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The History of Tiffany Table Lamps

More than a lamp, the best Tiffany table lamps are a piece of history. Created today as antique replicas, these stained glass lamps evoke the style and spirit of the early 1900s. Named after the designer who created the sensation, Louis Comfort Tiffany, the Tiffany style lamp is now synonymous with a distinctly American tradition of quality, value and beauty.

The high quality, hand-assembled nature of Tiffany style lamps has ironically led to a common question among our customers: "If my Tiffany lamp is made out of stained glass, why does it sound like plastic when I tap on it?" Well, after the glass is cut, it's held securely held in place by a soldered foil lattice. This snug fit muffles the ringing sound typically expected from glass, and in this respect a "plastic sounding shade" is actually a sign that you've got a well-made design in your hands. So be sure not to drop is glass after all.

For more about these types of lamps and lighting, check out our style guide on Tiffany lighting and decor. For a timeless design that adds drama and style to your home, shop Lamps Plus for the best selection. And if you have additional questions about Tiffany table lamps or table lamps in general, be sure to check out our "How to Buy a Table Lamp" online resource. Or call 800-782-1967 to speak with one of our American Lighting Association trained specialists for product recommendations and more.