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  • Summer Style: Black and White Decor

    Black and White Decor

    What’s timeless when it comes to any seasonal style? Black and white decor is always a safe bet. I think there is nothing more chic than time-honored black and white awnings on a house or hotel terrace.

    That crisp design choice can be applied to a wide range of home-related decor if awnings are not an option. Something as simple as black and white beach towels can add elegance to the most mundane, what are you waiting for?

    Summer Decorating

    Black and white soft furnishings in bedding, decorative pillows and curtains are an easy way to infuse any home with a decorative punch.

    This strong color combination will never look dated and tends to work with most other colors. I happen to like the simplicity of this combination but including hot pinks and yellow in the mix can really amp up the wow factor.

    Black and White Cushions

    While cushions, towels and pillows are a simple way to start, the more adventurous homeowners may opt for a more permanent commitment to this color combo.

    Striped wallpaper as well as black and white Crystal chandeliers can create the visual affect designers would try to persuade you to adopt if you were in that league. Regardless of how far you take black and white decor, to me, it embodies the brightness of summer.


    1. The Robert Abbey Axis Blackened Nickel Wall Sconce is subtle but stylish.

    2. Crisp and modern describes the Thumprints Saturn Zinc Cast Glossy White Table Lamp.

    3. The Black Parallels on White Giclee Pendant Chandelier is an elegant but not stuffy way to brighten an island or dining space with a chandelier.

    4. A pair of Circle on Black Cotton Throw Pillows on a white chair or sofa? Done.

    5. This Horizontal Stripe Black and White Armless Accent Chair would look amazing in a covered outdoor space.

    6. Poolside or on a terrace, the Chohan Black and White Mosaic Accent Table is the perfect resting place for an ice cold summer drink.

    Photo credits: A Perfect Gray

  • Table Lamps for Bedside Style

    Bedside Style

    Looking for a creative way to illuminate the bedroom? If you don't want to use the traditional bedside lighting, then try the same style of lighting that works hard all day at your desk!

    Long, flexible construction allows you to direct a spotlight onto that novel you're reading, and a wide range of silhouettes and materials suit any interior.

    Remodelista demonstrates what an impact a matched pair of task lighting can be by the bed, while a subtle grey hue plays down the the oversized scale of an architect's lamp on My Paradissi.

    Meanwhile, Cassandra Ellis' black task lamp contrasts with the soft sensibility of a vintage-inspired bedroom, and a brushed nickel finish nicely accents the grey paint spotted on The Style Files.

    Finally, you can't go wrong with a clean, classic white lamp as part of a modern rustic mix like this one from Klikk.

    Table Lamps

    Whatever bedside table lamp you choose, select a bulb with a lower wattage to cast a soft, sleep-inducing glow.  

    1. The raw industrial vibe of this bronze task lamp makes it perfect for urban and rustic settings alike.

    2. Complement a modern interior with the strong lines of an architect's lamp.

    3. A traditional bedroom is the perfect home for this handsome black and brass table lamp.

    4. You can't go wrong with the simple sophistication of a pharmacy table lamp in polished nickel.

    5. A gooseneck lamp with a space-aged shape in white sets a retro mood.

    Sweet dreams!

    Image credits: Remodelista, My Paradissi, Cassandra Ellis, The Style Files, Klikk

  • Make a Design Statement With Lighting

    Design Statement

    I bought a ramshackle, run down, decrepit old house and renovated it from top to bottom.

    My top priority was great lighting so I made sure that every room had high end lighting fixtures (some even two or three)!

    I squirreled away my favorite finds in the basement of our rental house in anticipation of the day they could be installed!

    Kitchen Design

    Two demijohn pendants add drama to my white kitchen above.

    Capiz shells cast a warm glow in the center of my living room.

    Living Room Design

    Two glassless lanterns mix traditional and modern style in my dining room.

    Dining Room Design

    Here are some other high end lighting fixtures that I’m coveting.

    Lighting Fixtures

    1) The open wire work on this Quoizel Pendant Chandelier feels cool and airy.

    2) Swaying capiz shells add drama and movement to the Dolce Capiz Shell Island Light.

    3) Lanterns marry traditional and modern, like this Currey and Company Lantern Chandelier.

    4) Fifty two vintage glass bottles would add an eclectic touch to a dining room with this Arteriors Stedman Glass Chandelier.

    5) Mercury glass reflects candlelight, making this Currey and Company Small Pendant Light perfect for a dining room.

    6) The shape of this Arteriors Chandelier is traditional, but the rope feature is anything but.

    7) The gold discs on this Arteriors Three Light Chandelier add instant glam to any space.

    Have fun adding some drama to your home with a statement chandelier!

