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  • Beautiful Sunset Colored Interior Inspiration

    I have so many amazingly beautiful and inspirational sunset photos flooding my Instagram feed this month. I find that a winter sunset captures my heart and ignites the design wheels in my head. Here we take some beautiful sunset-inspired interiors and show you how to capture the essence in your home decor.

    Sunset Color Inspiration For The Home

    Sunset color inspiration for the home.

    I was lucky enough to capture the above image on the first official day of 2015 outside of Santa Barbara. The rich gold, yellow and orange dusk shadows create a magical glow, almost a hug from mother nature.

    Incorporating the essence of this stunning winter sunset in your own home is easy to do with just a few key pieces that we will dissect below.

    Warm, rich color ideas for the home.

    Whether redesigning an entire room, adding accent pieces or decorating for a one-night-only party, these rich sunset tones will bring the beauty outdoors in. Let these Lonny Mag images be your guide to sunset colored interior inspiration.

    Adding a pair of Bedouin Textural Red and Orange 18" Throw Pillows to a creamy linen sofa will splash sunset throughout your living room while the Jonathan Adler Capri 14" High Orange Glass Wall Sconce brings the perfect warm sunset glow to your hallway or powder room.

    The shapes and patterns of the Camden Collection Suzani Area Rug are a beautiful sunset representation, intermixed with traditional motifs.

    Wall mirrors are a great way to inject a quick shot of warm sunset color, and the modern, geometric style of the Invigorate 32" Round Brezza Wall Mirror is chic and timeless.

    Image credits: Allison Rosenberg, Lonny Mag

  • The Top 5 Home Decor Color Trends for 2015

    Home Decor Color Trends for 2015

    Color trends for your 2015 home decor style.

    Pantone's Spring 2015 Fashion Report features 17 colors that are forecasted to be predominant in this year's fashions. Since fashion trends quickly translate into interior design, we can expect to see these 17 colors making an appearance in home decor shortly after.

    Of the 17 selected colors, there are 5 that I predict to have the biggest impact on interiors this year. They're fresh, but familiar; colorful, but not overwhelming; and trendy, but not transient. 

    10 of Pantone's Spring 2015 Color Trends

    These are my top 5 home decor color trend picks for 2015:

    Lucite Green Living Room

    Lucite green walls in a stylish living room.


    Lucite Green is my personal favorite of Pantone's 10 spring 2015 colors. It's got more oomph than mint, but it's still soft and livable. It's neutral with personality.

    Lucite Green will really pop when offset by complimentary hues of red and orange, pictured above on A Beautiful Mess. Or layer it with shades of seafoam and pale grey to create a serene color palette.

    Chicago Framed Art

    Also, I think the arc floor lamp looks great with this mod color as a backdrop and this Chicago art print would pull this entire color scheme together....

    Pantone Custard Living Room

    Add a little Custard color to your home to brighten it up.


    Custard is like a little beam of sunshine! More cheerful than beige, it's still a great, "safe" color for walls and a great backdrop for living rooms and kitchens. Custard isn't an aggressive yellow - it's softer and more toned down, without being cutesy.

    The living room above from Cozy Little House uses Custard on the walls beautifully. It pairs harmoniously with the beige sofa and curtains, but definitely brings more personality to the space than beige. And the gold table lamp is a luxurious pairing with Custard.

    Pantone Toasted Almond Bedroom

    This Toasted Almond bedroom is romantic and elegant, yet still casual.


    But let's not be hatin' on beige! Toasted Almond is a beautiful beige hue with a subtle pink tint. It's warm, soft, feminine, and cozy.

    If you're so over the cold industrial greys that have been popular in recent years, Toasted Almond is a chic way to update your neutrals and bring a little warmth. Toasted Almond is a like a warm latte - sweet, comforting, and delicious. Paired with coral and ivory, as shown above in Better Homes and Gardens, it's both sophisticated and inviting.

    Orange Decorative Pillow

    This pretty decorative pillow combines both beautiful colors in this bedroom, with a Toasted Almond background and coral detail.

    Pantone Strawberry Ice Living Room

    If you want your home to include a little pink in 2015, Strawberry Ice is perfect for you.


    Want a little more pink? Slightly chalky and very on-trend, Strawberry Ice is a soft pastel pink that's definitely not baby-ish.

    Used on both the walls and accent chairs in the room above from Decor Pad, it behaves like a neutral and manages to somehow be both stylish and subtle. Paired with gold pillows and bold black and white accents, Strawberry Ice looks crisp and refreshing. Introduce warm cocoa tones for a cozier feel. 

