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  • Stylish Furniture and Accents for an Outdoor Oasis

    Spending more time outdoors is a favorite activity for all, so take the time to spruce up your outdoor oasis with furnishings and accessories in a welcoming and stylish ensemble. Don't forget that Memorial Day Weekend kicks off the start of summer and it's just around the corner!

    All shades of blue are on trend this year, but blue will never go out of style. Blue is calming, reminding us of cool waters, and sophisticated when layered with neutrals, white, and textural additions like different fabrics, finishes and other materials.

     Stylish Furniture and Accents for an Outdoor Oasis

    Consider these chic finds for introducing a touch of blue to your backyard oasis:

     Chic Blue Furniture and Accessories

    Introduce a playful geometric pattern with the Navy Dunkin Pillow, or a pop of teal with the pair of Woven Blue Outdoor Chairs.

    Stay cool in the shade with a navy Outdoor Market Umbrella and prop your feet up on the navy stripe Square Pouf Ottoman.

    Relax in the classically shaped navy Adirondack Chair spiced up with a Leopard Outdoor Pillow.

    The tropical trend is on the rise, influenced by the countries on the Mediterranean Sea where tourists flock all summer long.

    Even if you don't live in a coastal or desert climate you can recreate the exotic look of this stylish loggia.

     Exotic Stylish Loggia

     Exotic Furniture and Accessories for the Outdoors

    Create a cozy gathering space with the 3 Piece Outdoor Wicker Seating Set; if live palm trees don't thrive in your climate zone, consider a faux Palm Tree instead.

    In covered areas, pull up the Distressed Cocktail Table and set a trio of green Lantern Candle Holders on top for ambiance.

    The beautiful pattern in the Caspian Indoor/Outdoor Rug mimics the look of an intricate tile floor.

    No matter your location, every outdoor space can benefit from a water feature. The sound of trickling water is soothing to all, and shapely outdoor garden water fountains create a natural focal point in any landscape.

     Outdoor Garden Fountain in Courtyard

    Find the perfect accent for your outdoor oasis among these favorites from contemporary to traditional:

     Contemporary to Traditional Outdoor Garden Fountains

    Dark Sphere Floor Fountain; Domanico Three Tier Floor Fountain; Asian Garden Fountain; Relic Nebbia Equinox Fountain; Mill Cast Stone Circular Fountain

    Find these accents and much more in the Outdoor Décor collections at Lamps Plus!

    Image Sources: 1st Image: Amy Elbaum Designs  2nd Image: Southern Living  3rd Image: Lisa Esposito Design

  • Just Say No to Light Pollution

     Just Say No to Light Pollution

    Have you ever looked up at the night sky and not been able to see the stars? Yep, that's some serious light pollution. 

    Too much or unwanted light shining into interior rooms or light that creates a glare bright enough to temporarily blind people is also considered light pollution.

    Here are some solutions to combat the problem:

    Point Your Lights Right

    Be careful where or how you point your lights.  After you install them, adjust how they are aimed at night to avoid problems.

    Try to direct as much light as possible down towards the ground.  Some outdoor lighting comes with reflectors and shielding to make sure that light only goes where you want it to go. 

    Dark Sky lighting fixtures were designed specifically to prevent light pollution.  Many municipalities and Home Owners Associations (HOAs) are now requiring Dark Sky lighting to combat the problem.

     A simple way to reduce light pollution originating from inside is to close your curtains at night – easy, right?

     A Selection of Dark Sky Light Fixtures from Lamps Plus

    1. Vanira Place Outdoor Post Light

    2. Sage Ridge Dark Sky Outdoor Hanging Light

    3. Hinkley Luna Dark Sky Titanium Outdoor Wall Light

    4.  Kichler Energy Star Outdoor Wall Sconce

    5. Hubbardton Forge Airis Mesh Outdoor Wall Light

    6. Ripley Collection Dark Sky Outdoor Pendant Light

    Keep Your Wattage Down

    High wattage bulbs create harsh light and don’t improve aesthetics or safety - low wattage bulbs provide plenty of illumination and safety concerns are met with well-aimed lighting. 

    Believe it or not, you can actually see more in soft lighting than you can in spotlights because you can see beyond the point of illumination.  Also, your eyes will take less time to adjust at night with lights that have lower wattage bulbs. 

