The Most Popular Chandelier Styles in Each State

If an entryway is the eye to a home, then an entryway chandelier is the designer eyewear. Focusing the first impression of entering guests, an entryway chandelier sheds a bright light on the design aesthetic and aspirations of the homeowner.

As the nation’s largest lighting retailer, we were able to find some interesting collective insights by looking at the go-to chandelier styles for every state. Check it out; you might find a few surprises.

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Scroll along the list below to see what styles are popular in your home state, or if you just want to see what everyone else is up to!

ALABAMA – Gold Contemporary Chandeliers

Carrine 15 1/4″ Wide Black and Gold 4-Light Pendant Light
Sweet Home Alabama is getting an update as homeowners discover an aesthetic blend between contemporary design elements and classic southern architecture.
ALASKA – Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers

Caleb 23 3/4″ Wide Bronze and Glass 5-Light Chandelier
Modern Farmhouse fixtures cozy up any home, a welcoming gesture in a state that records the country’s smallest average amount of annual sunshine.
ARIZONA – Glam/Luxe Chandeliers

Pioggia Chrome 23 1/2″ Wide Crystal Chandelier by Inspire Me Home
With sprawling luxury homes springing up like cactus blossoms across the state, oversized glam-luxe fixtures are a go-to for filling expansive spaces.
ARKANSAS – Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers

Tomas 42 1/4″W Black Wood Grain Kitchen Island Light Pendant
Agriculture has played a major role in Arkansas’ culture from territorial times. Rural or urban, state residents remain drawn to the farmhouse aesthetic.
CALIFORNIA – Brushed Nickel Contemporary Chandeliers

Stiffel Ella 20 1/4″ Wide Brushed Nickel Crystal 5-Light Pendant
Brushed nickel continues to gain popularity as a warmer-tone, lower-maintenance alternative to chrome, even in The Golden State.
COLORADO Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers

Gorham 16″ Wide Wood and Metal 4-Light Pendant Light
Whether a Coloradan’s transom overlooks towering mountains or sprawling plains, a Modern Farmhouse chandelier strikes the perfect tone for bringing the great outdoors inside.
CONNECTICUT – Brushed Nickel Traditional Chandeliers

Magnificence 24 1/2″W Satin Nickel and Crystal LED 15-Light Chandelier
One can almost see Connecticut’s Founding Fathers walking through the entryway under these timeless chandeliers.
DELAWARE – Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers
Lora 29 1/4″ Wide Nickel and Oak Wood Finish 8-Light Ring Chandelier
Modern Farmhouse style bridges Delaware’s heritage of rural homesteads and the sleekness of the state’s cosmopolitan cities.
FLORIDA – Brushed Nickel Contemporary Chandeliers

Smart 20″ Wide Polished Nickel and Crystal Modern Pendant Light
The perfect complement to Florida’s coastal contemporary architecture, brushed nickel fixtures work well with the warm décor palettes popular in the Sunshine State.
GEORGIA – Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers

Daniel 24 1/2″ Wide Matte Black 6-Light Chandelier
The style is an almost literal nod to a centuries-old state farming industry that has become one of the most sophisticated in the country.
HAWAII – Brushed Nickel Contemporary Chandeliers

Austen 20″ Wide Brushed Nickel Pendant Light
Clean lines and simple geometric shapes reflect the Hawaiian International style of architecture featured in many of the state’s most iconic buildings.
IDAHO – Industrial Chandeliers

Lacey 29 1/4″W Round Black 2-Tier 12-Light LED Chandelier
Until potato-powered light bulbs become commercially viable, the stripped-back Industrial style is a fitting tribute to Idahoans’ hard-working spirit.
ILLINOIS – Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers

Hemingson 33″ Wide Gold 15-LED Sputnik Pendant Light
Home to Frank Lloyd Wright and Louis Sullivan, Illinois is a Mid-Century hot spot, melding the traditions of past eras with modern influences.
INDIANA – Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers

Marinec 42″ Wide Black 8-Light Round Chandelier
To paraphrase Joe Williams’ Back Home Again in Indiana, “the gleaming candlelight still burns bright” in these popular entryway chandeliers.
IOWA – Industrial Chandeliers
Manfred 35 1/2″ Wide Black 2-Tier 10-Light Chandelier
Iowans have embraced Industrial lighting fixtures as the next best thing to sliced bread which, coincidentally, was invented by a Davenport-born jeweler.
KANSAS – Transitional Farmhouse Chandeliers