    Pantone Marsala Living Room

    Marsala is bold, classic and rich.


    Of course, we can't forget the red-brown hue Marsala, Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year. Although I didn't have high hopes for its longevity upon the announcement, I've started to appreciate it more.

    Modern Table Lamp

    While once considered dowdy and dated, brown is beginning to be perceived as more luxurious thanks to indulgences like coffee, chocolate, toffee, and leather goods. It's the concept of brown that makes Marsala an appealing color in home decor - It's warm and delicious, rich and robust. This modern table lamp is a great example.

    Marsala looks updated when paired with white and light woods, as shown above in the gorgeous contemporary living room featured on SFGirlByBay.

    Image credits: Pantone, A Beautiful Mess, Cozy Little House, Better Homes & GardensDecor Pad, SFGirlByBay

  • The Uncluttered Kitchen

    Clean Counters In An Uncluttered Kitchen

    Clean, modern kitchen without any clutter.

    The uncluttered kitchen is a thing of beauty, especially after several weeks of cooking and prepping for the holidays.

    Keeping a clean and clutter-free kitchen may seem daunting, especially if you have kids, but there are ways to make your kitchen appear better organized and more clean. Check out these images from Lonny that are nothing if not inspired.

    Clean Kitchen Design

    All-white kitchen design.

    Obviously, keeping your counters clear are key to remaining clutter-free and is the first order of business. Proper containers and trays can keep things in their place, but items like mounted magnetic knife holders can free up space in drawers and countertops.

    If you have a small kitchen, clear bar stools will give your kitchen the look of more space and thus, less cluttered.

    Also, I love the pop of some color in a kitchen however keeping things monochromatic will also have the affect of keeping things clean. 

    Contemporary Kitchens

    Monochromatic kitchen design looks clean and uncluttered.

    Modern kitchens naturally lend themselves to a clutter-free appearance, but you need not remodel to stay uncluttered. I like carts and shelves on wheels, or lightweight storage containers so they can be filled and quickly moved out of the room if you are expecting guests.

    If you have low ceilings, you'll want to make sure you have a modern flush mount light. And if you have an island or peninsula, try keeping pendants clear glass so that sight lines remain clear and open. This Kichler pendant is a pretty example.

    Kitchen Accessories

    1. The Access Vision Brushed Steel LED Ceiling Light keeps things close to the ceiling and out of the way for those of you with small kitchens.

    2. The Mini Wave Brushed Nickel 3-Light Ceiling Fixture offers great task lighting.

    3. Keep things clear and simple with the Quoizel Uptown Penn Station Nickel Pendant.

    4. The Zuo Anime Transparent Acrylic Bar Stool offers function with the appearance of using up very little visual space.

    5. Keeping items off counters and tables is easy with the White Finish Solid Wood 5 Tier Leaning Shelf.

    Photo credits: Lonny

  • Transform Your Bathroom into a Rockstar

    Transform Your Bathroom

    Some help with adding a fresh look to your bathroom this year.

    I am knee-deep in a bathroom remodel.

    I'm trying to introduce it to 2015.

    Have you thought about a bathroom remodel lately? Have you seen the choices that are available for sinks and faucets and cabinets and bathtubs and vanities similar to this amazing set featured in Better Homes and Gardens?

    It can all be a little overwhelming....right?

    No worries. I've done a little homework for both of us and put together a fun selection of bathroom vanities that will make your renovation a little easier. Just add some stylish bathroom lighting fixtures to any of these cabinets for a whole new look!

    Here's five bathroom cabinets with extra storage.....

    .....that will transform your bathroom into a rock star.

    Mirrored Sink Vanity With Criss-Cross Design

    This mirrored sink with a criss cross pattern makes a statement without saying a word.

    It has a black granite top, two drawers and crystal knobs. It's guaranteed to make a small space shine.

    Distressed Wood Sink Vanity

    This natural wood vanity says farmhouse in every line.

    The piece comes with a granite top, antique brass hardware and two working drawers.

    And the space on the bottom?  Perfect for an over-sized basket full of freshly-washed farmhouse linens.

    White Double Sink Bathroom Vanity With Storage

    Hello rock star vanity with marble accents and tons of storage.

    This glamorous double sink vanity features a natural white Carrera marble countertop and backsplash, brushed nickel hardware and beautiful undermount sinks.

    And the storage?


    Five drawers and two cabinets means plenty of storage space for all those bathroom essentials.


