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  • Feng Shui Garden Fountain Tips

    Find Asian Garden Fountains and Water Fountains at LAMPS PLUS

    LAMPS PLUS friend and Feng Shui expert Shelley Sparks gave us the following tips for using water and outdoor fountains in your garden. Shelley, a licensed Landscape Architect for more than 25 years, began by talking about the importance of water in the garden:

    "Using water in the garden is an important Feng Shui principle.  Water is traditionally is thought of as the blood of the earth and deeply rooted in the philosophy of balancing an environment.  Because of its associations, water can offer harmony, balance, and prosperity to your property and life. 

    Before you adopt a water feature or fountain be sure you are willing to maintain and care for it.  It does require cleaning and replacement of water as it evaporates. 

    Choose a water feature that reflects your taste or the architecture of your home so that it really fits with you. 

    If you want to increase the benefits of the fountain, add a light that shines on the water. 

    One of the best locations for a water feature is near your front entry where it can welcome all of the best luck into your house.  Be sure the water pours toward the front door to invite the good luck in."

    Good ideas! Have a question for Shelley? Leave a comment and we will get an answer for you!

  • Pendant Lights for a Kitchen Bath Makeover

    The new Better Homes and Gardens "Kitchen + Bath Makeovers" magazine features several of our mini pendant designs in their story "A Shade Brighter". 

    They labeled the pendants as their "fave" look, saying, "'s sure to add style to a kitchen or bath."

    I think they are perfect for use over a kitchen counter or island. Their bright patterns and colors also make them ideal in the bath over a sink or counter area. 

    You can find them in our art shade pendant lights sort. The individual designs pictured are the Stacy Garcia Lemongrass Stripe Pendant, the Stacy Garcia Fancy Fern Peacock Pendant, and the Orange Balls Pendant Light.

    Photo thanks to Better Homes and Gardens.

  • Groovy Black and Blue Lava Lamps

    Black Wax Groovy Motion Lamp          Blue and Clear Silver Base Lava Lamp

    Customer "quitta" recently left a comment about their order that made us smile:

    "The kids are fascinated by the blue and black groovy lamps that I purchased a few months ago. They are great to have in your home!"

    Well, who wouldn't be mesmerized! The original lava lamp has been turning heads since it was invented in 1963.

    Variations include the motion lamp and the dazzling glitter lava lamp. There are a rainbow of color combinations available, from classic brushed steel lava lamps to more modern black lava lamps.

    The lavalicious lava lamp numbers mentioned by the customer are the Blue and Silver Lava Lamp and the Black Wax Grovvy Motion Lamp. Browse our collection of lava lamps to find a little fascination of your own!  

  • Remodeling a Sears Catalog House in Indiana

    The Sears company sold tens of thousands of kit homes from the early 1900s to 1940. You'd order it by mail from their catalog, have the raw pieces delivered to you by train, then build it!

    As detailed in the Indianapolis Star, a couple in Noblesville, Indiana, recently completed a remodel on just such a kit house with beautiful results.

    Check out this article and note the Victorian style wall sconces and antique style chandelier.

    Photo thanks to the Indianapolis Star.


  • Kathy Ireland Home Sponsors Car #43 at Indianapolis 500

    Kathy Ireland Home sponsors #43 car at Sunday's Indy 500

    "Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!" Kathy Ireland Home is now a proud sponsor of the #43 car driven by John Andretti in time for Sunday's Indy 500.

    John is part of the famous Andretti racing family that includes uncle Mario, cousin Michael, and godfather A.J. Foyt. The team is a joint venture of legend Richard Petty and Window World, and the car sports the unmistakable Petty blue and red.

    Tune in Sunday for the big event -- 1pm EST on ABC.

  • Ask the Expert: Decorating a Home Office - Bedroom

    Desk Office Lamp Lighting at LAMPS PLUS

    Sarah M. from San Diego came to us with a question about decorating a small bedroom that also has to function as a home office. We asked Lynda Gould, our in-house design expert, to offer some ideas.

    Question: My home is on the smallish side. So I''ve decided to put a desk in the bedroom and use the room as both home office and bedroom. What suggestions do you have that will help with the look and space?

    Lynda's Answer: "A neutral color palette with use of textures verses prints and good lighting will help the room to appear bigger. The overall look of continuity, rather then breaking up the space with color and patterns, will give the illusion of more space.

    The use of swing arm wall lamps over a night stand will allow for adjustable lighting as well as free up the furniture surfaces to accommodate other items.

    On the desk itself, you can use another swing arm light or go with a desk lamp that has a small footprint.

    Finally, try using a padded storage ottoman at the foot of the bed. This can hold office items and also serve as extra seating."

    Thanks, Lynda!  Have a question of your own or a comment on Lynda's answer? Leave a comment to this post and we'll get on it!


  • DYO Lighting Matches My Dream Car

    After posting about our friend Andy custom matching a lamp to Steve Vai's new Ibanez guitar, I was inspired to flex my creative muscles. So, I have a thing for exotic (and completely unattainable) German sports cars. Just because this one will never be in my garage doesn't mean I can't create a lamp to match it!

    I snagged the beautiful orange color from the Porsche GT3 and slapped it on our contemporary Droplet Table Lamp.

    What inspires you? Read last week's post to learn how to match colors on our Design Your Own custom lighting tool. Get creative and share your designs on our Facebook page!

    POST UPDATE: We now have additional options available for giclee custom lighting!

  • Candice Olson Adds World Traveller Elegance to a Bedroom

    Candice Olson Bedroom Lighting Photo

    Designer Candice Olson creates a divine design bedroom space for a couple of world travelling newlyweds. As usual, the result is sophisticated and elegant.

    I particularly like the use of crystal in the space to add sparkle. The wooden mantel is accented with crystal sconces, while a vintage looking (but new) crystal chandelier shines above.

    The chandelier is, writes Candice, " a style in keeping with the vintage flavor of the house, but in polished chrome to add modern flair."

    A Candice Olson table lamp and carefully placed recessed lights complete the look. 

    Read all about it in this Seattle Times feature.

    Photo thanks to the Seattle Times.

    Post Update 12-7-11: For more designer talk, check out our exclusive series of designer interviews.


  • 5 Ideas for Spring Cleaning

    Contemporary Style at LAMPS PLUS

    It's spring and the house looks shabby. Or at least mine does. Never fear, you can refresh, renew and get rid of the old with these spring cleaning ideas.

    Add a new (1) sofa pillow to beds or chairs for a fresh look. Simple!

    Get fresh and Green with (2) energy efficient lighting. Your wallet will thank you later.

    Change the look of your entire room with a new (3) hand-tufted area rug;  I like these contemporary rug looks. Or do a quick style update with an (4) art vase or a (5) swing arm wall light (perfect for the bedroom). Let us know what inspires you!


  • Behind the Scenes in the Photo Studio

    I thought I'd share with you some of what goes on behind the scenes in the LAMPS PLUS photo studio.

    Our team of photographers shoot dozens of new lighting decor products each day, from home accessories to table lamps and ceiling lights. Pictured above is a contemporary ceiling fan getting ready for its close-up.

    Each product may take several hours or more to prep, light and shoot just right. It looks so simple when it's on your computer screen, but there's actually a lot of work that goes behind the scenes! 


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