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  • Red White and Blue Pendant Lighting

    a child's nursery decorated in patriotic red, white and blue with a red pendant lighting fixture

    What better way to celebrate the fourth of July than with some red, white and blue pendant lighting. The nursery above from Nursery Notations takes red, white and blue to the max and tops it off with an amazing red pendant that is the cherry on top of a great design.

    Fantastic designer pendant lighting can fit in any design style, and we break it down for you so you can bring some patriotic lighting into your space.

    a selection of contemporary pendants in red, white and blue

    Your modern home is in need of these amazing and patriotic pendant lights.

    The Small Remy 33" Wide Red Murano Glass Pendant is a gorgeous artful piece fit for a stylish, modern home.

    For texture without the pop of color, try the Possini Euro White Flower 19 1/2" Wide Pendant Chandelier.

    And finally, if you have a modern home with a fun twist, the Varaluz Urchin 9" Wide Aqua Velvet Mini Pendant Light is the funky touch you're looking for.

    traditional pendant lighting in red, white and blue

    For that classic home, these red, white and blue pendants may already be up! They are perfect for the traditional home, and the primary colors suit the style and design seamlessly.

    A timeless classic, the Duncan Pewter 14" Wide Contemporary Red Pendant Light pops over a kitchen island.

    The Arteriors Jarrod Wood Carved 22" Wide Pendant brings texture and pattern to a white palette.

    The classically shaped glass dome of the LBL Dome S-I Grande 8 3/4" Wide Nickel Blue Glass Pendant has simple and chic lines and is perfect for the traditional minimalist.

    beautiful transitional pendant lights in red, white and blue

    This collection of pendants would play well in a transitional design space where design decades mix together with current styles.

    The shade and color of the Possini Euro Design Darby 10 1/2"W Red Glass Pendant Light is a bold, confident statement, while the Robert Abbey Axis 24" Wide Aged Brass Pendant Light mixes a soft palette with a cool, hard edge.

    If you're looking for a little pattern play, the Coastal Pennant Ava 6-Light Nickel Pendant Chandelier is cool and fresh statement.

    Image Source: Nursery Notations

  • Get the Look - Scandinavian Interior Design

    The Scandinavian interior design style refers to the design movement that emerged in the 1950s in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and is characterized by the use of light colors, minimalism and functionality and the extensive use of wood.

    Scandinavian life typically revolved around the home. Homes were a refuge from the long, cold (and dark) winters.

    Get the Look - Scandinavian Interior Design

    A key piece of furniture in this style is a beautiful dining table – a place for people to gather around over a meal and socialize.

     Scandinavian Style Living Room with Lots of Natural Light

    The Scandinavian design color palette includes a lot of white and cool gray tones to battle the doldrums of the long days of winter when there is little to no sun.

    Natural light is key in this design style and homes are designed to let in as much natural light as possible.

    Scandinavian Design Living Room with Clean Lines and Light Color Palette

    Furniture has very clean lines and is streamlined with a focus on functionality and is reminiscent of mid-century modern furniture.

    The Scandinavian interior design style's version of minimalism isn't cold, in fact it’s very calm and welcoming. Make interiors even cozier by adding lots of stylish decorative pillows and comfy throws.

    The Scandinavian Interior Design Style Features Light Colored Hardwood Floors

    Scandinavian interior design is characterized by its extensive use of wood. Hardwood floors are light in tone as are pieces of wooden furniture.

     Living Room with Gallery Wall of Graphic Prints

    One thing you’ll notice that is missing from Scandinavian design is clutter! The look is minimalist and requires very few accessories.

     Scandinavian Design Style Room with Fur Throw and Articulated Floor Lamp

    A key element of Scandinavian design is layering – layering different textiles and furniture finishes helps monochromatic rooms seem less one-dimensional.