    Pay attention to fixtures’ wattage recommendations so you don’t end up contributing to a light pollution situation.  Dark Sky lighting uses lower wattage bulbs and the light is directed only where it is needed.


    Use Light Efficiently and Effectively

     Motion sensors, timers, and dimmers (both indoor and outdoor) are great for controlling your outdoor lighting.  I firmly believe that you can never have too many dimmers!  This actually is one of the easiest and most effective ways to combat light pollution.

     Motion Sensor Lights from Lamps Plus

    1. Tilo Smart Lighting Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Wall Light

    2. Bayside Mission Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

    3. Fallbrook Black Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Light

    4. Franklin Smart Lighting Oil-Rubbed Bronze Outdoor Wall Light

    5. Square Black Finish Motion Sensor Outdoor Ceiling Light

    6. Motion Sensor Antique Copper Outdoor Light


    If you are interested in learning more about Dark Sky lighting, please read these other articles by Lamps Plus:

    A Guide to Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting

    Questions With: International Dark Sky Association, Part 1

    Questions With: International Dark Sky Association, Part 2

    Image Source: archdaily

  • Dining Room Updates

    Dining Room Updates

    Dining room updates can be done quickly, and most importantly, inexpensively.

    Quick fix decorating does not mean you will sacrifice style or sophistication, rather it’s a way of refreshing a room with a simple plan and limited budget.

    House Crush featured several dining rooms that were quite contemporary, all incorporating an Eames-Style dining chair and looks that can quickly be copied to create a cool dining space.

    Eames Dining Chairs in Contemporary Dining Rooms

    Creating a contemporary dining room will require three basic items: seating, a table and modern lighting.

    Naturally, you will know best what colors and styles speak to you, but the contemporary dining room can incorporate traditional materials in a new way if you were concerned about the space looking too cold.

    These rooms all have fun versions of mid-century dining chairs. Some have arms, some are colorful.

    I’m a purist and would probably choose all white, but that’s my insane need for a clean aesthetic and symmetry at play.

    Modern Dining Room Design

    The other two elements are a basic table and great lighting. Most of the tables featured are simple, clean-lined in either basic wood or metal.

    I think tables should be plain. It’s the tableware, linens and accessories that will give it personality. Also, most of these dining rooms have a wonderfully stylish light source that illuminates the table.

    Take a look at the selection of items I think could create a great quick-fix dining room at a reasonable price.

    Decor for Dining Room Updates

    1. The Lite Source Olwen 3-Light White Fabric Round Pendant Fixture is a fresh take on the basic drum fixture.

    2. If you want something “of the moment” the Europa 1910 Edison Bulb Bronze Multi Light Pendant will fit the bill but not break the bank.

    3. Like the timeless Eames variety, consider the Set of 2 Azzo White Plastic Side Chairs.

    4. I love the clean, but detailed, design of the Possini Euro White Flower Pendant Chandelier.

    5. Your three squares will taste much better, or at least look, better on the Montana Matte White Rectangular Dining Table.

    As you can see, dining room updates can be achieved with a few wallet-friendly changes, like lighting, seating, or tables.  How will you update your dining room?

    Photos: House Crush.

  • Coordinated Bedroom and Nursery Design in Honor of Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day everyone!  In honor of Mother's Day, let's talk about coordinating your bedroom and nursery designs (or if you have a "big" kid, their bedrooms.)

     For all the design savvy mamas out there, mom-to-bes, or children celebrating their great moms, this round up will inspire you to rush out and do some major bedroom design updates.

    With the help of Domino Mag's photos, we will take a look at some perfectly paired bedrooms in honor of Mother's Day.

     The Collected, Organic Mom Bedroom and Nursery Design

    If you are the collected, organic type, you gravitate towards natural materials, neutral warm colors and simplicity. Your child's bedroom should be a reflection of your personal taste and style.

    The above master bedroom is chic, clean and stylish which is perfectly reflected in the kid's room. No design detail was spared, including a mini Barcelona chair and cool arc floor lamp.

     A Bedroom for a Bold Mama who's Not Afraid of Color

    If you're a bold mama who loves color, why would you limit it to your bedroom only?

