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  • Creating an Industrial Chic Kitchen

    Unfortunately not all of us can live in a cool, open, downtown loft with exposed brick and ceilings that exude the urban vibe. Fortunately you all have me, and this blog to learn how to incorporate industrial chic elements in your kitchen to get the same feel.

    Here are a few Hip Van images help to illustrate the fundamentals of creating an industrial chic kitchen.

    Kitchen with Industrial Pendant Lights

    This gorgeous kitchen is industrial chic for so many reasons, but I especially love the floor tile. The mixed color floor tiles, exposed brick walls an stainless steel cabinetry shape this into an urban space anyone would be thrilled to cook in.

     Cool  Industrial Chic Kitchen

    Mixed metals and exposed elements define this kitchen. From the apparent piping to open shelving, this kitchen says downtown in the best way. Mixing iron and steel elements with copper pendant lights brings a hard edge to the space, but blends so wonderfully.

      Industrial Chic Kitchen with Cool Pendant Lights

    If you don't want to go full industrial take a look at this beautiful kitchen. Modern cabinets and super glam backsplash create a clean, contemporary space. However, the addition of the blackened steel piping and the draped cage pendants add just the right amount of industrial edge.

     Industrial Pendant Light in the Kitchen

    One wall kitchens are a popular layout for an industrial space since usually you're working with a larger open area that is designated into areas based on function.

    While the concept is classic, using beveled subway tiles, matte black paint for the cabinets, and exposed bulbs for accent lighting creates a new take on a modern kitchen that translates into the industrial space seamlessly.

    Want more industrial ideas?  Check out the Lamps Plus Shop by Trend

    Image Source: Hip Van

  • Spring Mantel Decorating with Wall Mirrors – Get the Look

     Mantel Decorating Idea

    Like a fish, I’m attracted to shiny things …

    I guess that’s why I love mirrors in all shapes and sizes. I’m a self-professed mirror hoarder and my collection includes old and new, gilded and rustic, round and square and everything in between.

    The wall mirror above on my spring mantel is an antique architectural element turned mirror that I have hung on just about every wall in my house but somehow it keeps making it’s way back to my mantel.

    Spring is the perfect time to refresh our homes and since the mantel is a focal point in any room, it’s the perfect place to add a show stopping wall mirror that reflects light and brightens a space.

     Mirror Decorating Idea

    The color of this huge round wall mirror complements the stone fireplace surround while a trio of mini ficus trees adds a touch of spring color.

     Round Wooden Mirror

    Thatcher Mirror 

    Get the look with this huge round mirror with an interesting floral design.

     Etched Mirrors on a Mantel

    This trio of vintage etched mirrors is the perfect backdrop for colorful green glass.

     Etched Mirror

    Vendellin Etched Mirror

    I love this modern take on a classic etched wall mirror for achieving a similar look.

     Wood Mirror and Flowers on Mantel

    Rustic wood pops against this mostly white mantel with a punch of spring color from artfully arranged flowers.

    Oval Wood Mirror  

    Riley Mirror

    The multicolored stained panels add interest and character to this oval mirror with help get the look.

     White Mirror on Mantel

    The fun shape of this white mirror let’s the coral accent color shine.

     White Mirror

     Lawson Mirror

    Adding a white wall mirror will help you achieve a similar look.

    With so many styles, shapes and sizes of wall mirrors from which to choose, let your mantel reflect your personal style for spring.

    Mantel inspiration images from:

    Eclectically Vintage

    The Lilypad Cottage

    Chateau Chic

    The Inspired Room

    Censational Girl

  • LED Ceiling Lights for Small Spaces

    Close-to-ceiling lighting solutions are so much more than a simple frosted bowl or canned lights. Let’s look at the options.

     Living Room with LED Lighting
    Close-to-ceiling LED light fixtures are more than just a frosted dome.

    The Possini Euro Bella round crystal ceiling light has a chrome finish canopy that creates a pop of visual interest to any room.

    Small space design stress can inspire everything from double-function furniture to savvy storage solutions to smart LED lighting ideas.

    You don’t have to sacrifice your style when you are shopping small. You just have to strategize a bit more. Just remember this mantra: Style can come in any size.

