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Free Shipping* on all uplights and clip on lights. Create a dramatic effect indoors by accentuating architectural details and artwork with freestanding spot light fixtures and clip on designs.

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Using Clip On Lighting and Uplighting

Add layers and interest to your home with a combination of indoor mini spotlights. Free-standing uplighting is the ideal accessory to wash an area with light or back light specific decor details. Clip on lighting can provide a similar effect. In LED, halogen and incandescent styles, these designs attach easily to wall moldings and furniture, making them great for lighting bookcases, artwork and more.

How to Incorporate Indoor Spot Lighting

When using indoor spot lighting, think about how these designs will integrate with your existing room lighting. Start by using fixtures and lamps as you normally would to illuminate sitting and dining areas. Then brighten dark room corners and hallways with uplights. To accent particular features such as houseplants, sculpture and books, clip-on lights are easy to place in the home. You'll love the style and comfort of your layered new look.