5 Porch Ideas That Inspire

Sitting out on the porch drinking lemonade on a warm evening is why we love summer. More homes used to be designed to utilize the porch. Recently, relaxing on the front porch has become popular again. Homeowners are taking note and designing the porch space.

An outdoor porch setting with outdoor furniture.


  1. Enclosed porches are great if you live in an area where bugs are a problem at night. Using sheer white drapery to enclose the porch adds texture and a chic element to any porch design.
  2. To soften up the look of the porch design, include throw pillows, blankets, outdoor lighting and a rug. As long as you select furnishings suitable for the outdoor elements, you can make the space feel as comfortable as the indoor living areas.
  3. We love the design of the porch featured in the image above. The neutral color scheme with a sky blue gives it a classic look. Don’ forget that the porch area serves as the first impression for guests visiting your home. Take extra care to make the space comfortable and inviting.
  4. The porch area may serve different purposes for different people. Some may use the area just to relax and read a book in the evening, while others may use it as a place for casual outdoor dining.
  5. To use the porch as a place for a quick meal, simply pick up a bistro table and a few chairs.


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