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  • Choosing the Perfect Counter Stools for your Home Style

    Seating your family at the counter as you prepare a delicious meal or entertaining friends on game day in your kitchen is always enjoyable. In recent years the kitchen has become more of a communal space that includes conversing, eating and taking part in the culinary experience of the cook.

    Bar stools and counter height stools are an important element to consider when planning your kitchen area. Depending on your lifestyle and decorative style, choosing the perfect counter stool doesn’t have to be such a challenge. Use these ideas to pick chairs that truly reflect you and you home’s hospitality.

    Your Home Style

    Assessing your decor style when choosing counter height stools:

    There are so many great styles of stools to choose from. Remember when bar stools used to be hard, round, and only came in a few colors? Long gone are those days and now stools are just as comfortable as your formal dining chairs or they can resemble a rustic mountain home like these stools from Wiley Design as you can see below.

    Decide if you want your stools to mimic the casual or formal style of your kitchen. Remember to look at the impact your kitchen has on the rest of your interiors. For open floor plan homes try and choose chairs that mimic the coloring in your adjacent rooms countertop, flooring, and any textiles in furniture or window treatments.

    Modern Kitchen

    Adding casual style to your kitchen counter with rattan counter stools:

    For many homes that are transitional style or have an eclectic mix of traditional and modern accents, it’s nice to add texture to your kitchen counter. These stylish rattan counter stools from Lamps Plus marry the best of both the natural fiber world with the modern. The natural rattan and Havana bycast leather blend beautifully in your interiors and come in a seat height of 26”. The rattan wrapped back makes it durable yet still light enough to easily pull out from the counter.

    Rattan Counter Stools

    Set of 2 Boston Havana Leather Rattan 26" Counter Stools

    Connecting your seating to your lifestyle:

    Every home is different and so should your choice of bar stool seating. If you entertain frequently and have a large kitchen consider high back upholstered chairs that will remain comfortable for guests. While if your home has children and teenagers and your kitchen is always a fast-paced room, opt for simplified seating with durable surfaces and skip the upholstery!

    Remember to consider the weight of the chairs for moving in and out to protect your kitchen wall from being scratched and helping your guest at the same time.

    Industrial Style

    Choosing the perfect counter stools can be challenging but using the tips should give you a head start.

    Remember to measure your countertop height from the floor to the top of the counter. Use this measurement to ensure your barstool seat height is approx. 10”-12” below the top of the countertop.

    Measurement differ depending on the style of stool but use this as a general guideline. These stools from Koo de Kir above don’t have upholstery so measuring the seat height can be easier. If all else fails, sample them in your home to ensure a perfect height fit.

    You will love how you just added a new seating area in your kitchen that you and your guests will love.

    Image credits: KannCept Design, Inc., Wiley Design LLC, Koo de Kir

  • Floor Lamp Ideas with Style

    Floor Lamp Ideas

    There are many instances where you might have several lighting options or very limited options, like with small spaces... Either way, floor lamps add light and style to any space like in this pretty modern space found on Decor8 Blog.

    I particularly think that using them in places where they aren't typically used makes for an interesting design. For example, are you the type of person who needs every inch of desk space? Your office is a great place for an unexpected floor lamp. Floor lamps seem to be most commonly used in reading nooks or living spaces, but they are also fun in an entryway or even a bedroom.

    Floor Lamps

    Shopping Guide:

    1. Rico Espinet Sawyer Patina Nickel Pharmacy Floor Lamp. I love the modern lines of this pharmacy lamp.

    2. Jonathan Adler Ohai Walnut and Brass Floor Lamp. A fun and unexpected design.

    3. Possini Euro Zodiac Open Cage Bronze Arc Floor Lamp. A cool option if you like the industrial look.

    4. Gossamer Clear Spun Acrylic Cylinder Floor Lamp. A great lamp for soft diffused lighting.

    5. Tripod Base Floor Lamp. I love the simple yet funky design in this all-black lamp.

    6. Arteriors Home Linden Tripod Wood Floor Lamp. Super throwback modern — this lamp will definitely start conversation.

    7. Doughnut Antique Brass Finish Angular Floor Lamp. For a classic look, this brass finish floor lamp is chic.

    8. Jonathan Adler Meurice Collection Brass Floor Lamp. Brass, black and bamboo — need we say more?!?

    9. Director's Chrome and Espresso Tripod Floor Lamp. This director's lamp makes a fun statement.

    10. Brass Finish Pharmacy Floor Lamp. This brass finish pharmacy lamp is so affordable!

    Image credit: Decor8

  • Decorating with Mirrors

    Decorating Your Home

    I have a mirror addiction.

    From new to vintage to a growing collection of old hand mirrors picked up on my flea market jaunts, I just can’t get enough.  

