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  • Spotted on Hello Ross!

    A Bathroom Vanity with a Wall Mirror and Sconce Lighting

    TV personality and E! Channel fixture Ross Matthews posted some great photos of his newly decorated home.  And to replace many of the "horrid" fixtures he inherited with the house, Ross turned to Lamps Plus.

    Excellent choice, Ross! Redecorating a home to make it your own is lots of fun, and we're glad we could help.

    See the pictures at the Hello Ross blog.

    Here are a few of the lamps and fixtures I see:

    -Lighting on the Square Wall Sconce
    -Organic Rattan Ceiling Light
    -Three Light Brushed Steel Arc Lamp
    -Autumn Branch Square Tower Accent Lamp 

    Post Update: Ross' blog is no longer online, and some of the designs mentioned above are no longer in stock :/

    Take a peek at our complete lamp collection to see what's new.

    And to view our latest take on style, check out our Shop By Trend pages, or visit the Lamps Plus Instagram pages


  • An Encore Ceiling Fan

    Encore Possini Euro Brushed Nickel Hugger Ceiling Fan

    The Encore collection of ceiling fans from Possini Euro Design has been one of our most popular sellers.

    As an encore (heh), they've added a sleek and contemporary new design, the Possini Euro Design 44" Encore™ Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan.

    Casa Vieja 44" Encore™ Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

    Possini Euro design is one of many quality ceiling fan brands you’ll find at Lamps Plus.

    In fact, we have one of the largest ceiling fans collections you’ll find anywhere! 

  • Sustainability with Varaluz Lighting

    Varaluz Aizen Collection 28" Wide Chandelier

    The Varaluz Lighting fixtures collection is from a relatively new company with a forward-thinking design philosophy.  Their product features sustainable, recycled materials and innovative contemporary looks.

    Susanna recently questioned company President Ron Henderson about the Varaluz designs. Ron's answers are insightful and often very funny. Learn why "More than a few of our fixtures started life on a cocktail napkin..." and other juicy tidbits!

    Read the entire interview in our new Advice and Tips section: Questions With: Varaluz Lighting.


  • Lamp Set and Match

    Lamp sets are decorating made easy! Sets include two or more lamps, and you can use them to create a coordinated look on a buffet, on bedside tables and more.

    We also offer more complete sets that come with two or three table lamps and a matching floor lamp.

    This is a really fast and simple way to update your room decor. The lamps all coordinate - match on another, so it's hard to go wrong! 

    Post Update 6-22-14: For more table lamp tips, check out our new YouTube video on decorating with lamps.


  • LAMPS PLUS Voted Best in Orange County

    Thank you Orange County!

    The O.C. Register has announced the results of its 16th annual "The Best of Orange County" people's choice awards. The Brea Lamps Plus store, the Laguna Hills Lamps Plus store, and the Lamps Plus in Orange, were voted the Best Lighting/Lamp/Fan Stores.

    According to a customer from Mission Viejo, excellent customer service is why he voted for Lamps Plus :

    "I like the time they spent with me when I went in to look for a replacement bulb from one I'd broken on a chandelier. They searched and searched to find the one I wanted." - James M.

    Congratulations to our Orange County stores!

  • Feng Shui, Lighting and Design in the Garden

    Landscape Path Lights in a Garden

    With the days getting longer and spring just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about your home garden.  

    With that in mind, we spoke with Lamps Plus friend Shelley Sparks about garden design and outdoor lighting.

    Shelley has been a licensed Landscape Architect for more than 25 years. She is also a Feng Shui design expert, teacher and author of the forthcoming book “Secrets of the Land”.

    Q: When thinking about home gardens and outdoor patio spaces, what are a couple of basic Feng Shui design ideas to keep in mind?

    A: Feng Shui design can help improve your life in many ways.  What happens on your property can affect your life.  The garden can help to balance difficulties or deficits of the Feng Shui in the home. 

    A few basic ideas to keep in mind are that if your home isn't a perfect rectangle or square, using landscape lights or plants in the cut out areas of the house can help fill in the missing potential for good luck.  Also, areas of your property that are too dark can lead to energy stagnating in a particular aspect of your life. 