    Rockstar Double Sink Vanity In Wood

    This double sink vanity features porcelain vessel sinks.

    This was my choice... The contemporary lines of this piece with the storage drawers and simple graphic handles give it rock star status.

    And the matching mirror with a storage ledge makes it functional as well as stylish.

    White Marbletop Double Sink Bathroom Vanity

    And dream vanity.

    Double sink...check.

    Marble counter tops....check.

    Space for baskets....check.

    And four drawers and a built-in shelf for a place for everything.....

    ....including the bathroom sink.

    Happy bathroom remodel to you. 

    Photo credit: Better Homes and Gardens

  • Stylish Table Lamps For The Living Room

    Living Room Lighting In Different Table Lamp Styles

    Living room lighting ideas with different styles of table lamps.

    There’s nothing worse than walking into a beautifully decorated room only to find inadequate lighting.

    Some of my favorite living room table lamps that combine style and function include different elements that I'd like to share with you…

    Bold Color

    Choose your color, any color, to brighten up a neutral living room. I’m loving the over 150 color choices in the Color+Plus lighting collection.

    Living Room Lighting With Different Shapes

    Living room lighting can come in all different shapes.

    Intricate Shapes

    The detailed shape of a flowering lotus lamp is an easy way to add interest and texture to any space.

    Metallic Living Room Lighting Ideas

    Metallic is a beautiful material for living room lighting.


    I love bling and a brass pharmacy lamp adds sparkle while the adjustable arm is perfect for a cozy ready corner.

    Rustic Lighting Styles

    Rustic style lighting will help you design a beautiful cabin style home.


    Bring the outdoors in with a branch table lamp with an antique bronze finish.

    From traditional to rustic to modern, lamps are an easy way to update any living room.

    Image credits: Better Homes & GardensBetter Homes & GardensBetter Homes & Gardens

  • Dogs Make the Best Accessories!

    Dogs Make Great Home Accessories

    Dogs are wonderful accessories, and bonus they love you too.

    Happy new year everyone! The holiday season is time for family, togetherness and adorable pictures of dogs lounging on impossibly chic furniture.  

    Check out these maxed out pups chilling in super stylish rooms from Domaine Home... The cuteness is too much, and the point - because stylish lighting isn't the only star of home design!

    Smart Dog Who Likes Modern Furniture

    This dog prefers a modern home to jump around.

    This adorably sneaky fellow prefers to lounge in a mid-century styled home. Graphic throw pillows and modern accent chairs make his beautiful grey coat pop.

    Pug Accenting An Antique Bench

    Who wouldn't want to see this face when they walk in the front door?

    Walking through the front door to this adorable pug mug is sure to brighten any day. Especially alongside a stunning vintage bench and graphic wallpaper that compliments his creamy coat.

    White Dog And White Modern Dining Furniture

    This cute, white dog compliments the modern white chairs.

    No dining room is complete without stylish dining chairs, modern wall art and maybe even a reclaimed wood table if you're lucky... But don't forget the cheeky french bulldog.

    This little guy has enough personality to sit at the head of the table for any holiday dinner party.

    Adorable Puppy On A White Pouf

    All poufs need a puppy.

    Nothing makes a boxer puppy look cuter than laying him down on a comfy pouf - both are incredibly stylish accessories you should snap up this holiday season to style your home.

    Stylish Living Room With Seating For The Dog

    The perfect living room should include seating for the dog too.

    Anyone who can style a living room like this will surely not forget a chic dog bed made for a king.

    This stylish living room is practically perfect for puppy cuddle time to keep you warm this winter.

    Dog In A Stylish Office Space

    Doggie friends help anyone work more productively.

    Don't forget about getting work done at home - just make sure you have two beautiful office chairs, one for you and one for your best mate.

    Image creidts: Domaine Home

  • Happy New Year from Lamps Plus

    A Cozy, Colorful Bedroom with a Bedside Lamp

    Welcome to 2015! We suggest enjoying this chilly holiday by staying curled up in bed with a good book, a furry friend, and the soft glow of the perfect bedside lamp. We'll be back tomorrow with lighting and design ideas to keep you inspired throughout the year.

    Happy New Year!!