Sawyer 40″ Wide Forged Iron 5-Light Chandelier
There really is no place like home when that home has such an inviting entryway.
KENTUCKY – Industrial Chandeliers
Stiffel 35″ Wide Hartley Black Finish 9-Light Chandelier
While Kentucky is known for its sprawling farmland, its inhabitants are all about nuts and bolts, at least where their lighting is concerned.
LOUISIANA – Antique Gold Traditional Chandeliers

Stiffel Hartley 35″ Wide Warm Antique Gold 9-Light Ring Chandelier
There are few places more attached to their history than Louisiana, and it shows in the go-to “Louisiana purchase.”
MAINE – Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers
Stiffel Melvan 36 1/2″ Wide Golden Bronze Ice Glass 12-Light Pendant
In a state that names its streets after the way their grandparents described growing up, it can be no surprise Mainers gravitate toward this popular, post-World War II aesthetic.
MARYLAND – Industrial Chandeliers

Holman 26 3/4″ Wide Industrial Bronze 6-Light Chandelier
No Maryland home is complete without Old Bay and an Industrial-style chandelier in the entryway.
MASSACHUSETTS – Brushed Nickel Contemporary Chandeliers

Possini Euro Design Deco Nickel 24 1/4″ Wide Pendant Light
Connecting the warmth of a traditional finish with contemporary design the way the Bunker Hill Bridge spans the Charles River.
MICHIGAN – Brushed Nickel Traditional Chandelier

Bellis 24 1/2″ Wide Brushed Nickel 5-Light Chandelier
A lighting choice that’s as much a part of the Wolverine State’s tradition as corn hole and cider mills.
MINNESOTA – Brushed Nickel Contemporary Chandeliers

Possini Euro Marya 32″W Brushed Nickel 24-Light Chandelier
The only thing friendlier than a Minnesotan may be the warm, low-maintenance accessibility of brushed nickel.
MISSISSIPPI – Traditional Farmhouse Chandeliers

