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  • Candice Olson: Divine Design

    Candice Olson Photo

    We blogged about the debut of our new line of Candice Olson lighting last week. Candice is a fixture on HGTV with her show Divine Design, and we found these videos from her show online at the HGTV website. You can see the way she uses lighting in her rooms and check out her unique sense of style.

    POST UPDATE: We've got a lot more about Candice Olson and Divine Design. If you liked this, you might enjoy some of our more recent posts. You can find them here: 

    Happy reading!


  • Tread Lightly with Eco-Friendly Rugs

    Living Room with a Natural Jute Rug

    If you're looking for a way to lessen your environmental impact, just look down to your rug. 

    There are many eco-friendly designs available now that are made from sustainable or recycled materials.

    Jute fiber rugs, like the natural jute rug pictured above, are a popular option; they are  biodegradable and recyclable, and the jute plant grows quickly, needing little fertilizer or pesticides.

    Sustainable eco-friendly area rugs provide a responsible and healthy way to enhance your home, and they look and feel great under-foot.

  • Do-It-Yourself Kathy Ireland Lamp Shades

    Kathy Ireland Lamp Shades PictureUnleash your creative side on these craft lamp shades from the Kathy Ireland lighting collection.

    The plain white paper shades come in sets of 8 or in sets of 4 can be decorated with ribbon, cut-out pictures, sparkles and more. They're perfect for DIY types and anyone who wants a custom decorating look.

    We'll be posting more about these shades when we add new decorative kits and accessories in the coming weeks.

    If you customize one of these shades make sure you leave us a comment and a picture. We'd love to see what you come up with!

  • Babette's First Post

    When LAMPS PLUS asked me to be their FIRST guest blogger, I immediately looked up the spelling of the word "blogger" - two "g's" or one, I wondered. Having successfully obtained that knowledge, on to the task at hand.

    What to blog about? Politics and religion were out- besides, the news pretty much has that covered 24 hours with the Presidential race. I'm an average cook at best, so no recipes, and although it's the perfect place to try out my new stand-up routine, how would you really know if I'm standing up?

    We're very proud of the products we make in Brooklyn NY. It's a family business, started by my husband Tony Brown and myself seventeen years ago, and whatever rescued dogs are still with us at the time, are the President and Vice President. Currently, there's Hank and Ruby. I know, on the website it still says Bella and Nanoo- I just can't take their names off, I still miss them and they've been gone for years. Tomorrow - on to lighting!

  • Candice Olson Table and Floor Lamps

    Candice Olson Table Lamp PhotoToronto-based designer and TV design star Candice Olson has launched her own line of branded lighting, and the looks are spectacular.

    We especially love the style of her Anniston table lamp (pictured) with its beautiful hand-printed shade.  

    Sleek and sophisticated, these table and floor lamps will help add a big dash style to your home decor.

  • Get Chic with Stacy Garcia Giclee Lamp Shade Designs

    Stacy Garcia Photo

    We are proud to annouce that we are now working with internationally renowned hospitality designer Stacy Garcia

    If you've stayed at any top hotel lately you've no doubt seen her work.

    Her bright designs and cutting-edge patterns have a wonderful vitality and freshness to them that we really love.

    A Stacy Garcia Pattern Design

    Working with us, she's translated her signature designs into distinctive designer lamp shades using the novel giclee art shade process developed by LAMPS PLUS.

    These will lend a great pop of color and style to any room. Take a look at the Stacy Garcia shade collection and let us know what you think!


  • Guest Blogger Babette Holland - My Last Post

    Babette Holland Raku Red Table LampMany thanks for reading my posts over the last week. And we've appreciated all of your support, kindness, and enthusiasm for our products, not to mention everyone's e-mails, questions and photos all these years at LAMPS PLUS.

    Here's to the whole LAMPS PLUS family and I hope to be able to do this again soon. Raku Red table lamp (no longer available.

     LAMPS PLUS note: Thanks to Babette for being such a sport. Keep an eye out for our next guest blogger appearance.

  • Shine a Light with Dark Sky Lighting

    Atlantis Titanium Dark Sky Outdoor Wall LightDark Sky lighting regulations have become more commonplace in various municipalities over the last few years. 

    Lighting that conforms to Dark Sky design specs aims to stop the adverse effects of outdoor lighting pollution, including energy waste and the harm that lighting can cause to nocturnal wildlife and ecosystems. Often it's as simple as designing the fixture such that the light is directed down at the ground instead of up into the night sky. 

    You can browse our Dark Sky lighting sort for product ideas. 

    For more information you can read our Dark Sky article or visit the International Dark Sky Association site.

  • Focus on Style: Beach Chic

    Blue Lighthouse Nautical Table LampFrom Nantucket nautical to luxury seaside, the coastal beach style offers a chic, comfortable look. The style is highly adaptable and offers many regional flavors, from the luxurious look of the Mid-Atlantic regions to Florida tropical and laid-back Californian.

    Sand and sky pastel color tones are accented with splashes of colorful greens and oranges. Furnishings and lighting may have beach or lighthouse themes, and feature natural elements like bamboo and jute area rugs.

    Beach Holiday Jute Area RugNotes LAMPS PLUS design consultant Lynda Gould, "The use of furnishings, or accessories and lighting that have beach or lighthouse themes help create just the right décor mood in a space.

    The natural elements found in these products like bamboo, wood and jute ad texture and character to complete the design."  





  • Guest Blogger Babette Holland - From Pottery to Lighting

    I started as a potter and realized the sophisticated shapes of my pottery made beautiful lighting.  Tony and I both have a strong Modernist aesthetic, which probably relates best to the house in "Godfather II" (some really great furniture and lighting), but we pair it with very fashion-forward finishes.  Many of which come while visiting my eye doctor on Park Ave. Prada is across the street, and I always see her brilliant clothes as lamp finishes. That's how we started we our Ombre Collection.

    (Editor's note: you can find the Ombre Collection in our Babette Holland lighting collection (no longer available.)



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