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  • Eclectic and Chic Coastal Capri Style

    I always like to shine a spotlight on eclectic design done right, and the Capri Tiberio Palace Hotel is the perfect execution of this style. Patterns and color float seamlessly next to each other as easily as the tide rolls in and out of the Capri coastline.  

    Let's take a look at these gorgeous, inspirational images from Interior Design Files that will either spark the travel bug inside you or inspire you to add some international style to your own home.

    Eclectic Home Style

    The two images above make me so happy about the capabilities of funky, eclectic and chic design incorporating color, pattern and fun. The cool, blue and green sea tones suit the art deco style of the furniture and bookcases. Pops of purple and mid century art add character to the library area, while ceramic octopuses are the perfect wall accent above the cute love-seat.

    The final touch with a quality ceiling light fixture adds that bit of sparkle that's the icing on the cake for these two gorgeous vignettes.

    Coastal Bedroom Style

    How dreamy is this simple, streamlined and super chic bedroom? Striking aquamarine wall tones pair perfectly with flowing lavender drapes and deep wood tone accents.  

    The color palette of this bedroom reminds the guests that just outside the window lies the gorgeous coastline and ocean air of Capri. And once again mixing art deco style with pattern, the stylish accent seating is right on point.

    Eclectic Dining Room Style

    Gold cocktail tables, bright turquoise chairs, white lacquer bookcases and light coral walls - AMAZING! If this room shot doesn't scream Italian coastal vacation I don't know what will. The interplay here with a modern interpretation of art deco, colors and shapes and is just stunning.

    Eclectic Architecture Style

    In the massive stairwell you can see the original detailing of the building mixed together with fresh patterns and pops of color. This image is a perfect example of how vintage and modern patterns can layer to create a beautiful experience. 

    Colorful Living Room Design Idea

    My favorite space is this bold sitting room that does not appear to be afraid of anything. This fun use of pattern, shape and color is a wonderful reminder that vacation should be fun and relaxing. With vintage furniture lines, the bright bold colors breathe new life into the pieces.

    Images credits: Interior Design Files

  • Industrial Style Accessories

    Industrial Style Accessories

    Industrial style accessories are “on point” when it comes to commercial as well as home decorating. There is some great imagery for this type of style on The New Victorian Ruralist.

    It’s interesting that this style popped out of nowhere a few years back with the onset of a new wave of designing restaurants and it has now moved on to residential. It has roots in the “loft look” and merged with the Steam Punk movement to become a funky way to decorate incorporating metals, heavily worn woods and Edison lighting. It’s nod to the Industrial Revolution is another way to honor the past but stay very current.

    Industrial Style Decorating

    I really like the textural aspect to industrial screams out to be touched. It’s also moody, which I love. Industrial lighting is extremely unique, but for the most part decorative. Don’t think you will get amazing task lighting with Edison bulbs, so make sure to swap out bulbs for desk lamps and kitchen lights.

    However, when shopping for designer lamps, should you come across something clear like the central image above, this can add some serious style to a hall or living room, so it would be okay to keep the Edison visible in cases such as that.

    Industrial Style Kitchens

    One area that I was surprised to see embrace industrial accessories was the kitchen. I know it seem obvious that kitchens would be a natural fit when it comes to rough and tumble materials but it wasn’t my first thought. How wrong was I? I’m crazy for the indestructible range hood above, not to mention the exposed bulb lights in the lower left. They way I bang around the kitchen this style would be ideal.

    Industrial Home Accents

    1. The Theo Industrial Dark Bronze LED Desk Lamp will add real punch to tables and desks.

    2. Try hanging the Metal Cage Dark Rust Industrial Pendant Light over kitchen islands to transform the look of any bland kitchen.

    3. The Uttermost Set of 2 Rustic Gears Wall Art will infuse any room with industrial oomph!

    4. Subtle but stylish, the Jackson Collection Copper Bronze Sconce is just the right amount of industry for a hall or bath.

    5. The hearty Zuo Mission Bay 3-Level Distressed Natural Shelf is the perfect resting place for books, lamps and other industrial accessories.

