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  • Hybrid Style

    Hybrid Torchiere Lamps Hybrids aren't just for the roads. Our newest floor lamp design artfully combines two types of lighting: hidden from view, a top torchiere lamp offers general room lighting; a stack of four lights below this top light provides great accent lighting.

    You can use the lights together or independently of one another. We've also included a dimmer on the top light that helps you set the mood. These work great in contemporary settings or in rooms where you need a little extra light.

    Take it for a test drive yourself in our floor lamp section.

  • Idea for Replacing Kitchen Fluorescents

    We recently got a great tip, that's both smart and stylish, from Nora, in Los Angeles.

    Fluorescent fixtures are commonly built into kitchens and bathrooms because they're incredibly energy-efficient and emit comfortable, ambient light.

    However, fluorescent lights usually don't offer much in terms in of style and expression.

    Nora removed her fluorescent fixtures and panels, painted the recessed area a contrasting color, and then sank a beautiful semi-flushmount fixture into the space. Voila!

    She chose the Flower Sparkle Ceiling Light, and the results are spectacular. Thank you Nora for sending in the photo! Click here to see the pics.

    Now it's your turn: Capture a Lamps Plus design in your home and share your ideas with us. Review the item and upload your photo so we can see!

    Post Update 5-2-10: The Sparkle ceiling light is no longer available. However, we have more decorative close-to-ceiling lights available than ever for you to choose from.

  • Lighting by the Stars -- Astrology for Capricorn

    It's time once again for our monthly astrology feature, and this month we wish a happy birthday to Capricorn! These folks are sensible and organized, and they prefer friends and mates to act accordingly. Capricorn is embarrassed by extravagence and shows of ego. If you want help planning Elton John's birthday party, ask a Sagittarius. If you need your taxes done, Capricorn is your guy.

    Dear Capricorn: Cheer up, man! Yes, the holidays can be stressful, but you should be all set now that you've finished your holiday gift spreadsheet. Yes, yes, I know ... the "Gift Matrix" calculates the perfect gift based on birthdate, middle name, and hair color. But, don't forget to have fun! Maybe just one, tiny mug of eggnog this year??

    Here are a couple items I found that even level-headed Capricorn can get excited about:

    Capricorn's birthstone is the beautiful and rare ruby. This gorgeous, Victorian style wall sconce features wonderful clear and ruby-colored glass accents. Sure, it's highly decorative, but this look goes back over a century; it's tried and true!

    Our practical buddy Capricorn will love this classic bankers lamp. This model is confident and stylish, and it features OTT-LITE technology engineered to mimic natural light and reduce eye strain.

    Finally, for our little Capricorns ... This puppy dog accent lamp is the perfect companion night light. Our dear Capricorns cherish loyalty, and dogs pretty much have a corner on that market.

    Next month ... visionary, idealistic Aquarius!












  • Keep the Holiday Decorating Spirit All Year Long

    A ceramic cookie jar that looks like a wrapped gift

    With such a fun and familiar theme, decorating for the holidays is a snap. It's so easy to create a festive feel with colorful lighting and charming decorative objects.

    Now that the season is winding down, let's not lose that decorating momentum! Here's a tip:

    As you pack away the holiday decorations, try replacing them with accents that are great all year long.

    Replace the Christmas lights with party lights to keep things bright and cheery all year round.

    Swap out a holiday centerpiece with a sculpture, art object or candle holders.

    And, don't leave your front door naked just because the holidays are over! Add a wonderful wreath to a front door for winter-themed beauty.

    When you finally retire this year's Christmas tree, keep the green theme with a gorgeous floral arrangement. With fresh, decorative accents like these, your home will start 2009 in style.

  • New Years Resolution #1 -- More Color!

    Blue Kito Table Lamp

    As 2008 draws to a close, I'm thinking about some simple things I'd like to accomplish in the new year.

    For starters, I'd like to add some color and spice up the seating area in my living room. Don't scoff! Remember, the key to following through with new year's resolutions is setting realistic goals!

    These new table lamps are just the thing. The Kito Table Lamps by Lite Source comes in six lively colors and features a sculpted ceramic base. Mission accomplished! Too bad these lamps won't reorganize my garage.

