Top 5 Tips to Refresh and Brighten Your Home Webinar

In this Lamps Plus webinar video, Jennifer Farrell, Lamps Plus Pros member and Los Angeles-based interior designer, reveals easy-to-do tips that can help make your home a more comfortable, livable place to be in.

Video of the Top 5 Tips to Refresh and Brighten Your Home Webinar

Tip one – use layers of light.

A room should have multiple light sources, from chandeliers to table lamps. Most homes don’t have enough and rely too much on overhead recessed lighting.

Multiple sources of light creates dramatic pools and layers of light. This helps create a look like you would see in an expensive restaurant or a Hollywood movie.

To help get the look, use dimmers! These allow you to easily set the light level for different activities, and to vary the light coming from differnet lamps and fixtures.

Tip two – create a focal point for your room.

Many rooms feel uncomfortable to be in because they lack a focal point, a place that draws your eye in and lets us know what the room is for. Use a sofa to anchor a living room, or a headboard in a bedroom.

Tip three – reflect natural light, bring outside light in.

Outside light is the designer’s secret friend, and it’s time for you to make use of it.

To do so, just position a wall mirror to reflect the light and color of the outside world back into your room.

Tip four – create a happy work space.

Many of us are working from home these days, working from kitchen counters, dining room tables, and maybe, if we’re lucky, even from a home office space.

First off, de-clutter your work table. To the extent that you can, get rid of any distractions.

Then, get comfortable with proper seating, like an office desk chair.

And don’t forget proper desk lamp lighting. Position the light source opposite your writing hand to avoid casting shadows on your work.

Tip five – add a smile to your décor.

Finally, Jennifer always likes to add a little something to a room that’s personal or fun or unexpected that gives you a smile during the day.

Use decorative pillows, framed photos, or a home decor accent to add smiles to your room decor.

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