    One word that perfectly sums up the essence of Scandinavian design is "hygge," which loosely translates to "coziness", a deep sense of place and well-being and peace with your immediate surroundings and the simple pleasures that nourish the soul.  One of the ways to achieve this is by creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Here are some products that will help you bring some "hygge" into your lives:

    Selection of Scandinavian Style Products from Lamps Plus

    1. Possini Euro Arlo Chrome Pendant Light 2. Set of 2 Wishbone Y Natural Wood Side Chairs
    3. Montana Matte White Round Dining Table 4. Set of 2 Pascal White Plastic Side Chairs
    5. Possini Euro Felicity Modern Chrome Pendant 6. Embassy Driftwood Stainless Steel Desk
    7. Kamden Bronze LED Pharmacy Floor Lamp

    Image Sources: 1st image: Style at Home 2nd image: A + B Stories, photo by Daniella Witte 3rd image: Style at Home 4th image: Planete Deco 5th image: Urban Couture 6th image: Urban Couture

  • Small Space Design - the Home Office

    We live in a world where everyone spends time online on a daily basis, so having a home office space dedicated to computer use is a must for many households.

    In the absence of space to devote an entire room to a home office, a built in desk with storage is an ideal solution for an office space and the combination takes minimal square footage.
    Small Space Design - the Home Office
    Closet or niche conversions are another alternative for a home office, it makes sense to devote a wall to a desk and bookcases for time spent on a laptop or desktop computer.

    Desk and Bookshelves Built into a Niche

    The greater challenge is for those renting apartments or living in smaller homes, in those circumstances the easiest solution is to condense an "office" into a stylish desk and chair combination, and tuck the pair into a corner of the family room or bedroom.

    Small Desk with Computer and Chair

    When choosing a desk and chair, consider the style of your existing furniture, how large of a surface you'll need, and the comfort of the chair where you'll likely spend many hours at a time.

    Resist the urge to perfectly match your pieces, instead combine desks and chairs in complementary styles.
    Desk and Desk Chair Pairings for the Home Office

    Partner the chic upholstered geometric print Giadii Dining Chair with the contemporary Embassy Desk and its chrome sawhorse legs.

    For a more masculine touch, combine the warmth of the Rustic Cherry Desk with the handsome Morgan Crimson Bonded Leather Chair.

    Capture casual elegance and a coastal vibe with the snow white Cushioned Desk Chair and stylish Malibu Sandstone Writing Desk.

    The sleek Silk Screened Black Desk is a petite choice for a tight spot, and pair it with the modern Mustard and Chrome Chair.

    Go sleek and sophisticated with the clean lines of the Cameron Terra Cotta Faux Leather Chair and the streamlined White Tempered Glass Modern Desk.

    Your options don't stop there! Find more home office designs in the helpful Lamps Plus Shop By Room inspiration files where you'll find suggestions for dozens more chair and desk pairings.

    Shop by Room - Home Office

    image sources: 1st image: dana wolter interiors 2nd image: coats homes 3rd image: a merry mishap

  • Fun Patio Lighting Ideas - Quick Outdoor Lighting Tips for Outdoor Entertaining

    Watch our video featuring 30 seconds of quick and easy patio lighting tips for outdoor entertainment design:


    With the 4th of July quickly approaching, it's time to think of some fun patio lighting ideas!

    Our favorite outdoor lighting tips include using string lights, decorative outdoor lanterns and battery powered LED lights. 

    Leave us a comment with your favorite way to light an outdoor space for entertaining. 

  • Outdoor Spaces - Veranda Style

    Outdoor Spaces - Veranda Style

    Summer decorating should always include outdoor spaces like a veranda. Style in an outside room can sometimes play second fiddle to functionality and the fear that weather will be merciless on your decor, but it need not.

    I think if you plan to spend some significant time on a porch or veranda, it should look sensational in a bright and breezy way.

    The House of Turquoise has the happiest interior images around, so off I went to peruse. 

    Porch Design

    Sunny outdoor spaces generally fall into two categories, lounging and eating.

    If you opt for lounging, make sure you have cozy outdoor patio chairs and cheerful pillows. Ideally, fabrics should be mildew, sun and fade resistant. That also goes for cushions on dining chairs.