    Bring the bright yellow accent into your nursery design in a fresh, young way by adding stripes to the ceiling and keeping the rest of the space black and white.

    The feel and style of this house is defined throughout while maintaining the spirit of each family member.

     Classic Bedroom and Nursery Design

    For the classic design lover, grey and white will never go out of style. If this is your taste, you don't have to feel like your nursery needs loud colors and juvenile accents.

    Keeping the space clean and chic will make you feel at home in the nursery, and let's face it, you are going to be spending as much if not more time in there than your own bedroom for a while.

    What is your mother/child design style?

    Image Source: Domino Mag

  • Mother's Day - An Outdoor Mom Cave

    Mother's Day - An Outdoor Mom Cave

    With Mother’s Day around the corner, what better way to say “I love you” to mom than by helping her set up an outdoor mom cave with style?

    Men get richly paneled walls, built in bars with kegerators, 80 inch LCD tvs and poker tables in their man caves.

    Why should men have all the fun?

    Here’s are some of my favorite must haves for the mom cave of her dreams...

    1 – Everything she needs right down to the corkscrew and wine glasses are cutely packaged in this charming picnic basket.

    2 – It’s for the birds, but mom can also enjoy a little bird watching as her feathered friends flock to this delightful cottage birdhouse.

    3 – It doesn't get more relaxing than listening to the soothing sounds of water cascading down the copper petals of this table top fountain.

    4 – Fill a classic white washed planter with her favorite flowers for an instant garden gift.

    5 – String metal caged lanterns from tree to tree to create a romantic nighttime setting.

    6 – This dragonfly pillow is made for outdoor living and comfort.

    7 – Sit a spell in the shade with this offset umbrella that casts a cool shadow and tilts for maximum sun protection.

    8 – This retro glider comes in a range of fun colors and is a focal point in any garden.

    9 – Hang this sign at the entrance of mom’s secret garden as a welcome for all who enter.

    It’s time to take it outdoors for Mother’s Day and create the mom cave of her dreams.

    Image Source: Apartment Therapy

  • Outdoor Living - Having Fun with Stripes


    Why limit your love of stripes to the indoors?  Stripes are the perfect pattern to add to your outdoor living design!

    I know stripes were recently very trendy, but in my mind stripes are one of the most classic choices when it comes to design.


    Don't be afraid to mix stripes with other patterns -- see how the striped cushions work really well with both the floral and geometric patterns on these decorative pillows?  Mixing patterns together works as long as they are all in the same color family.


    The striped indoor/outdoor area rug really pulls this outdoor living area together and makes it more warm and inviting. It really looks like a living room you might see indoors doesn't it?


    You aren't limited to using curtains inside -- they look great outside on a porch or enclosed patio too!  Not only do the curtains block unwanted sun and provide privacy,they also help bring the whole look of your outdoor room together, as you can see in both of the images above.


    Colorful striped decorative pillows and an area rug bring life and movement to this neutral-colored seating area.

    Here is some striped decor that would look great on your deck or in your backyard this summer!:

     a selection of striped outdoor furnishings and accessories from lamps plus

    1. Use these indoor/outdoor striped curtains on your porch or other semi-enclosed area to block sunlight or create some privacy.

    2. Liven up a seating arrangement with these fun striped pillows in Natural Gingko or Natural Navy

    3.Garden Stools like this one from Port 68 are great for additional seating or a place to rest your drink.

    4. I love this striped basket for storing towels for the pool or the beach.

    5. Indoor/outdoor area rugs, like this one from Colonial Mills, are great for defining a seating area.

    6. Go ahead, pull one of these bar stool height bamboo director's chairs up to the poolside bar and sip on a cocktail with an umbrella in it.

    Stripes are energizing and create a sense of movement in a design and can be thick or thin,horizontal or vertical.  There really is a stripe for every style of design -- traditional or modern and everywhere in between.

    Image Sources: 1st Image: Barbara Grushow Designs LLC, 2nd ImageOne Kin Design, 3rd Image: One Kin Design, 4th Image: Coastal Living, 5th Image:Kim Bartley Design.

  • Reclaimed Wood Decor Ideas

    Reclaimed Wood Decor Ideas

    In decorating there is an ongoing cycle.

    Everything old becomes new once again.  Sometimes even literally.  

