Close to Ceiling Lights: Low Ceiling Lighting Solutions

Big chandeliers are lovely, but they don’t fit in every space. Here’s a look at low ceiling lighting solutions for your home.

Take a room with a low ceiling for example – a long hanging chandelier hanging down and blocking the room just isn’t practical. And in places typically with low ceilings like hallways and bathrooms – a ceiling fixture that is over-sized is going to cause issues with flow and usability.

Enter the solution – close to ceiling lights.

But just because your space isn’t ideal for a big chandelier or pendant light – you don’t have to resort to a boring light that doesn’t do anything for your style.

You can add charm and beauty with close to ceiling lights just the same.

Take for example the living room shown above – if a chandelier was hung above the sofa you would hit your head every time you stood up.

If you are looking for something with the same pizzazz as a chandelier – think about crystal close to ceiling lights with elegant lines. It will really stand out and make that drama filled statement.

A semi-flush ceiling light over an entryway.
A semi-flush ceiling light adds a bit of upward and downward lighting to balance out a room.

You can also choose a close to ceiling light that is similar to a pendant with a shade around it.

Shaded ceiling lights are hugely popular and add an ambient soft diffused light in a room.

In a low ceiling bathroom, simple is key. You definitely don’t want to be stepping out of the bathtub and hit your head on a light – this industrial style close to ceiling light is perfect for lighting the room while adding a ton of style.

So as you can see, just because you have low ceilings that can’t take a large chandelier or pendant light – you can make a statement just the same with a close to ceiling light in any room.

What do you think? Do you have any close to ceiling lights in your home? What style is your favorite? Leave a comment.

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