    Image credits: 2 Michaels Design (top image), Eclectically Vintage 

  • Colorful Kids Playrooms

    Colorful Kids Playrooms

    Colorful kids playrooms make for a creative space for young ones to let their imaginations run wild. Whether you carve out a portion of their bedrooms, convert a basement or use part of a family room, playrooms can become a place of wonder.

    Lonny Magazine posted inspiring and colorful playrooms that captured the essence of what it is to be a child. These juvenile boardroom designs are super cute and have several things in common...color, shape and texture.

    Decorating Childrens Rooms

    Bright and whimsical colors are key to kids playrooms. Not only do they grab a child’s attention but you can use the colors to help teach them new words and the joy of art.

    You can infuse a space with color using paint, graphic book design and basic toys... No need to have expensive murals painted to achieve this look! Selecting the right color of bedside lamps can also create wonder.

    For some DIY ideas... How simple would it be to hot glue colorful pom pom fringe to a plain lamp shade or apply stickers to a lamp base to jazz things up? The possibilities are endless.

    Kids Craft Spaces

    Interesting shapes that challenge young minds can come in the form of functional chairs and poofs, patterned wallpaper and even mini chandeliers that hang form the ceiling like a mobiles. Colorful rugs that are cut in unique shapes can also add interest.

    Regardless how you choose to decorate a child’s playroom, remember not to make it too precious. Over time paint, crayons and toys will bang up a space pretty fast, so durability and a good sense of humor...meaning key.

    Here's some fun kids decor ideas from Lamps Plus:

    Playroom Decor

    1. The Alien Invasion Children's Table Lamp makes me smile.

    2. Create extra storage and seating with the Avril Colorful Floral Storage Bench.

    3. Whimsical lighting is personified with the Ekko Reader Hot Pink Spotlight Floor Lamp.

    4. Offer kids hours of artistic fun with the Paul Frank Play Table Set.

    5. Create an amusement park feel with the Zuo Phante Red Kids Chair.

    Photo credits: Lonny

  • Stylish Closet Design Updates

    Our closet is a small space that might just be the most important nook in our home. Why not treat our closets like the jewel boxes they are dying to be?

    Let's check out some gorgeous closet designs from Elle Decor and we will talk about translating the look on any scale to make the dressing boudoir the most stylish small space in your home.

    Closet Design

    Organization and monochromatic style are the major elements to this polished look. Shoes are categorized and stored away in matching fabric boxes from ceiling to floor.

    Find a nook in your closet where you can organize your footwear, whether it's on beautiful shelving like this idea above or simply stacked against a wall. And, space permitting, no gorgeous shoe closet is complete without a pop of color using a modern upholstered chair.

    Closet Style

    For men who want a masculine space to dress should consider color palette and finishes. The gorgeous blue hue of the closet above, matched with leather ottomans and a striped rug, make this space perfectly masculine.  

    Apply this look to your closet space by simplifying the decor, adding edginess and utilizing a masculine color palette for the built-in storage and walls.

    Storage Ideas

    This modern, graphic closet is perfect if you share a space with your mate since it's gender neutral and oh, so cool.

    In your space, repainting door and drawer faces can make all the difference by adding a graphic pop. Chevron window panels and a stylish ceiling light finish off this gorgeous look.

    Whimsical Closet

    While most of us don't have the same amount of space as this stunning girly girls closet above, translating the look is easier than you think. Mix patterns and colors, new and old, and let your eclectic side shine. Paint or add wallpaper to your walls, find a vintage accent rug that fits your closet space to brighten up your floors and hang a stylish crystal light fixture to add sparkle and pop.

    No matter what size your closet is, you can apply these design updates to make your favorite small space shine with personality.  How will you do it?

    Image ciredits: Elle Decor

  • LED Lighting – Debunking the Myths

    Curious about LED lighting, but hesitating to buy because you're unsure about the technology? We’re investigating and helping to clarify the top 5 LED lighting myths.

    Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has evolved quickly over the past decade or two, and is a smart contender in today’s lighting options. Still, there are lingering myths about LEDs. Let’s talk myths and bend the light toward the truth.


    Myth I: LEDs Are Expensive

    We’ll need to talk lifecycle costs to debunk this myth. Lifecycle costs include the amount you initially pay, plus the maintenance costs.

    While the initial amount is higher for an LED light fixture, the lifetime costs are lower. An LED bulb typically lasts 20 years or more, plus they use a fraction of the watts that incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs use to produce the same amount of light.

    So you save money on replacement bulbs, save time shopping for replacement bulbs, and save money to powering the light.

    Crystal LED Pendant

    WAC Roxy 8 1/4" Wide Chrome and Crystal LED Pendant Light

    When selecting energy efficient lighting, it’s important to think beyond just initial price point. Life cycle costs help give a good idea of what it will cost upfront, plus life cycle costs. This crystal LED pendant above uses just 3.5 watts.

