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LOS ANGELES — May 15, 2017

The Lead Story in Today’s San Fernando Valley Business Journal Chronicles Lamps Plus’ Successful Leap from Brick-and-Mortar to Multi-Channel Retailer

A page of the San Fernando Valley Business Journal featuring Lamps Plus.
Photo by David Sprague / San Fernando Valley Business Journal

This must-read story sheds light on the retailer’s ever-evolving digital strategy, from its very first in-store computer kiosks to its current challenges and successes as a leading multi-channel retailer in the housewares space.

Key highlights include:

  • How the company was able to incentivize Lamps Plus store associates to embrace in-store kiosks (Hint: allow them to earn commissions from kiosk sales).
  • How customer website browsing behavior – in particular site searches and exits – offers a critical feedback loop to inform the development of new products.
  • How today’s shift toward mobile devices presents a new opportunity for local stores to serve as de facto call centers, helping customers browse and shop over the phone.
  • The challenge of understanding and addressing a customer’s needs on the fly as he or she shifts between platforms, from desktop computer to mobile phone to store visit and back.
  • In addition to illuminating insights from Dennis Swanson, CEO, the article also speaks with Angela Hsu, VP of Internet Business and Marketing, and Terre Wellington, Senior Vice President of Store Operations.

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