quality and beauty of vintage luxury Stiffel lamps, now replicated in new luxury Stiffel fixtures exclusively at Lamps Plus.

“Through the years, customers have purchased historic-inspired lamp shades from our site or brought their prized Stiffel lamps into our stores to replace worn or damaged lamp shades,” Swanson said. “Like a classic car parts supplier, Lamps Plus has helped customers maintain the luxury and operation of vintage Stiffel lamps to extend their value.”

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