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  • Shine a Light with Dark Sky Lighting

    Atlantis Titanium Dark Sky Outdoor Wall LightDark Sky lighting regulations have become more commonplace in various municipalities over the last few years. 

    Lighting that conforms to Dark Sky design specs aims to stop the adverse effects of outdoor lighting pollution, including energy waste and the harm that lighting can cause to nocturnal wildlife and ecosystems. Often it's as simple as designing the fixture such that the light is directed down at the ground instead of up into the night sky. 

    You can browse our Dark Sky lighting sort for product ideas. 

    For more information you can read our Dark Sky article or visit the International Dark Sky Association site.

  • Guest Blogger Babette Holland - Trade Shows and the Godfather

    Babette Holland Table Lamp PictureIt's true that everything I know I've learned from "The Godfather" ( I and II- not too much from III) and since I'm going to Las Vegas for the first time (to a tradeshow) it actually ties in to our product.  First, I have to tell you that we're staying at The Flamingo.  Where else could we stay?  It was Bugsy's place (aka Moe Green- and there's not even a plaque to him out there).
    It's a new show for us, as we're always going to "The Mattresses" because we're American manufacturers, and that in itself can be very tricky, but we're lucky that no one have been able to duplicate the complicated handspun shapes and even more special hand- tinted finishes (or they'd be swimming with the fishes). More tomorrow!

  • Greenpix Media Wall - World's Largest LED Display

    Greenpix Media Wall

    We spotted this eye-popping LED installation for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing in an Inhabitat blog post.

    It's the world's largest color LED installation. Writer Antonia Halse notes that "The media wall has been embedded with intelligent software, allowing the skin of the building to respond to internal and external data, creating a unique, ‘responsive environment for entertainment and public engagement’."

    Maybe not ideal for the bedroom, but we love it anyway!

    Photo thanks to inhabitat.  


  • Candice Olson Table and Floor Lamps

    Candice Olson Table Lamp PhotoToronto-based designer and TV design star Candice Olson has launched her own line of branded lighting, and the looks are spectacular.

    We especially love the style of her Anniston table lamp (pictured) with its beautiful hand-printed shade.  

    Sleek and sophisticated, these table and floor lamps will help add a big dash style to your home decor.

  • In the News - Floor Lamp Tips


    Floor Lamps


    Doug Beach, manager of our Fresno store, offered a number of internesting floor lamp tips in an interview that ran last week in the Home and Garden section of the Star-Telegram.

    From the article..."Chances are that if you own an older home, your living room has never had a ceiling-light fixture. What to do? Floor lamps are one alternative. Not only do they offer lighting in a room that might not have any, they also bring a decorative touch."

  • Babette's First Post

    When LAMPS PLUS asked me to be their FIRST guest blogger, I immediately looked up the spelling of the word "blogger" - two "g's" or one, I wondered. Having successfully obtained that knowledge, on to the task at hand.

    What to blog about? Politics and religion were out- besides, the news pretty much has that covered 24 hours with the Presidential race. I'm an average cook at best, so no recipes, and although it's the perfect place to try out my new stand-up routine, how would you really know if I'm standing up?

    We're very proud of the products we make in Brooklyn NY. It's a family business, started by my husband Tony Brown and myself seventeen years ago, and whatever rescued dogs are still with us at the time, are the President and Vice President. Currently, there's Hank and Ruby. I know, on the website it still says Bella and Nanoo- I just can't take their names off, I still miss them and they've been gone for years. Tomorrow - on to lighting!

  • Mini-Chandeliers Bring Maxi Style

    Mini-Chandelier PictureThe hot trend of the moment? Mini-chandeliers!

    The look makes a great accent for smaller seating areas or dining rooms or anywhere you need to make a big style statement.

    Designers are also using them to create extra sparkle over bedroom nightstands. Used in this way the they eliminate the need for a bedside lamp and create a more open and airy look.

     The traditional style mini-chandelier with crystal accents is a popular trend, as are contemporary mini-chandeliers. We like the hand-painted pieces for a little extra "wow".


  • Introducing LAMPS PLUS Guest Blogger - Babette Holland

    Babette HollandTable Lamp PictureWe thought it would be fun to allow some new voices onto the LAMPS PLUS blog, namely the designers, artists and movers-and-shakers behind the great lighting you see on our site. 

    To introduce this new feature, who better than designer Babette Holland from beautiful downtown Brooklyn?

    Babette Holland Design is a husband-wife partnership in design and manufacturing between Tony Brown and Babette Holland. The pair have been in business for eleven years and are known for their wonderful handspun aluminum table lamps and mirrors (no longer available).

    Check out the Babette Holland Kiss Table Lamp (no longer available) as an example of their work.

     Babette's always a blast to be around and we're curious to see what she writes about. Keep checking back in the coming days for her posts. Welcome, Babette!

    Post Update: here's a quick link to Babette's first post for us: Babette's First Post.

  • More on the Glowing Green Theme

    Take a closer look at this glass table lamp that was featured in Ty Pennington's "At Home" magazine. They switched to a white lamp shade for the photo shoot, which gives it a more formal feel.

    The coolest feature of this $35 table lamp has to be the nightlight. It's just a fun way to add color to a room, although if you're looking for even more supernatural excitement, check out the Shrek lamp down below.

    Post update: the green table lamp mentioned in this post is sold out, but we have loads more green table lamps to choose from. 

  • Do-It-Yourself Kathy Ireland Lamp Shades

    Kathy Ireland Lamp Shades PictureUnleash your creative side on these craft lamp shades from the Kathy Ireland lighting collection.

    The plain white paper shades come in sets of 8 or in sets of 4 can be decorated with ribbon, cut-out pictures, sparkles and more. They're perfect for DIY types and anyone who wants a custom decorating look.

    We'll be posting more about these shades when we add new decorative kits and accessories in the coming weeks.

    If you customize one of these shades make sure you leave us a comment and a picture. We'd love to see what you come up with!

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