Industrial Close To Ceiling Lights

Industrial Close To Ceiling Lights
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Free Shipping* on all industrial close to ceiling lights. Inspired by factory lights and fixtures, classic industrial ceiling lights are stylish additions to any space.

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Inspired by Industry - Industrial Style Ceiling Lights

Industrial ceiling light designs are inspired by the classic industrial era and the lighting forms seen in factory spaces, warehouses, and spaces. Industrial close to ceiling lights come in various profiles and forms, but they all have sleek, utilitarian shapes and vintage style elements.

What are industrial close to ceiling lights?

These fixtures are is designed to be installed on the ceiling. They offer functional illumination while maintaining a stylish industrial aesthetic.

What is a flushmount industrial close to ceiling light?

The flush mount type of industrial ceiling light gets installed directly to the ceiling, flush to the ceiling surface. Semi-flushmount industrial style ceiling lights are similar, but hang down slightly from the ceiling by a short rod. Both are great for spaces with low ceilings or where you don't want anything hanging down.

Where are industrial style ceiling lights typically used?

Kitchens, hallways, entryways, or bedrooms are all great locations. The designs are particularly well-suited to industrial lofts, urban building spaces, or rustic-inspired interiors.

Industrial style ceiling lights can be a great way to add character and personality to a space while providing functional illumination. Our US-based ALA-certified lighting specialists can help you find the perfect product. For more inspiration, check out our video and tips on ceiling lighting.