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  • The World's Longest Running Light Bulb

    Incredibly, there is a light bulb in Livermore, California that has been burning since 1901. The aptly named Centennial Light serves as a nightlight for the firetrucks of the Livermore Fire Department. There is a live webcam on the official website of the Centennial Light. It has been declared the oldest known working lightbulb by Guinness Book of World Records.

    The Shelby Electric Company made the bulb. It was handblown and then outfitted with a carbon filament. It has about 4 watts of light.

    If you happen to be in Livermore, California then you can stop in and visit the bulb, depending on the availability of the firemen. If you go to the rear of the station and ring a bell then you can ask them to let you in. Otherwise, according to their site, "you can see the bulb if you look through the window up on the top of the wall to your left." The photo below is courtesy of the Centennial Light Bulb Committee. There are more of photos to be found here.

  • Tips for using mini-pendants in the kitchen:

    Kitchen Mini Pendant Lights Picture

    1. Add a dimmer switch to increase the versatility of the pendant lights. They can provide either task or mood lighting.

    2. Take into account the height of those in your household when deciding how high to hang the pendants. If they are hung too high then you may see a glare from the bulb.

    Kitchen Mini Pendant Light Picture

    3. Center the fixtures over the counter.

    4. Try to find a fixture that can complement the finishes of your faucets, countertops, and cabinets. Colorful mini pendants can tie everything together if chosen carefully. Visit our chandelier lighting page to see the full range of products and styles that are available.

  • Ceramic Artistry from Haeger Potteries

    Haeger Potteries - Cayenne Ceramic Tear Drop Table LampHaeger Potteries have been creating small masterworks in ceramic for over one hundred years. The company is located outside of Chicago and still uses artisan techniques in making their ceramic home accents and table lamps.

     We've been selling Haeger Potteries table lamps for some time now, but have just recently added Haeger Potteries ceramic vases and bowls. Among these Haeger Potteries Black Panther Ceramicproducts are several classic designs, including the famous black panther sculpture from the 1940s and several Frank Haeger Potteries Frank Lloyd Wright VaseLloyd Wright licensed creations. 

    We love the glazing and colors on these items. They make exquisite display pieces for shelves or side tables, and are wonderful gift ideas.

  • Picture Hanging Tips

    Wall Art Set - Picture Hanging Tips

    For our money, hanging wall art prints or a painting can be a challenging decorating task. It's not hard, but it's tricky to get it to look right!

    Here's a good rule of thumb to follow: when hanging a piece, measure the overall height of the frame, then divide the frame into three equal sections. The line between the middle and top sections should be 5 feet 5 inches to 5 feet 9 inches off the ground.

    This rule works in just about all cases, though you might have to fudge the hang line up or down a tad depending on the design of the artwork.

    Give it a try and let us know how it works for you! Read more home lighting tips, then browse our wall art and wall decor collection for a fresh new look.

  • Security and Outdoor Lighting

    Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Light Photo

    Want to add safety and security to the look of your home? Add an outdoor wall or ceiling light that comes with a built-in photocell.

    Sometimes called dusk to dawn outdoor lighting fixtures, these outdoor lights will automatically turn on at night and off at dawn.

    When you're coming home late at night, the photocell does all the work for you and your porch or garage light will be on and shining brightly. They also work great if you go out of town.

    Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Light Picture

    Not only do they add security and curb appeal, but they can also save you money on your energy bill by automatically turning on and off.

    These have become very popular in the last year or so as consumers look for ways to save money and become more energy efficient!

    Look for more outdoor lighting designs or give us a call for help with choosing an outdoor light for your home.

  • Find New Ideas at AIA's Mobius Conference

    A View of the Blue Whale - Pacific Design Center

    Today is the opening of the American Institute of Architects first annual conference officially described as "a continuum of architecture, design, style, form, structure, and sustainability" at the Pacific Design Center here in Los Angeles. This should be a great place to encounter new ideas and inspiration if you're in the middle of a building/ remodeling project.

    There are lectures on topics such as sustainability, the architectural design process, as well as, a wealth of information about urban planning in Los Angeles. Whether you are interested in public spaces, water use, or design; you are sure to find a topic or presenter that grabs your attention.

    Image thanks to Wikipedia.

  • Return of Vintage Hollywood Style

    Stacked Ball Table LampThe International Home Furninshings Market was going on last week in High Point, North Carolina. One big trend we've spotted this year is a return of the Hollywood glamour style in furnishings and lighting designs.

     Clear glass table lamps, such as this stacked ball lamp design, and lighting fixtures with clean, Art Deco-ish lines are in. The look is clean, urbane and sophisticated. Turn on the star power in your home with these designs.

  • Lighting Tip: Use a Plug-In Wall Lamp and Avoid Wiring

    Nickel Halogen Plug-In Swing Arm Wall LampRobert Louis Tiffany Iron Vine Swing Arm Wall LampPretty in Pink Plug-In Style Swing Arm Wall Lamp








    Plug-in style wall lamps are a great way to add lighting to a room without having to go through the hassle of hard-wiring a fixture. J

    ust hang the lamp on the wall, plug it into any standard wall outlet, then stand back and enjoy the view.

    These plug-in lamps are great for use in bedrooms on either end of a headboard or next to a reading chair.

    To find a look that's right for you, browse our entire swing-arm wall lamp collection.


  • The Beauty of Swarovski Crystal

    Swarovski always impresses with their Crystal Palace design fair displays. The London Design Festival recently showed five of Swarovski's celebrated designs at the reopened Royal Festival Hall.

    Wallpaper Magazine is currently featuring a slideshow capturing the setting-up of the crystal creations. You can see more about the London Design Festival and Swarovski's crystal palaces at

    To bring the luxury and visual appeal of crystal into your home, check out our selection of lighting fixtures made with exclusive Swarovski crystal. We have a number of different looks available. I am only including a small sample below.

    Swarovski Paris Flea 20" Flushmount Ceiling Light

     George Kovacs Swarovski Crystal Pendant Chandelier

  • Vintage Wall Clock

    Maitland Wall Clock

    With the daylight savings change-over fast approaching, vintage clocks caught my eye. On the first Sunday in November, Nov. 4th, clocks will be set back one hour at 2:00 a.m. local daylight time to become 1:00 a.m. 

    Managing your time is always difficult but staying on track should be made easier with the addition of this vintage wall clock. It harkens back to a simpler time when schedules contained less variables and one central clock was enough for each household.

    Take a look in our wall and desk clocks section for design that will keep you running on time!

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