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  • Updating your Entryway for the Holidays

    Your entryway is the first impression for any guest coming to your home during the holiday season. Implementing some simple updates can take your home's first impression from average to incredible.

    Updating your Entryway for the Holidays

    This beautiful image from Domaine Home serves as the inspiration for my entryway updates. I love this image because it's bold and mixes styles and patterns so well. Get the look below.

    Stylish Entryway Ideas From Lamps Plus

    The first and most important piece, in my opinion is the Black Zebra Indoor Outdoor Rug. This bold, statement rug is a fun way to inject design from the moment you enter. 

    Topping the rug with a traditional table like this Brynmore Round Table is a great way to add levels and layers without competing with the zebra pattern.

    The blank slate of the table is perfect for a collection of vases in a punchy blue hue. Start your collection off with the Canton Flared Blue and White Ceramic Vase and add differing shapes and sizes to build out the look.

    Top off this entryway style with a hanging pendant light, like this classic glass pendant, that will shine and sparkle without detracting from the rest of the decor.

    The Cydney 13 3/4" Wide Chrome Clear Glass Pendant  is a transitional piece that ties the entire entry vignette together. And finally, another little pop of pattern because, well, why not?!

    Pop a Gentlemen Check Silver Stone 18" Square Down Throw Pillow on a near by bench or chair for another complimentary pattern.

    Image credit: Domaine Home

  • Celebrity Style: Sarah Jessica Parker

    Celebrity Style:Sarah Jessica Parker

    Living room of Sarah Jessica Parker.

    I think it’s fun to recreate celebrity home styles. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s home in New York is nothing if not stylish and worthy of emulating.

    Casa Sugar recently posted some shots from the star’s town house, which was recently put on the market. They demonstrate that Sarah Jessica is as chic at home as she is with her clothes. The “Sex and the City” star rocks a wonderfully modern look with pops of warm woods and simple soft furnishings.

    Dining Room Design

    1. I love the unexpected shape of the Mary McDonald Pythagoras Nickel Pendant Light.

    2. There is simply nothing more classically modern than the Tammy Marble and Chrome Dining Table.

    I noticed that a great deal of the home is dictated by a sense of geometry. Shape, line and clarity rule this roost, like the gorgeous dining room lighting. Contemporary chandeliers are a great way to include different shapes and create the ultimate focal point.

    Remember though, if you opt for this aesthetic, make sure to incorporate some tactile elements like soft throws, earthenware pots (as seen on the mantle) and supple leather to balance out the stark surroundings.

    Kitchen Pendants

    3. Consider the Black Gloss Flute Mini Pendant Chandelier the exclamation point for any kitchen.

    Like the living and dining rooms, the kitchen offers pure geometry. The generous island anchors the room and the black pendant lights ground the bright space.

    I love the marble slab that echoes the same marble of the dining table. 

    Bedroom Decor

    4. Straightforward and chic, the Dimond Exeter Chrome Accent Lamp.

    The bedrooms carry on the understated elegance of the entire house. Squared off beds and tables are are softened by a few key upholstered seats. Bedside table lamps, like the beds are simple and functional. I was struck by the almost bare windows in all the seems almost Spartan, but super sexy!

    Photo credits: Casa Sugar

  • Welcoming Wall Lighting for Holiday Guest Bedrooms

    This holiday season your home will play host to family and friends, so preparing the guest bedroom for a welcoming stay is essential.

    A large part of your guests' comfort has to do with good lighting and the ability for them to control the ambiance when it comes to resting, reading, etc. This season prepare your guest bedrooms with these simple tips for maximizing wall lighting options...

    Lighting Ideas For Your Holiday Guestroom

    Determine how much light your guests will need and choose lighting to match your decor.

    Depending on the size of your guest bedroom and the seating areas will help you determine what type of lighting works best. I love this guest bedroom above by Henderson Design Group. It looks stunning and provides sufficient lighting. Guests rarely will ask for more lighting so be sure to provide stylish wall lighting and suitable table lamps for the best lighting options. 