    Even if you don’t have a lot of headroom in your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedroom and you want to update your home with the latest in money saving LED ceiling lighting, you have a spectrum of options awaiting you.

    And if you are thinking about changing out lightbulbs for LED lightbulbs, you can use this as an opportunity to add a bit of wow to your home while you’re hugging the planet with a new LED lighting fixture.

     bronze led ceiling light
    Close to ceiling LED light fixtures can be on-trend.

    This George Kovacs Loupe bronze LED ceiling light can work inside the now trendy nautical look. The fixture is dimmable and the light output is comparable to a 60 watt incandescent bulb.

    So let’s say goodbye to the oh-too-common frosted bowl light fixture, and say hello to the ‘more-options-than-you-might-imagine’ when it comes to flush-mount LED lighting choices.

    Smoke Glass Shade LED Ceiling Light
    There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a frosted dome light, but there are options to that lighting statement.


    The Tech Lighting Manette smoke LED ceiling light has a smoke glass shade that could be perfect over a dining table or kitchen island, shining the light directly on the surface below, and providing the subtly smokey shine for the rest of the room/>

    There are a few features of a close-to-ceiling LED light fixture that can help narrow down your choices. First, there’s the benefit of a rounded dome-shape light in a small space. The roundness and few interruptions from the fixture’s features produce fewer shadows and dark areas in the room, which is kind of a big deal in a small space. The more light and reflective surfaces, the larger and airier a room can appear.

    Lovers of pendants might be frustrated by a low ceiling or a small space, but there is a palatable option. Semi-flush mount or pendant-like ceiling-mount fixtures bridge that gap for those of us who like a fixture to be less than pressed to the ceiling and give ‘presence’ in a space. These fixtures extend from the ceiling, but without any visible wires or chains like true pendants.

     Semi-Flush LED Ceiling Light

     If you like the rhythm and texture of pendants in the kitchen, but don’t have the space, a semi-flush LED ceiling light like this brushed nickel option might be perfect. Each of the 75 metal rods has a single LED light.

    If you are shopping for a show-stopper light fixture that shows off your design aesthetic, there’s the amazing category of LED ceiling mount fixtures that are in a design league all their own.

    Because of the flexibility and endless possibilities of LED light design, it’s possible to have fixture shapes and lighting choices that just weren’t possible with incandescent lighting.

    Dramatic LED Ceiling Light

     Drama, warmth, texture and style all wrapped up into one LED ceiling light.


    The ‘Atomic’ polished brass and matte black LED ceiling light (style 6Y950) makes a serious statement with its radiating rods.

    And for us designers, it’s kind of essential to think of lighting design as made up from team of lights.

    So while a close-to-ceiling LED light is one perfect solution for a small room, don’t forget about the table lights, desk lights, sconces, and other light fixtures that help create the mood and ambiance you desire.

    P.S. There’s a hidden relationship benefit in going with a close-to-ceiling LED light fixture: It can be easier to install. There isn’t the opportunity for the back-and-forth installation convo: “How low should we hang this light?”

    Images: Lamps Plus

  • Colorful Lighting for Spring

    A Calming Blue Living Room with Spring-Like Art

    It’s been a brutal winter so colorful lighting for spring is one way to brighten up your spirits and home. Coco & Kelley had a fun post about colorful art walls which I thought beautifully captured the essence of springtime color and renewal.

    Certainly painted walls can instantly change the look of a room, however colorful lighting can do the same and with less mess! 

    Turquoise Lighting

    Colorful desk lamps are seen and used virtually every day and so why not make them an inspirational and functional tool for your workday?

    1. Mighty Bright LUX Dome Blue Steel LED Desk Lamp

    Coral Colored Lamps

    Coral always makes me think of sunny days and warm climates. Coral colored lamps will create that Hollywood Regency vibe or chic Palm Beach look...if that’s what you’re into.

    2. Coral Reef Tropic Drum Shade Apothecary Table Lamp

    Monaco Blue Decor

    Blue, in any shade, is timeless and if paired with white will always exude a more Mediterranean feel and thus an instant warm-weathered aesthetic. Blue table lamps with white shades can be a panacea for dreary weather.

    Think about future trips to the Greek Isles or at the very least melted snow!

