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Free Shipping* on our reading floor lamps. Bright designs that are up for any task: reading, crafts or anything else you can imagine.

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Reading and task floor lamps

For reading, hobbies, sewing, or almost any task, floor lamps are the perfect workhorse. They look great. They're free standing to conserve valuable table space. They can feature details like adjustable arms and side lights. They come in a wide range of styles to fit every type of home. Next to a recliner and table, floor lamps are a no-brainer for reading. Near a worktable or desk, they can brighten a wide range of tasks. And over seating areas, they provide that perfect boost of light for everyday use. Not sure how to choose floor lamps for your living room? Read our "How to Buy a Floor Lamp" guide. It covers everything from the right height to type and features.