    When looking for wall lighting, swing arm lamps are ideal next to the bed. The ability to swivel the arm and serve multiple lighting purposes is ideal.

    This wall lamp below has just the right organic appeal to match any Autumn holiday bedroom with neutral brown tones. The espresso finish and burlap fabric drum shade will create a soft glow in your guest room that guests will enjoy reading next to.

    Natural Burlap Espresso Plug-in Swing Arm Lamp

    Natural Burlap Espresso Plug-in Swing Arm Lamp

    While wall lighting is functional, it can also contribute to the decorative side of your guest bedroom. Consider using canned or recessed lighting in the ceiling for added versatility.

    You can also add a dimmer switch to any of these lighting options and give your guests a room that changes with their mood.

    Balance Your Light Between Natural And Artificial

    Decide how much natural light and artificial light is needed.

    This holiday season prepare your guest room with lighting that's versatile, beautiful and above all, welcoming. From deciding how much lighting they need to choosing lighting that matches the guest room decor, there's a perfect wall light for your guest room this holiday season.

    Photo credits: Henderson Design GroupClaudia Leccacorvi

  • How to Decorate With Vintage Christmas Finds


    Decorating with vintage Christmas decor can be lots of fun.

    I'm dreaming of a vintage Christmas.

    You with tiny bottle trees and an antique sled stacked against the barn and glittery tinsel and vintage baskets and stacks of ornaments like this beautiful vignette from HGTV.

    I have a box or two of vintage Christmas finds that I use to decorate with every year.  

    And when I open the lid to the box and take out the tiny treasures from long ago...lovingly preserved to celebrate another season....

    ....I sigh.

    And remember why I love decorating for the holidays.

    Here's a few tips on how to decorate with vintage Christmas finds and blend them seamlessly with your current holiday decor.


    Seamless vintage decor mixed in with existing decor.

    1.  Keep it simple

    Sometimes the beauty and patina of vintage Christmas finds make a simple statement all on their own, like this creative tablescape featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

    Layer a farmhouse table with classic white linens and fill galvanized buckets or planters with fresh greens.

    Then add in tiny bottle trees and reindeer to add a little vintage character to a cozy holiday kitchen.


    Vintage decor works well under the tree.

    2.  Think outside the box

    Not sure how to use vintage finds in decorating?  Look at things in a new light, as in this vintage crocheted blanket turned Christmas tree skirt recently featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

    Then add strings of lights and paper garland to the windows and stack presents on a tiny school chair.

    A hand-painted dresser or vintage reproduction piece completes your room's festive holiday decor.


    Pops of the color red are always fun for the holidays.

    3.  Add pops of color

    This neutral living room space featured in Better Homes and Gardens has plenty of festive cheer when decorated with vibrant pops of color.

    Create a simple mantel with glass urns filled with colorful vintage ornaments and beautiful grain sack stockings. Or, you could simply hang red ribbon from wreaths and crystal chandeliers

    The natural fiber rug on the floor and simple ottoman provide the perfect backdrop for these merry vintage finds.


    Don't forget to decorate your outdoor spaces too.

    4.  Decorate outdoor spaces

    When decorating for the holidays...don't overlook the outdoor spaces, like this simple, colorful vignette featured in Country Living.

    Stack plaid boots and vintage boxes filled with evergreens to greet guests as they arrive.

    Place a small table at the back door and adorn with baskets of freshly cut trees.  The sights and smells of the season are sure to provide a warm welcome to visitors.

    Take a moment to celebrate the past this season.

    Search your attic and estate sales and yard sales for tiny treasures.

    Vintage finds add character and patina to your holiday display....

    ...and make celebrating the holidays even more fun!