    Myth II: LEDs Are Cold

    Not true. LED lighting is available in a large spectrum from warm to cool light. If you are looking for a light that resembles a warm incandescent light, you’ll want to look for something that is about 2500 degrees Kelvin.

    If you are looking for a light that’s more like daylight, you’ll need a light that’s above 5000k.

    So the higher the color temperature, the closer the light resembles daylight. The lower the color temperature, the warmer it looks.

    LED Light Facts

    The LED Light Facts was created by the US Department of Energy to help guide consumers to understanding the technical details of lighting options.

    LED Lighting Facts

    Myth III: The Higher The Wattage, The Better The Light

    Wattage is the old method we are most familiar with when shopping for light bulbs. It’s the amount of energy needed to power an incandescent bulb (standard household light bulb). Remember, the standard 60-watt light bulb commonly used in household lamps?

    Now new light bulb technology has changed the way we shop for lighting. It takes fewer watts to achieve the same light output for an LED bulb than an incandescent, since most of the watts are released as heat for an incandescent.

    So now we’re shopping for light bulbs based on the output, which is measured in lumens. To get about the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent, you’ll want to look for an LED that is rated at about 800 lumens.

    LED Bulb

    13 Watt GU24 Base A19 Dimmable LED Light Bulb

    This LED light bulb uses only 13 watts to give a light output of 800 lumens, which is about the same amount of light as a 60-watt incandescent light bulb.

    Myth IV: LED Designs Are All Modern

    While LED light fixtures have the ability to take on organic and futuristic forms, not all LED light fixtures look out-of-this-world.

    There are many lamp manufacturers creating LED lighting options in traditional styles and in finishes that range from metals in dark bronze to wood finishes, like walnut and beech.

    LED Desk Lamp

    Rayna LED Tiffany Style Art Glass Pharmacy Desk Lamp

    Style options are increasing everyday as LED lighting becomes more popular. The stigma that LED must look futuristic is so last decade. Check out this Tiffany-style LED desk lamp with a 3000k warm color temperature.

    Myth V: LEDs Aren't Dimmable

    LEDs can dim, but there’s a catch... Not all LEDs are made to dim. You’ll have to look for a light fixture that specifically states that it dims. And be aware that the dimming technology is still new, so even if an LED can dim, it might not dim to the level you are used to with incandescent bulbs.

    Most of us are used to the look of dimmed incandescent light. When an incandescent dims, the light gets an orangey hue to it. When an LED dims, it doesn’t. We’re just used to having the orangey color of a lower light level.

    Some LED fixtures also combine the technology of having timers and touch sensors to activate the dimming features.

    LED Ceiling Fan

    56" Casa Ecanto™ Oil-Rubbed Bronze LED Ceiling Fan

    This 56-inch Casa Ecanto Oil-Rubbed Bronze LED ceiling fan is dimmable with a remote!

    So before shopping for a new light fixture, it’s important to decide the kind of light you want to achieve. Then start reading those specs to find the perfect fixture to light your space the way you want. 

    Image credits: Viber X LED, Lighting Facts

  • Get The Look: Manhattan Model Apartments

    Manhattan Model Apartments

    Manhattan model apartments are always inspirational. These days, the prices to buy are totally beyond reach but the look can be achieved if you know what’s hot on the design side of Manhattan real estate developments.CocoCozy featured a fabulous new condo development on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and I fell in love.

    Over the past decade New York real estate has been on fire with ultra high-end high rises that all tend to have a similar design aesthetic. So, if we can’t afford to get past the door attendants of some of the more posh addresses, we can at least try to pull a hot copycat look.

    The kitchen above captures the calming color palate found in luxury New York abodes... subtle grays, creams and white. Quality light fixtures, specifically bold chandeliers are a fabulous design punch and counterpoint for any soothing, sleek kitchen design.

    Urban Interior Design

    Let’s not discuss the brick wall I looked at when I lived in New York. Today it’s all about letting in light and capturing “to die for” views.

    OK, duplex apartments with sweeping staircases may only be possible for the very rich, but I loved the look of the one above. It’s without question a contemporary design but the look seems to be rooted in Art Deco.

    Regardless, I wouldn't say no if somebody offered. Uncluttered lines with a focus on beautiful textures reigns supreme in this home. I also noticed that there is also a desire to keep the rooms clear of clutter, hence the use of modern floor lamps instead of small table lamps.

    My takeaway on the modern Manhattan apartment is to keep colors calm, and find design items that are thoroughly contemporary but rooted in classic design with brass and black accents.

