Top Questions About Floor Lamps

Here at Lamps Plus, we get a log of questions about our products. Here are some of our to questions regarding floor lamps!

Where can I buy floor lamps?

As the nation’s largest lighting retailer, Lamps Plus has a large selection of floor lamps to choose from, including reading and tasks lights as well as traditional torchiere lamps. For a more adjustable look, we also carry a variety of swing arm floor lamps, allowing you to move the light source throughout space. Or, for more gentle curves, take a look at our arc floor lamps, detailing a graceful profile that we love.

You can also browse our complete collection of floor lamps here.

A selection of floor lamps from Lamps Plus

What is a torchiere lamp?

A torchiere lamp is a traditional style of floor lamp with a design inspired by classic floor candelabras and torches. Originally introduced in France in the 17th century, torchiere lamps used to utilize candlelight. Now, a torchiere lamp is a variation of a floor lamp where the bulbs are placed within shades to create an uplight effect, evocative of those original candles.

Light Tree Bronze 4-Light Torchiere Floor Lamp
An example of a rustic four-light torchiere floor lamp

How do I keep floor lamps from leaning?

Floor lamps are manufactured with flat, flush bases to ensure they remain standing straight for as long as possible. However, the base or floor may become warped over time, resulting in an uneven or leaning lamp. Many hardware stores sell shims; essentially, small wedges for the express purpose of keeping lamps and furniture stable. Barring that, folding a piece of thick paper into a wedge can have a similar result.

Should I use a halogen, incandescent, or LED bulb in a floor lamp?

For the most part, the type of bulb you choose to use is simply up to personal preference. Many people find LED bulbs useful as they product more light per wattage than other kinds, and at a much lower wattage, while also being very energy efficient. Incandescent and halogen bulbs are more traditional lighting options and often produce a warmer light color than LED.

As long as the bulb is compatible with the lamp, any choice will work! Pay close attention to the lamp’s maximum bulb wattage and double check your bulbs to ensure they are compatible with any built-in or optional dimmers you use.

Do stained glass (or Tiffany style) floor lamp break easily?

Tiffany style shades, also colloquially known as art shades or stained glass shades, are a type of lamp shade resembling stained glass windows. Segments of colored glass are bonded together with liquid metal to create the distinct look. While the process of creating these shades can sometimes result in a texture that feels plastic to the touch, they are indeed glass. Like any piece of glass, lamp shade or otherwise, these shades can break if they fall or drop to the floor. However, they are not more or less fragile than any other glass shade. Luckily, the construction may make it less likely for shards of glass to scatter in the events the shade hits the ground.

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