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  • A Red Mini with Big Style

    Sovereign Red Mini Modern Accent LampIn the new bin we came across this red mini accent table lamp that we fell in love with. It has a right-in-style tall cone shade and a flashy red ceramic base.

    These would look great in a bedroom or on a buffet table. And their mini size makes them ideal for smaller rooms or apartments. Get 'em while they're hot!

    You can shop on this item with a coupon; click to view our current offers: coupons and promo codes.

    Post Update: the red mini lamp pictured here is sold out. Not to worry, browse our collection of table lamps to see our newest designs. 

  • LEDs on Interstate 35

    I-35 Bridge with LED Lights

    LEDs have been used to illuminate the reconstructed Interstate-35W bridge in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

    This is the first interstate highway to be lit using LED lighting.

    From an article about the project in the Star Tribune newspaper article: "Lighting still accounts for as much as 20 percent of electricity used around the world, so improving lighting technology by even a little bit can lead to great savings in energy and reductions in greenhouse gases."

    And the costs?

    The article goes on to note that,  "For large projects like these, the long-run savings in energy and maintenance, as well as the environmental concerns, generally outweigh the short-run costs."

    It looks very cool. I can't wait to see it in person! Read the entire article on the website: LED Lighting: A Bright Idea.

    Photo thanks to Wikipedia.

  • Vertigo in South Beach

    The Tides Hotel in South Beach

    Writer Kelley Stratton at praises the work of designer Kelly Wearstler at the Tides Hotel in South Beach. Many of you may know Wearstler as a judge on
    Bravo’s Top Design TV show.

    She's also a top designer, and for the chic hotel lobby she made a unique design statement by using the Vertigo chandelier, which you can find at

    If you don't have a hotel-sized lobby in your home don't worry; the Vertigo comes in three sizes, including a relatively pint-sized 18 inch high version.

    From the article: "The fascinating thing about this project is the fact that the color palette is completely neutral and the details so simple that at first you skim over them.But at second glance you notice so much depth, texture and materials, you wonder how it can possibly all work together."

    Read the entire piece here: Get the look: The Tides Hotel by Kelly Wearstler

    And make sure you browse our site to find more chandelier designs to love.

    Hotel lobby photo thanks to the Tides Hotel.

  • Pure Country Weavers

    Decorative Pillow with a Green Bird

    Everyone loves an accent pillow! These beautifully colorful designs come from the North Carolina workshops of Pure Country Weavers.

    All of the company's product is woven on a jacquard loom for an heirloom quality finished product.

    The loomed warp and weft threadwork achieves a stunning range of colors that makes these accent pieces as vibrant as any oil painting.

    Pictured on the left is the Umber Gold Tree of Life Accent Pillow; on the right is the Red and Yellow Tulip pillow. Or view all the Pure Country Weavers accent pillows.

    Post Update: the collection mentioned above is no longer available, but we have a wide range of new decorative pillows (like the one seen above) for you to choose from.

  • Ultra-Adjustable Holtkoetter Task Lighting

    Dual Brass Bernie Turbo Halogen Tilt Holtkoetter Desk Lamp

    New to Lamps Plus ... another superbly-engineered lamp design from Holtkoetter.

    The Bedside Reading collection features a special adjustable lens that allows you to intensify the halogen light to a smaller point, or widen the spread for more diffuse illumination.

    The collection includes small and large desk lamps, plus a gorgeous floor lamp.

    All of them feature full-range dimmers and a gooseneck.

    See the whole Bedside Reading Collection here.

    Don't miss our other world-class task lighting and floor lamps from the Holtkoetter lighting collection

  • Questions With: Minka-Lavery

    Lineage Collection Three Tiered Chandelier

    One of the most respected names in the lighting industry, Minka-Lavery is part of the Minka Group of companies (which also includes Minka Aire ceiling fans).

    The Minka-Lavery lighting collection centers on ceiling lighting and wall lights featuring strong, elegant designs.

    We spoke with company rep Tim Titus about the company's line and some of their new designs.

    Minka Aston Court Chandelier

    Q: Minka-Lavery product is known for its exciting finishes and details. Describe some of the workmanship that Minka-Lavery offers. 

    A: At Minka Lavery, we've long taken a leadership role in exploring multi-step finish accents.

    For example, we are very proud of our hand-applied finish process.

    The process accentuates a base color with subtle highlights and accents. We then customize unique glass treatments for each and every fixture to complete the look.

    Raiden Collection Chandelier by Minka in a Dining Room

    Q: What’s a hot look for you right now in home lighting?

    A: We are finding that design styles are trending towards clean, transitional lines.

    This is accomplished with sophisticated, delicate lines accentuated by graceful transitions and soft silhouettes.

    While dark finishes dominate our offerings, we see a trend towards lighter, more subtle styles.

    Minka Knotted Iron Wall Sconce

    Q: Which of your new designs do you think captures this look?

    A: The trend toward graceful lines and clean profiles can be seen in pieces from the Knotted Iron collection.  

    The Aston Court ceiling light designs are a good example of the lighter, more graceful styles customers are looking for.

    Q: What’s next for the Minka Lavery lighting collection? 

    A: At Minka Lavery, we continue to challenge our design team to be imaginative and creative.

    We are dedicated to listening to our customer's wishes for cutting edge design with unique and artful finishes that compliment today's homes.

    Look for more innovative transitional designs, as well as energy efficient looks from us in the near future!


    Thanks, Tim!

    You can view more trendsetting designs by browsing our collection of Minka Lavery lighting.


  • Premium Tropical Florals from Kathy Ireland

    Florals at LAMPS PLUSNothing breathes life into a space like greenery!

    The Kathy Ireland Home Collection now includes a range of gorgeous potted floral arrangements including stunning species like amaryllis, callas, colorful orchids, Phoenix palms and more.

    Hand-crafted with premium materials, these high-quality faux florals will enhance your home for years to come.

    See the all the floral arrangements we carry to find a bit of green for your home. 

  • Interactive LED Wall in Montreal

    In addition to being long-lasting and energy efficient, LEDs can clearly be considered cool.

    Check out this incredible interactive installation illuminating a sidewalk in Montreal.

    We offer a large selection of progressive products with energy-sipping LED technology.

    Learn more about our LED products here.

    For more LEDs in action, don't miss John's recent post about the new LED bridge on I-35 in Minneapolis.

  • Tips for Saving Money on a Home Remodel

    A Remodeled Bathroom

    Reader's Digest recently posted 10 tips for saving money on your home remodel.

    In addition to good advice like installing energy efficient features and planning ahead for future upgrades, we like tip #10:

    10. Order over the Internet
    Can't find a nice-looking low-voltage light fixture at a nearby home center? The Internet puts a wide selection of products at your fingertips. Even better, it gives you access to hard-to-find specialty items at competitive prices. Often you can save 40 to 50 percent over the list price.

    We couldn't agree more! offers unmatched quality and value and a huge selection.

    Plus, visit our Open Box Outlet site for extra deep discounts.

    Read the rest of the tips from Reader's Digest, and then head over to for one-of-a-kind deals.

  • Sconces for Home Theaters

    Home Theater Track Style Lighting

    Lighting a room for home theater use can be challenging since you want some light but indirectly so it won't interfere with the light of the screen.

    Sconces are a great solution.

    You can either use low wattage bulbs or, even better, install a dimmer switch.

    You'll be able to move around the room and avoid straining your eyes.

    View more options by browsing our collection of home theater sconces.

    If sconces don't work for your home entertainment space then try our broader assortment of home theater lighting for ideas.

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