Kander 26″ Wide Black and White Wash Wood 5-Light Chandelier
Farming dominates Mississippi’s economy and its residents’ lighting preferences.
MISSOURI – Brass Contemporary Chandeliers
Possini Euro Nor 23″ Wide Warm Antique Brass 6-Light Pendant
Trends change as quickly as the Missouri weather and homeowners like to stay up to date.  
MONTANA – Industrial Chandeliers
Edinger 20″ Wide Textured Glass and Oil-Rubbed Bronze Metal Pendant
While Montana’s landscape might be all mountains and ranches, its interior design trends are dominated by steel and steam.
NEBRASKA – Bronze Contemporary Chandeliers
Franklin Iron Works Bronze 30 3/4″ Wide Modern Swirl Chandelier
Even in the Cornhusker State, homeowners are embracing a blend of contemporary and country styles to find their home’s true ethos.
NEVADA – Crystal Chandeliers
Stiffel Artyom 21 1/2″ Wide 4-Light Warm Gold Pendant Light
These aren’t Liberace’s chandeliers. Dazzling new crystal designs create a visual focal point that adds a magical touch to any décor style.
NEW HAMPSHIRE – Brushed Nickel Contemporary Chandeliers
Clara 27″ Wide Black and Antique Silver 5-Light Chandelier
The first colony to announce its independence from England, New Hampshire retains a strong connection to the rich history and traditions of its storied past.
NEW JERSEY – Gold Contemporary Chandeliers
Possini Euro Janae 29 1/2″ Wide Antique Gold Pendant Light
All that glitters is gold in the country’s most densely populated state, from the casinos of Atlantic City to the contemporary mansions of the Jersey Shore.
NEW MEXICO – Rustic Lodge Chandeliers
Gorham 32″ Wide Wagon Wheel 2-Tier 9-Light Chandelier
From Old Town Albuquerque to the Taos Pueblo, the rustic history of New Mexico is preserved at every turn, including in its residents’ décor choices.
NEW YORK – Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers
Possini Euro Vesta 35 1/2″ Wide Gold Crystal LED Pendant Chandelier
The clean lines, sweeping curves, and geometric shapes of Mid-Century Modern design parallel images of Manhattan’s iconic skyline.
NORTH CAROLINA – Brushed Nickel Traditional Chandeliers
Grace 23 1/2″ Wide Chrome and Crystal 6-Light Chandelier
One of the original Thirteen Colonies, the Old North State has retained an understandable affinity for Traditional style.
NORTH DAKOTA – Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers
Caroline 46 1/4″ Wide Black and Wood 2-Tier Double Ring Chandelier
In a state where 90 percent of the total land area is used for agriculture, North Dakotans have little choice but to be drawn to the Farmhouse aesthetic.
OHIO – Brass Contemporary Chandeliers
Sundry 24″ Wide Warm Antique Brass Drum Pendant Light
Dayton natives Orville and Wilbur Wright set Ohio’s Contemporary trajectory in flight as the birthplace of modern aviation.
OKLAHOMA – Industrial Chandeliers
Possini Euro Tasman 31 1/2″ Wide Black 8-Light Modern Chandelier
In a state where hay bales and oil pumps sit side-by-side on the prairie, the Industrial style reflects Sooners’ no-nonsense aesthetic.
OREGON – Country Cottage Chandeliers
Song Birds 13″ Wide Pendant Indoor-Outdoor Chandelier
Country Cottage fixtures cast a light on the rolling hills, winding rivers, covered bridges, and beautiful horizons of rural Oregon.
PENNSYLVANIA – Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers
Possini Euro Spheres 30″ Wide 15-Light Sputnik Glass Pendant
It’s only fitting this perennially popular style would be a go-to in the home state of Fallingwater, arguably Frank Lloyd Wright’s most famous design.
RHODE ISLAND – Brass Contemporary Chandeliers
Stiffel Hartford 29″ Wide Gray Iron Pendant Light
Brass is back and adding warmth to the contemporary homes dotting The Ocean State’s 400 miles of coastline.
SOUTH CAROLINA – Chrome Contemporary Chandeliers
Aida 18″ Wide Pouring Crystal Chandelier
As shiny as the seashells that wash up on a South Carolina beach, chrome fixtures reflect the sunlight of a perfect summer day.
SOUTH DAKOTA – Bronze Traditional Chandeliers
Acanthus and Crystal 68″ Wide Bronze Chandelier
It’s no surprise that South Dakota, home to the iconic Mt. Rushmore, which pays homage to four impactful US presidents, would gravitate to design rooted in tradition.
TENNESSEE – Brushed Nickel Traditional Chandeliers
Possini Euro Saturna 21″ Wide Brushed Nickel Pendant Light
Tennessee, home to the heart of country music, finds comfort in brushed nickel finishes, smoother than Jack Daniel’s whiskey and a Grand Ole Opry broadcast.
TEXAS – Crystal Chandeliers
Mirabell 34″ Crystal LED Kitchen Island Pendant by Inspire Me Home
You know what they say, everything’s bigger in Texas. The Lone Star State leans into the grandeur with crystal elements that sparkle and shine.
UTAH – Industrial Chandeliers
Possini Euro Gable 41 1/2″ Wide Black 10-Light Modern Chandelier
Some may know Utah as the Beehive State, which actually derives from the hardworking nature of its residents, not the pesky insect.
VERMONT – Tiffany Chandeliers
Floral Garden 3-Light Tiffany-Style Glass Bowl Pendant
With over 78 percent of Vermont covered in forestland, residents fill their homes with Tiffany fixtures, reflecting the intricate beauties found in nature.
VIRGINIA – Brushed Nickel Contemporary Chandeliers
Possini Euro Quartet Grid Brushed Nickel Metal and Wood Modern Chandelier
The famous Virginian, Thomas Jefferson, just so happens to appear on the 5-cent coin. Coincidence? We think not.
WASHINGTON – Mid-Century Modern Chandeliers
Possini Euro White Flower 19 1/2″ Wide Pendant Chandelier
In a state whose namesake couldn’t lie about cutting down the cherry tree, Washingtonians are naturally drawn to the honest use of materials that defines Mid-Century Modern design.
WEST VIRGINIA – Industrial Chandeliers
Lacey 28″ Wide Round Black 12-Light LED Wagon Wheel Chandelier
The Mountain State produced more coal than any other state in the early 1900s, as J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie made West Virginia an Industrial mecca.
WISCONSIN – Transitional Farmhouse Chandeliers
Myland 36″ Wide Bronze 2-Tier 12-Light Chandelier
As the land of cheese, and birthplace of Laura Ingles Wilders, it’s no surprise to find Wisconsin among the strongholds of Farmhouse design.
WYOMING – Modern Farmhouse Chandeliers
Sperry 33″ Wide Bronze and Scavo Glass 15-Light Chandelier
With sprawling plains and snowcapped mountains, the least populated state in our nation fills its homes with grand fixtures, inviting guests looking for an outdoor adventure.

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