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  • Industrial Pendant Lights Under $100

    Industrial Pendant Lights For Kitchen Design

    Industrial pendant lights for kitchen design.

    Industrial style is all the rage in home design and my favorite way to get the look is with hanging pendant lights in the kitchen.

    The clean lines and exposed Edison bulbs can blend into almost any style home while bringing a wow factor.

    These are some of my favorite ways to do industrial style pendant lighting, without breaking the bank.

    Industrial Pendant Lights Under $100

    1) The unusual shape of this metal pendant is softened from the warm glow cast from inside.

    2) A clear glass pendant will blend into any room, making this light a great companion to an area with a lot of color or pattern.

    3) Metal cages on old factory pendant lights kept bulbs from shattering and today, they are perfect for high traffic areas.

    4) I love a minimal look and it doesn't get more simple than a single bare bulb pendant.

    5) The dome on this pendant light casts light downward so it’s perfect for task lighting areas like over a kitchen island.

    Consider adding a little industrial style to your home for an instant and stylish update.

    Image credit: Homes and Gardens

  • Blue Hues Will Take Your Home from Fall to Winter

    Blue Hues Will Take Your Home from Fall to Winter

    Blue will take your home from Fall to Winter.

    Oh how I love the BLUE hue! It is such a transitional color that can fit into nearly all home designs for every season. Let's use some inspiring images from House & Garden to dissect how to take blues from the carefree days of Fall into moody, broody Winter.

    Kitchen Design Stylishly Done In Blue

    Kitchen design stylishly done in blue.

    This dark navy kitchen is so dramatic and dreamy, I can picture long Winter nights filled with glasses of Shiraz and dark chocolate. This kitchen demonstrates how dark cabinets, paired with dark walls, can be a truly beautiful thing. There's even enough counter space to include a beautiful lamp for extra lighting and decor.

    Paint Walls Blue For High Impact Design

    Paint walls blue for high impact design.

    Once a faux pas, I think I can honestly say that blue and black have never been moodier (and more stylish!). The look can be pulled off in smaller spaces where drama is key and mixed materials reign. Black floor lamps pop against dark blue walls beautifully.

    Blue Chinoiserie And Toile Design

    Blue chinoiserie and toile design.

    If you are still feeling conflicted about committing to big bold blue hues why not try pattern?! For me, Chinoiserie and Toile are the epitome of cool, European winter nights filled with yummy dinners and long conversations. Wallpaper, vases, urns and beautiful lamp shades blend together wonderfully and whimsically in this stylish dining room.

    Moody Tiles For Blue Bathroom Design

    Stylish tiles for blue bathroom design.

    Moody blue tiles add drama and style to these bathrooms above. Utilizing the darker blue hues brings in a wintery vibe while not being too cold and unapproachable. After all, you don't want your guests turned off from using the loo now do you??

    Image creidts: House & Garden

  • Autumn Colors and Textures For The Home

    Autumn Colors And Textures

    Bold,contemporary furnishings in a traditional room.

    Autumn colors and textures are so rich and inviting that they should be a dessert, not just for home design! The classic Fall color palette is a riot of caramels, burnt oranges, reds and deep yellows that create cozy interiors and make you want to nest. 

    I have always thought that one great way to combine the many colors of fall is by incorporating a Tiffany style table lamp into a library, family room or living room.

     I can never get enough of Habitually Chic and the luxurious images, so enjoy the eye candy. 

    Fall Decor Ideas

    Autumn colors and textures are great for the home, closet and the bakery.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating creating a space too dark and introverted, rather a place that celebrates divine textures and embraces beautifully saturated colors. Even if you like a sparse interior, introducing aged woods, books, plaid and firewood is a perfect way to add a hint of Fall. 

    You’re welcome... for including a picture of sumptuous cinnamon rolls! Seriously though, the color of cinnamon is the perfect Autumn color.

    Fall Colors

    Earthy and tactile inspiration images that embody Fall.

