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  • Stylish Billiard Room Lighting Design

    Stylish Billiard Room Lighting Design

    Every room should have stylish lighting design, even the playroom.

    As temperatures begin to dip and Summer winds down, it's time to take the fun indoors. Whether or not you have space for a billiard room, why not take some time today to pretend you have a sprawling home with more than enough space to have a space just for late night pool games.  

    Let's dissect billiard rooms and different lighting styles inspired by Houzz so that when the time comes when you need to decide on pool room decor you are ready to go!

    Modern Lighting

    Clear Cylindrical ET2 Multi Pendant Light Fixture

    You can turn your dining room into a billiard room with modern lighting to define the space.

    This modern dining room with stylish kitchen lighting makes the most of small space by doubling as a billiard room. While I would be a little weary of having my pool table double for a dining table, this is a fun and inventive way to maximize space.  

    The light and airy Clear Cylindrical ET2 Multi Pendant Light Fixture gives off invisible, glowing light while not cluttering this streamlined space. 

    Minimalist Lighting

    Artcraft On the Spot 3-Light 36" Wide Chrome Pendant Light

    Modern billiard room with minimal lighting and a monochromatic palette.

    This masculine, minimalist billiard room is so chic and stylish, it would be easy to spend many a lazy winter day playing pool with friends here. The monochromatic palette serves to let the bright green of the pool table pop so nicely.

    Pairing the bright green table with a understated, minimal light fixture like the Artcraft On the Spot 3-Light 36" Wide Chrome Pendant Light keeps this room moody and supremely stylish.

    Rustic Lighting

    Natural Mica Collection 42" Wide Island Chandelier

    Rustic lodge hideaway with a billiard room featuring stylish lighting.

    The mix of immense amounts of wood and beautiful wrought iron detailing makes this billiard room a very special room.

    This mature space commits completely to the theme, and the striking Natural Mica Collection 42" Wide Island Chandelier completes this perfect, rustic lodge hideaway.


    Hinkley Fulton 50" Wide Bronze Island Pendant Light

    Stylish billiard room with transitional lighting and lots of comfortable seating.

    I think the most relatable style for most people is a transitional look which incorporates stylistic details that can 'transition' through passing trends and always seem current.

    This stunning billiard room and family room has enough space for games as well as family get togethers. A fixture such as the Hinkley Fulton 50" Wide Bronze Island Pendant Light illuminates your pool table while having clean enough lines to pair with additional fixtures throughout the space.


    White & Brushed Nickel Contemporary Pendant Lights

    Drum shades dress up this modern billiard room.

    This contemporary space is smart, chic and stylish, beckoning us to play inside on these upcoming cold days. Pairing drum shade pendants instead of installing a long fixture brings a modern edge to the space without cluttering it up. Try pairing two White & Brushed Nickel Contemporary Pendant Lights to illuminate your billiard room without being fussy.

    Image credits: Houzz

  • Fresh Home Ideas With Energy Efficient Ceiling Lights

    Autumn usually starts with my look-around-the-house at how I can freshen-up the inside of our home. I usually begin with moving furniture around, making new pillows, switching out my light fixtures or updating little things here and there that I’ve thought about during the Summer months.

    With the colder weather, we’re going to be spending more time inside, and I want to make our home a charming and happy place for my family and friends to gather.

    Fresh Home Ideas With Energy Efficient Ceiling Lights

    Autumn home ideas with energy efficient ceiling lights.

    So if you’re like me, you're looking for easy ways to make big impacts. And of course, lighting can be a huge transformative element in any interior space. My favorite kind of light to update is the ceiling fixture, preferably energy efficient ones. Done right, a ceiling fixture can be kind of like the dramatic gem dangling from a necklace. It’s a make-of-break moment in a room.

    Before you decide on the perfect new energy efficient ceiling light for your home, there's a few things to consider, which I explain below. When 12% of a typical single family home’s energy bills are lighting, according to the EPA, shopping energy efficient can add up to noticeable savings!

    Shaded Ceiling Lights

    LBL Lulu 21 3/4" LED Flushmount Ceiling LightCoastal Pennant Giclee Glow 14" Wide Ceiling LightSeagrass Giclee Energy Efficient Bronze Ceiling Light

    Energy Star lighting products use a quarter of the energy of traditional lighting, distribute light more efficiently and last between 7 and 22 years of regular use.

    And there are tons of options to consider when looking at energy efficient ceiling lights. Let’s get you ready to shop with a few key features that might be perfect for your home and family.