    Photo credits: The New Victorian Ruralist

  • Colorful Table Lamps For The Bedroom

    Colorful Table Lamps

    Are you someone who thinks your bedroom lighting has to perfectly match your decor? Think again! Colorful table lamps are a great way to inject a playful note to your sleep space.

    My Favorite and My Best featured a fun examples, such as mismatched bedside lamps adding an unexpected twist. Meanwhile, Apartment Therapy featured a textured metallic table lamp, which makes for an eye-catching yet sophisticated touch.

    Bedroom Design Style

    Placing a colorful table lamp on your nightstand lets you spice up a basic bedroom design, or it can bring even an extra layer of personality to an already eclectic interior. Casa Sugar shows us how a pink table lamp was used to enliven a dorm room, and SF Girl By Bay demonstrates the fresh look of mint.

    Finally, a bright yellow task lamp strikes a fun note in a subdued yet stylish bedroom vignette on She Knows. With colorful bedroom lighting, you'll always wake up with a smile on your face!

    Table Lamps

    1. A blue ombre lamp makes the most of this season's indigo decor trend.

    2. Go for gold with a this metallic bedside lamp.

    3. This textured turquoise lamp has a handmade feel.

    4. A vivid coral gourd lamp gets even more cheerful with a floral lampshade.

    5. A seafoam green lamp in a bottle gourd shape suits coastal and modern interiors alike.

    6. Brick red warms up the lines of this angular contemporary lamp.

    7. Even grey mornings will seem sunny with this faceted yellow lamp.

    Image credits: My Favorite and My BestApartment TherapyCasa SugarSF Girl by BayShe Knows 

  • Euro Style Kitchens

    Euro Style Kitchens

    Euro style kitchens are a wonderful mix of contemporary design with a light dusting of traditional, warm touches. What I love is that Europeans who are surrounded by history and historically significant architecture totally embrace super modern kitchens and baths. 

    The uber-modern, design blog, VictorBlogg provided some beautiful interiors for this post. 

    Modern Kitchen Design

    I am struck with clean lines found in these European kitchens. Integrated cabinets make these spaces look like clean, custom cabinetry without the mess of the average kitchen. I think the lack of hardware makes these rooms look so seamless.

    One design touch that keeps things grounded are the subtle details of the room’s architecture. Notice the herringbone floors, fantastic old windows and plater crown molding? Fantastic. European Style kitchen lighting appears to also be seamless. Simple spots and elegant under cabinet lights create the right amount of illumination.

    Contemporary Kitchen Layouts

    These European kitchens are also clean-lined however introduce some old-world touches when it comes to accessories. Cabinets still remain sleek, but the introduction of wooden stools, chairs and stylish kitchen lighting show a more playful side to the austere design scheme. Eclectic chandeliers make for easy conversation starters...assuming you can speak the language!

    Modern Kitchen Design Elements

    1. The Possini Euro Chrome Edison Style Cluster Bulb Chandelier has that one-of-a-kind feel that can play nicely off minimal-style cabinets.

    2. Create ideal task lighting with the WAC White LED Under Cabinet Light Bar.

    3. The funky, Set of 2 Azzo White Plastic Side Chairs, pack great design punch in any breakfast room.

    4. Trying to find something with a Mid-century look  like these Zuo Wire Chrome Finish Bar Chairs would be fantastic.

    Photo credits: Victor Blogg

  • Happy Labor Day!

    Labor Day

    Happy Labor Day! 

    Are you in need of some last minute quick and easy outdoor lighting ideas for your Labor Day celebration? If so, check out the Lamps Plus You Tube channel.

    From fun party lights to brighten up any outdoor area to some super simple decorating ideas. There is something for everyone.

    Thanks for reading and watching!

  • Hanging Light Bulbs Throughout Your Home

    Hanging Light Bulbs

    Ooooohhh the beauty of the raw hanging light bulbs usually seen in your favorite restaurant or that gorgeous wedding you went to this Summer. Scenes like the one above from Apartment Therapy are so dreamy and ethereal, they just put you in the perfect mood.  

    Below we will explore simple ways to hang raw bulbs in your home to accomplish the same look.

    Bedroom Lighting

    Bedside Lighting

    The high ceilings of this gorgeous, contemporary bedroom from Dream Book Design are every designer's dream. But with ceilings this high, a light fixture might not make a big enough impact.  

