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  • Safe Halloween Pumpkin Lighting

    Halloween Bag Lights Outdoor SceneHappy Halloween Pumpkin Party LightsAdd a festive look to your Halloween decorating with these happy jack-o-lantern pumpkins.

    Safer than the traditional candles and paper bags, this string light set of ten bag lights installs easily indoors or out and can be used year after year.

    Happy Halloween Party Lights.

    POST UPDATE 4-11-09. These happy pumpkin lights are no longer in stock, but you can still have a safe halloween with our selection of fun party lights.

  • Start of the NFL Season

    Chicago Bears NFL Logo Table LampFootball fans rejoice! The college football season is in full-swing and the NFL kicks off a new season with a full schedule this weekend.

    You can root-on your favorite team with a NFL team logo table or desk lamp. These look great year-round and are perfect for the football fan in your life.

    POST UPDATE: 7-1-10: Sorry, Bears fans, you'll have to root for 'da Bears without this lamp, which is now out of stock. Look through all our table lamps to find a new look!

  • The Chic Shimmer of Black Crystal

    Black Crystal Chandelier

    Crystal has always been associated with settings of sophisticated glamour. Think crystal chandeliers and intimate, romantic dinners.

    What's changed recently has been the use of color crystal to achieve the same levels of refinement and elegance.

    Black crystal is a particularly hot look at the moment, seen in a variety of decorative lighting fixtures. Choose a black chandelier for a sleek and contemporary look that offers exquisite style.

  • Jane Seymour Lighting

    Jane Seymour Mimi Ceramic Table LampActress Jane Seymour is well-known for her home decor line of bedding and comforter ensembles. She now has a line of table lamps inspired by her homes in Bath, England, and seaside Malibu.

    These are hand-fashioned lamps, and many feature hand-applied finishes over ceramic lamp bases. View all Jane Seymour table lamps.

    Post update 5-10-10: We are sad to say that the Jane Seymour table lamp collection is no longer available. Take a look at our full assortment of table lamps to find a new inspiration!

  • CFL Light Bulbs Lower Your Electric Bill

    CFL Light Bulb Picture

    We ran across this blog post about switching from regular light bulbs to using CFL light bulbs in order to lower your electric costs on Blogging Away Debt:

     "What I did was install CFL light bulbs in almost every light socket in our house. I've heard so many good things about them saving money that I decided to try them."

    This blogger says using the bulbs made a huge difference.

    These bulbs do use less energy and last many more times than regular incandescent light bulbs. What's been your experience with CFL bulbs?

    Let us know, we'd love to hear from you!


  • Fresh Looks from Jamie Young

    Jamie Young Company Button Blue Opal Table LampJamie Young Company Porcelain Red Scroll Table LampJamie Young Company Large Bubble Olive Opal Table LampJamie Young Company Small Clear Bubble Table Lamp

    Another table lamp brand we've fallen in love with are the designs from the Jamie Young Company. Founded by Los Angeles-based artists Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter, the designs feature details like mouth-blown glass and hand-crafted shades.

    Other lamps have hand-painted details, like the porcelain red scroll table lamp that uses a traditional Vietnamese painting technique.

    These are graceful, eye-pleasing lamps you can use to create an air of chic sophistication in your home. 

    7-17-09 Update on the update: We have new designs from Jamie Young! You'll find them in our complete collection of Jamie Young Company Table Lamps.

  • More Dorm Decorating

    Blue Glass Desk LampThe San Francisco Chronicle ran an article on dorm decor and showcased our Blue Glass Fluorescent Desk Lamp (no longer available) as one of its featured products. They also had this comment on dorm room lighting:

    "All of the rooms we saw had a single overhead ceiling light. That makes desk or floor lighting a must for either reading or socializing..." 


    This observation really applies to any office or desk work space. Some other dorm decorating tips to remember when lighting your desktop office space:

    • A distance of about 15 inches from the desktop to the desk lamp's shade bottom is ideal for optimizing light output.
    • The lamp should be placed so that hand shadows don't fall across your work. If you are right-handed, this means placing the light source on the left side of your desk.
    • When selecting a desk lamp, make sure the lamp arm is flexible enough to be able to adjust to get light where you'll need it. 

    Looking for something different? Click to browse all our our contemporary and traditional desk lamps.

  • Recliner Club Chair

    Red Leather Club ChairWe fell in love with this red leather club chair for its classic looks and super comfort. Plus, it comes with a built-in reclining mechanism that lets you stretch out in style. We think it's an instant classic. Red leather club recliner (no longer available).

     Look for more comfy designs in our collection of leather club chairs.

  • Positive Feedback - Notes from WIRED's NextFest

    Energy Feedback Lamp

    This past weekend I attended NextFest, by WIRED to see what kind of new technology is being developed which might have applications in the lighting industry.

    I spent the longest amount of time in the Green Pavilion where Interactive Institute Swedish displayed a variety of projects they had funded in design and technology.

    One of their projects is a series of products which have energy usage feedback built in to the visual design.

    The Flower Lamp responds to how much energy your household is consuming by changing in appearance.

    It blooms and opens when your recent usage has been low. What a great way to create household awareness around energy consumption!

    This light was even nominated as a best invention of the year for 2006 by Time Magazine. I hope to see more of these multi-functional lamps in the future, which inform us while providing beautiful lighting.

  • All the Flavors of Bickett Tobin Lamp Co.

    New on the site are these beautiful table lamp designs from Bickett Tobin & Co.

    The lamps come in yummy flavor colors like pumpkin, plum and butterscotch, and all feature hand-sewn Shantung silk shades.

    Use them to create drama on a bedroom side-table or make a color splash in a seating area.

    Post update 9-1-09: Unfortunately, the Bickett Tobin lamp company is no longer in business. We invite you to browse our complete table lamp collection for other inspiring designs.

    Bickett Tobin Butterscotch Yellow Blossom Table LampBickett Tobin Pumpkin Orange and Lime Lotus Table LampBickett Tobin Pale Green Blossom Table Lamp

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