    Buttery soft leather captures so much of this season and always looks good in home decor. While leather boots and shoes are great, they don’t really count as home accessories but fear not if you think you need to buy an expensive sofa or chair to create this look.

    Consider leather covered table lamps or replacement shades in faux leather. You can achieve the same look for a fraction of the cost.

    Autumn Decor

    1. The Tamber Rust Adjustable Pharmacy Floor Lamp is time honored and aged in all the right ways.

    2. An expensive alternative to leather furniture is leather-like touches such as this Brown Faux Leather Lamp Shade.

    3. Fall and winter interiors call out for design touches like the Copper Mountain Signature Cashmere Blend Waterwave Blanket.

    4. The amber glow of the Quoizel Burton Tiffany Style Table Lamp exemplifies Fall.

    5. Cozy nights call for a fire...the Bungalow Roman Bronze Log Holder with Suede Carrier makes the fire stylish.

    Photo credits: Habitually Chic

  • Get Dramatic With Black Lighting Fixtures

    October always brings out the devilish side in all of us with the anticipation of Halloween. While many are thinking about moody decorations for the holiday, why not look at the positive side of dark wall lighting, for example?

    Black pendant lighting in a white room or black lighting above your dining table can bring drama and sophistication. This Halloween season, instead of thinking of black as dark and sinister, look at these creative ways to add drama with a shot of intrigue in your favorite rooms using things like stylish wall lighting.

    Adding Decor Drama With Black Lighting Fixtures

    Adding decor drama with black lighting fixtures.

    Bring out the unexpected with black wall lighting, which is perfect for blending into the scenery or for making a bold statement. This reading corner above, by Sigmar Londo, features a black wall sconce functional for desk productivity, but adds a bit of drama to the room as well.

    Use dark wall lighting to introduce a strong neutral in a colorful room and tone down color, or in this case a black lighting fixture attracts the eyes. The light neutral furnishings and wall color makes the black an unexpected treat in this cozy living room.

    Tempo Abstract Plug-in Swing Arm Wall Light

    House of Troy Black LED Swing Arm Wall Lamp / Tempo Abstract Plug-in Swing Arm Wall Light

    You can modernize your lighting with bold black patterns. From wrought iron to dark old world finish the idea of black metal hardware on your wall can start a dramatic theme without even trying. If you’d like to bring patterns and textures into your home, look to wall sconces and pendants that have bold geometric patterned lampshades

    While Halloween is supposed to create an eerie feeling in your home, the black and white wall light above does just the opposite! Instead it adds a sophisticated and contemporary lift with its giclee shade and swing arm. The black and white shade dares your interiors to be seen. 

    Kitchen Design With Lantern Pendant Lighting

    Kitchen design with lantern pendant lighting.

    If you’d prefer a more subtle black presence in the room, try lantern pendant lighting over a dining room table, kitchen island, or the front foyer.

    The dark bronze metal gives a nod to classic medieval times when candelabras provided light and created the warm glow into interiors. In this kitchen, by Phil Kean Design Group, you can see how the all-white kitchen is balanced with dark hardwood floors and the glow of dark lantern lighting fixtures.

    Currey and Company Fitzjames 25" Wide Lantern Chandelier

    Currey and Company Fitzjames Lantern ChandelierHudson Valley Millbrook Bronze Pendant Light

    This Halloween season, embrace darkness in your home with wall lighting that breaks the idea of traditional sinister black and illuminates with grace. This favorable color can act as a gorgeous neutral or stand out and command the attention of every guest in the room.

    We’d love to hear how you are bringing black into your home this Halloween!

    Photo credits: Sigmar London, Phil Kean Design Group

  • How To Decorate With Chandeliers

    How To Decorate With Chandeliers

    This is how to decorate with crystal lighting.

    With the holidays right around the corner it's the perfect time to add simple updates to your decor.

    And one of the easiest ways to freshen the decor in the room like this space featured on Apartment with a little sparkle and shine.

    Cue the crystal lighting.

