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  • Traditional Kitchen Design Done Two Ways

    Traditional kitchen design will never go out of style. They are classic, clean and timeless. These beautiful spaces employ calm, neutral colors, streamlined shapes and cool materials to create the perfect kitchen design.

    However, they have slightly different accents that make them unique. Which one do you love more? Here we dissect the traditional kitchen and show you two cool ways to have this style of kitchen in your home.

    Two traditional kitchens with pendant lighting over the island

    Kitchen A

    Kitchen A plays upon contrast, which gives this space edge while still maintaining traditional, timeless style.

    Dark brown barstools and accent paint pop against the natural marble countertop of the island, which becomes a focal point of this kitchen. Keeping the perimeter cabinets and walls white lets the style of the island stand out.

    This design element is mimicked with the stylish kitchen island lighting, which itself has strong contrast while still keeping that traditional sensibility. The wide pendant from Kichler Lighting fills the space without overwhelming the overall design.

    Kitchen B

    Unlike the first example, in Kitchen B we have a totally neutral palette that allows this space to feel light and effortless. Here, texture allows the space to be interesting rather than color contrast.

    Linen, glass, stone and wood have an interplay of texture that is interesting and enticing. Without this mix a traditional kitchen could fall flat.

    Traditional scroll back counter stools open the space up to the rest of the room and allow a completely open kitchen concept, perfect for entertaining. 

    Which kitchen space do you prefer?

    Image source: Lamps Plus

  • Glass Table Lamps for Cinderella Charm

    I am a huge Disney fan, and one of my favorite stories growing up was the story of Cinderella.

    From how she met the prince to the pumpkin coach and pretty blue dress, to those amazing glass slippers that sparkled away.

    Dark Noir Lamp from Lamps Plus and Currey & Co on angular chest of drawers

    Glass and crystals have long added a similar enchanting effect when lighting a home.

    Think of a chandelier covered with light reflecting prisms and how the room is changed with the light that dances around the room.

    Or lamps that seem to float and blend perfectly with the colors and style of a room without being overpowering.

    Crystal and glass lighting is a perfect choice for nearly any style of décor and home as there are so many to choose from.

    Some of my favorite glass table lamps are ones that have a simple classic structure such as this column lamp - absolutely charming and an elegant addition to any room.

    Modern crystal column lamp with white drum shade and round crystal finialAnd something that is beautiful just as is, but that can be customized is a fillable glass cylinder lamp.

    Glass fillable table lamp with brass details and white drum shade

    This one is a favorite because of the addition of the gold details, which I think makes it perfect for displaying just as it is - no filler needed.

    Maybe a little more color? I love the muted sea glass color of this gorgeous glass spiral lamp.

    Sea glass-inspired spiral base with white linen shade with white trim And a beautiful mercury glass lamp is always an elegant vintage inspired look.

    Mercury glass fluted gourd lamp with taupe drum shade

    Classic glass table lamps are a perfect choice for any type of design and style of home and with so many choices - you can find a perfect color, size and style that will make you happy every time you turn it on.

    Did I share any of your favorite styles?

    Image source: French Country Cottage; Lamps Plus

  • A Lady-Like Entryway

    The phrase "English Rose" has been on my mind lately since coming to London. If you've never heard the phrase before, it describes a classically English woman who is naturally lady-like and fair.

    I decided to take this phrase and literally translate it into interior design: If I was going to design an "English Rose" space what would it look like? It would be feminine, blush, dainty and lady-like. What better space to add a touch of femininity than your entryway, the area that welcomes people and introduces them to your personal style.

    Here we chat about some lady-like entryways that any English Rose would be proud of.

    Ladylike mirrored desk or vanity with faceted decorative mirror and sheepskin pillow on chair

    One of the major elements in an 'English Rose' entryway is color palette. Blush pinks are so perfect for this look because they are very girly but have a strong indication of an antique aesthetic. Whether you accent the walls, or cover them completely, dusty rose paint is a great way to introduce the beautiful color to the space.

    Lady-like entryway with blush pink walls, hexagonal wall mirror and mirrored console table

    Antiqued decorative mirrors and classic mirrored furniture complement dusty rose walls so well. They serve as impactful pieces without 'appearing' to take up much space. Again, antique mirrored accessories feel like they have age and sophistication whether or not they are actually antique. 

    Entryway with floral wallpaper, antiqued chest and glass table lamp

    No English Rose entryway would be complete without a hint - or a wall - full of florals. In the space above, amazing floral wallpaper makes a strong yet still quite lady-like statement in your entryway.

    If floral wallpaper is too big of a commitment for you, then a fresh cut bouquet is a must for the space. Bringing in life, fragrance and color, a floral arrangement is the perfect greeting to your guests.