    Lighting Color

    Energy efficient lighting doesn’t have to be boring. The advantage of LED lighting fixtures is that there are just so many possibilities. From the color temperature, to the shape of the fixture, and even to the color of the light. 

    Bedroom Design With A Modern Energy Efficient Ceiling Light

    Bedroom design with a modern energy efficient ceiling light.

    Dimmer Switches

    If you're like me, and you like the option of creating different levels of light in your home, then read through the descriptions for ‘dimmable’ on the product details. If you don’t see "dimmable", you’ll only have two options: on and off.

    Adjustable Features

    My favorite part about shopping for an energy efficient light fixture is looking at the new shapes and styles that lighting designers are creating. With LED lighting, the shapes can be seemingly endless. Designers haven’t forgotten about offering even more options with moveable elements, to add another level of customizability to our lighting design.

    Energy Efficient Lighting Options

    Elan Rozi LED 11" Wide Adjustable Chrome Ceiling LightPossini Euro Woodrow 16" Wide Glossy White Ceiling LightGeorge Kovacs 18 1/4" Wide Chrome LED Ceiling Light

    Diffused Light vs Direct Light

    Think about the mood you want to create in your home. Ceiling light fixtures can provide direct, semi-direct or indirect lighting, depending on how the light fixture is constructed. If you want a light for practical task-oriented reasons, direct is a good option. The light will point down at a surface, without a filter.

    But, if you are shopping for a light fixture with the goal of creating ambiance, then look for one that diffuses the light. Diffusing the light provides a more even light and prevents glare.

    No matter which light fixture you choose for your home, the best way to save money on your energy bill, besides shopping energy efficient, is to do what our Moms always told us... Make sure the light is turned off when you aren’t in the room.

    Image credits: Lamps Plus

  • Welcome Home: How to Design the Perfect Entryway

    How to Design the Perfect Entryway

    Design the perfect entryway with beautiful home furnishings.

    Entryway design doesn't always receive the attention it deserves. After all, we move so quickly in and out of this space that it's easy to forget it even exists! But having a well-defined entryway can make a big difference in the look and feel of your entire home.

    With a great entryway, you'll not only make visitors more welcome, you'll make your own arrivals and departures smoother and more stylish. And even if your home doesn't have a well-defined entryway, as in this image from Apartment 34, you can carve one out with carefully considered design choices, such as designer lighting.

    Start by choosing a console table that, like this one on La Dolve Vita, doesn't overwhelm a small space but still provides plenty of surface area for keys, small decor objects and possibly even a small desk lamp

    Lighting Choices Are Important When Designing Your Entryway

    Lighting choices are important when designing your entryway. 

    Next up think about your entryway lighting. Consider using both ceiling and table lamps as Tom Stringer does. You'll want plenty of illumination for rushed morning departures and after-work arrivals, especially when you're trying to carry your work essentials, the kids' school bags, or armloads groceries.

    A rug like the one shown on Brunch at Saks can protect your floor from the high-traffic wear-and-tear that entryways often receive.

    Finally, the bottom image from Remodelista demonstrates how a wall-mounted mirror can make a small entryway seem twice as large with its reflection. Another great reason to include a mirror in your entryway decor?.. It provides an opportunity for that all-too-critical outfit check before you leave the house. 

    Home Furnishings For A Stylish Entryway1. A lantern ceiling light mimics the inviting lobby of a classically styled inn.

    2. Sunburst mirrors, like this black and gold mirror, make an powerful statement each time you walk through the door. 

    3. Lay a jute rug in an entryway for its durable construction that will last for years.

    4. Driftwood makes for a versatile console table that fits into rustic and modern settings alike.

    5. A pair of crystal table lamps not only adds sophistication but also reflects light for an extra bright welcome.

    Images: 1. Apartment 34 2. La Dolce Vita 3. Tom Stringer 4. Brunch at Saks 5. Remodelista

  • Interior Decorating Ideas With Nicole Gibbons

    Interior Decorating Ideas With Nicole Gibbons

    We sat down with Nicole Gibbons and received some great interior decorating tips.

    We were lucking to get the opportunity to pick the brain of interior designer, taste-maker, blogger and on-air personality Nicole Gibbons. Her interiors embody timeless sophistication with a fresh, modern edge so we really wanted to learn from her. 

    What was the inspiration for your home design? I’ve been living in my rental for about 7 years and last year I made a huge life transition leaving my old job to focus on design full-time and began working from home. Since I was spending so much more time at home I started growing tired of my surroundings and just wanted a fresh change. I really wanted to brighten up the color palette to make it feel lighter and more cheerful.