    Like reclaimed wood decor.

    Maybe it's the patina and colors and textures.

    Maybe it's because the idea of creating something beautiful out of something headed for the trash is so alluring.

    Whatever the reason, reclaimed wood is on trend right now.

    And here's a few decorating options for reclaimed wood.

    Reclaimed Wood Stairs

    Think outside the box

    Reclaimed wood makes everything shine a little brighter, look a little more rustic, feel a little richer.

    You can add reclaimed wood to any surface.  Decorate a staircase or trim or molding or ceilings or floors.

    Think tables or chairs or benches or frames.  Anything and everything looks better with a little reclaimed decor.

     Reclaimed Wood Beams Above Mid-Century Modern Table and Chairs

    Make It Fit Your Style

    Reclaimed wood brings to mind farmhouses and rustic barns.  

    Yes, please.

    But it's important to note that reclaimed wood decor can fit any style including contemporary and mid-century modern.  

    Combine styles and textures like these reclaimed wood beams and mid-century modern table and chairs to create a look that's truly unique.  

    Reclaimed Wood Shutters

    Decorate the Outdoors

    Don't stop with the interiors.  Reclaimed wood is perfect for decorating the exterior of your home as well.

    Create shutters or planters or fences from pieces of reclaimed wood.

    Then finish off the look with planter boxes and metal urns to compliment the texture and design of the wood.

    Whatever your style, whatever your space, add a little history and patina to your decor.

    Decorate your space with reclaimed wood....

    ....and let what's old become new once again.

    Photo Credits:  Photo 1:  Thistlewood Farms  Photo 2.  Yahoo Home  Photo 3:  HGTV  Photo 4:  HGTV

  • Outdoor Patio Chairs

    Outdoor Patio Chairs

    Outdoor patio chairs are an essential element to outdoor spring and summer fun. Remodelista has great pictures of outdoor patios sporting a variety of outdoor furniture styles that are sure to inspire, showing that even the smallest deck or patio can become a functional and festive space if you know how to make the most of it

    Contemporary Outdoor Seating

    I’m a fan of simple outdoor furniture, and minimalist chairs are divine for dining.

    If you opt for a clean, white palette, make sure the material can easily be washed or wiped down. White can look pure until the grit and grim of everyday use defiles your modern mojo.

    1. Zuo Silverstrand White Outdoor Chair.

    Teak Furniture for the Outdoors

    Wood is another classic choice for outdoor patio chairs. Teak tends to be the most durable, and can come in both contemporary or traditional styles.

    The main thing to remember when contemplating wood is that it can be heavier and more challenging to move around the yard.

    2. Set of 2 Amazonia Nelson Eucalyptus Easy Carver Patio Chairs.

    Contemporary Black Outdoor Furniture

    Basic black patio chairs are great for hiding dirt and stains! Black chairs also have a very modern aesthetic and pop against basic concrete.

    You can also stay somewhat economical if you choose chairs with removable canvas.

    3. Zuo Golden Beach Outdoor Aluminum Armchair.

    Outdoor Folding Patio Chairs

    Folding chairs have been around forever. They are so popular because they are easy to move and store. Furthermore when they are folded they take up less space which is great for city dwellers or folks with small yards.

    Bistro chairs also have a romantic, Parisian feel. Just add soft music and subtle outdoor lighting for the perfect al fresco evening.

    4. Amazonia Teak Dublin Outdoor Folding Chairs Set of 2.

    Woven Outdoor Chairs

    Woven chairs have evolved from the extra-wide weave versions of yesteryear. Tight weaves are now the norm and are much more comfortable.

    Like folding chairs, most woven chairs are lighter and can be both traditional and modern. I happen to love the play on the classic mid-century design on the left.

    5. Palm Harbor Outdoor Wicker Stackable Armchair Set of 4.

    From dining chairs to club chairs, outdoor patio chairs have come a long way from those synthetic woven numbers with metal tube framing that always got so hot that it could leave a mark on bare summer arms and legs. Ouch!

    Photos: Remodelista.

  • Finding Your Perfect Bedroom Style

    Today, let's talk about bedroom style. We can always count on Emily Henderson to create beautiful spaces that inspire us and challenge us to think about what our space is really capable of. Taking on a bedroom, she shows us the versatility of the space and the ease that goes into creating any mood you want. Below we will dissect her looks and show you how to get the perfect bedroom for you.