    It's like a fancy dress party for a room.

    So if you and your room need a night on the town.....'s a few ideas on how to decorate with crystal and chandeliers.

    Every Kitchen Needs Its Own Chandelier

    Every kitchen needs its own chandelier.

    1.  Add an over-sized design element

    A chandelier can add drama and character to a space like this iron chandelier with scrollwork featured in Traditional Home.

    Large kitchen lighting is the perfect statement piece for any space and it helps to define a room's personality.

    When working with over-sized pieces, it's important to keep the rest of the decor simple and timeless to provide a backdrop for the brilliant lighting element in the room.

    Decorating With Chandeliers In The Dining Room

    Decorating with chandeliers in the dining room.

    2.  Combine different decor styles

    A light fixture, like this whimsical ornate chandelier featured in Better Homes and Gardens, introduces a different style to this space.

    A simple farmhouse table and benches in a traditional farmhouse setting truly comes to life when combined with a bit of french country flair.

    Finish off the space with vintage silver and antique linens for some timeless decor.

    You Can Even Include A Chandelier In The Sunroom

    You can even include a chandelier in the sunroom.

    3.  Light and airy

    Sometimes a chandelier can simply provide visual interest with a light and airy design, like in this space from Country Living.

    The coastal feel of the room with its blue and white and classic furnishings is enhanced by the simple, delicate lines of the chandelier.

    Then layer in textures and patterns to create a space that feels both warm and welcoming.

    Crystal Chandeliers Belong In Every Dining Room

    Crystal chandeliers belong in every dining room.

    4.  Add a little bling

    A little sparkle from a crystal chandelier can make a room shine like this dining room from Elle Decor.

    Light reflected from dangling crystals brings the room to life and enhances the classic color palette of wood tones, along with the light and dark gray hues.

    Accessories and other design elements are kept to a minimum to set off the simple elegance of the chandelier.

    This holiday season let your home shine with a statement chandelier.

    Whether over-sized, classic, simple or ornate, adding a little sparkle to your decor will help you celebrate the season in style.

    P.S.  For a limited time, you can shop the $10 million dollar chandelier sale for even more savings.

    Photo credits: Apartment TherapyTraditional HomeBetter Homes and GardensCountry Living

  • Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

    Kitchen Island Lighting

    A cheerful kitchen design with color.

    Kitchen island lighting is critical to ensure high functionality and high style in any kitchen. Lonny Magazine had some great examples of kitchens, kitchen islands and how they can be styled.

    Like kitchen, islands come in many styles, however the main objective for any island is to provide more surface area to cook, eat or enjoy time with friends and family. How you use your island ultimately depends on the size and shape of your space, but regardless of size it should always be well lit and chic. There's lots of different kitchen lighting to fit any style.

    Traditional Kitchen Islands

    Kitchen islands can have more than one purpose.

    Traditional islands tended to be butcher block and offered little room for the prep sinks, freezer drawers and the seating we have today. There are however ways to keep it old school yet still modern. Consider hanging a stylish pot rack light above. It will provide extra storage and great light for food prep. If your home is older and ventilation is a challenge, you might consider a new ceiling fan.

    Modern Kitchen Islands

    Sleek, stylish kitchen lighting.

    Modern kitchen islands can come with all the bells and whistles, however cannot be truly “done” without great lights. Colorful pendant lights or long light bars for the more narrow type island would be ideal. If your ceilings are low, simple recessed lights can work wonders like the examples found on the upper right image.

    Decorative Kitchen Lights

    1. The Casa Metro™ LED Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan will keep things cool and well lit over the contemporary kitchen island.

    2. The Satin Nickel Pot Rack Chandelier will keep everything in its place and feel a tad retro at the same time.

    3. For long and narrow islands, consider the George Kovacs Adjustable Six Light Bar Chandelier.

    4. The Tech Lighting Cleo White Glass Pendant Light is a pop of something modern over a smaller island or one that doesn’t need pinpoint task lighting.