    I  got rid of just about every single piece of furniture and painted the walls a soft blue green color which really helped to brighten up the room. I worked with a mostly monochromatic palette of blues in different tones and added bold pops of color for contrast. The artwork above the sofa by my friend Nicole Cohen brings so much personality into the room. Another favorite element is my Mary McDonald for Robert Abbey Pendant pendant from Lamp’s Plus!

    Mary Mcdonald for Robert Abbey Pendant

    Mary McDonald for Robert Abbey Pendant in the home of designer Nicole Gibbons.

    Which current trend(s) did you incorporate? I didn't really subscribe to any particular trends in my home. I just incorporated pieces I loved and styles I’m personally drawn to.

    What comes first for you, style or function? Both! Obviously being a designer, style is incredibly important but pieces also have to be comfortable and being that I’m in a  small NYC space, every item has to serve a function because I don’t have the space for showpieces.

    What were the key issues for the space and how were they resolved? My space is small - around 600ish square feet so finding pieces that are properly scaled for my space while still allowing adequate space for entertaining and flow is always a challenge. I also had to incorporate multifunctional furniture pieces that do double duty such as my tiered end tables that also function storage pieces.

    Console Vignette Designed By Nicole Gibbons

    Console vignette designed by Nicole Gibbons.

    You choose a very elegant brass pendant for your makeover. What drew you to that piece? I love brass and gold tones and I was very attracted to the shape. It was incredibly unique and dramatic and I wanted it to be a statement piece in the room.

    How did you go about addressing the importance of lighting in the space as a whole? I wanted to incorporate a variety of lighting. I love overhead lighting for dining and then having ambient table lighting as primary light sources for the rest of the space.

    How did you decide what details to use for you console decor? I just filled it with items I had and pieces I’ve collected over time.

    Elegant Decorating By Nicole Gibbons

    Elegant decorating by Nicole Gibbons.

    What is the one item you cannot live without in your home? I’m never too attached to material possessions so the items I couldn't live without are things that are irreplaceable - vintage tabletop pieces and artwork that i inherited from my grandmother are among my favorites.

    What do you predict will be the next “hot” trend? I think peacock blues and turquoise tones are going to be huge color trends in the coming year. I’m already ahead of the curve here with my new living room color palette!

    What do you think is the biggest design mistake most people make in their homes, and how can they correct it? A lot of people decorate out of a catalog and then their finished spaces are void of personality. The one thing people can do to make the biggest impact is inject a sense of personal style into their homes by incorporating personal items that have meaning whether it be souvenirs from travels, handmade items or inherited pieces from a family member.

    To learn more about Nicole Gibbons and find her on social media, you can visit her blog So Haute.

    Images courtesy of Nicole Gibbons, Top Image - Carol Dronsfield Photography

  • Stylish Dinner Party Tips

    Stylish Dinner Party Tips

    Stylish dinner party tablescape.

    The key to a successful dinner party is a relaxed host and a beautiful table like this one from Celebrations at Home. With these tips, you’ll be the stress free hostess with the mostest.

    The most important thing to do, besides stock up on your home bar accessories, is to relax. Your mood sets the tone for the party. If you’re stressed, your guests will feel it. Here are some more tips:


    Make sure the music is pumping before your guests arrive and plays during the entire party. Turn the volume just loud enough so people don’t have to shout.

    Bar Carts Are Perfect For A Cocktail Station

    Bar carts are perfect for a cocktail station.


    Get your guests involved in the fun by setting up a do-it-yourself cocktail bar, like this one from A Life Worth Living. Print out recipes on index cards so guests can mix up their own masterpiece and make sure to have the right home bar accessories to make your party complete.

    Connaught Antique Brass Bar Cart

    Connaught Antique Brass Bar Cart


    Set the table the day before and lay out all of the bowls and platters you plan on using (label each one with whatever dish it will hold). Get creative and go with a seasonal theme like a rustic wine and cheese dinner.


    Whichever stylish pendant lighting you have hanging above, dim the lights and provide lots of non-scented candles to create a party atmosphere. Everyone looks better by candlelight after all.


    Cook tried and true recipes and prep what you can ahead of time – now is not the time to whip up something you’ve never made before. Try some comfort food like a simple roasted chicken and little red potatoes.

    Pretty Party Favors Win Over Guests

    Pretty Party Favors Win Over Guests


    Guests love leaving with a little memory of the night so send them home with something as simple as a potted herb with a favorite recipe attached, like these pretty ones from After Orange County.

