LED Tape Lights

Sometimes you have a lighting need that doesn't fit with any conventional solution. 

The most perplexing of problems often need the most flexible solutions so here are some of our most flexible, bendable lights:

LED tape lights (see above) - This product can be used for baseboards, under cabinets, to highlight stairs, in holiday decorations. It's just completely handy, and you'll find a million things to do with it. Best yet, it's very easy to install and requires no electrical wiring, as most of the designs just plug into any standard outlet. 

LED Clip Lights

Clip lights - These designs feature clip bases that allow you to attach them to shelving, desks and more. Use these for direct or indirect light. Point at the ceiling or the tabletop. Have at it, its design is meant for play.  

LED Gooseneck Clip Light

Gooseneck lamps: The clamp for this gooseneck style desk lamp expands so that you can clamp it to almost anything. And the gooseneck design is flexible so you can twist it in every direction. The size is small enough to fit anywhere; total versatility!