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  • College Dorm Room Decorating

    Modern Desk Lamp Photo

    It's that time of the year where parents and students are putting the final touches on plans that have been years in the making. Part of the planning ahead of move-in day should include creating a comfortable, livable dorm room atmosphere to ease the transition into college life. What qualities can you look for in lighting when decorating a dorm room?

    USA Today is featuring one of our lamps in their Life section article entitled Here's How to Ace Dorm Room Design.

    The lamp above is ideal because it's bright enough to provide proper reading light but also doubles as broadly diffused conversational lighting.

    It takes two 60 watt bulbs so it channels plenty of light onto a desktop while comfortably radiating light throughout the whole room. Students beginning a new year need good reading light, especially if they are moving into a dorm room. Dorm rooms often provide only overhead flourescent lighting which, while energy-efficient, is too dim for late-night study sessions.

    Purchasing the lighting online and having it shipped to the students new home gives you more variety to choose from and saves you the headache of transporting the lighting on move-in day. Torchieres and table lamps can be placed almost anywhere and can quickly brighten a dreary room. 

  • Choosing the Right-Sized Rug

    A Modern Rug DesignOne of the biggest comments we hear from area rug customers is that their new rug looks too small for the size of room they've placed it in.

    It's a common error! In general, most consumers purchase rugs that are too small for their rooms. Here are a couple of hints we think will help you select the proper size rug.

    • To cover a room area, leave 20 to 36 inches of bare floor around the rug to balance out the placement.
    • When using a rug under a table or in a seating area, add 4 feet to the width and length of your table or furniture footprint.
    • Carpet runners should be sized 4 to 5 inches narrower than the hallway or stairway.
  • Cool Off with a Desk Fan

    Fitzgerald Satin Nickel Desk Fan by Fanimation

    Despite the tip of the hat to a classic Deco-era author, this Fitzgerald desk fan looks like a prop from a futuristic movie set, just one of the reasons we're drawn to its ultra-cool looks. 

    The oscillating design comes from the Fanimation Fan Company and has a retro hip satin nickel finish.  

    Fanimation Fitzgerald Desk Fan
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  • Try an Umbrella LED Light for Your Next Cookout

    Umbrella LED Light PictureEnjoy perfectly lit family dinners in your backyard! Patio umbrellas shade you from the sun during the day. However, they do not traditionally have a practical function in the evening and their comforting, shielding shape goes unappreciated.

    Adding a light to the inside of a patio umbrella is a great idea but it requires that the attachable light can be battery operated to avoid dangling cords and dangerous exposed wiring.

    Umbrella LED Light PhotoLED bulbs are a perfect design solution to this limitation. They require minimal electric power and can run on standard AA batteries. LED bulbs do not radiate heat and can therefore safely be attached to a canvas or cloth umbrella.

    Grouped together in this Umbrella Patio Light from Westinghouse, LED bulbs can light up a table top so that your family can enjoy a well-lit meal. You may find other uses for the umbrella light, as well, it fits on any 1 1/3" to 1 2/3" wide pole.

    Post update: the umbrella light mentioned in this post is currently sold out. But you can browse our selection of  LED lighting designs for our newest products.

  • Giclee Pendant Chandeliers

    Vertigo White Giclee Six Light Pendant ChandelierCustom is in, as is color and contemporary. These giclee style pendant chandeliers capture those looks perfectly.

    The combination of the colorful drum shades and the brushed steel adjustable halogen lights makes a design splash in any setting. And the shades are our own pattern designs, and are custom-printed to-order.

    Check out all our new looks! Giclee style pendant chandeliers.

  • New Holtkoetter Lighting

    We've always loved the Holtkoetter brand for their sleek and sophisticated lighting designs.

    A marvel of German-made design and engineering, these are among the finest reading floor and desk lamps we've seen. Many feature Osram halogen bulbs that offer bright, clean lighting perfect for reading or task lighting.

    Holtkoetter Table Lamp

    We've added dozens of new Holtkoetter desk lamp and floor lamp designs in the last several weeks - take a look and let us know what you think!

     Holtkoetter lighting designs.

  • Lighting for the Aging Eye

    desktop task lighting

    Michael Berman, one of our manager/lighting experts, was interviewed by the St. Petersburg Times about lighting for elderly readers. In the article, Michael says that a good reading lamp should do three things:

    • Reduce peripheral shadow around the reading area to reduce eye fatigue.
    • Provide good illumination, but not too much.
    • Eliminate squinting.

    Michael always has great ideas on lighting and decor. You can read the full article here: St. Petersburg Times reading light article.

    Take a look at our full collection of task reading lights, including desk lamps and floor reading lamps.


  • Where Can I Use Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

    We get this question fairly often: in what lamps and fixtures can I use CFL bulbs? The answer is simple - any incandescent fixture or lamp that will accommodate a CFL bulb can be switched out.

    Most CFL bulbs fit into most sockets, the exception being some table lamps where the larger CFL bulbs won't fit under the shade harp.

    Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb PhotoOne thing to remember - if you have a table, floor lamp or light fixture with a dimmer feature we recommed a dimmable CFL bulb. This will prevent burning out the non-dimmable CFL bulb prematurely.

    So swap out those bulbs and start saving money!

  • Six Tips for Creating Layers of Light

    Layered Lighting Examples

    You often hear the directive "create layers of light" when researching how to design a home lighting scheme, but what does this actually mean?

    Here are six quick tips on how to achieve that much talked about multi-layered lighting effect. Good luck, it's not as hard as it sounds!

    1) Add separate controls and dimmer switches to your lighting so you can easily moderate the light intensity.

    2) Accent lighting, such as a ceiling fan with light, can both brighten and enliven your dining room table. 

    3) Brightening a room's edges will make the room appear instantly bigger and brighter. Recessed lights near the corners of the room, torchieres or sconces pointed towards the ceiling, and track lighting with wall washers all fill in those dark corners with light.

    4) Emphasize the furniture around the edges of a room with lighting. Low voltage undercabinet lights can be attached on the underside of bookshelves or buffets. Table lamps and slim pendant chandeliers can brighten surfaces.

    5) Highlight wall features such paintings, fireplace mantels or curtains with mini indoor spotlights. You'll be surprised how much more spacious a room will become if extra light is applied to decorative pieces.

    6) Don't forget about candelight and lovely candleholders which a great way to add a whole new "layer". It flickers and dances across the faces of your guests and loved ones in a flattering, cozy way.

  • Unaired LAMPS PLUS TV Commercial on YouTube

    From the vaults... this commercial was made several years ago by a young L.A. filmmaker, but never aired on television because we thought it a little too risque. We recently dusted it off and posted it on YouTube.