    Most importantly, remember that if you’re enjoying yourself, so will your guests. Cheers!

    Image credits: Celebrations at HomeA Life Worth LivingAfter Orange County

  • Black and Yellow Decor and Design

    As we slowly saunter into the Fall months, warmer and richer colors start to flood my consciousness. I love black in interiors and I love yellow in just about anything, so I thought - Why not find some stunningly gorgeous black and yellow interiors to feature for today's post.

    These gorgeous spaces from Houzz have a Fall warmth with a bit of lingering Summer fun in their black and yellow decor and design.

    In the Bedroom

    Black And Yellow Decor And Home Design

    Black and yellow decor and home design.

    This funky, eclectic bedroom is black and yellow gone so right! With a crisp white room to work with, the addition of the bold yellow accents really grab your attention, while a sprinkling of black grounds the space.

    The patterned stool and sheepskin chairs with black peg legs add the perfect amount of black to accent the space. Also, interesting table lamps make every space better than it was before.

    In the Kitchen

    Modern Kitchen With Black And Yellow Accents

    Modern kitchen with black and yellow accents.

    This modern kitchen is every cook's dream. However, without the pop of yellow art on the wall this kitchen would seem almost unapproachable. Adding one, monochromatic pop of color to a modern space can transform it, as you see above.

    Installing an airy, beautiful crystal chandelier over the darker spaces, and bold pendants over the dining area can bring a space together seamlessly.

    In the Living Room

    Living Room Design With Yellow Wall Art And Black Accents

    Living room design with yellow wall art and black accents.

    If yellow is one of your favorite colors, this living room will certainly be inspiration worthy for you! The commitment to yellow in this space is admirable, but it's done so well you almost want to melt away in here.

    The yellow, black and white room would feel a little flat if it weren't for the amazing, patterned yellow wallpaper that becomes the focal point for this space. Adding pattern and graphic prints helps to break up monochromatic spaces and brings depth and dimension where it's needed.

    In the Library

    Elegant Home Decor With Pops Of Color

    Elegant home decor with pops of color.

    This mature and sophisticated library is so calming.  The addition of the yellow vases and yellow accent chair don't detract from the peaceful nature of the room but rather give it that little punch of life and fun that it would otherwise be lacking.  Making sure the shade of yellow is not too bright is key for a room like this, while painting the walls black feels modern yet timeless against the traditional furniture.

    In the Playroom

    Black And Yellow Playroom Design

    Black and yellow playroom design.

    How amazing is this playroom? If you have the courage and the space I say, go for it!. The bold and graphic black and white wallpaper is such a fun, punchy focal point for this space. While the yellow walls actually serve to tone down the loudness of the wallpaper.

    However, this room truly would not be complete without the charming black crystal chandelier and perfect vintage yellow rocking horse.

    Have I convinced you to add some black and yellow decor to your home design?

    Image credits: Houzz

  • Fall Outdoor Decorating and Lighting Ideas

    Fall Outdoor Decorating and Lighting Ideas

    Decorate your outdoor spaces and enjoy them this Fall.

    Just because the weather is cooling off doesn't mean you can't enjoy your outdoor spaces in the Fall! While I happen to live in sunny California, I come from Canada - so I get the cold. Here are a few Fall outdoor decorating and lighting ideas that will grant you some extra opportunities to spend time outdoors before the snow falls. 

    Fall Outdoor Decorating and Lighting Ideas - Fire Pit

    An outdoor fire pit provides warmth and light for use in the Fall. 

    Build a Fire Pit

    Aaah, warmth. Nothing makes cold Autumn evenings better than a toasty fire, as you can tell in this gorgeous outdoor design by Linda McCalla Interiors found on Houzz.

    Well, nothing except for roasted marshmallows.  

    Fall Outdoor Lighting Ideas - Tall Landscape Lights from Lamps Plus

    Tall landscape lights make a stylish addition to your yard. 

    Install Landscape Lights

    The sun goes down way too early, so light up your yard with tall landscape lights - perhaps to illuminate the path to your new fire pit? Cast aluminum lighting is both stylish and durable. 

    Fall Outdoor Decorating Ideas - Pretty Autumn Tabletop Vignette with Pumpkins

    Pretty fall decorating will make your outdoor spaces more enticing! 