    Blush pink entryway with detailed wall mirror, crystal lamp and candle holders on top of mirrored console table

    The right lighting in your entryway is essential. You can't go overboard, but you have to make sure you have an option to illuminate the space with soft, delicate lighting.

    If you have space on your entry console for some candles or a table lamp, choosing ones in glass make them feel light and airy.

    However if you are working with a smaller space, installing decorative flush mount lighting above your console or centered on your entryway will cascade light down without being too overbearing.

    Image source: Lamps Plus

  • 9 Style Ideas for Bathroom Mirrors

    Stylish mirrors in modern and traditional bathrooms

    Bathroom mirrors are a necessity, but you shouldn’t think of them as purely utilitarian; they are a great opportunity to add more style to your bathroom’s interior design.

    Mirrors are a quick way to refresh your design and are much less expensive than altering fixed finishes like tile and stone, or replacing fixed elements like built-in vanities, tubs, etc. Stylish bathroom mirrors are also a perfect way to bring some designer polish to a bathroom in a rental.

    There are several different types and shapes of mirrors to consider when designing or updating your bathroom design:

    A selection of bathroom mirror styles from Lamps Plus1. Frameless mirrors are a great option when you have busy wallpaper or a textured wall surface, as they don’t detract from these design elements. A clean-lined frameless mirror with a beveled edge works perfectly in this design situation.

    2. A mirror with a unique shape brings both style and personality to a bathroom’s design, like the Farley Silver Mirror in a classic quatrefoil shape.

    3. Another style option is to bring in a mirror with a frame that complements your bathroom’s design. A mirror like this one with a beveled mirror and a frame made of end-cut wood would look perfect in a rustic setting.

    4. A more ornate style, like the gold-detailed Iribas Venetian Mirror would look great layered over an existing mirrored wall.

    Layering design elements is essential in interior design to create visual interest in your design, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t use this technique in the bathroom as well.

    5. Scale is key when selecting a bathroom mirror. Tall and narrow mirrors, like the silver-leaf edged Petra mirror from Uttermost, are the perfect solution for small bathrooms as the narrow width is scaled just right for small sink or vanity areas, while the height will give the room more verticality.

    Conversely, if you have particularly high ceilings. or a wide expanse to cover, look for eye-catching large bathroom mirrors.

    6. Bathrooms are full of hard edges that could use some softening, and round mirrors fit the bill perfectly. Hang a round mirror like the Kesha Beveled Wall Mirror to bring more softness and a touch of glam to your bathroom design.

    7. Hang a pair of the simple, yet elegant, Palais Mirrors over side-by-side pedestal sinks or above a double vanity in place of one large mirror.

    8. A mirror with an intricate frame will dress up a simple bathroom or make a dramatic impact in a space like a powder room.

    A powder room is the perfect space to have a little design fun and a mirror with an intricate frame, like the Devoll Mirror with a trellis-style frame, in front of a boldly wallpapered wall makes for a fun and dramatic space.

    9. Lighting, like in any room, is essential in a bathroom. You want your face to be evenly lit when applying makeup or doing any other grooming task. Who wants to look in a mirror and have unflattering shadows cast on their face that makes your face look ghoulish? Not me.

    The backlit Aptations mirror is ideal for bathrooms where you might not have room for sconces on either side of a mirror.

    These styles of bathroom mirrors are a small investment that can make a big design impact. Which style is would work best in your bathroom - has this post helped you make a decision on that front? Let me know in a comment below!

     Image source: Lamps Plus

  • Rich Red Rooms

    A Transitional Style Living Room with Deep Red Accents

    Rich red rooms are timely with Valentine’s Day looming large on the horizon. Of course I’m not suggesting you turn your house into the inside of a heart shaped candy box, rather, I like choosing some key red accessories that add energy and pop.

    I could use Feng Shui principles to tempt you into incorporating red into your house, but I doubt I need to go that far. A few pretty red decorative objects can sell themselves!

    As Valentine’s Day falls over the winter, the color red is a wonderful accent color because it has an energetic and warming quality. Red, in conjunction with a roaring fire may be all you need to create a romantic mood this season.

    If you don’t have a wood burning fireplace, why not consider a portable, traditional style electric fireplace. You may not get the classic crackle, but it’s a good option.

    From cozy throws and pillows to red glass table lamps and shades, using the color red in your home can be a delicious design direction for any season. 

    Bright Red Lighting and Home Accents from Lamps Plus

    1. This cherry polished nickel pendant by Uttermost is a cheerful pop of color in a kitchen, especially over an island.

    2. The Koncept matte red LED floor lamp is a slender and contemporary version of the classic library floor lamp.

    3. I like the zippy red design of this Kathy Ireland ivory and red pillow which would update a neutral sofa, chair or bed.

    4. The Kylie red stackable cube table can be moved around the house wherever you need extra surface space and a touch of drama.