    These swag, hanging bulbs not only serve as a gorgeous centerpiece, but also give off the effect of a canopy over the four post bed. They are a fun alternative to always acceptable, traditional bedside lamps.

    Hanging Pendant Lighting

    Europa 8 Halogen Light Bronze Multi Light PendantEuropa 1910 Edison Bulb Bronze Multi Light Pendant

    Kitchen Lighting

    Kitchen Lighting

    I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't swoon over this stunning Alvhem kitchen. Brass accents, polished marble and sparkling edison bulbs highlight the clean lines of the kitchen while being delicate and beautiful.  Simplicity is key here, where less is clearly more.

    Living Room Lighting

    Living Room Lighting

    The living room above from Squidoo has fun with the concept of the hanging raw bulbs while still being chic and sharp. If you have exposed beams or ducts in your home, wrapping cables a few time around and dropping down edison bulbs will automatically give your space a cool vibe and add sparkle to the atmosphere at night.

    If you want a more structured fixture with the same look, try this cluster chandelier below.

    Cluster Bulb Chandelier

    Possini Euro Chrome Edison Style Cluster Bulb Chandelier

    Children's Room Lighting

    Kids Lighting

    This adorable kids workspace is fun, cool and functional. Individual workspaces are color coated and well illuminated. Mixing cord colors is a fun way to bring this beautiful trend into a more approachable atmosphere.

    The Boo and The Boy shows us that even children's spaces can have attention to detail and fun, funky lighting.

    Image credits: Apartment Therapy, Dream Book Design, Alvhem, SquidooThe Boo and The Boy

  • Ideas For LED Landscape Lighting

    Light up the night—and your daytime look too—with LED landscape lighting in your favorite style.

    Summer might be winding down, but that doesn’t mean your outdoor parties have to set with the sun. Invest in the perfect landscape light that’s more than just an excuse to extend the party. Plus, landscape lighting not only adds style, drama, and interest to your home, it also helps add safety from accidental trips, spills, and unwanted trespassers.

    LED landscape lighting is available in so many different styles, types, and sizes that there’s sure to be a perfect light for your home.

    LED Landscape

    Path Lighting

    Path lighting is perfect to help find your way, but it’s also a design opportunity. Shop LED landscape lighting by finish or style to make sure you’ve got the perfect light for your design sensibility.

     Tulip Low Voltage LED Landscape Light

    Tulip Low Voltage LED Landscape Light

    The tulip-shaped lamp head holds three LEDs that use just 1.5 watts of power, which gives the same amount of light as a typical 20 watt bulb. If dark rust isn’t your favorite finish, there’s also a tulip path light with a more floral feel available in green and yellow glass.

    Kichler Beach Finish Dome Outdoor LED Path Light

    Kichler Beach Finish Dome Outdoor LED Path Light

    If you want to give a more coastal look to your outdoor spaces, this beachy finish with a dome shade might be the perfect choice.

    Water Lighting  

    If you have water features in your yardscape, lighting can really set it off as something to enjoy during the day and at night. Offered in a range of colors, water lighting is an easy way to infuse a different mood and add drama to a night-time look.

    Luminosity Remote Control 60 LED Pond Light

    Luminosity Remote Control 60 LED Pond Light

    Switch between red, green, and blue with this LED light’s remote control. The 60 LEDs are inside a waterproof housing, so it’s perfect to show-off a fountain, waterfall, or pond.

    Motion Sensor Lighting

    Finding a reliable motion sensor light is one of my top design and lighting concerns, and finding a motion sensor light that’s LED makes even more sense. With the lifetime of an LED at 20 or more years, there’s no concern that the bulbs might burn out while I’m on vacation for example; or while my children are between kindergarten and, say, college!

    Barn 12" High Motion Sensor Solar LED Outdoor Wall Light

    Barn 12" High Motion Sensor Solar LED Outdoor Wall Light

    This weather-resistant outdoor LED light is solar-powered and detects movement up to 20 feet away. It also has a built-in nightlight, and turns on automatically at dusk. But beyond the essential functions of this motion sensor LED light, the bronze finish makes it a much better-looking option than the motion-sensor lights of the past which had a distinctly ‘flood light’ feel.