    3. Monaco Blue Spencer Table Lamp

    Lavender Painted Rooms

    I think a soft lavender can be a neutral. In some forms it can almost read gray and is a calming color. If you are not keen on bold color, lavender could be your new “go to.” Look how the riot of colorful pillows in this image play off the lavender and work wonderfully well.

    The color found on the rug and wall art creates balances. Remember the idea of balance when designing your own rooms.

    4. Crystorama Stella Amethyst Gold Mini Chandelier

    Emerald Green Lighting

    Green is the color of nature, so what could be more spring-like than nature? Deep thoughts can translate to divine design. Fine, it may not be super philosophical, but a bold green lamp can add a real pizazz in neutral-colored rooms.

    5. Robert Abbey Delta Emerald Glazed Table Lamp

    There you have it, 5 colorful lighting ideas for Spring. No painting required.

    Photos: CocoKelley

  • DreamWorks “HOME" Lighting

    Bring the DreamWorks movie magic "HOME" with lighting. 

     DreamWorks HOME

    Lamps Plus offers the officially licensed lamp shades and lighting from DreamWorks HOME.

    Lamps Plus has aligned with DreamWorks Animation to launch a new line of officially licensed lamp shades and lighting in connection with the studio’s animated family feature film, “HOME.” 

    “HOME” introduces audiences to Oh (voiced by Jim Parsons from the Big Bang Theory), a lovable misfit from another planet who lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people, when he forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip (voiced by the musical artist Rihanna) who is on a quest of her own. Through a series of comic adventures with Tip, Oh comes to understand that being different and making mistakes is all part of being human, and together they discover the true meaning of the word “HOME.” 

    The Lamps Plus lamp shade and lighting designs are made-to-order and feature the film’s lovable character, “Oh,” making them a perfect way to bring the movie magic home.

    Staring Rihanna (Tip), Jim Parsons (Oh), Jennifer Lopez (Lucy), and Steve Martin  (Captain Smek) HOME is Produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by 20th Century Fox. It is based on Adam Rex's 2007 children's book The True Meaning of Smekday. Tim Johnson is the director, Mireille Soria, Suzanne Buirgy and Christopher Jenkins are producers, and the adaptation is by Tom J. Astle and Matt Ember. 

    HOME Movie from DreamWorks Lighting Collection

     DreamWorks HOME lighting collection from Lamps Plus 

    The “HOME” lighting collection is the latest installment in the Lamps Plus art shade program, which offers original and licensed artwork on lamp shades using the company's patented, high-quality Giclée printing process. Official “HOME” lighting is available in floor lamps, table lamps, swag chandeliers and lamp shades, starting at $69.99. 

    "Our commitment to creating and offering innovative products that help consumers make their houses ‘home’ made this alliance with DreamWorks a natural fit for us,” said Dennis Swanson, President and CEO of Lamps Plus. “In the movie, there’s an entertaining scene in which the invading Boov find themselves in a lamp store that is similar to our retail locations, which have served as a lighting resource for the entertainment industry for decades, especially in the Southern California area.”

  • Embracing Metallics Throughout Your Home

    It is increasingly easier to find truly elevated metallic applications in interior design.Whether it's a focal point or an accessory piece, adding a bit of bling through metallics is so hot right now.

    As you will notice below, most of the beautiful rooms I have selected to feature have neutral or soft background colors as to let the metallics become the focus of the design. Mixing natural materials like stone and wood also lend to the metallic materials' earthy origins.

    After reading this post you are sure to be on the way to embracing metallics throughout the home.

     Kitchen with Metallic Accents

    Where better to start than in the kitchen. Both of these beautiful spaces from Remodelista show how to incorporate metallics in varying ways.

    On the left dark floors, sage bottom cabinets and marble countertops create the perfect canvas for bold brass handles and copper canisters. Adding a brass pull down faucet kicks the fun level up a notch and takes the design style to the next level.

    On the right gold foil cabinets take center stage in this showstopper kitchen. Matching the level of drama these cabinets bring, the veining of the marble countertops and floors makes this kitchen a true gem. Topping off the look with an understated gold pendant light completes the look.