    Decorate for the Season

    Spend as much effort decorating outside as you do inside, and you're far more likely to grab those scarves and mittens to bundle up and enjoy your handiwork. You'll find inspiring ideas, like this one from Better Homes and Gardens, on our Outdoor Decorating board on Pinterest.

    Photo credits: Better Homes and Gardens, Linda McCalla Interiors via Houzz, Lamps Plus,  Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Stylish Black Lighting For The October Home

    Stylish Black Lighting For The October Home

    A modernist and simple bulb pendant.

    Embracing black lighting seems so perfect for the weeks leading Halloween. While black lighting can be interpreted as moody, and sometimes sinister, they are also timeless and add that punch of color which can ground a room.

    Escapadeblog has some cool images that includes some with hanging pendant lights that put me in that ghoulish mood!

    Black Interior Lights

    Contemporary lights for traditional rooms.

    From contemporary black kitchen lighting to designer table lamps, black hued lights take on a sculptural quality that begs a closer look. I love a neutral wall color or window treatment as a backdrop for black.

    Whether you choose stark white walls or a creamy curtain, the lighter and more monochromatic the space the more your lighting will pop. Keep in mind that black lamp shades are beautiful, but should only be used if maximum illumination is not the goal.

    Contemporary Black Lighting

    Sculptural style lighting for monochromatic spaces.

    Large, black swing arm lamps are truly on point these days and have the decided look of a contemporary mobile. While they might be a cheaper option than a Calder sculpture, make sure you have plenty of other task lighting especially if it’s in the kitchen, office or bedside. They may not be the most practical but they certainly are the most chic!

    Modern Home Lighting

    The many design styles of black lights.

    1. The Jonathan Adler Black and Brass Antwerp Floor Lamp is great besides or near an arm chair.

    2. Try the Sonneman Orb Satin Black Chandelier for mid-century style in the dining room.

    3. The Piquito Black Mini Pendant Light would be stylish above a kitchen island or for a moody look in a powder room.

    4. Nothing defines “of the moment” like the Robert Abbey Albert Patina Bronze Wall Mounted Boom Lamp.

    5. The Currey and Company Whitton Black Wall Sconce is ideal in a hallway or flanking a fireplace.

    Photo credits: Escapade

  • Going Beyond Style For Outdoor LED Lighting

    Going Beyond Style For Outdoor LED Lighting

    Fall is finally here, but that doesn't mean our outdoor spaces cease to exist. Many of us still use different areas of our outdoors, especially if you're in areas with a mild Winter.

    As a follow up to my last post, Makeover Your Entryway With LED Lighting, today we'll go beyond selecting outdoor LED lighting by style and color temperature. I want to share a few more categories that you can use to help you select the best lighting for your home.

    Security Lighting

    Security lights no longer look like the typical security light. Fixtures are offered in new shapes and finishes. When shopping for outdoor security lights, look for a cooler temperature because a warmer light creates a more welcoming feel.

     Cliffwood White 11" Wide LED Security Floodlight

    Cliffwood White 11" Wide LED Security Floodlight

    This 11-inch wide sleek-looking security light fixture has a color temperature of 5700K, comparable to daylight from the sun. The output is 1400 lumens, which is comparable to a 100 watt incandescent light bulb.

    Up and Down Lighting

    An outdoor wall light can be uneasy on the eyes, especially if it’s at eye-level. An up-and-down light can help light the area, but without directing the light directly at faces. 

    Up And Down LED Lighting

    With a sleek body, this aluminum LED light fixture directs light up and down with a 3000k warm color temperature and 420 lumens.

     Wynnsboro 7 3/4" High Silver LED Outdoor Up and Downlight

    Wynnsboro 7 3/4" High Silver LED Outdoor Up and Downlight

    Wet Rated Lighting

    If you live near the ocean or you know that your entryway is going to be in frequent direct contact with fog, rain, or snow, you might want to look for a wet rating on an outdoor light fixture.

    A damp rating means that the fixture can resist moisture in the air, but not direct contact with water. Still, this doesn’t mean you should install them in your outdoor shower.

    Hatteras Bay 9 1/2" High Bronze LED Outdoor Wall Light

    Hatteras Bay 9 1/2" High Bronze LED Outdoor Wall Light

    This LED outdoor wall lantern light is wet rated. It has a 3000K color temperature, with 485 lumens output (comparable to a 40-watt incandescent light bulb.)

    Solar Lighting

    For entryways that receive direct sunlight during the day, a solar-powered LED light fixture might be a perfect choice.