    Photo credits: Lonny

  • Stylish Billiard Room Lighting Design

    Stylish Billiard Room Lighting Design

    Every room should have stylish lighting design, even the playroom.

    As temperatures begin to dip and Summer winds down, it's time to take the fun indoors. Whether or not you have space for a billiard room, why not take some time today to pretend you have a sprawling home with more than enough space to have a space just for late night pool games.  

    Let's dissect billiard rooms and different lighting styles inspired by Houzz so that when the time comes when you need to decide on pool room decor you are ready to go!

    Modern Lighting

    Clear Cylindrical ET2 Multi Pendant Light Fixture

    You can turn your dining room into a billiard room with modern lighting to define the space.

    This modern dining room with stylish kitchen lighting makes the most of small space by doubling as a billiard room. While I would be a little weary of having my pool table double for a dining table, this is a fun and inventive way to maximize space.  

    The light and airy Clear Cylindrical ET2 Multi Pendant Light Fixture gives off invisible, glowing light while not cluttering this streamlined space. 

    Minimalist Lighting

    Artcraft On the Spot 3-Light 36" Wide Chrome Pendant Light

    Modern billiard room with minimal lighting and a monochromatic palette.

    This masculine, minimalist billiard room is so chic and stylish, it would be easy to spend many a lazy winter day playing pool with friends here. The monochromatic palette serves to let the bright green of the pool table pop so nicely.

    Pairing the bright green table with a understated, minimal light fixture like the Artcraft On the Spot 3-Light 36" Wide Chrome Pendant Light keeps this room moody and supremely stylish.

    Rustic Lighting

    Natural Mica Collection 42" Wide Island Chandelier

    Rustic lodge hideaway with a billiard room featuring stylish lighting.

    The mix of immense amounts of wood and beautiful wrought iron detailing makes this billiard room a very special room.

    This mature space commits completely to the theme, and the striking Natural Mica Collection 42" Wide Island Chandelier completes this perfect, rustic lodge hideaway.


    Hinkley Fulton 50" Wide Bronze Island Pendant Light

    Stylish billiard room with transitional lighting and lots of comfortable seating.

    I think the most relatable style for most people is a transitional look which incorporates stylistic details that can 'transition' through passing trends and always seem current.

    This stunning billiard room and family room has enough space for games as well as family get togethers. A fixture such as the Hinkley Fulton 50" Wide Bronze Island Pendant Light illuminates your pool table while having clean enough lines to pair with additional fixtures throughout the space.


    White & Brushed Nickel Contemporary Pendant Lights

    Drum shades dress up this modern billiard room.

    This contemporary space is smart, chic and stylish, beckoning us to play inside on these upcoming cold days. Pairing drum shade pendants instead of installing a long fixture brings a modern edge to the space without cluttering it up. Try pairing two White & Brushed Nickel Contemporary Pendant Lights to illuminate your billiard room without being fussy.

    Image credits: Houzz

  • Fresh Home Ideas With Energy Efficient Ceiling Lights

    Autumn usually starts with my look-around-the-house at how I can freshen-up the inside of our home. I usually begin with moving furniture around, making new pillows, switching out my light fixtures or updating little things here and there that I’ve thought about during the Summer months.

    With the colder weather, we’re going to be spending more time inside, and I want to make our home a charming and happy place for my family and friends to gather.

    Fresh Home Ideas With Energy Efficient Ceiling Lights

    Autumn home ideas with energy efficient ceiling lights.

    So if you’re like me, you're looking for easy ways to make big impacts. And of course, lighting can be a huge transformative element in any interior space. My favorite kind of light to update is the ceiling fixture, preferably energy efficient ones. Done right, a ceiling fixture can be kind of like the dramatic gem dangling from a necklace. It’s a make-of-break moment in a room.

    Before you decide on the perfect new energy efficient ceiling light for your home, there's a few things to consider, which I explain below. When 12% of a typical single family home’s energy bills are lighting, according to the EPA, shopping energy efficient can add up to noticeable savings!

