Top Questions About Table Lamps

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about table lamps here at Lamps Plus!

Where can I buy table lamps?

Lamps Plus is the largest lighting retailer in the United States, and your one-stop-shop for all things table lamps. With both table and desk lamps in styles ranging from traditional to contemporary, you are certain to find a light suitable to your home decor. Lamps Plus even carries a selection of Tiffany style table lamps and customization Giclee pattern shades for full customization.

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How do I tighten a loose socket on a table lamp?

To make shipping easier and to help avoid damage during transit, many table lamps are packaged with the socket loose and partially hanging from the neck of the lamp. The socket is connected to the electrical wire, which runs through the body of the lamp before exiting from the base. To pull the socket back onto the lamp or to tighten it further, simple pull the cord from the base of the lamp with a firm grip. The socket will be pulled into place without the need the need to screw it in or otherwise attach the piece.

How do I make my desk lamp less bright?

Sometimes you just need a bit of mood lighting or dimmer bulbs to protect your eyes, and the recommended bulb wattage is just a little too bright. The easiest way to get a softer glow from your desk lamp is to use a lower wattage bulb. As long as the bulb socket and shape fit the lamp, any wattage up the recommended threshold can be used.

Alternatively, one could opt for a optional dimmer switch. Lamps Plus carries a selection of plug-in dimmer switches which work with our table lamps to throttle the electricity sent to the bulb. For best results, select a dimmable light bulb. When using LED bulbs, it is also important to make sure that the dimmer switch is labeled as LED compatible.

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How can I stop my table lamp from flickering?

No one likes a flickering table lamp, and the instability can be detrimental in spaces where consistent lighting is paramount. If your table lamp is flickering, it is possible that the bulb is either loose or almost burnt out. Try tightening the bulb in its socket first and, if that does not stop the flicker, try replacing the bulb entirely. Another potential cause of flickering is using an LED bulb on an older model lamp not built for LED bulbs, or using an LED bulb with a dimmer switch not rated for LED bulbs.

If these steps do not stop the flickering lamp, it is possible that there is loose wiring. In that case, we would suggest consulting with a licensed electrician if you would rather fix the lamp. Otherwise, it may be necessary to purchase a replacement table lamp.

How do I repair the pull chain on my table lamp?

Many table lamps still use pull chains to turn the light on and off rather than switches. If the pull chain no longer functions correctly, it is possible to replace it. Many hardware, or other stores that carry lighting components and parts, sell replacement pull chains. The actual steps to replace a pull chain varies by table lamp, and we recommend consulting with an expert if you are not comfortable attempting the repair yourself.

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