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How to Replace LED Light Bulbs?

How to replace LED light bulbsReplacing an LED bulb is a straightforward matter. Just as you would replace a regular bulb, you just need to look to the base when buying LED replacement bulbs

1. Remove the bulb and determine which base type it is.
2. You can use our light bulb finder and identifier guide if you are unsure what type base it is.
3. If you like the brightness of the light with your old LED, look for a replacement bulb that uses the same watts and has the same lumens (light output) rating.
4. If you'd like a brighter bulb, look for one with more lumens; many times you can get more lumens for only a little bit more energy used.
5. The most common type base is the standard or medium base bulb, but we offer LED replacement bulbs for candle/candelabra bases, halogen and more.
6. Note that not all LEDs can be dimmed, so be sure to look for dimmable LED bulbs if necessary.
7. Choose the color temperature of your new replacement bulb. The 2700-3000K range produces a soft, "warm" light, while higher color temperatures produce a brighter daytime-quality light.

If you want to learn more about LED technology, you can check out our guide on how an LED light bulb works. For more general questions, check out our guide to the most common light bulb questions.

Do LED Lights Get Hot?

Do led lights get hotNot really, but there are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about LED bulb replacement.

1. LED bulbs are dramatically cooler to the touch than regular incandescent bulb types, but they do still produce a little heat in a key component.
2. Chips used in LEDs do get hot, and need to be cooled.
3. LEDs use a heat sink or vent at the base of the bulb to wick away heat.
4. If used in an enclosed fixture, there's no place for this heat to go, which could degrade the bulb life.
5. For enclosed fixtures, look for a bulb designed for these spaces.
6. Table and floor lamps that have exposed bulbs are ideal places to use an LED replacement. Even if the bulb is touched it will be at a cool, safe temperature.