    Functional doesn’t mean no fun...outdoor fabrics these days are playful! Also, you can always extend the size of your veranda by adding umbrellas and awnings. 

    Contemporary Veranda Design

    If playful colors are not your thing, verandas can also look monochromatic and sophisticated. Simple white or cream linen panels can create a serene, spa feel.

    Adding ceiling fans can also create that breezy look and keep you cool on beastly hot days and nights.

    Tropical Outdoor Decorating

    Veranda style can also have a tropical bent. Print tablecloths and palm trees are a start, but you can also think about painted wood shutters to add visual interest, and woven outdoor furniture to complete the look. 

    Outdoor Decor

    1. Sconces like the Nautical Collection Bronze Outdoor Wall Light are stylish and look great flanking French doors.

    2. Keep things cool with the 44" Casa Vieja Rosetta™ White Ceiling Fan.

    3. Your outdoor space is useless at night unless you think about lighting like the Minka Ladera Bronze Outdoor Hanging Light.

    4. Outdoor sofas and chairs need a little pizzazz like the Sunbrella Striped Natural Navy Outdoor Pillow.

    5. The Loren Hand-Woven Natural Seagrass Rope Armchair embodies the tropical outdoor aesthetic.

    6. The Port 68 Ridgewood Navy Accent Table is both a seat and table top...the most functional item out of doors.

    Photos: House of Turquoise.

  • Bringing the Garden Indoors - Decorating with Florals

    Decorating with florals is a great way to bring the outdoors in. All I want to do during the early days of summer is spend time outdoors. The sun beats down, everyone has their flip flops on, and beautiful bloom surround us, fresh for the picking.

    If you have a garden this is probably your favorite time of year since you can snip fresh flowers directly from your backyard to grace the house and can save major bucks not having to buy flowers for your home.

    Whether you are gathering flowers or taking it further and decorating with bold floral patterns and accessories, having flowers around during the summer months just feels right.

    With the help of images from Lonny, lets take a look at some massively cheerful and undoubtedly beautiful floral interiors.

    Bringing the Garden Indoors - Decorating with Florals

    Floral wallpaper is NOT just for grandma anymore. Vintage and bohemian enthusiasts are loving these bold prints that truly make you feel like you're living in your garden.

    If committing to an entire wall of florals seems daunting to you, why not try some vintage-inspired wall art. It is so easy to find beautiful floral prints - frame them and create your own floral gallery wall, perfect for a library, kitchen or powder room.

    Rooms Decorated with Monochromatic Foliage

    For those with a simple yet chic design eye, decorating with monochromatic foliage can have the same effect as florals. You still get the feeling you are surrounded by the outdoors when you are inside.

    If you go this route, try mixing in foliage patterns with real plants to add depth and range to your space. These arrangements work perfectly whether you want to keep it simple or turn up the volume.

    Fresh Flowers Displayed in the Home

    And finally, decorating with florals doesn't have be a big investment or permanent.  If you just can't wrap your head around a commitment to something permanent, get out in the garden, chop some fresh blooms, and cluster them in a beautiful vase that will show them off.

    Whether singular or in a cluster, a vase of flowers is the perfect way to bring the garden indoors and capture the feeling of long summer days.

    Image Source: Lonny

  • Chic and Sculptural Black and White LED Ceiling Fans

    You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort when shopping for a ceiling fan.

    Contemporary Bedroom with Mid Century Inspired Ceiling Fan with Chandelier
    Ceiling fans used to be an eyesore to the design aficionado, but no longer. There is an LED ceiling fan offered in almost every style and material you can desire.

    For me, lighting is an opportunity to make a powerful design statement. And these black-and-white LED ceiling fans are a triple threat.

    These sculptural beauties offer functionality in air movement, energy savings with LED lights, and the oh-my-wow style factor. For some the form is second to function, but to me, it actually makes my design-loving heart ache to compromise on aesthetics.

    The power of style can affect mood in a way that is just as essential to me as the other two factors. Tell me what you think of these black-and-white ceiling fans in the comments below.