     Apartment Style

    1. Keep lighting playful with the White Cypress Pendant Light.

    2. The Parkis Gray Linen Button-Tufted Sofa is timeless.

    3. The Arteriors Narnia Iron and Gold Leaf Round Cocktail Table captures the essence of New York chic.

    4. One must always be soft underfoot... the Uttermost Pembroke Charcoal Wool Area Rug is perfect.

    5. Style and function unite with the Hudson Valley Marshall Vintage Brass Adjustable Floor Lamp.

    6. The Set of 2 Zuo Stavenger Graphite Accent Chairs is ideal for a luxury breakfast nook.

    Photo credits: CocoCozy

  • Garden Shed Inspiration

    Garden Shed Inspiration

    We live on a farm in the middle of no where.


    As in, go to Tennessee and turn right at the chicken barn, drive two miles past the corn field and at the end of a long winding country road..... will find our house.

    Summertime is farm weather. It's the season to introduce new landscaping projects and watch the flowers growing in the cutting garden and pick blueberries and peaches and strawberries and watch the hay being cut in the back field. And this Summer we are planning on a little garden shed decoration.

    So if you have plans for Summer and you need another project like this beautiful garden shed from Better Homes and Gardens.....'s some garden shed inspiration.

    Shed Inspiration

    Add Functional Storage

    The basic component of any garden shed is storage as in this beautiful vintage black hutch from Lonny Magazine.

    You can create a built-in, custom unit from reclaimed wood and re-purposed hardware or you can simply add a storage piece to your existing space.

    Next, fill up the storage with stacked gardening supplies such as pretty pots, urns and landscaping tools.

    Garden Shed Style

    Landscape Ideas

    Incorporate your garden shed into your existing landscaping.

    Add gravel paths and rows of boxwood like this serene setting from House Beautiful.

    Then, complete the garden setting by adding armillary sphere, urns or even a pretty garden fountain.

    Garden Shed Landscaping

    Add Outdoor Seating

    A small outdoor seating space near your garden shed is the perfect place for a good book and a glass of sweet tea.

    Add a table and pair of outdoor chairs like these Adirondack chairs featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

    The faux chandelier topiary is perfect to add a little whimsy to an outdoor space.

    Garden Shed Design

    Use Reclaimed Materials

    This beautiful garden shed from Better Homes and Gardens owes its character and charm to the use of reclaimed materials.

    Add a pair of vintage windows, a garden ladder or even yards of old fence rows to your garden shed.

    Then, plant a garden outside your vintage door and add a birdbath or pair of urns to make your outdoor setting complete.

    A garden shed is the perfect project to add personality to your landscaping.

    Whether its rustic or vintage or filled with cottage charm.....let it reflect your style and design aesthetic.....

    ....and enjoy it with a ice cold glass of lemonade or sweet tea.

    Happy summer gardening to you!

    Photo credits: Better Homes and GardensLonny MagazineHouse BeautifulBetter Homes and GardensBetter Homes and Gardens

  • Lighting Ideas For a Teenage Bedroom

    Teenage Bedroom

    We strongly believe that if you raise your kids with style, everyone is better off. Ok, so it might be a silly theory, but at the very least, designing with your kids could make for a fun project together this Summer. Work with them to create the perfect bedroom style.

    Here's some great ideas from Houzz, all of which include awesome lighting as the focal point of the room.

    This blue and violet idea above is perfect for the girly-girl. And check out the nightstand are actually modern side tables, with cool art above (another project idea for you teenager perhaps?).

    Crystal Chandelier

    Artcraft Claremont White Chandelier

    This bedroom below is for someone who likes pink, no doubt. But notice how the coral pink is paired perfect with lots of gray, including the metal ceiling light that adds a lot of style.

    There's also another cool element with the layering of area rugs to bring in more color and pattern.

    Pink Teenage Decor

    Ceiling Light

    Jonathan Adler Parker Ceiling Light

    Girls shouldn't be the only teenagers with a cool room to hang out in with friends or do homework. These gray walls and dark wood finishes definitely belong to a stylish boys room, with just enough bling on the ceiling to set it on-trend.

    Pops of color are great, like in the table lamp, book and modern globe.

    Teenage Boy Bedroom

    Sputnik Ceiling Light

    Possini Euro Orbs Ceiling Light

    Have fun with your kids this Summer and get their bedrooms in top shape with stylish lighting.

    Image credits: Karen Wolf, Ana Donohue, Holly Bender

  • Happy 4th of July From Lamps Plus!

    Lamps Plus

    We know, you're expecting table decor and recipes. But we decided to share with you how fun patriotism can be for home decor!

    This living room is perfectly balanced with the two different sofas and decorative pillows to pull it all together.

    The white walls, white coffee table and white table lamp provide a clean backdrop for the blue and red pairing. We just love this space, found on Style at Home.

    Here's how to get the look...

    Patriotic Home Decor

    Blue Sofa / White Coffee Table / Red Vase / Blue Patterned Pillow / Red Pillow / Sold Blue Pillow / White Sofa

    Happy 4th everyone!!

    Image credit: Style at Home

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