How to Buy Close To Ceiling Lights

Photo of bronze and glass semi-flush ceiling light

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Close to ceiling lights provide great general room lighting and add a special touch to your room decor.

How To Buy Ceiling Lighting – Buying Guide

Flush Mount or Semi-Flush Mount

Close to ceiling lights come in two styles: flush mounts and semi-flush mounts.

Flush Mount Lights

These fixtures sit directly on the surface of the ceiling without any visible chain or downrod stem.

A flush mount ceiling light.
  • They work best for standard height ceilings of eight feet.
  • And they offer an unobtrusive visual style.

Semi-Flush Mount Lights

Unlike flush mounts lights, semi-flush mounts hang a few inches from the ceiling with a small gap between the ceiling and the fixture. They often have a 4” to 8” rod or short pole.

A semi-flush mount ceiling light.
  • These designs are best for standard height ceilings of eight feet.
  • Provide more light that bounces out to the ceiling.

Tips for Choosing Ceiling Lights By Room

Bathrooms – Most close to ceiling lights can be used in the bathroom, as long as the area is ventilated and free of excess moisture.

Bedrooms – Choose a fixture with a diffuser or a covered bottom to present the glare from the light bulb while lying in bed. Frosted or marbled glass fixtures are good for the bedroom, as clear fixtures may be too bright for the space.

All rooms – No matter where you mount a close to ceiling light, remember that they only provide general room lighting. To achieve a well-lit lighting plan, use a mix of lighting sources, including table lamps, floor lamps, or recessed lamps.

Hallways – A flush mount or semi-flush mount should provide enough lighting for a hallway; purchase two or more fixtures for a long hallway.

Sloped or Vaulted Ceilings – These fixtures can be used on sloped ceilings, as long as it is labeled in the product details as sloped ceiling adaptable.

A contemporary white close to ceiling light in a flower shape.

Other Features to Consider

LED Ceiling Lights and Energy Efficiency

Look for LED close to ceiling lights to save money on energy costs and enjoy a brighter light. Some close to ceiling lights are made with built-in LEDs, so you don’t have to add any light bulbs.

If the fixture doesn’t come with LED lights, consider adding an LED bulb to the ceiling light. Simply use an LED with the right bulb base required by the fixture.

Different Levels of Light

To achieve more than one level of light, consider adding a dimmer to your close to ceiling light. Most of our ceiling lights can be used with dimmers. If a design is not dimmable it will be noted in copy.

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