    Deck Lighting

    Sometimes the best parties happen after the sun goes down, and deck lighting can help make that happen. But more than just making it easier to see, deck lighting is a great way to highlight your deck’s features and add a touch of drama and personality to your backyard.

    Kichler Hammered Tannery Bronze LED Landscape Deck Light

    Kichler Hammered Tannery Bronze LED Landscape Deck Light

    This hammered bronze-finish low voltage deck light can help light your deck’s steps while adding a bit of drama with its down-light look.

    Outdoor Porch Style

    Kichler Bronze 3-LED Hardscape Light with Mounting Bracket

    If you want your outdoor features to be the focus, and not the light fixture itself, check out lights that can mount a ledge or overhang. This 3-LED light has an easy to install mounting bracket.

    Fence Lighting

    The top of a fence post is sometimes an ignored opportunity. Adding a light that’s solar powered might be a perfect way to increase the safety around your home and, with the right look, also add some beauty during the day.

     Mission Tiffany Style Solar Powered LED Post Cap Fence Light

    Mission Tiffany Style Solar Powered LED Post Cap Fence Light

    This LED post cap fence light features a Mission-inspired Tiffany style design. The solar-powered unit fits over standard posts.

    Images: Lamps Plus

  • Get Ready for Fall Entertaining with Kitchen Island Lights

    The Summer season seemed to race by and Autumn is the perfect time to start thinking about entertaining your family and friends around Fall recipes brewing in your kitchen. Whether you’re cooking for a weekend football party or helping the kids with back-to-school homework, kitchen island lights are an essential design element to consider.

    The modern kitchen island has taken on a new role in today’s kitchen: dining, food preparation, and extra seating for family and friends demand optimal lighting. Here are a few ways to ensure your kitchen island lights are ready for your busy Fall entertaining. 

    Fall Entertaining

    Choose lighting that reflects your kitchen decor style

    When choosing island lights remember that the overall aesthetic of the kitchen should blend seamlessly with the fixtures you choose. If your kitchen is traditional with rich hardwood cabinetry and old world finishes then choosing pendant lighting with similar neutral or a classic nickel finish may be ideal.

    If you prefer a sleek and modern appeal to your kitchen then simple drop pendant lighting fixtures that blend into their surroundings can add to your room as well. For a glamorous appeal to your kitchen wide pendant shade lighting like the kitchen above from Ulrich, Inc. shows how these 3 lights add the ultimate focal point to the island seating. Lamps Plus offers a couple similar style below.

    Drum Shade Pendant

    George Kovacs Alecia's Necklace 18" Wide Chandelier

    This light offers a crisp, yet artistic addition to your a modern kitchen island. An acrylic diffuser on the bottom assures it won’t cast harsh shadows while preparing food or glare on your kitchen island surface. 

    Rustic Kitchen Design

    Choose kitchen island lighting that suits your lifestyle

    If you’re a family who enjoys a home cooked meal every evening, your kitchen island lights should fulfill their important role. This multi-pendant chandelier above fits this rustic kitchen from Jordan Design Studio beautifully.

    With plenty of illumination for the butcher block style island and seating and workstations on both sides, any busy family will feel at home at this kitchen island hub!

    Traditional Kitchen Style

    Christian Gladu Design does a wonderful job of illuminating this Craftsman style kitchen with Mission style stained glass pendants that beautifully light this galley kitchen. 

    Autumn entertaining is the perfect excuse to gather family and friends around your kitchen island this season. Whether to help bake a batch of cookies or just catch up with the neighbors while the kids play outside, kitchen lighting can set the ambiance.

    Use these helpful ideas when choosing the right kitchen island lights for your home. There is no doubt that any Autumn meal around this kitchen create memories for a lifetime!

    Image credits: Ulrich Inc., Jordan Design StudioChristian Gladu Design

  • Design Trend: Decorating With Round Mirrors

    Decorating Tips

    What is it about this picture?

    Are you like me and it makes you sigh and want order a pair of riding boots and stylish entryway mirrors?

    The simplicity and classic lines of this photograph featured in House and Home create a warmth and a feeling of coming home.