    Could you envision one of them in your home? –T

    Chic and Sculptural Black & White LED Ceiling Fans from Lamps Plus
    1. The Spyder ceiling fan is my current favorite. Combining the dazzle of a mid-century modern chandelier with the sleek silver blades, this LED ceiling fan is sure to get noticed in any room. With 170 lumens, the light is comparable to a 20-watt incandescent.

    2. If Batman were shopping for a new ceiling fan light for his bat cave, I’m pretty sure Alfred Pennyworth would order this Matthews Bubble ceiling fan with LED light on With a visually subtle integrated LED downlight, the ceiling fan has black molded blades and is UL listed for damp locations.

    3. Simplicity in design is sometimes a moment of elegant perfection to me, like the Fanimation Odyn LED ceiling fan. With brushed nickel motor and frosted opal glass light kit surrounded by nine black blades, this ceiling fan offers six speeds and comes with a remote.

    4. Maybe I have man cave on my brain, since I’m in the middle of working on one, but this Casa Vieja Revue ceiling fan is what a style-conscious man cave would have. The cylindrical brushed nickel finish and the four oil-rubbed bronze blades combine for a visually strong yet simple look. It includes a 12 watt LED, which is equivalent to the old 60-watt incandescent workhorse of most homes.

    5. A modern angelic look, this Minka Aire ceiling fan could also fit seamlessly into a modern shore home with its sweeping blades. With a dimmable 17-watt LED (equivalent to 75-watt incandescent), it includes a remote.

    Image Source: Lamps Plus

  • Get the Look of a Chic Designer Bedroom

    Get the Look of a Chic Designer Bedroom

    Yes, it’s important for bedrooms to be comfortable, but I urge you to think beyond that and think of creating a chic designer bedroom as your personal sanctuary (as most bedrooms are.)

    Your bedroom is your refuge and it deserves as much attention as you give other rooms in your home.

    Here are some ideas to help you put together a stylish designer bedroom of your own:

    Main Elements of a Stylish Bedroom

    The headboard is a focal point of the room, so select yours carefully. This gorgeous gray, hand-tufted headboard is a great choice.

    When designing your bedroom, don’t neglect the walls. I love the subtle weave pattern of this gray removable wallpaper.

    Like the walls, the importance of rugs shouldn’t be overlooked. Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting an area rug layered on top adds visual interest. The gray and white area rug with a hexagon pattern really grounds the room.

    Bedside tables are a necessity and this mirrored piece brings a luxe feeling to the room. The three drawers allow you to keep clutter to a minimum.

    Lighting, of course, is important in any bedroom. I love the simplicity of this Color+ Plus Vanilla Metallic Spencer Table Lamp.

    The white leather and chrome bench adds a touch of glam and is a great place to sit when you’re putting on shoes. It’s also a great place to put decorative pillows when it comes time to crawl into bed.

    Accessories to Achieve the Designer Bedroom Look

    Like any other room, accessories are key to creating a designer look.

    Decorative pillows are great for dressing up your bed. The Embroidered Circles pillow in Pebble complements the color of the headboard, while the Yellow Sweater Knit pillow adds a punch of color and texture.

    The off-white pillow with a flange is a great neutral addition.

    Finally, I love a good kidney pillow, like the Howard Elliott Glam Pewter Kidney Pillow. Mixing up the sizes and shapes of your decorative pillows make the design look more interesting and less uniform.

    Bedroom walls need art too and the subtle tones of the Odette/Rene French-inspired fashion drawings go perfectly with this design scheme.

    Sometimes you might not be ready to get under the covers just yet, which is the perfect time to wrap yourself up in the Dove Gray Bamboo Velvet Cashmere throw. A throw, besides being comfy, is another great way to add texture to your design.

    Although you want to keep your bedside tables relatively clutter free, accessories like this Infinity Hand Blown Glass Ornament is a nice finishing touch. It looks great on its own or sitting on top of a small stack of books.

    Another beautiful addition to any bedroom is flowers. If having fresh flowers on hand regularly isn’t possible, a silk arrangement like these yellow and pink roses is a good stand-in. Flowers and plants are great way to bring additional color into any space.

