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  • Convert Your Recessed Lights Into LEDs

    LR6 LED 6This screw-in module converts most standard 6" recessed IC or non-IC housings into an LED light. It's a quick and simple installation and a great way to retrofit older recessed lighting. LED recessed light module.

    Product Update 4-17-08: This is actually a twist-and-lock base, not a screw-in as previously stated. It will still convert most standard recessed housings.

    See our recessed lighting page for more on LED lighting.


  • New Fun to Traditional Accents for the Bath

    Oops-A-Daisy Robe HookThe design of bathroom hardware has taken off over the last year. There are a number of playful, contemporary look collections available, such as the Oops-A-Daisy collection. If that's too mod for you, you can turn to a classic chrome metal design or choose a high-end traditional look. Then it's time to update the towels!

  • Schoolhouse Style Lighting

    Schoolhouse Step Ceiling LightSchoolhouse style lighting refers to a specific type of ceiling fixture that re-creates the look of lighting used in public buildings and schoolhouses in the early to mid-20th century. They most commonly refer to lighting with the distinctive "orb" glass.

    Designers have been re-discovering these of late, as their styling blends well with both period and contemporary decorating. They look great in kitchen spaces or anywhere you need a clean, streamlined look.

    Browse for other styles in our ceiling light collection.


  • New Area Rugs Brighten Children's Play Rooms

    Football Sports Field Area RugGirl Talk Area RugOne of the easiest ways to brighten and redecorate a child's room or play area is to add new floor covering. Doing so can instantly give a space a "theme", from sports to castles and princesses, and helps make the room seem fresh and re-decorated.

    The new area rug designs for kid's rooms come in fun looks and bright colors, and come in a wide range of price points.  

    Kid's style area rugs.

  • The Vibrant Look of Coral

    Coral Jute Area Rug at LampsPlus.comSunrise Coral Table LampThe visual look of coral offers a vibrant, organic form for your home decorating.

    We love the style on table lamps and table-top accessories, and it looks equally at home under-foot in the form of a bright area rug.

    Coral-themed home decor and lighting.


  • Lighting City Monuments with LEDs

    We've noticed an increased commercial interest in LED applications, for example, in exterior lighting. Cities all over the world are exploring new ways of lighting their monuments at night. LEDs offer a highly efficient, colorful new approach. All of the possible applications are still being explored. To see this trend in action, check out the photos from the links below:

    Lima, London, and Hong Kong

    Prospect Park; Brooklyn, New York

    Entel Tower; Santiago, Chile 

    Oklahoma State Capitol Dome  - project description 

    You can read more about the considerations and planning that goes into lighting our Washington D.C. monuments here.


  • You Say it's Your Birthday...

    Thomas Alva Edison was born today, February 11th, in 1847.  The electrical systems that we have today are based on the same functionality that Edison patented and explored throughout his career so it is a special day for those of us in the lighting field. I wonder what he would make of our modern world with all of its gadgets and technical advances...

  • Celebrate the New Year with a Red Silk Shade

    Bickett Tobin LampBrowsing through the site today I came upon this Bickett Tobin red mini blossom table lamp. The hand-sewn silk shade reminds me of the colorful lanterns used to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

    The red color of the lanterns is believed to lucky. Who doesn't need more luck in the coming year?

  • Add Style Sizzle with Oscar de la Renta Table Lamps

    Oscar de la Renta Imperial Dragon Porcelain Table LampOscar de la Renta Golden Bronze Porcelain Table LampHaute couture fashion icon Oscar de la Renta has added a line of elegant table lamp designs to his fashion empire.

    The sophisticated looks have a luxurious and urbane sensibility, and are the perfect accents for adding a little style sizzle to your home decorating.

     Oscar de la Renta table lamps.

    UPDATE 10-1-08: We apologize, but Oscar de la Renta lighting designs are no longer available at this time. We invite you to browse our designer lighting page to find other name brand designs.


  • An Easy Accent for Your Kitchen

    A Kitchen Pot Rack Chandelier
    Act like a gourmet chef by adding a pot rack chandelier. These specialty chandeliers add handy storage space, plus are a great option for keeping cooking pots close at hand. With their built-in lighting, they're also a great solution for smaller kitchens.

February, 2008