    Photo credits: HGTV , Country LivingBetter Homes and GardensBetter Homes and GardensCountry Living

  • The Look For Less: Belgian Style

    Belgian Style

    Simple, chic Belgian style living room design.

    When it comes to getting the look for less, Belgian Style is the one to copy. The simple color palette and earthy textures don’t cost very much to do right and always look chic.

    Belgian Pearls is a great blog to find this look...

    Linen Upholstery

    Linen furniture is a perfect texture for Belgian style homes.

    There is something so perfect and elegant about Belgian style homes... It's the perfect balance of traditional style and modernity. The first thing to remember is to keep color to a minimum.

    Monochromatic rooms are the foundation of this look. Keeping walls cream or white costs virtually nothing. Darker pops of color can come in black framed tables, bronze floor lamps or classic table lamps.

    Rustic Accessories

    Belgian style interiors are simple and classic in nature.

    When it comes to recreating this look in furniture,  keep things simple. Plain linen chairs and sofas are cheaper than custom upholstered pieces and simple wood tables will also be less or could possibly be handmade.

    Because the Belgian look is so serene, the only accessories you really need would be a few touches like candles and wicker baskets. Less is definitely more here, and the less you put into a room, the less you spend!

    European Inspired Home Decor

    1. The Robert Abbey Short Foundry Table Lamp mimics the great earthen lamps in the pictures above.

    2. Keep lights simple like the Sonneman Hanover Wall Sconce.

    3. Most Belgian interiors have some form of linen like the Biltmore Lindy Linen Upholstered Wingback Armchair.

    4. I love the simplicity of the Capper Oak Wood Metal Legs Coffee Table.

    5. A touch of the modern is key to emulating the look, so consider the Robert Abbey Koleman Patina Bronze Floor Lamp.

    Photo credits: Belgian Pearls

  • Chic and Stylish Gifts for Entertaining

    Holiday entertaining time is right around the corner! Like some people I know, I have family functions, work functions, and if I am lucky a few friend functions. No matter which type of gathering it is, I never like to show up empty handed.

    After all, the host probably spent a great amount of time planning and working so we can enjoy a beautiful party. Showing up with a host gift is a lovely gesture and one that is met with great gratitude.

    This holiday season check out my round up of some chic and stylish gifts for entertaining, paired with lovely inspiration images from Rue Magazine.

    Chic And Stylish Gifts For Entertaining

    Arrive to your holiday parties with a stylish entertaining gift in hand.

    Black is the new black if you ask me, or was always the new black! For entertaining and serving, black can be sleek and edgy or the perfect blank slate.

    If you want to bring some yummy cheeses or some decadent desserts, why not pair them with a beautiful black serving tray. Try the Godinger Leaf Design Marble Board and Knife Set (above) which perfectly mixes rich black marble with delicate brass handles.

    Wood Serverware As Entertaining Gifts

    Wood serverware can be great options for entertaining gifts.

    Many hosts like to do a Winter-white theme for their holiday party, and nothing pairs better with winter whites than rich, natural wood tones.

    A beautiful wooden set like the Nambe Butterfly Wood Salad Bowl and Servers Set of 3 (above) is a lovely gift for entertaining that the host can use the same night or incorporate for years to come.

    Candleholders Make Beautiful Gifts

    Crystal candleholders make beautiful gifts.

    Candles and crystal candleholders are very popular gifts because they are so transitional they will never go out of style. Try mixing styles and having fun with your entertaining gift.

    The traditional Felicity 5-Arm Crystal Candelabra Candle Holder (above) and the modern, geometric Aurora Diamond 9 3/4" High Crystal Pillar Candleholder (above) will add airy distinction to your host's table or mantle beautifully.

    Even Stylish Utensils Can Make Pretty Entertaining Gifts

    Even stylish utensils can make pretty gifts.

    Fun serving utensils are something that most people usually don't splurge on. Bring a set of daring, distinctive serving utensils as a gift for entertaining and you are sure to make your host very happy.