    5. Need something new on a nightstand or end table? The Splash Collection red ceramic rectangular table lamp could be just what you need.

    Image source: Lamps Plus

  • A British Pub in Your Kitchen

    London pub exterior

    Walking around London, there is absolutely no shortage of corner pubs. Some of them even date back to the 1600s and have been serving food and drink steadily for decades. 

    The classic british pub is an inviting, warm place to duck into when the grey clouds and drizzle of London roll in, and the design and decor demonstrates that. They feature warm, rich materials with approachable and comfortable furniture that functions well for long stays.

    If you have an eat-in kitchen and have always wondered what exactly to do with that space, why not turn it into a mini pub?! Using the color palette and materials of a classic british pub, turn your breakfast nook into a comfortable, inviting space with these easy tips and tricks.

    Interior of a British pub with built-in banquette and brass lighting

    Color Palette

    Classic pubs often feature dark colors like hunter green, burgundy and black. These warm colors trigger our eyes to allow ourselves to feel warm and cozy. Additionally, they are classically British in heritage and style. Mixing up these dark, rich colors with chic textiles and stylish decorative pillows lets you find the perfect blend for your space.

    Exterior of a British pub in London

    Brass Accents

    Most classic pubs I have come across all use brass as their metal accent of choice. Brass hardware and lighting has a vintage feel, while also having an expensive, regal feel. Choose dining chairs with brass nailheads and install a brass pendant light over your table to get that perfect, brass pub look.

    Exterior of a London pub

    Rich Woods

    Whether you already have warm wood floors, or want to incorporate wood furniture, this is a staple of any classic pub. From medium to dark brown, warm woods bring a comfortable, approachable feel to the space. 

    Dark wood-paneled London pub with a series of pendants over the bar

    Old World Detailing

    The options are endless to add in old world detailing to top off your at-home british pub. From wainscoting to carved detailing to stained glass to accessorizing - adding in that antique element completes the space, and brings history to your contemporary design. 

    How will you turn your kitchen dining nook into a classic british pub?

    Image Sources: Allison Rosenberg

  • Welcome Guests with Perfect Outdoor Lighting

    You know how they say that your entry is the first impression that guests have of just what might be behind that front door?

    Holiday front door with greens and lanterns glowing

    It's true. And whether your home has a grand entrance or a humble one, your entry is the first thing that guests see when arriving for a visit.

    And it isn't just all about the front door and the color or style of it - the outdoor lighting you choose plays an important part in saying "hello" and "welcome."

    No one relishes the idea of approaching a front door that is dark and dreary, but one that is well light and polished looking?

    Yes, please.

    Close up holiday front door with carriage style lantern and wreath

    Today I am sharing a few of my favorite outdoor lighting styles for making a wonderful first impression and for lighting the way to your home.

    Whether you have a large porch or a simple stoop - you probably have an outdoor light by the door.

    And no matter what your favorite finish or style is, choose something that fits your home's style and era for a cohesive look.

    Something simple and classic like this elegant carriage house style light would be perfect for a traditional style home:

    Bronze carriage house-style LED outdoor wall light

    I love the detail work on the iron scroll light below.

    This would be perfect flanking both sides of a traditional door, or maybe one that doesn't have as much charm or detail as you would like.

    Intricate bronze outdoor light with pounded glass in a champagne color

    And a fixture with a vintage modern industrial vibe for those vintage cottage style homes is always charming and definitely on-trend.

    Industrial/barn style bronze outdoor wall light

    If you are looking for something with a bit more vintage charm, the seeded glass and clean lines in this traditional bronze light is perfect.

    Lantern-style bronze outdoor light with clear seeded glass

    Of course when talking about outdoor lights and lighting the way to the front door don't forget path lighting along the walkway.

    Not only is it a charming look to see lights all the way down the walkway but it is also a safety feature to keep steps well lit.

    You can find all types of outdoor lighting - and more importantly, the perfect outdoor lighting for you, at Lamps Plus.

    What is your favorite style of outdoor light?

    Are you traditional or modern or somewhere in between?

    Image sources: French Country Cottage; Lamps Plus

  • Classic Library Lighting

    Chic Aged Brass Lights by Hudson Valley Lighting from Lamps Plus

    Nothing is more cozy in the winter than a library. Classic library lighting is key to creating this warm and welcoming design scheme. For me, aged brass is the right finish and pairs beautifully with richly hued woods and darker fabrics found in libraries or dens.

    Hudson Valley Lighting has a great array of timeless lighting and I found some brass lights that would compliment these rooms, highlight bookcases and offer great overall and task lighting.

    Library lighting can be different than general lighting throughout the house. Oftentimes, libraries are used for working as well as reading and watching television. While they can be multipurpose, they need to be ready for quiet time.