    Some of my favorite tips and tricks for making mirrors reflect your personality …

    Staircase Design

    1)    Reflect Light

    Stylish wall mirrors can brighten a room by bouncing light around. Consider placing one directly across from a window for maximum reflection.

    Leaning Mirror

    2)    Size Matters

    A huge mirror can stand alone as a statement piece of art like this stunning one reflecting the bed by Sarah Richardson Design.  

    Collections of smaller mirrors can work equally well if grouped together and can be customized with a can of vibrant spray paint like Dimples and Tangles did with her wall of emerald green.

    Colorful Mirrors

    3)    Frames

    Let your mirror choice reflect your personal style. It’s fun to juxtapose a vintage mirror over a modern console table or a sleek, chrome mirror over an antique settee. Don’t overlook the clean lines of frameless mirrors.

    Entryway Style

    4)    Don’t Forget the Entry

    Entries are the perfect place for a last minute hair and makeup check before you jauntily walk out the front door. Don’t be afraid to mix colors like Amanda Nisbet does with this sculptural white mirror paired with a sleek ebony table.

    Mirrored Chest

    5)    Not just for walls

    Consider a mirrored chest of drawers as a glam nightstand or a mirrored buffet to add sparkle to dinner parties.

    How will you choose to reflect your personality with mirrors?

    Images: Eclectically Vintage, Sarah Richardson Design on Decor Pad, Dimples & Tangles, Funky Junk Interiors, Amanda Nisbet Design on Decor Pad, Lamps Plus

  • Mini Pendant Style from Jamie Young Company

    We are excited to present the new Cloud mini pendant lights by the Jamie Young Company!

    Jamie Young Lighting

    Inspired during travels through India, the hand-crafted Cloud mini pendant design comes in three frosted glass colors and features a fresh, coastal look. They will be sold exclusively through Lamps Plus for a limited time.

    “We are a design-driven company that aims to make elegant and sophisticated design approachable for the consumer. Lamps Plus allows us to easily reach the consumer through both its showrooms and website.”

    - Jamie Young, founder of the Jamie Young Company

    Glass Mini Pendant

    The Cloud mini pendant's design features polished metal accents and is available in three frosted glass colors: aqua, taupe and clear.  The design is perfect for over a kitchen island, bedside, powder room, or cluster all three colors over the dining room table for an eclectic look.

    Mini Pendant LightOur relationship with Jamie Young Company doesn't stop here, we have many designs available that range from distinctive lighting and art shades to a full complement of tables, mirrors, ottomans and home decor!

    Image credit: Lamps Plus

  • Creating the Perfect Bohemian Garden


    Whether or not your style screams 'bohemian', we can all appreciate the whimsical beauty that a bohemian garden exudes. If you're just looking to create a temporary outdoor space for the warmer months, or a more permanent setup to enjoy year round, here are some tips and tricks.

    This beautiful image round up from Architecture Art Design helps illustrate how to create the perfect bohemian garden in your own backyard.




    Blending colors with gusto is a surefire earmark of a bohemian garden. Anything goes as long as they all have the same saturation, all bright, all faded etc. Sticking to this will unify the space rather than cause it to appear haphazard and confusing.

    Once you have wrapped your head around the multitude of colors, try mixing pattern as well. Colorful decorative pillows is a great place to get started. The more comfortable you get experimenting, the more bohemian your space can become.  

    My Tip: Start slow and start muted. Bring together a few pieces with muted, complimentary colors and build from there.

    Inside Furniture Outdoors:



    What I love about a bohemian garden is that it always seems to be a beautiful collection of valuable, antique pieces strewn across the lawn. Whether you bring out actual antique pieces for a day party or you find outdoor-safe reproductions, using inside furniture outdoors has a bohemian spirit or nonchalance and carefreeness. 

    My Tip: Shop funky lounge chairs to add some personality in your outdoor space.

    Hanging Eclectic Lighting:



    When creating your perfect bohemian garden, you can't simply settle for a few temporary candles. Take the time to install and hang outdoor light fixtures. Moroccan pendants, Midcentury chandeliers and glass globes all help to finish that perfect bohemian garden look, while serving to take your space from day to night.

    My Tip: Make sure you are using outdoor lighting, or you may risk damage. If you find a great vintage light fixture at a flea market, take it to a local shop and ask them if it is suitable for outdoors, or if they can rewire it for outdoors.

    Image Credits: Architecture Art Design

  • Floral Inspired Interior Decor

    Floral Decor

    Any style interior can incorporate floral inspired decor as long as you want to infuse a space with life. The Zhush blog has an explosion of floral themed images that make me extremely ready for spring.

    Floral patterns have been a popular theme in interiors for centuries, so the look is timeless but need not be fussy. From 17th century tapestries to Andy Warhol prints, flowers make us think of the wonder and beauty found within nature.