    Mixed metals is very popular at the moment, so a set like the Godinger Leaf 2-Tone Salad Set (above) with a twig motif on the handle is a lovely, well thought out gift anyone will love.

    Image credits: Rue Magazine

  • Desk Lamps for Ultimate Home Office Style

    Desk Lamps For Ultimate Home Office Style

    Stylish desk lamps will help you achieve a beautiful home office.

    When you're burning the midnight oil at your desk, proper lighting is of course critical for staying focused and on task. But just as important, a great desk lamp can make a considerable impact on the style of your home office too!

    Choose workspace lighting based on the aesthetic you'd like to cultivate. For example, if your style veers towards traditional as in the above inspiration image from Decorista, here are some great desk lamp options:

    1. A gooseneck desk lamp has an elevated presence thanks to its brass finish.

    2. An adjustable pole allows you to direct the light on this steel desk lamp.

    3. You can't go wrong with a classic pharmacy lamp for traditional office style. 

    4. A linen shade adds sophisticated texture to a swing arm lamp with an antiqued surface.

    Modern Office Style With A Cool Desk Lamp

    Modern office style requires cool desk lamps.

    These days, many home offices consist of an area carved out of the bedroom or living room. But not to worry if you're tight on space, because even a small desk lamp can make a big statement!

    For workspaces with a streamlined modern sensibility as seen on My Scandinavian Home, consider one of these options:

    1. An eye-catching shape is balanced by the understated birch construction of this contemporary desk lamp.

    2. The sleek yet playful silhouette of a teardrop lamp adds a fun touch to any desk. 

    3. A rounded retro shade gives this mini desk lamp a midcentury modern feel.

    4. If you're looking for unusual office lighting, look no further than this cantilevered wood desk lamp!

    Rustic Office Style With Industrial Desk Lamps

    Rustic office style requires stylish industrial desk lamps.

    Finally, if your office space is stylistically neutral, a single desk lamp with a distinct look can provide major personality. To get the industrial vibe spotted on Le Style, select task lamps such as these:

    1. A mix of brass and bronze give serious character to this handsome architect's lamp.

    2. An edison bulb and suspended glass shade make for a truly unusual and striking industrial desk lamp.

    3. The caged bulb shade of this bronze lamp is a hallmark of the industrial style.

    4. For a touch of glam, a weathered mercury glass shade augments a dark bronze desk lamp. 

    Image credits: DecoristaMy Scandinavian HomeLe Style

  • LED Night Lights & More

    Night lights aren’t just for nyctophobics (people afraid of the dark) and nurseries. The dim light that a night light creates can be perfect for overnight guests navigating to the bathroom and providing a bit of style through colored light and finish.

    The new styles and technology with LED night lights make them perfect for adding a bit of ambiance to any space.

    Night Lights Are Needed In All Areas Of The House

    Night lights are needed in all areas of the house.

    So if you’ve hesitated from using night lights in the past because of style, you’ll delight in the options available right now.

    Let’s talk LED night light features, and find that perfect light for you.

    LED Night Lights From Lamps Plus

    A. LED Motion Activated Portable Light B. Philips LED Indoor Lady Bug Night Light C. LED Automatic Night Light and Power Failure Emergency Light D. Color Changing LED Night Light E. LED CoverLite Rubbed Bronze Finish Outlet Cover Night Light

    Color Changing

    Lighting that’s functional is essential to any home. So why not choose functional lighting that goes a step beyond the basics and into style? Color changing LED night lights offer both!

    Outlet Cover

    Probably my favorite choice in stylish night lights it the cover night light. By covering the outlet, it’s an easy way for it to appear like a seamless integrated lighting source instead of something just plugged into the wall.

    Kid Style

    Styling for a kid’s room is always a treat. There is more freedom to be a little more whimsical in the design features, and fun night lights are part of that mix.

