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Get Green - Add Organic Style!

As the trend towards "green" grows, decorators are getting more inspiration from the beauty of nature. Organic design captures the colors, curves, and textures of the great outdoors. Here are ten ways to bring a bit of nature's beauty into your home.

Our Top 10 Organic Style Tips

1) Natural fiber rugs – Rugs of all styles are being made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as jute, sisal, and bamboo. Make your floor fabulous with an earthy and eco-friendly rug.

 2) "Tree" lamps – Many table and floor lamp designs adopt a "tree trunk" base. These natural curves are casual and appealing, and you don't need a rustic or lodge theme. They're a great fit for contemporary, chic, eclectic, even Mission style decors. 

3) Floral PatternsBedding, pillows, throws, and more are decorated with pretty floral patterns. These items are a quick and easy way to infuse fresh style into your decor without breaking the bank. If you're in the market for furniture, forget your grandma's pink, flowery couch! Today's floral patterns are calming, classy, and understated.

 4) Vine & Leaf – The vine and leaf motif works for a variety of fixtures, from chandeliers to table lamps to accent uplights. Like a fine wine, the look is peaceful, sophisticated, and can be quite complex.

5) Water featuresFountains and water features are a great way to add a fresh accent to a room. Flowing water creates a sense of calm and may even offer healthful benefits. We have lots of styles to choose from for both indoors and outdoors.

 6) Animal Prints – Zebra stripes, cowhide, and mock-crocodile create intriguing furniture, rugs, and decorative objects while adding undeniable pizzazz to a room. Use animal prints as a playful accent to add life and pop to any setting. We love this zebra throw pillow.

8) Decorative Objects – Accessories and art objects are quick, easy additions that can help reinforce a theme. Choices are endless, so pick some that make you smile.

 7) Silk florals – Silk florals come in countless designs to fit your taste. New materials look incredibly life-like ... without the maintenance. Adds texture and vibrance to any room.

9) Candles and Candle Holders – A flickering flame is wild and alive. Candles are an easy way to add sensual appeal to your decor. Candle holders with an organic design complement the theme.

 10) Natural materials – Find items that showcase the natural materials they're made from. For example, table lamps with a marble or rock crystal base are stylish and earthy. Reclaimed wood is being used to make wonderful accent pieces. Even good old fashioned ceramics are straight from mother nature.

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