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Decorative Mirrors Use and Top Questions

Mirrors offer an inexpensive way to create additional design style in any room. In a living room space, they help reflect room colors and bring in outdoor light. In small spaces they can add the illusion of depth, and mirrors in dining rooms can reflect candelabra light from chandeliers and candles, amplifying the romantic glow of these light sources. As you can see, mirrors are very versatile! Here are some of the top questions about wall mirrors:

What are the top mirror styles?

Trending mirror styles include the frameless mirror look. These designs don't have a frame, just the mirror glass itself, so they offer a clean and modern appearance. Popular for traditional and transitional dining rooms, sunburst mirror frames incorporate a round shape with rays extending outward from the center - whether gold or silver, ornate or minimalist, they're always sure to please.

Are mirrors easy to hang?

Most designs are easy DIY installations. Mirrors have various types of hanging brackets on the back. For most mirrors you simply install a wall anchor screw and the mirror has a notch or D-ring hardware on the back that you hang onto the wall anchor. Make sure to check our guide, How to Buy a Mirror and Hang it Like a Pro, for more.

What is a beveled mirror?

Beveled mirror glass has an attractive angled-cut edge that offers an elegant finished look. Mirrors for dining room use and decorative looks for bedrooms and sitting areas often utilize this beveled mirror glass feature.

In small places, such as an entryway or a small living room, mirrors add depth and dimension by visually doubling the size of your space. For added style, consider using dining room mirrors or decorative mirrors in the living room, where larger designs are sure to impress with their bold, oversized looks. We offer free shipping on all of our mirrors, so you can add decorator style to a dining room and every room of the house. If you have any mirror questions, talk with our design experts to find a look that's right for you.