    Floral Inspired Interiors

    I usually say to go sparingly when it comes to a design scheme you have not yet tried, however, florals can be done to excess if you know what you are doing. I like to think that if something works in nature, it probably works in the home.

    Gardens tend to have a profusion of various flowers so it’s probably fine to mix a floral ceramic bedside lamp with floral pillows and bedding. Just make sure you keep the floral style consistent...don’t mix 1960 pop style flowers with classic English florals.

    Decorative Floral Accessories

    In addition to floral themed rooms, there are subtle ways with incorporate flowers. One way is to simply display floral china or recover a single chair or ottoman in a floral fabric.

    An inexpensive step would be to replace a monochromatic shade with a floral lamp shades in a living room or bedroom. I also love the stealth way to use a floral pattern as seen in the green sofa above. So, whether classic or contemporary, floral decor is a design mainstay yet shows people you are not afraid to take risks. 

    1. This Embroidered Floral Brushed Steel Swag Chandelier begs to brighten up a breakfast room.

    2. The Ice Blue Floral Porcelain Vase Table Lamp is classic and I would use it in a traditional bedroom or cheerfully preppy living room.

    3. A bohemian floral look can be achieved with the Santa Maria Desert Flower Modern Chair.

    4. Spice up a teen’s bedroom with this Persimmon Floral Drum Lamp Shade. Whether you use it on a table lamp or swing arm light, the pop of color will bring back the1960s in a good way.

    5. I love the Poppies Floral Cotton Throw Pillow. It’s grandma’s bedroom but in such a good way. Think Palm Springs Granny Chic.

    6. The Loloi Sunshine Black Area Rug is a sophisticated floral pattern that would look great in a more modern foyer or cozy family room.

    Photo credits: The Zhush

  • Brighten Up for Spring with Sunny Yellow Decor!

    Sunny Yellow Decor

    With Spring upon us it's the perfect time to brighten up your home decor! You don't need to put in a lot of effort to update your decor, just let a color like yellow do the work for you.

    Even something as simple as a painted yellow chest of drawers (spotted on Design*Sponge) brings a remarkable degree of cheer to a space. Yellow also lends itself well to easy graphic applications, as seen on this painted wall panel via Lamps Plus, or in a latticed wall treatment, also from Lamps Plus.

    Spring Home Syle

    When decorating with yellow, don't be shy! A large piece like this yellow sofa on My Scandinavian Home demands serious attention, while Creamy Life's yellow door and entryway bench says 'Welcome home' loud and clear! Even if you never light a fire in your fireplace, you can create warmth if you paint it yellow as on Indulgy.

    For a quick jolt of yellow, Designspiration shows how a coat of paint on moulding goes a long way. And for the easiest yellow decor update of all, open your windows and let the sun shine in on some yellow home textiles!

    Yellow Home Furnishings1. The faceted surface of this yellow table lamp offers a global, handwrought sensibility.

    2. A yellow throw pillow gets even punchier with the addition of a fun graphic pattern.

    3. A yellow ceramic stool lends its sunny style to indoor or outdoor spaces.

    4. Add dimension to an entryway or powder room with the space-reflecting powers of a yellow mirror.

    5. A modern shape makes this cheerful yellow sofa surprisingly versatile.

    Image redits: Design*Sponge, Lamps Plus, Lamps Plus, My Scandinavian Home, Creamy Life, IndulgyDesignspiration

  • How To Choose the Perfect Table Lamp

    Perfect Table Lamp

    I recently re-designed the office space at the gatehouse...otherwise known as the great lighting quest....

    ....or how to choose the perfect table lamp.

    It wasn't easy.

    I had so much neutral going on and I knew that I needed to bring in some color with the lamps on the cabinet behind the desk.

    I had the perfect lamps in my mind....I knew exactly what I wanted.

    I knew the style and the color and the style of the base....but the challenge was....

    ....I couldn't find the right lamps anywhere.

    So I decided to create my own.

    Pick Your Lamp

    It was so easy.

    I started on the Lamps Plus site where I can design my own lighting in three easy steps! First, I selected the type of product I wanted, which in this case was a table lamp.

    I found a the ideal base in glossy white with a decidedly modern edge.  

    The lines are contemporary and I knew the white lacquered finish would work perfectly in the office space.

    Choose Your Pattern

    Next, I chose the pattern and the color of the shade.

    I knew this graphic scroll pattern would work with the glossy white lamp base and really provide a pop of color against all the neutral in the office space.

    When choosing a pattern like don't have to pair your color with white.

    You can choose any color combination that fits your space.

    Choose Your Trim

    The last step in the process was to choose the trim.