     Metalliacs in the Powder Room

    While it may be too much for some people to embrace metallics in your master bathroom, the powder room is the perfect place to let the modern sparkle shine.

    The warm, inviting gold tones of the powder room on the left from Style Me Pretty makes the powder room feel special while still approachable. The shine from the gold wallpaper is just the right amount of sparkle without being overt.

    On the right, this bathroom is pure wow factor thanks to a wall of silver metallic tiling behind the sink. Again the dominance of the silver is matched by incredibly beautiful veiny marble floors. A Detailed House gives us a powder room that acts as a jewel box and 'wow' factor for guests in your home.

     Living Room and Kitchen with Metalliac Accents

    When styling your living room or dining room, I notice most people like to utilize the metallics as accessories since the pieces have so much personality. 

    On the left, petrified wood shaped coffee tables in gold make a bold statement. The living room from Decoholic uses the coffee tables as the focal point of the room, while keeping the complimentary furniture light and airy.

    On the right, Desire to Inspire's dining room pairs mid-century shell chairs and a rustic wooden table with bold copper pendants. The oversized pendants have a beautiful reflective quality that pops light through out the space as they make a statement.

    Image Sources: Remodelista, Style Me Pretty, A Detailed House, Decoholic, Desire to Inspire

  • Turning Your Vintage Luggage Into Chic Decor

    Do you have some vintage luggage lying around your house or jammed into a closet just taking up space??? If so, you're in luck, because vintage luggage has never been hotter!

    With trends shifting towards the international globe trotter, incorporating chic, vintage luggage into your home decor can have the same global mystique. Homedit gives us a gorgeous luggage storage tower, while below we dive into some inspiring vintage luggage up cycles from Oh My Creative.

     Vintage Suitcase Table

    There are so many things you can do with an old set of chic vintage luggage. Screw in wooden legs and automatically you have an interesting accent table to display books, found objects and frames. There are many designer table lamps that you can pair with your new table to make the look complete.

    As far as seating goes, no one lounges better than the cat below... Taking a suitcase and adding a quick and easy upholstered seat, automatically gives you a super creative and adorable way to provide some extra accent seating in a den, kids room or even your pets favorite napping spot.

     Vintage Suitcases The upcycled bar cart is one of the most creative uses I have seen for vintage luggage. Adding casters make this mini bar mobile and easily accessible for every guest at your party. And a great way to display your antique silver tea set is inside beautifully styled vintage suitcase. 

    Whether its make-up, towels, trinkets or crafts, the nooks and crannies that are so characteristic of vintage luggage are perfect for sorting and organizing just about anything. Easily wall mounted, using a smaller piece creates the perfect space to hide things away in a chic and creative way.

    Image credits: Homedit, Oh My Creative

  • 5 Ways to Live Like Neil Patrick Harris

    Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka at Home

    Living like Neil Patrick Harris is certainly something to aspire to. His talent aside, his home mirrors the many layers and range of his talent and has elements that you can incorporate into your own home with the help of Lamps Plus.

    Architectural Digest has recently published pictures of the New York town house he shares with spouse David Burtka and family and is a wonder of eclectic and tasteful decor.

    Neil Patrick Harris' New York Living Room

    The more formal space is dominated by elegant furniture a timeless piano. I am in awe of the bold painting that dominates the traditional room and woodwork and I love how the almost Venetian-Style chandelier umbrella’s the room. Did I just invent a new design term and verb?

    Modern Lighting

    Another living space is more casual and features bold, contemporary lighting. The cheerful space has bright pops of color which is great for young families who want to keep things lighthearted.

    1. I love the whimsical Jonathan Adler Rio Patina Bronze Chandelier which has a sculptural quality.

    2. The Kathy Ireland Essentials Spinal Floor Lamp is playful but also sophisticated.

    Library Lighting

    The den has a clubby feel with soft leather seating and a warm patina. The antique brass floor lamp compliments the overall look and the colorful art keeps what could be a very serious space, alive and vibrant.

    3. The Robert Abbey Ant Bee Swing Arm Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp is a timeless mate to the classic leather chair.

    Modern Kitchen Design

    The kitchen is a great combination of classic and contemporary with a unique way of clustering pendant lighting to create a one-of-a-kind functional focal point.

