Going Beyond Recessed Lighting – Can Conversion Kits and Layers of Light

Recessed lights are a very popular choice amongst designers due to their relative low cost and low profile design. A lot of new or remodeled homes, especially those embracing contemporary or transitional designs, create a ceiling grid of recessed lights to spread illumination throughout a room without taking up too much space. However, this is rarely the best option to light up a room. With recessed lighting, there is no drama or layers of light, and the light is either funneled downwards or ambient. The alternative approach is something we call Layers of Light, and combines different light sources with different brightness levels to create a striking and comfortable living space.

A transitional room scene featuring layers of light using pendants, recessed lights, a chandelier, and a floor lamp
A transitional room scene with great Layers of Light

Layers of Light is accomplished by combining different lighting sources, including recessed lighting. The core idea is that lighting should come from multiple sources, and these sources should serve different purposes. However, if your home already comes with a recessed lighting grid, a great way to start layering your light is to convert those recessed lights into something else. Can conversion kits are available which will allow you convert some of these recessed lights into ceiling lights, or even pendant lights. You can also update some of the recessed lights with Alzak cans to reduce glare, and with adjustable gimbals to direct light to specific places in your room. Bouncing light off walls, architectural details, or kitchen cabinets and counters totally changes the look and feel of a room.

How to Easily Update Recessed Lighting into Ceiling Lights

After you are satisfied with your converted recessed lights, it’s time to add some more lighting sources to your space. Pendant lights work especially well in kitchens over countertops or islands, while chandeliers are perfect for setting the mood while eating at a dining table or relaxing in a lounge area. In a living room, table and floor lamps next to chairs and couches provide illumination for readings and other tasks, while floor lamps in the room’s corners serve to brighten dark areas. Track lighting and ceiling lighting provide general room lighting, while accent lamps provide tasteful accents using light. If you have artworks or other decorative pieces in your space, you can also consider specialized spotlights or picture lights to really bring those into focus.

Layers of Light is all about using the right light for the right purpose in your space. While recessed lights focus on utility, embracing the design philosophy of Layers of Light turns your lamps into decorations for your room. To finish the look, we also recommend using dimmer switches whenever possible to control the brightness, as well as connecting your lights with your smart home device for true customization. This will allow you to create personalized settings and create the best look for your space.

Expert Interior Designer Tips for Creating Dramatic Lighting and Layers of Light in Your Home

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