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Crystal Chandeliers

Free Shipping* on all crystal chandeliers. Add beauty with the best crystal chandelier looks from top designer brands. These designs offer unparalleled style and quality.

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Majestic and brilliant, an elegant crystal chandelier makes the perfect focal point for your room. Early designs incorporated hundreds of small reflective crystals to magnify the effect of candlelight. Fast forward hundreds of years, and premium crystal chandeliers today use superior quality crystals such as Swarovski Elements. These bright, faceted elements create a spectacle in any room, for a one-of-a-kind look to be treasured for generations to come. For more upscale looks, view our entire selection of crystal lighting.

How to buy a crystal chandelier

Choosing the right crystal chandelier for your needs may sound complicated, but we made it easy with our step-by-step guide "How to Buy a Chandelier." You can also learn more about each different type of crystal chandelier with our "A Guide to Crystal Chandelier Glass".

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