    And the eye is drawn to the large over-sized round mirror with its patina and vintage appeal.

    Living Room Design

    Same shape.  Similar mirror.....but it creates a completely different look in thisartful contemporary space from Planet Deco.

    Again, the classic lines bring a warmth and traditional feel to a room with modern elements.

    Decorating with round mirrors is such a classic design trend and the perfect way to compliment any room style or decor.

    And no particular order.... are five round mirrors I've been crushing on.

    1. Here design comes full circle with this round mirror made up of smaller shapes. This mirror would blend perfectly into a gallery wall or as a stand alone design element over a sideboard or hutch.

    2. Hello sunshine. This mirror is a fun take on the traditional sunburst mirror. It's full of character and personality with modern lines and a vintage silver finish. It's the perfect compliment to a space with brilliant color and classic decor.

    3. This is my go-to mirror. One created with wood and then aged with a vintage, timeless feel. It would look amazing against a gray wall over a distressed mantel or bookshelf.

    4.  With Fall approaching, this birch mirror is a great way to bring a little of the outside in. Perfect for a Fall vignette or over an small table at the end of a hall. Add a vase full of Fall color to reflect and bring light to a small space.

    5.  I sighed when I saw this mirror. It is exactly what I've been looking for in my front entry. The leather and mirrored finish compliment each other to create a beautiful addition to any space.

    So whether beveled, wood, leather or vintage, the round mirror is a design trend that's here to stay.

    Have fun decorating adding this classic design trend to your own home.

    Photo credits: House and Home, Planet Deco

  • Interior Accent Ideas For Autumn

    After the kids return to school and Labor Day passes, nature begins to change before our eyes. Harvest time arrives and with it changing leaves and cooler temperatures. For many the organic textures and earth tones found in an Autumn palette are equally as welcome indoors.

    The entry is the first impression, so welcome guests into your foyer with warm hues by creating an inviting scene that captures the same colors and textures of the outdoors during the Fall. We bring nature inside in the form of leaves, pumpkins and acorns in Autumn.

    Interior Accent Ideas

    You can do the same with a nature inspired palette by incorporating quality light fixtures in warm metallics, like copper and rectangular mirrors in textural weathered wood.

    Recreate the look of this inviting entry in your home with this round up below. Pair the Frameo Driftwood Console Table with the Southwest Dhurry Rug. Accent the table with the High Gloss Olive Ceramic Vase and Raised Copper Table Lamp. Suspend a pair of the Darrington Wall Mirrors above and store firewood or seasonal equipment in the Steel Wire Basket.

    Raised Copper Table Lamp

    Rustic Farmhouse is a design style that works in spaces from country to contemporary. There’s no denying the charm of a harvest meal shared with friends or family when temperatures are dropping outside in Fall.

    Dining Room Design

    To create a homey inviting look in your dining room check out this arrangement below. Pair the Hampton Brown Dining Table with several sets of the Black and Cherry Ladderback Chairs. The Prairie Mission Oak Buffet introduces a second warm wood tone and is the perfect perch for a set of the decorative Dijon Yellow Ceramic Jars. Gather seasonal produce in the Howard Elliot Glossy Textured Ceramic Bowl and serve hot soup on a cold day with the Rachael Ray Stoneware Ramekins.

    Dining Room Chairs

    There’s nothing nicer than a cozy fire on a cool Autumn evening in a living room layered with soft seasonal accents. Introduce texture in the form of woven materials and give a room a warm glow with accessories in a bronze, copper, or gold sheen.

    Warm Living Room Design

    Capture the feeling of this inviting space with these product ideas below. Accent the Rachael Classic Slipcovered Sofa with the hand woven Cadiz Textural Throw Pillows. Add another layer of softness with the I Can’t Believe It’s Not Cashmere throw and underfoot include the Niassa Jute rug. Accent your cozy space with the Brighton Hammered Pot Table Lamp, the Rose Gold Mirrored Picture Frame, and Classical Sketches Wall Art.

    Table Lamp

    Be inspired by the changing season and the warm tones found in nature’s Autumn show by bringing the same hues indoors.

    Get more free decorating advice with the Lamps Plus team!

    Image credits: Better Homes and Gardens, House BeautifulCountry Living

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