How to Install a Chain-Hung Chandelier – Easy Tips

chain-hung rectangular pendant chandelier

Time needed: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Chandelier installation is easier than you might think! Here are some basic tips on how to install and wire chain-hung chandeliers. Chain-hung designs come with chain and electrical wire, and they include a canopy that covers the electrical connections at the ceiling.

  1. Turn Off the Power

    Safety is of top importance when working with electrical connections. Make sure the wall power switch is in the off position and that the power is turned off at the breaker box. Use a voltage meter to double-check.

    If you are not comfortable working with electrical wiring, we strongly recommend using the services of a licensed, professional electrician. Lamps Plus offers installation service in select areas; contact your local store for details.

  2. Remove Old Fixture

    If need be, remove your old chandelier. Make sure the power is disconnected, then remove your old fixture.

    Unscrew the canopy, and un-do the wiring. There will be three wires: a white, black, and a copper ground wire.

  3. Test Hang and Measure Chain

    Test-hang your chandelier and measure how much chain you’ll need.

  4. Remove Chain Links

    Remove chain links with pliers to shorten to the right length.

  5. Thread Wire

    Thread the wire through the chain to the canopy. Allow for a foot or so of excess and use wire cutters to trim any un-needed length. To install, you’ll thread through the wire through the chain to the canopy.

  6. Install New Chandelier to the Junction Box

    Lift the new fixture and screw the mounting bar to the electrical box.

    If you do not have a junction box, or if it is in the wrong position in your room, you’ll have to have a new one installed.

    Standard junction electrical boxes have a max load of fifty pounds. If your chandelier weighs more than that you’ll need a support safety brace. We carry these if you need one.

  7. Wire the Connections

    Wrap the copper ground wire around the junction box grounding screw, tighten it, then connect the wire’s end to the chandelier’s ground wire.

    Then, strip around a half inch of insulation from the white and black wires. Use a twist-on connector to join the chandelier’s white wire to the junction box’s white wire.

    Do the same with the black wire. Install any bulbs, then turn the power back on and enjoy!

  8. Add the Canopy

    The decorative canopy covers the ceiling opening and hides all the wiring. To install, carefully tuck all the wires into the junction electrical box. Then use screws to secure the canopy to the junction box to that the canopy sits flush with the ceiling.

  9. Add Bulbs

    Screw in any bulbs and secure any glass or diffusers that conceal the bulbs.

  10. Turn the Power Back On

    Turn the power back on at your electrical box. Then use your wall switch to turn the chandelier on. Then stand back and admire your new lighting!

Check out our video that details the process:

Installation Tips from Lamps Plus – How to Install a Chandelier

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