Make Your Own Lighting – A DIY Chandelier Project

Lamps Plus just launched a brand new product that makes it easy to make your own lighting – a lamp shade adapter! A DIY chandelier project is now not only possible, but simple, too. It’s easy to create your own swag light by pairing our hanging swag adaptor with a stylish lampshade that suits your decor. The lampshade must have a spider fitter, and an 11″ opening on top.

A series of five DIY pendants by Lamps Plus.
Lamps Plus makes it possible for customers to make their own lighting.

To get started, pick up a brushed steel shade swag adapter or an antique brass shade swag adapter (pictured above), along with a lamp shade of your choice. The plug-in shade swag adapter kit unscrews, and the spider fitting of the lampshade fits into the openings on the adapter. Tighten the adapter, and voila! It’s simple to use these lamp shade adapters to make your own lighting.

A shade swag adapter and a lamp shade.
Follow simple steps to create your own chandelier.

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