Lamps Plus Releases Second Season of “Renovation Inspiration” with Interior Designer Lori Dennis and Contractor Roy Yerushalmi

LOS ANGELES – Aug. 21, 2019 – “Renovation Inspiration,” a residential remodeling video series produced by Lamps Plus, has released its entire second season highlighting a major residential design project from interior designer Lori Dennis and contractor Roy Yerushalmi.

The six-episode season, now available on the Lamps Plus YouTube channel, follows the wife and husband design duo‘s renovation of an “ugly” two-story “nightmare” home in the ocean-adjacent Marina del Rey neighborhood of Los Angeles to a three-unit coastal-modern style “dream” rental complex. The series can also be found at

Renovated Rental House Tour – Renovation Inspiration Marina Del Rey Episode 1

In the unscripted series, viewers are introduced to a 3,600 square-foot, five bedroom olive green house. Each “Renovation Inspiration” episode follows the progress of turning the two-story $1.4 million house into three separate rental units (two Airbnb vacation rentals and an apartment) on a tight budget and a three-month timetable. Episodes feature remodeling projects in each of the three spaces, including the installation of new lighting and décor, and the refurbishing of kitchen and bathroom spaces. Meanwhile, throughout each episode, Lori and Roy interact with each other and offer on-the-spot remodeling tips to viewers. The final episode showcases a walkthrough of the entire property.

Lori Dennis relied on her background appearing on the HGTV series “The Real Designing Women,” which chronicled the lives of prolific interior designers, as the video shoot mirrored her TV experience. She said the renovation project timetable had to keep on track knowing the series would be filmed around the project.

The banter between Lori and Roy is not just entertaining — it’s insightful, offering a glimpse into their daily professional lives, according to Lori. “In the episodes, you can get a unique sneak peek into what our lives are like on a daily basis as we manage the design process for a major renovation,” Lori Dennis said. “My advice for a project like this is to be prepared for surprises and go with the flow. With a major remodeling project, there are always surprises, whether financial or with the timeline. Understand it’s just part of the process and keep moving forward. That’s what we did and our project turned out well.”

Lamps Plus produces new videos monthly to inform customers about how to improve their spaces using lighting and home furnishings. The Lamps Plus brand ambassador program, including Lori Dennis among five premier interior designers and influencers, is featured in several videos.

“‘We leveraged the popularity of design shows to create our own show following Lori’s and Roy’s interesting and challenging project. Our goal was to capture all the fun, difficulties, excitement and decision making that goes into a major residential renovation project,” said Angela Hsu, senior vice president of marketing and eCommerce for Lamps Plus. “With her interior design expertise and TV experience, Lori Dennis was a natural on camera. Viewers can easily watch all six episodes on YouTube and gain insights from Lori that will give them plenty of ideas and inspiration for their own renovation projects.”

Ultimately, the couple developed a building complex with two highly rated Airbnb rental units and a fully rented apartment unit.

“We transformed an enormous ugly green building into an inviting coastal mint green oasis,” Lori said. “The black exterior lights we installed on the facade remind me of mint chocolate chip ice cream. Every time I see the building now, I can’t stop smiling.”

Based in Los Angeles, Lori Dennis leads a top interior design firm, Lori Dennis Inc., and is a speaker and best-selling author. Roy Yerushalmi leads SoCal Contractor, a top luxury home builder in Southern California.

While both informational and entertaining, the series also highlights various Lamps Plus lighting products used in the project. Dozens of Lamps Plus designs, including lighting, ceiling fans, furniture and decor, were installed throughout the project.

The episodes’ topics and running time are as follows:

Renovated Rental House Tour – Episode 1 (6:27)

Kitchen Remodel – Episode 2 (7:31)

Bath, Stairs and Bedroom Remodel – Episode 3 (6:55)

Apartment Makeover Remodel and Tour – Episode 4 (7:17)

Studio Apartment Tour and Remodel – Episode 5 (7:00)

Outdoor Updates for Increasing Curb Appeal — Episode 6 (7:18)

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