    Flora Antique Bronze 13" High Solar LED Wall Light

    Flora Antique Bronze 13" High Solar LED Wall Light

    Outdoor solar LED light fixtures often have a lithium ion (Li-ion) battery like in your phone or laptop that can power the light for up to 10 hours!

    Dark Sky Lighting

    Dark sky lights are designed to help preserve the night sky, so the light is usually pointed to what you want to light without disrupting the view of the stars.

    Dark Sky LED Lighting

    This bronze outdoor LED wall light fixture is a ‘dark sky’ light with its bent arm directing the light downward. The 10-watt LED light is comparable to a 15-watt incandescent bulb.

     Kirkham Bronze 8 1/2" Wide Dark Sky LED Outdoor Wall Light

    Kirkham Bronze 8 1/2" Wide Dark Sky LED Outdoor Wall Light

    Dimmable Lighting

    Dimming is a feature that I love in a light fixture. And there are LED light fixtures that offer this feature.

    But make sure to read the specifications of the fixture, because not all LED light fixtures dim. Also, you might need a specific dimmer to pair with it.

     LBL Upstate 18" High Silver LED Outdoor Wall Light

    LBL Upstate 18" High Silver LED Outdoor Wall Light

    The sleek silver finish of this outdoor wall light is a statement light. This dimmable outdoor LED light has a color temperature of 3000K and a CRI of 80.

    Images: Lamps Plus

  • Lighting Ideas For a Spanish Style Home

    Modern Spanish Revival traces its influences to the California mission churches that were built in the 18th century by early Spanish settlers and missionaries. The architecture is recognizable by its signature elements which include smooth stucco exteriors, tile roofs, arched doorways and casement windows plus beautiful balconies with decorative iron railings.

    Spanish Style Home Furnishings

    Spanish style homes provide the perfect backdrop to classic style home furnishings.

    Indoors and out you’ll find carved stonework or cast ornaments, as well as patterned tiles on staircases and walls or inset in stucco as accents. Courtyards and balconies are a common feature in Spanish Revival homes.

    Outdoor fountains act as focal points and gardens include urns filled with cascading botanicals, succulents or blooming annuals. Landscaping can also include bougainvillea, roses, and olive trees to add to the Mediterranean inspired aesthetic.

    Bronze Wall Sconces

    A. Crystorama Ashton Bronze 18 1/2" High Crystal Wall Sconce B. Laura Lee Jasmine 2-Light 29" High Wall Sconce C. Feiss Aliya 12" Wide Rustic Iron Wall Sconce D. Kathy Ireland Latin Palace 18" High Wall Sconce

    In this Spanish Revival interior, cast stone pilasters support a dramatic arcade (succession of arches). Bronze sconces illuminate the hallways, a large scale carved wood mirror reflects light, and arched black casement doors lead to the outdoor areas. Note the mixture of tile and wood to add interest at the floor level.

    Spanish Style Interior Architecture

    Bronze and iron wall lights paired with high, ribbed ceilings are typical in Spanish style homes.

    Exposed wood beams paired with white troweled walls are also common in Spanish Revival homes as are wood doors and floors. The wood and white combination adds inviting contrast.

    Bronze or iron finishes on lanterns, sconces, and chandeliers complement this architectural style. Arched passageways and niches, without any crown molding, are classic elements.

    Bronze Lantern Pendants

    A. Hinkley Plymouth 24" Wide Olde Bronze 8-Light Chandelier B. Traditional Curves 17" Wide Iron Foyer Pendant Light C. Windsor Collection Vintage Bronze 18" Wide Pendant Light D. Hudson Valley Larchmont 16 1/2" Wide Bronze Pendant Light

    Bronze lantern pendants are ideal for this style kitchen. Hang more than one over the island and you will instantly dress up your space.

    Classic Kitchen Design

    Iron lantern pendants are perfect for a Spanish style kitchen.

    Get the look for Spanish Revival design beyond just lighting with these beautiful home furnishings and accents:

    Introduce drama to a living room with the Bronze Finish Iron Fireplace Screen. Dress up your outdoor area with the Pina Escada Fountain. For a Spanish touch to your interiors, pick up a pair of the Marni Carved Driftwood Accent Chair or the Terrace Carved Wood Bench. Get the look of beautiful Spanish tile with the Safavieh Capri Area Rug.

    Spanish Style Furnishings

    While your home may not be Spanish Revival in its architectural style, you can still incorporate elements you love into your home, and remember, mixing styles always keeps it interesting!

    Image credits: James Glover Design; SoCal Contractors via Houzz; Frantoni EstatesLindsey Adams Construction

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