    A Row of Tall Landscape Lights

    Q: How can outdoor or landscape lighting help reinforce these design ideas?

    A: Lighting is one of the remedies that Feng Shui experts use to remedy problems with the house and the property.  It can move the energy on a property that is stagnate and can promote important areas of your life that you would like to highlighted. 

    Q: What do you feel is the biggest mistake people make when lighting outdoors?

    A: The biggest mistake I see when people are lighting the outdoors is not using professional designers.  That sounds like a commercial but many non professionals either over light or under light a property. 

    When I design lighting I like to use a combination of up lighting plants and down lighting to meet the needs of my clients. Even after the design is done, a professional will evaluate the result because sometimes there is more or less ambient light in the neighborhood and more or fewer light will need to be used. 

    A Patio Garden Area with Landscape Lights

    Q: How has garden design and outdoor lighting changed since you began practicing? 

    A: Outdoor lighting has become so much more sophisticated than when I first began practicing Landscape Architecture.  The fixtures have become sturdier and there are so many more beautiful fixtures to choose from. 

    Q: Do you see any notable trends for this year?

    A: The biggest trends for this year and the future is further development of energy efficient outdoor lighting.  There are many new introductions to the lighting field and it will benefit the consumer. 


    Thanks, Shelley! 

    For more tips, check our our article on Landscape Lighting Types, or watch our YouTube video below on the new line of Super Duty landscape lights.


  • Handy DIY Tip for Faulty Light Sockets

    A Table Lamp Bulb Socket

    Lifehacker found a great tip at that may explain why some sockets burn through bulbs faster than others.

    Sometimes, over the years, the brass tab at the bottom of a light socket gets flattened.

    If so, it won't make solid contact with the light bulb.

    If you have a fixture that burns out bulbs much quicker than normal, check the tab.

    It's an easy fix ... see this Lifehacker post for detailed instructions.

    For all your light fixtures, stock up on bulbs at great prices -- see all light bulbs.

    And right now, all Tesler brand light bulbs (with the exception of LED bulbs) are 50% off.

    Just enter the code "TESLER" at checkout.

    And don't forget our broken bulb remover if things get messy!

  • New Looks in Chandelier Shades

    Clip On Shades on a Chandelier

    Give a chandelier a new look for spring with one of our clip-on chandelier shades.

    These are a great way to add fresh style for very little money, and we have many new designs for you to choose from.

    For more about lamp shade, check out our quick YouTube video (below) on how to measure for a new lamp shade or read our tips article.

  • Some Fun Tweets from our Design Your Own Sweepstakes

    The Lamps Plus Design Your Own Tool

    We're running a sweepstakes to promote our new Design Your Own Custom Lighting tool. You can get extra entries by tweeting a "I heart @lampsplus..." phrase for us.

    We thought we'd share a few of the fun tweets from the first days of the sweepstakes:

    "I heart @lampsplus & #designyourown lamps because I can add my own sense of style to my home decor. It's fun too!"

    "I heart @lampsplus & #designyourown  lamps because they have everything in lighting to make a girl feel beautiful."

    "I heart @lampsplus & #designyourown lamps because you can't beat the PLUS side of lampsplus!"

    Get in the action yourself! Enter the sweepstakes here or visit us on Twitter.

    Post Update: 8-1-10: Sorry, but this sweepstakes is closed. Check us out on Twitter or visit the Lamps Plus Facebook page to get in on our latest sweepstakes and promotions!

  • Contemporary in Indy

    Clean, contemporary style works no matter where you live. Check out this photo gallery from the Indianapolis Star about a minimalist home.

    We particular like the contemporary bar stools and the modern lighting.

    Post Update 3-22-12: We're sorry, but the photos of this home are no longer available, and the photo gallery has been removed from the newspaper website.

    We invite you to browse the latest decorating styles on our new Shop By Trend page, or use our Shop By Room section to find lighting and decor for every room in your home.


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