Versatile Kitchen Islands

One of the most clever design solutions for small spaces is the versatile and moveable kitchen island. Taking up no more space than a few feet, a slender kitchen island adds a work surface and storage without permanent cabinet installation.

A wood top black two-drawer kitchen island cart.
This kitchen island with wheels adds a much-needed surface area, drawers and open shelving to your kitchen.

In a kitchen that’s not large enough to house an island of deep proportions, the moveable slender kitchen island is the perfect prep surface, providing a place to slice, dice, set and serve.

A portable kitchen island can do double duty as a dining buffet or beverage cart. Tucked up against a wall, the slender piece of furniture is a handy spot to lay out appetizers and drinks or store cookbooks.

Expand the storage of any pantry by tucking a small scale moveable island inside, one that can be brought out when hosting parties or for holiday baking sessions.

While intended for use in a kitchen, moveable islands and carts are in no way limited to that space. There’s no rule that says kitchen islands have to be used solely for food purposes. Reinvent it as a home office and make one the perfect place to sit down on a stool with a laptop to catch up on emails or surf around online.

Lamps Plus has a variety of movable islands and carts in varied styles and finishes.

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