    4. I love the totally unique design of the Quoizel Uptown Seaport Bronze Mini Pendant and would consider using them in powder rooms, halls and bedrooms.

    Kids Room Design

    The children’s room is certainly sophisticated yet still easy. Keeping rugs soft for little ones is key as is keeping them dark. That said the modern white chair is a good departure from the darker rug. You may want to “cheat” and keep leather furniture faux with the introduction of pleather.

    5. Because the Leonardo Chrome and White Leather Arm Chair is leather, make sure your kids are beyond the “crayon stage.”

    Photos: Architectural Digest.

  • Top 4 Decorating Tips for Adding Color to Your Space


    Sometimes adding color to a room can be difficult.

    At best.

    We see it.  We love it.  We want the vibrancy and warmth and visual texture that color brings.

    But the challenge?

    How to add a pop of color to a space without it becoming too overwhelming.

    Here are 4 decorating tips to get you started adding color to your space.

     Black, White and Red Room

    Decorating Tip 1.  Accent with furniture

    Sometimes all you need to add color to space is a piece of patterned or vibrantly colored furniture.

    For example, the vibrant pink of the pouf in this contemporary living space sets off the neutral black and white color pallet.

    The small pink accents also add dramatic contrast to the set of chevron black and white mini wing back chairs. 

     Pink and White Dining Room

    Decorating Tip 2.  Accent with paint

    Sometimes a painted large over-scaled piece of furniture can provide color and warmth to a small space.

    Paint your own furniture a vibrant hue, or simply add a painted piece to the space like this pink hutch in this contemporary dining room.

    Finish off the space with neutral patterns and textures to make the color truly pop.

    Decorating Tip 3.  Accent with accessories

    Sometimes a small pop of color is all it takes.

    Use colorful florals in simple white vases or patterned plates or add brightly colored dishes to the wall in a room.

    Even the smallest bit of color can make a space sparkle with personality.

    Flushing Ceiling Light

    Decorating Tip 4.  Accent with lighting

    The warmth and color of lighting can help to create a mood in a room and bring life to a dull space.

    Add ceiling lighting in graphic patterns to bring style and personality to your room.

    Changing the bulbs in a fixture to warm or cool tones can also easily change the color of your space.

    Don't run from color.

    Instead, let color be your muse and your guide.

    Use one, or all of these decorating tips to add color to your space.

    Embrace it and your rooms will shine.

    Photo credits:  Thistlewood Farms

  • Copper Kitchen Lighting

    Copper Kitchen Lighting

    Copper Kitchen Lighting may seem old fashioned, but things are changing in world of metals used in the home. Who thought brass would be back, which it is, but copper? For starters, copper has never gone out of style when it comes to traditional kitchens or copper pots which exude the eternal chic of French Country interiors.

    Mix and Chic highlighted a new kitchen that used copper in a variety of ways. From Kitchen pendant lights to counters, copper is surely unique and durable.

    Traditional Kitchen Design

    Copper Lighting is the real star of this kitchen. I like that they used a variety of different styles to keep things interesting. The dining nook features a classic lantern-style fixture while the cooking zone has a combination of turn-of-the-century style ceiling lights and functional recessed cans.

    One great feature is the weathered looking copper counter hammered on the island...rustic, unique and innovative.

    Copper Home Decor

    The top left image is from another kitchen but I use it as an example of how you can introduce copper lighting into an existing space that doesn't use copper throughout.

    By painting the wall a deeper yellow, the copper pendants seamlessly work with other metals and become a counterbalance to the white cabinets and classic marble counters. The other pictures are just more yummy images of using copper to the hilt.

    Copper Light Fixtures

    1. The timeless Kichler Larkin Copper Foyer Pendant can look wonderful over a large island or breakfast table.

    2. The Kichler Archibald Antique Copper Mini Pendant is great for a contemporary kitchen. Who said copper was stodgy!

    3. Keep things cool in the kitchen with the 13" Matthews Bianca Directional Polished Ceiling Fan. Just make sure you have enough ceiling height for a fan.

    4. Large traditional kitchens or breakfast rooms can take the heft of the Ancaster Copper Outdoor Wall Light.

    Photos: Mix and Chic.

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