    What are your design goals for 2009? Drop us a line and let us know.

    Yellow Kito Table LampRed Kito Table LampWhite Kito Table Lamp 

  • There Goes Rachel Simon

    Rachel Simon Kimono Deco Pendant at LAMPS PLUSRachel Simon's fabulous designs have a habit of popping up as I sift through design magazines and click through design blogs. Each time I'm reminded how cool they are! Like this Kimono Deco Deluxe pendant, which I hear can be "customized" by removing one or more of the inner layers. An insider tip!

    See a whole bunch of excellent Rachel Simon pendants, floor lamps, and table lamps here. And, read our recent interview with Rachel right here!

  • Sparkling Style with Floor Light Chandeliers

    Pretty in Pink Leila Amber and Clear Glass Floor Stand ChandelierSmall mini-chandeliers are all the rage now, with designers using them for a dash of style everywhere from entry areas to bedrooms.

    Now a new collection has taken these small chandelier designs and suspended them from a floor lamp stand. The result is a bit of portable glamour that you can move from room to room as you wish. They'll look great in a room corner or to add glitter to a seating area.

    More stands are on the way, but for now we're featuring a distressed white finish base paired with seven different mini-chandeliers. Floor stand chandeliers.

  • Table Types - A Quick Guide

    Coffee Tables and Side Tables

    Tables come in many shapes and sizes to fit various decor applications. Since the variety of names can be confusing, I put together a quick guide to the key types.

    One major distinguishing characteristic is height.

    End tables, side tables, accent tables, and chair-side tables, range from 24" to 28" high. That puts these pieces right at arm-height when you're seated on a neighboring couch or chair.
    Coffee tables and cocktail tables are lower, ranging from 16" to 20". Centered in a seating area, this height keeps decorative objects and refreshments below your line of sight.
    Sofa tables, console tables, and hall tables generally stand between 28" and 36" high. This higher profile is better suited for area where people will be standing, not seated.

    Another distinguishing feature is application.

    End tables and side tables look best flanking a couch or love seat, and nightstands are perfect beside the bed.
    Accent tables can do the same, but they'll also work great on their own. Use one to fill up a lonely corner, or decorate a pedestal table with a sculpture or a potted plant.
    Sofa and console tables are often rectangular or semi-circular, fitting behind a couch or snug against a wall.
    Hall tables are more likely round, perfect centered in a foyer with a floral arrangement or under a chandelier.

    Hopefully this info is helpful, and keep in mind that these are merely guidelines. The real fun in decorating is making your own rules!

  • Top Ten LAMPS PLUS Gifts Under $25

    These Holiday-friendly home decor items are a thoughtful way to show someone you care while allowing you to stay within your budget. Best of all, these items are currently in stock so you will receive them before Christmas as long as you order by December 15th. Three cheers for shopping online!

    Three Branch Tree Crystal Candle Holder Turtle Accent Night Light with White Glass Decorative Silver Bronze Box Gold Ornate Picture Frame
    Frog with Umbrella Sculpture Antique Gold Candlestick Accent Lamp Silver and Pearl Picture Frame
    Elephant Accent Table Lamp Gisela Decorative Box    
  • New Martha Stewart Swing Arm Wall Lamps

    A White Swing Arm Wall Lamp

    Swing arm wall lamps are a great solution to task lighting in a variety of settings.

    They're perfect flanking the couch or beside your favorite reading chair.

    Put one on either side of the bed, and you've got adjustable reading light at your fingertips.

    Plus, it frees up a cluttered nightstand, or makes for no nightstand at all!

    Martha Stewart is offering two fabulous new swing arm designs from her Conservatory Collection.

    Each features clean, purposeful design, and the look is sophisticated.

    Choose from a Kraft paper shade or, for a more industrial aesthetic, a spun steel shade. Both designs are also available in a gleaming polished nickel finish.

    Post Update 8-23-10: The Martha Stewart lighting collection is no longer available. But you can still browse our great selection of swing arm wall lamps using the link above. 

December, 2008