  • Style Illuminated's Best Blog Posts of 2014

    Modern Living Room Design from Lamps Plus

    In just a few short hours, 2014 will come to a close. Thanks for following along this year on the Style Illuminated blog! Here's a look at a few of our favorite posts on lighting, home decor, and design trends from the past year:

    Reinvent Your Decor with Modern Lamps

    Unexpected Style: Chandeliers in the Bathroom

    Trend Alert: Decorating with Copper

    Incorporating Crystal Table Lamps Into the Bedroom

    Design Ideas for an Eclectic Outdoor Space

    Modern Country Style for Summer Decor

    Small Space, Smart Style

    Living Like Trina Turk

    Transform Your Home with Decorative Wall Mirrors

    Choosing and Hanging Dining Room Chandeliers

    Warm Up Your Home Decor with Metallics

    Easy Organizing Ideas for 2015

    Cheers to a happy, healthy, and stylishly illuminated 2015!

  • Interior Design Inspiration: Jean-Louis Deniot

    Jean-Louis Deniot

    Interior design inspiration, Jean-Louis Deniot.

    I have found true interior design inspiration... Jean-Louis Deniot is the last word when it comes to artful interior design.

    The Style Saloniste reviewed his new book and reproduced some wonderful images of his elegant interiors, which are fresh and modern with a nod to the past. While his interiors are global in reach they all begin with an eye to architectural integrity.

    The physical rooms have marvelous proportion and detailing which act as the glorious backdrop to his furnishings and decor.

    Designer Living Rooms

    Deniot's living room designs are elegant beyond words.

    Deniot’s rooms have so much to look at that I could study them for hours. While his color palettes seem to be more monochromatic, his choice of furniture shapes and textures are sublime.

    I was immediately drawn to his use of thoroughly unique lighting. He has no problem mixing quite varied styles of lighting in one room. From sculptural table lamps to inspired sconces, he can do no wrong when it comes to decoration. 

    Modern Lighting

    Deniot has a specific talent mixing and matching lighting styles.

    Words fail me...sort of. Deniot’s knack for sumptuous finishes and the incorporation of juxtaposing metals are astounding. If ever there were images that prove you can mix metals and styles and thus create a gorgeous room, here is that proof.

    Contemporary Lighting

    1. I love the unexpected pop of green. To me, the Uttermost Alzavola Scalloped Dark Teal Table Lamp is totally modern.

    2. The Axis Brass Wall Sconce has sexy lines and would look divine in a living room, dining room or clubby library.

    3. I like the airy feeling of the Uttermost Becca Coffee Bronze Rings Table Lamp.

    4. The Petriolo 9-Light Deep Patina Bronze Chandelier will ground a room, especially in a dining room.

    5. I think the Bronze and Coffee Plated Finish Table Lamp has a modern Venetian feel.

    Photos: The Style Saloniste

  • White Interior Design Ideas

    With snow on the ground in most parts of the country, white is all around us. Many are drawn to a white palette indoors as well since white evokes feelings of calm and cleanliness.

    White interiors are never boring when layered with textural accents, a bit of metallic sheen, and the warmth of wood. If your preference in home décor is a mostly while palette, a pale color or soft neutral painted wall is one way to enhance a mostly white space.

    White Interior Design Ideas With Textured Layers

    Geometric modern shapes can introduce a sculptural element to a white space. Try a dramatic contemporary chandelier like this one below.

    Wood tones in the form of flooring and chair legs add contrast and lots of warmth.

    Dramatic Chandeliers Add Personality

    Dramatic chandeliers add lots of  style to a monotone space.

    Patterned textiles and a blend of traditional furnishings with modern ones will add layers and interest to a white space.

    Notice the modern desk paired with traditional tufted wingback chairs below. Also, a classic pedestal and a modern Eames rocker, all in white and wood tones.

    Different Furnishing Styles Add Interest

    Mixing styles in a monotone space is one way to add layers and lots of interest.

    Metal surfaces like oil rubbed bronze or brass will add contrast or sheen to a mostly white space, while white paneled walls and a sculptural lamp are more interesting than plain white surfaces.

    Paneled Walls Add Texture To A Monotone Space

    Paneled walls add interest to a monotone space.

    Capture the appeal of a white interior with these home accents: 

    Home Accents From Lamps Plus

    Add drama to a space with a white silhouette fixture like the Parson White Chandelier.

    You can introduce an Old World vibe with the Young Girl Antique Bust on a dresser or demilune.

    The modern yet timeless white Fluted Table Lamp will add curves and shine to a nightstand or console table.

    The Joslyn Tufted Modern Bed is an elegant focal point in any bedroom, while the shapely Cosgrove Lamp adds a sculptural element to a tabletop.

    Image credits: Lonny, SF Girl by Bay, Pieces Inc., Lamps Plus

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