    I chose white to emphasize the graphic pattern and coordinate with the base.

    That's it!

    You can design any color combination or pair a different shade with a different base.

    Or Pick A New Pattern

    For example, here's another pattern option with the same color combination.

    I only changed the pattern....everything else is the same.

    I love the graphic lines of this shade with the white base.

    Or A Whole New Look

    And here's the same base again with a completely new look.

    I chose a different color combination with a different pattern.

    The combinations and styles are endless!

    Color Plus Table Lamp

    Here's the final lamp I selected looking right at home on the cabinet in the office.

    I'm so happy with that brilliant vivid pink in a sea of neutral.

    But my favorite part is that I designed it myself....

    ....and completely made it my own!

    Photo credit:  Thistlewood Farms

  • Stylish Kitchen Design With Contemporary Bar Stools

    Kitchen Design

    Do you ever look at any of the spaces in your home and think it could use a refresh? Sure you do, it happens to everyone, and the same thing can happen with a kitchen too. Though most of the details in a kitchen are fixed from the cabinets to the countertops, there is one accessory that can go a long way to update the space: the bar stool.

    If yours are looking tired or you’re craving a new look, it doesn't take much to change it up! Here are three different styles to inspire a change for Spring! Swap out your existing seating with contemporary bar stools to introduce a modern vibe. Look for stools with angular clean lines or ones that mix materials like acrylic and chrome.

    Contemporary Bar Stools

    Get that modern edge in your kitchen with cool chrome finishes in smooth tubular bases like the Adjustable Height White and Black Bar Stool or H2 Adjustable Height Counter or White Bar Stool, or instead consider the angled edges found in the Zuo Modern Darwen Black 24" High Counter Stool. Leather is always a chic yet durable choice; get the look with the Faustino White Bycast Leather Bar Stool or Omega Adjustable Black and Chrome Counter or Bar Stool.

    Rustic Kitchen Design

    The eco friendly appeal of rustic, reclaimed, and weathered wood has taken over the design world by storm. In the past few years, more and more are calling for products with organic appeal and wood will always satisfy. A kitchen is a place where so many surfaces are cooler from the stone countertops to the metal appliances, pulls and faucets to the tile backsplash. In those circumstances, add welcome contrast in any style kitchen from cottage to contemporary with the warmth of wood counter height stools.

    Wood Bar Stools

    Find variegated wood tones in these sleek Balboa Teak and Brass Stool and whitewashed tones in the Harper Stone Wash Counter Stool. Mix your finishes with a black and wood Morella Square Bar Stoolor a round metal and wood Jaden Natural Wood Counter Stool.

    Colorful Design

    Color lifts the spirits and will instantly cheer a neutral kitchen. Since it’s the place where you start your day, consider making it that much brighter with colorful counter height stools in a shade that makes you smile.

    Colorful Bar Stools

    Go green with a leather Hillsdale Counter Stool and embrace a cherry red with these Tolix lookalike Red Counter Stool or the Crimson Counter Stool. Make it sunny with a Yellow Microfiber Swivel Counter Stool or opt for a bold blue Scooper Adjustable Bar or Counter Stool. Any hue you choose make it bright and fun!

    Image credits: Better Homes & Gardens; Shirley Parks Design; House Beautiful; wood stool kitchen images: Country Living & Arkpad; colorful counter stool images: Better Homes & Gardens; Kitchen Lab Design

  • A Warm and Inviting Outdoor Candle Chandelier

    You've probably already put some thought into outdoor decorating as winter comes to an end - but what about outdoor lighting? This warm and inviting outdoor candle chandelier by Franklin Iron Works might be the perfect addition to your covered porch, deck, or patio.

    A Warm and Inviting Outdoor Patio

    Inspired by the past but crafted for today’s home, the Onyx Faux Stone Candle 30-inch wide Espresso Outdoor Chandelier has a dark brown espresso finish with a wrought iron look. 

    The beauty of this traditional outdoor chandelier is in its gorgeous onyx stone faux candles that give the appearance of genuine wax pillar candles - without the hassle or fire hazard. The faux "candles" conceal five 60-watt bulbs that emit a warm and welcoming glow.

    Outdoor Candle Chandelier from Lamps Plus

    For a coordinated look, matching outdoor candle sconces are available in a 15-inch or 18-inch height. The lovely look of a candle chandelier in an outdoor setting is sensational - there's no better way to set the mood for outdoor entertaining this spring and summer!

    In addition to a gorgeous outdoor chandelier, you may want to consider security lighting for your outside areas as well. Good lighting is an asset to any outdoor space, providing both beautiful ambiance and practical security. 

    Design Dossier is our monthly series where we share highlights of some of Lamps Plus’ most popular, unique, and interesting lighting choices straight from our showrooms.

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