    Combining the above elements in the color scheme and style of your choice will create a beautiful designer bedroom for you to have sweet dreams every night (and hopefully not counting sheep.)

    Image Source: Lamps Plus

  • DIY Idea - Removable Wallpaper

    DIY Idea - Removable Wallpaper

    Tempaper Etta in Black and Clay and  Pearl

    Removable wallpaper is a great solution if you live in a rental or have commitment-phobic tendencies. It comes in panels and has a low-tack adhesive backing which is repositionable.

    Shelf Backs Decorated with Removable Wallpaper

    Tempaper Alto Caribbean Blue and Red

    Beyond being super-practical for you renters out there, the fact that the wallpaper is repositionable is especially handy when it comes to matching up a pattern repeat, which is one of the trickier parts of hanging wallpaper successfully.

    Closeup of Mirrored Chest with Accessories

    Tempaper Edie in Frosted Teal, Bronze and Champagne

    Removable wallpaper is also reusable, provided you keep the backing paper. If you do want to reuse the wallpaper, it is imperative that the sticky side doesn’t get any dirt on it.

    Any dirt or hair on the sticky part obviously will prevent it from adhering properly to the next surface you want to apply it to.

    Contemporary Room Featuring Removable Wallpaper

    Tempaper Damsel Metallic Silver

    To prep for installing removable wallpaper, make sure any holes in the walls are filled in and the walls are primed and painted with an eggshell or semi-gloss finish. Installing temporary wallpaper is not recommended on walls with a flat paint finish.

    Tempaper has some seriously gorgeous patterns in a variety of colorways for you to choose from. Their removable wallpaper is printed on vinyl and uses a water-based adhesive, so it can be applied in bathrooms or other potentially steamy areas.

    Rolls of Tempaper Removable Wallpaper

    First Row: Tempaper Gio Silver

    2nd Row: Tempaper Peonies in Rouge and Gold Leaf

    3rd Row: Tempaper Diamonds in Emerald, Taupe, Chocolate and Violet

    So next time you’re in the mood for a home décor refresh, consider giving removable wallpaper a try. There are also plenty of other ideas to freshen up your interiors as well.

    Image Sources: 2nd image: Tempaper 4th image: Tempaper.  All other images: Lamps Plus

  • Outdoor Wall Lights

    Outdoor Wall Lights

    Outdoor wall lights are generally a necessity for most homes and urban terraces, but making sure they are stylish as well as functional is where we come in handy.

    While reading Remodelista I was inspired by the number of images that show what tremendous affect outdoor lighting can make to the facade of buildings and garden walls.

    For the most part, even traditional looking wall lights can look contemporary given the overall aesthetic of a space.

    Cage Style Industrial Wall Lights

    Cage-style outdoor wall lights are based on industrial lighting from the past. This old style is now considered a new, fresh look and as you can see, look modern when installed on linear walls and fencing.

    They are practical as the cage is not only stylish but protects the bulbs from flying objects like balls, Frisbees and most other summer related sports equipment.

    Barn Style Outdoor Lights

    Galvanized outdoor lights were the no-nonsense lighting of choice over garage and barn doors way back when. This lighting style has made a comeback and is a staple for the modern barn look. Its nostalgic design is perfect for casual, country settings.

    Contemporary Outdoor Lights

    While modern homes can look great with vintage style outdoor lighting, sometimes a minimalist look is best.

    If your home is truly modernist, opt for lighting with clean lines. Simple geometric lighting looks wonderful and sculptural not to mention functional along walkways and steps. 

    Exterior Wall Lights

    1. The Urban Barn Galvanized Outdoor Wall Light is a little bit country and a touch hipster chic.

    2. If you are going for a coastal look, look no further than the Industrial Chrome Finish Outdoor Wall Light.

    3. Simple and sleek defines the Silo Dual Satin Aluminum ADA Outdoor Wall Light.

    4. I love the look of the Stanford Silver Outdoor LED Wall Up and Downlight for a truly modern house.

    Photos: Remodelista.

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