Have a Bathroom Romance with the Perfect LED Light Fixture

Bathrooms can be one of the most chic and romantic rooms in your home.

But, using the wrong LED light can burst that romantic appeal. For the lighting ‘romance’ meter to register, LED bathroom lighting should be dimmable, have interesting shape, and visual texture. Here’s why:

Two silver sconces topped with white shades, placed on either side of a mirror.

Dimmability allows you to customize your lighting level and create the perfect romantic glow.

Divine Dimmability

Bright lights in a bathroom are fundamental for the grooming parts of bathroom use, but when it’s time to relax, those bright lights can harsh the mood. And mood lighting is essential when it comes to romance.

When shopping for a new bathroom light, look for LED light fixtures and light bulbs that can dim. While you are shopping for dimmability, consider stocking-up on battery-powered LED candles. Before kids and cats, I’d have crinkled my nose at the thought of a battery fueling my candles. As a busy mom who likes the soothing mood a candle creates, those battery-candles are fast and easy to turn on in a pinch.

Sensual Shapes

It may be what’s inside the light fixture that really matters, but there’s no denying shape registers a fast reaction. Shapes that allow the eye to graze over a surface in a few different ways will hold a gaze, keeping eyes mesmerized with the curves or angles on a fixture.

Just like with color, shapes appeal to each of us in different ways. If the shape doesn’t catch your eye and hold your gaze while you are shopping, it won’t be a light that can keep you enchanted during a long bathtub soak in your bathroom.

A white modern bathroom sconce, featuring a cut-out design, set against a white tiled wall.
Many modern bathroom lights come in eye-catching shapes and avant-garde designs.

Tempting Textures

More than just a way to filter the light, the texture of a light fixture can create interesting patterns, shadows, and shimmer in a space. Silk screening, frosted glass, applied patterns, and metallics are just a few of the textural options available in LED light fixtures.

As the technology continues to evolve and designers keep pushing the boundaries for LED light fixture design, the options will become limitless. So if you don’t fall in love today, your dream fixture could be introduced very soon.

Glass-and-crystal bathroom wall lights providing a luminous glow.
Glass crystal textures create a classy and beautiful effect.

Take another look at your bathroom design. The proper lighting choices can transform a plain, utilitarian space to a dreamy getaway that takes your breath away. Is it time for an upgrade?

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