    Shaded Ceiling Lights

    LBL Lulu 21 3/4" LED Flushmount Ceiling LightCoastal Pennant Giclee Glow 14" Wide Ceiling LightSeagrass Giclee Energy Efficient Bronze Ceiling Light

    Energy Star lighting products use a quarter of the energy of traditional lighting, distribute light more efficiently and last between 7 and 22 years of regular use.

    And there are tons of options to consider when looking at energy efficient ceiling lights. Let’s get you ready to shop with a few key features that might be perfect for your home and family.

    Lighting Color

    Energy efficient lighting doesn’t have to be boring. The advantage of LED lighting fixtures is that there are just so many possibilities. From the color temperature, to the shape of the fixture, and even to the color of the light. 

    Bedroom Design With A Modern Energy Efficient Ceiling Light

    Bedroom design with a modern energy efficient ceiling light.

    Dimmer Switches

    If you're like me, and you like the option of creating different levels of light in your home, then read through the descriptions for ‘dimmable’ on the product details. If you don’t see "dimmable", you’ll only have two options: on and off.

    Adjustable Features

    My favorite part about shopping for an energy efficient light fixture is looking at the new shapes and styles that lighting designers are creating. With LED lighting, the shapes can be seemingly endless. Designers haven’t forgotten about offering even more options with moveable elements, to add another level of customizability to our lighting design.

    Energy Efficient Lighting Options

    Elan Rozi LED 11" Wide Adjustable Chrome Ceiling LightPossini Euro Woodrow 16" Wide Glossy White Ceiling LightGeorge Kovacs 18 1/4" Wide Chrome LED Ceiling Light

    Diffused Light vs Direct Light

    Think about the mood you want to create in your home. Ceiling light fixtures can provide direct, semi-direct or indirect lighting, depending on how the light fixture is constructed. If you want a light for practical task-oriented reasons, direct is a good option. The light will point down at a surface, without a filter.

    But, if you are shopping for a light fixture with the goal of creating ambiance, then look for one that diffuses the light. Diffusing the light provides a more even light and prevents glare.

    No matter which light fixture you choose for your home, the best way to save money on your energy bill, besides shopping energy efficient, is to do what our Moms always told us... Make sure the light is turned off when you aren’t in the room.

    Image credits: Lamps Plus

  • Welcome Home: How to Design the Perfect Entryway

    How to Design the Perfect Entryway

    Design the perfect entryway with beautiful home furnishings.

    Entryway design doesn't always receive the attention it deserves. After all, we move so quickly in and out of this space that it's easy to forget it even exists! But having a well-defined entryway can make a big difference in the look and feel of your entire home.

    With a great entryway, you'll not only make visitors more welcome, you'll make your own arrivals and departures smoother and more stylish. And even if your home doesn't have a well-defined entryway, as in this image from Apartment 34, you can carve one out with carefully considered design choices, such as designer lighting.

    Start by choosing a console table that, like this one on La Dolve Vita, doesn't overwhelm a small space but still provides plenty of surface area for keys, small decor objects and possibly even a small desk lamp

    Lighting Choices Are Important When Designing Your Entryway

    Lighting choices are important when designing your entryway. 

    Next up think about your entryway lighting. Consider using both ceiling and table lamps as Tom Stringer does. You'll want plenty of illumination for rushed morning departures and after-work arrivals, especially when you're trying to carry your work essentials, the kids' school bags, or armloads groceries.

    A rug like the one shown on Brunch at Saks can protect your floor from the high-traffic wear-and-tear that entryways often receive.

    Finally, the bottom image from Remodelista demonstrates how a wall-mounted mirror can make a small entryway seem twice as large with its reflection. Another great reason to include a mirror in your entryway decor?.. It provides an opportunity for that all-too-critical outfit check before you leave the house. 

    Home Furnishings For A Stylish Entryway1. A lantern ceiling light mimics the inviting lobby of a classically styled inn.

