Choosing the Right Ceiling Light

Close to ceiling lights may be one of the most common household lighting solutions for general overall room lighting. These home lighting staples come in a variety of styles and finishes, making it easy to find a design that is just right for your decorating scheme.

Look for dimmable fixtures for more lighting control – you’ll find that slightly adjusting the lighting levels will help you easily create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.

Flushmount Ceiling Lights

Flushmount ceiling lights are low-profile fixtures that are mounted flush with the ceiling. This type connects directly to the power source, and eliminates any space between the light and the ceiling itself. They can be decorative, with some offering chic crystals and patterned art shades, but tend to be unobtrusive, and blend more seamlessly into your existing decor than other ceiling light types.

A ceiling light with crystal accents and a drum shade in a bathroom.
A modern bathroom with a flushmount ceiling light featuring crystal accents.


  • Catches less dust and bugs so you don’t have to clean as often
  • Low-profile is great for high-traffic areas
  • More practical, understated designs available

Ideal Installations:

  • Lower ceilings – between 7-8 foot high
  • Hallways and high-traffic areas
  • Places you typically walk directly under the light
  • Kitchens, closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms

Semi-Flushmount Ceiling Lights

Semi-flushmount ceiling lights tend to be more decorative than flushmounts, with many offering more lavish crystal detailing and art glass. They are usually mounted to the ceiling with a short stem below the canopy that gives a small gap between the ceiling and the light. This allows for greater illumination and ambient lighting due to light filtering upward in addition to downward.

A semi-flushmount light featured in a welcoming entryway.
A semi-flushmount light is a great choice for an inviting entryway.


  • Greater illumination and ambient lighting
  • Easier access to replace light bulbs
  • More decorative styles available

Ideal Installations:

  • Higher ceilings – between 9-10 foot high
  • Lower ceiling installation in places you won’t be walking directly under the llight
  • Over dining tables, seating areas, bathtubs and vanities
  • Entryways, bathrooms, bedrooms

Ceiling Light Shopping Tips

Check out our video “To Flush Mount or Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixtures?” below:

To Flush Mount or Semi-Flush Mount Light Fixtures?


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