    A classic floor lamp is perfect beside a chair and traditional picture lights are stylishly on-point when mounted to the top of bookcases, highlighting books and collectibles.

    These distinctive fixtures from Hudson Valley Lighting will always be in style in a traditional room.

    1. The adjustable Marshall Floor Lamp in vintage brass  is an updated classic that is a wing back chair’s best friend.

    2. This aged brass ceiling light looks amazing when installed in the recesses of a coffered ceiling.

    3. If your library has the ceiling height, I would choose the Lambert aged brass mini pendant for general lighting.

    4. The Merrick aged brass picture light would look chic mounted above art or bookcases.

    5. Wall sconces like the Malibu in brass are great flanking a sofa or a fireplace. You can always swap out shades to compliment your decor or color scheme.

  • Four Designer Finishes for a Luxe Look

    Different surfaces and furnishings will create different moods in spaces. You'll achieve warmth with wood tones and add sophistication with metallic sheens. There are four designer finishes that will guarantee a luxurious feeling in any living or bedroom space, they are crystal, fur, acrylic, and mirrored surfaces.

    Lamps Plus has a vast collection of gorgeous crystal lamps and chandeliers in contemporary and traditional styles to fit your space. Mirrored surfaces add a dose of glamour, look to mirrored console tables and nightstands as pieces that act just like wall mirrors to reflect light around the room.

    Elegant bedroom including a mirrored vanity table, beige velvet chaise, and gold and glass side table

    Add a luxe touch to your bedroom with the popular MacKenzie Mirrored Accent Table, (shown below) a glamorous petite piece equally at home next to a sofa.

    Introduce a contemporary look with the clean-lined Welsey Wood and Mirror Cabinet. A Greek key motif embellishes the mirrored Kellie Gold Leaf Table; imagine it next to a reading chair or as a place to hold bath or beauty products in a bathroom.

    The rectangular shape of the modern Vienna Crystal Table Lamp adds sophistication to a nightstand or desk.

    Hang the Malia Nickel Pendant Light from Feiss over a bed or dining room table for a luxurious look and watch the smoked crystal beads dance in the light. Drop a pair of the geometric Linares Platinum Pendants over a vanity in a master bathroom as a conversation piece.

    Mirrored and crystal lighting and furniture from Lamps PlusNo animals are harmed in the creation of faux fur and the reproductions are just as soft as the real thing! Eye-catching acrylic furniture has been a popular detail for years, designers know just a touch is all you need to add an upscale vibe.

    Stylish chair and sheepskin bench with acrylic legs near an acrylic magazine holder and flower burst chandelier

    To introduce faux fur, toss a pillow like this Silver Fox Pillow on an accent chair, or drape the cozy Linn Gray Faux Fur Throw over a sofa or on the end of a bed. Also shown is the luxe beige Sheepskin Bench (also available in white), perfect for sitting in front of the fire or at the end of a bed.

    Introduce posh pieces with acrylic details, like the legs on the Stella Velvet Bench. Include this ceramic table lamp from Robert Abbey in emerald green that features bold color and contains an acrylic base, or dress up your dining room with a pair of the Homebelle Transparent Chairs.

    Acrylic and faux fur styles from Lamps Plus

    Including designer finishes like acrylic, mirrored surfaces, crystal and fur in your designs will help you create interiors with an incredibly luxe look.

    Image source: Lamps Plus

  • Romantic Bathroom Decor

    Glamorous Bathroom Lighting and Accessories from Lamps Plus

    February always seems to be about Valentines and secret admirers, but I say forget the candy and flowers, and opt for something a touch more permanent and stylish. Installing romantic bathroom decor is one way to infuse glamour and much needed self indulgence into your winter bathroom.

    Bathroom decor updates are usually any easy and inexpensive affair, provided you are leaving existing plumbing fixtures. Swapping out lights, adding a mirror and paint may be all you need to create an alluring "salle de bain."

    Try crystal bathroom ceiling lights that will add sparkle and glimmer around the entire room, while decorative mirrors will freshen up plain walls...

    I love the idea of playing this mother-of-pearl mirror off glass fixtures and the matte, upholstered make-up stool. Mixing textures is as important in the bath as it is throughout the rest of the house.

    Here are some feminine touches you can add to create a more long-lasting romance with your home.

    1. This mother of pearl mirror by Jamie Young adds shimmer against a plain wall.

    2. Crystal bath lights like the Regina in nickel and crystal will amp up over the mirror lighting and is super chic for powder rooms.

    3. This flush mount crystal ceiling light is perfect for rooms with low ceilings that need some pizzazz.

    4. An upholstered vanity stool exudes luxury and privilege, and who better than you deserves that?

    5. The Feiss Lucia crystal wall sconce has Hollywood Glamour and can work in both bathrooms or tight hallways.

    6. Just for over-the-top fun and function, try this pink chandelier night light.

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