    2. Sunburst mirrors, like this black and gold mirror, make an powerful statement each time you walk through the door. 

    3. Lay a jute rug in an entryway for its durable construction that will last for years.

    4. Driftwood makes for a versatile console table that fits into rustic and modern settings alike.

    5. A pair of crystal table lamps not only adds sophistication but also reflects light for an extra bright welcome.

    Images: 1. Apartment 34 2. La Dolce Vita 3. Tom Stringer 4. Brunch at Saks 5. Remodelista

  • Interior Decorating Ideas With Nicole Gibbons

    Interior Decorating Ideas With Nicole Gibbons

    We sat down with Nicole Gibbons and received some great interior decorating tips.

    We were lucking to get the opportunity to pick the brain of interior designer, taste-maker, blogger and on-air personality Nicole Gibbons. Her interiors embody timeless sophistication with a fresh, modern edge so we really wanted to learn from her. 

    What was the inspiration for your home design? I’ve been living in my rental for about 7 years and last year I made a huge life transition leaving my old job to focus on design full-time and began working from home. Since I was spending so much more time at home I started growing tired of my surroundings and just wanted a fresh change. I really wanted to brighten up the color palette to make it feel lighter and more cheerful.

    I  got rid of just about every single piece of furniture and painted the walls a soft blue green color which really helped to brighten up the room. I worked with a mostly monochromatic palette of blues in different tones and added bold pops of color for contrast. The artwork above the sofa by my friend Nicole Cohen brings so much personality into the room. Another favorite element is my Mary McDonald for Robert Abbey Pendant pendant from Lamp’s Plus!

    Mary Mcdonald for Robert Abbey Pendant

    Mary McDonald for Robert Abbey Pendant in the home of designer Nicole Gibbons.

    Which current trend(s) did you incorporate? I didn't really subscribe to any particular trends in my home. I just incorporated pieces I loved and styles I’m personally drawn to.

    What comes first for you, style or function? Both! Obviously being a designer, style is incredibly important but pieces also have to be comfortable and being that I’m in a  small NYC space, every item has to serve a function because I don’t have the space for showpieces.

    What were the key issues for the space and how were they resolved? My space is small - around 600ish square feet so finding pieces that are properly scaled for my space while still allowing adequate space for entertaining and flow is always a challenge. I also had to incorporate multifunctional furniture pieces that do double duty such as my tiered end tables that also function storage pieces.

    Console Vignette Designed By Nicole Gibbons

    Console vignette designed by Nicole Gibbons.

    You choose a very elegant brass pendant for your makeover. What drew you to that piece? I love brass and gold tones and I was very attracted to the shape. It was incredibly unique and dramatic and I wanted it to be a statement piece in the room.

    How did you go about addressing the importance of lighting in the space as a whole? I wanted to incorporate a variety of lighting. I love overhead lighting for dining and then having ambient table lighting as primary light sources for the rest of the space.

    How did you decide what details to use for you console decor? I just filled it with items I had and pieces I’ve collected over time.

    Elegant Decorating By Nicole Gibbons

    Elegant decorating by Nicole Gibbons.

    What is the one item you cannot live without in your home? I’m never too attached to material possessions so the items I couldn't live without are things that are irreplaceable - vintage tabletop pieces and artwork that i inherited from my grandmother are among my favorites.

    What do you predict will be the next “hot” trend? I think peacock blues and turquoise tones are going to be huge color trends in the coming year. I’m already ahead of the curve here with my new living room color palette!

    What do you think is the biggest design mistake most people make in their homes, and how can they correct it? A lot of people decorate out of a catalog and then their finished spaces are void of personality. The one thing people can do to make the biggest impact is inject a sense of personal style into their homes by incorporating personal items that have meaning whether it be souvenirs from travels, handmade items or inherited pieces from a family member.

    To learn more about Nicole Gibbons and find her on social media, you can visit her blog So Haute.

    Images courtesy of Nicole Gibbons, Top Image - Carol Dronsfield Photography

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