     Find Your Bedroom Style from These Four Examples

    Whichever bedroom you gravitate toward, you can rest assured you have impeccable taste! All four are super stylish and what's better is they are easy to achieve.


    The casual, collectors space utilizes neutral tones with warm accents and a touch of vintage inspiration. A casually strewn plaid cozy throw blanket makes this space inviting and comfortable. Hit your local flea market to find some well-maintained vintage suitcases and let them serve as your bedside table for a fun twist.


    This stunning bedroom is fun, flirty, floral and feminine! Bright pops of color make a big impact in this bedroom, pushing you to wake up smiling and jump out of bed ready to conquer the day. Instead of a traditional nightstand, a woven accent table matches the oversized woven wall hanging to introduce another wonderful layer and texture to the space.


    The dapper man's bedroom. Part mid-century, part geometric, part monochromatic, this bedroom is perfect for a bachelor or for a sleek and chic guest room. Simple hand drawn wall art is not overpowering in this streamlined space, yet the subtle depth of the geometric bedding allows for the perfect amount of movement and character.


    Fringe, more fringe, brass and potted plants means any free-spirited, nature-lover will fall in love with this design. This bedroom style uses vintage inspired pendant lights to take the place of the more classic bedside table lamp and creates a collected, eclectic look. The neutral palette feels organic and earthy in the best way, and adding to that impact, the potted plants bring the outdoor life into this magical space.

    How do YOU want to decorate your bedroom?

    Image Source: Emily Henderson

  • Modern Options Do Exist for Tall Landscape Lights

    ….aka Sometimes size really does matter. (Like with tall landscape lights, for example.)

    Landscape lighting can completely transform the look of your home’s façade and yardscape beyond what is possible during the daylight hours.

    Depending on what kinds of landscape lights you include in your exterior lighting plans, you can control the tone of your nighttime outdoor experience in a way that only strategically planned lighting can do.

    It can be romantic. It can be mysterious. It can be high-drama. And landscape lighting can be purely functional as a security element to keeping your family safe at home.

    With gardens growing this time of year, let’s talk about tall LED landscape lighting. There are more options than the traditional black carriage light that we all grew up with.

     Young Theresa Clement with Tall Landscape Light

    We had a light like this 60-inch tall landscape light when I was little. If I was a taller 3-year-old, you’d totally spot it. The big difference, of course, is that we didn’t have the option of an LED

     Lantern-Style Tall Landscape light

    Bellagio Tall Bronze LED Landscape Light

    Landscape lights can be used to light pathways, driveways, and visually demarcate gardens. While those are the functional and easily justifiable reasons to shop for tall landscape lighting, there are more.

    Taller landscape lights are easier to mow around, and if you want to let your grass grow a little taller to conserve water and energy, taller pathway lights can be a perfect choice.

    For gardens that are  blooming with sunflowers, other flowering plants and bushes that are bigger than a tulip, this kind of landscape light directs the light downward and shows off those beauties at night.

    It can be a perfect romantic view for a cocktail on the deck.

    And as an added bonus mature plants or snow won't cover these tall landscape lights.

     31"h Path Light from Hinkley

    1. The Hinkley Nexus bronze LED path light is 31 inches tall and swivels 90 degrees.

     Craftsmen-Style Lantern Tall Landscape LED Light

    2. This mission-style landscape light from Kathy Ireland Home’s collection from J du J is just under 30 inches tall.

     Organic-Shaped Bronze Pathway Light

    3. The Sheperd’s Crook design adds an organic element to a lighting plan.

    After all is said and done, I tend to shop for lighting fixtures like some of my friends shop for shoes.

    While some others may say, ‘That’s just another pair of black heels,’ it’s so not true to the shoe aficionado. Same goes for lighting geeks like me.

    It’s not just another pathway light. There are nuances in the visual and technical details that can completely change the overall cohesion, comfort, and style statement, whether it’s a shoe or a light.

    I hope you’ll find your perfect landscape light here at Let me know what you find. –T 

    Image Sources: Theresa Clement - MyFixitUpLife, Outdoor Landscape Lighting by Lamps Plus

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