    From lady bugs to popular cartoon characters, there are so many options available that I’d be surprised if you didn’t find that perfect night light for your little one’s bedroom.

    Kids Room Design Should Include Night Lights

    Kids room designs should include night lights.

    Power Failure

    If you’ve had a to deal with a surprise power outage, you can appreciate this type of night light. It automatically lights when it senses a power outage. It’s an easy, inexpensive way to help make it easier for your family to navigate during a power failure.


    Yes, you can take a night light with you. Night lights aren’t just for outlets. They can be portable, which is perfect for the frequent traveler, a new parent during those midnight feedings, or if you want a little bit of light in a higher space.

    Image credits: Style Park, Fun At Home With Kids

  • The Ralph Lauren Home Style

    The Ralph Lauren Look

    A warm office style with the Ralph Lauren look.

    Autumn and Winter always remind me of the Ralph Lauren look, which I especially love for the home. Classic English decoration, clubby libraries, worn leather and classic oil paintings are the hallmark of this scheme and one that is cozy and welcoming.

    Habitually Chic had a fabulous spread of Ralph Lauren interiors that are timeless and filled with delicious decorative objects.

    Traditional English Interiors

    The English Country house look is usually achieved through layering objects collected over generations, thrown together, ultimately resulting in a rich tapestry of color and textures.

    Visual interest is key so as long as you have an abundance of things like, pictures, books and candles, you're almost there. Old manor houses tend to have grand and elegant chandeliers, ornate gold mirrors and plenty of blue and white ginger jar lamps.

    Elegance is key with this look and it certainly shows.

    Masculine Interiors

    I really love the clubby feel of Ralph Lauren interiors. Rich hues of blue, red and green dominate. Persian carpets tend to be the unifying design element that brings it all together.

    Detailed and heavily patterned rugs can instantly warm up the autumnal and winter room, but can also be a jumping off point for your entire design scheme. Think about coordinating lamp shades to the colors found in carpets for a truly cohesive look.

    Traditional Decor

    1. Richly hued leather furniture like the Royalton Cognac Wingback Chair create a clubby feel.

    2. The Design Your Own Schonbek Sterling Collection 12-Light Crystal Chandelier is a touch of English Manor House that never goes out of style.

    3. Whether barefoot or in riding boots the Nourison Jaipur Red Area Rug is just what is needed underfoot.

    4. Try the Chauncey Antiqued Gold Leaf Wall Mirror over a dining room buffet or in the foyer for a nod to regal decorating.

    5. The English Floral Hand-Painted Porcelain Ginger Jar Table Lamp has never gone out of style for obvious lovely.

    Photo credits: Habitually Chic, Architectural Digest

  • Modern Crystal Lighting

    Modern Crystal Lighting For The Home

    Crystal lighting for the modern home.

    What diamonds are to girls, crystals are to homes. Crystal lighting bounces light around a room adding sparkle, drama and luxury to any space.

    I'm not talking about your grandma's crystal chandeliers!.... Check out some of my favorite crystal lighting from Lamps Plus.

    Crystal Lighting From Lamps Plus

    Crystal Lighting from Lamps Plus.

    1) I love the modern play on the classic shape of this crystal table lamp.

    2) Chrome adds extra sparkle to this modern chandelier with round crystals that casts amazing shadows.

    3) A Swarovski crystal finial is the detail that will beautifully update any lamp.

    4) The transitional look of this chrome sconce would work well in any interior style.

    5) A ball of crystal flowers has contemporary flair, especially when it's a modern pendant.

    6) Stacked, multi-faceted crystals bring style to a traditional column table lamp.

    7) I love that the metal banding on this tear drop crystal cascading chandelier is based on the trim of vintage motorcycles.

    8) This oil rubbed bronze crystal chandelier would light up any dining room table with style.

    9) This crystal sconce has double the bling from the combo of metal lattice and sparkling crystals.

    Image credit: Elle Decor

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