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  • How To Clean A Crystal Chandelier

    To keep a crystal chandelier shining its brightest, give it a good cleaning once a year or so.A Close Up of a Crystal Chandelier

    Most chandeliers can be handled by the weekend do-it-yourselfer, but if your fixture is hung too high or is just too elaborate, call in a professional cleaning service to handle the job.

    Many chandeliers are rather complex, so always make note of how your design goes together before you begin cleaning. Make a quick drawing, or get out the camera and take some snapshots.

    Extreme care must be taken around any electrical fixture, so work slowly and follow basic safety precautions. To be completely safe, turn off the power at the breaker box. You'll need to set up alternative lighting; otherwise you'll be working in the dark!

    Taking all crystal and glass off is a more complete cleaning process, allowing you to reach each nook and cranny of the frame. Leaving the crystal or glass attached is a much faster process.

    Never twirl or rotate your crystal chandelier. Walk or move your ladder around the chandelier and clean in sections. By rotating a chandelier, you risk loosening its support. If the chandelier is difficult to reach, you should replace the bulbs while you're at it.

    Prepare a cleaning solution of one part isopropyl alcohol to four parts distilled water in a spray bottle. Spray a small amount of the solution on a white cotton glove or lint free cloth. Wipe the crystal or glass with the damp cloth, and then dry it immediately with another glove or cloth.

    For chandeliers with more dirt and grime build-up, you can also try hand-washing the glass in lukewarm sudsy water, using a mild dish soap.

    To stretch the time between cleanings, dust your chandelier lightly every two or three months with a feather duster or lambs wool duster. Follow these directions and your chandelier will have that special sparkle all year long!

    View our selection of chandeliers and crystal chandeliers for a look you'll love.

    And if you'd like to see our cleaning tips in action, check out our YouTube video below.


  • Lighting by the Stars -- Astrology for Aquarius

    Happy birthday Aquarius! Now through mid-February is party time for our visionary friends (this blogger included!). The original Aquarian was Ganymede, a fetching young Trojan prince who caught the eye of Zeus. The king of gods made Ganymede royal cup-bearer. In that spirit, let us fill your cup with birthday gift ideas for the Aquarian in your life.

    Dear Aquarius: Sure, many astrologers agree that you have a "look of nobility suggestive of the classic Greek or Roman models." Yes, yes, you've mentioned more than a few times astrologers also agree Aquarians are "considered stunning individuals." This month, set aside your striking good-looks for just a moment and put your innovative abilities to good use. This credit crisis thing is a real bummer, and we could use some original ideas. Got anything?

    George Kovacs Second Marriage Wall Light

    Aquarius is blessed with objectivity, the ability to see both sides of an argument. For example, I'm ready to turn in and my wife wants to read. What if we each had our own reading light?





    Amethyst Mini Pendant Light at LAMPS PLUSBirthstones for Aquarians are garnet (January) and amethyst (February). Garnet is hard to pin down since it comes in a bunch of colors. So, let's go with a mini-pendant in purple.







    Rose Motif Wall Mirror at LAMPS PLUSAquarius has a tendency to be conceited. Lest we judge, recall that visionary thinkers years ahead of their time are often misunderstood. Still, grab your favorite Aquarius a stylish wall mirror so they'll always look their best. The charming rose motif may remind them to see beauty elsewhere.

    Next month ... gentle, good-natured Pisces!

  • Fanimation Ceiling Fans in Action

    The American Lighting Association and Fanimation ceiling fans have posted a YouTube video interview with Fanimation's national sales manager Tom Underwood. 

    Fanimation Windpointe Antique Brass 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

    In the video, Tom talks about the company's history and highlights designs from the Fanimation line of ceiling fans like fans with palm leaf blades. Click on the video below to view.

     **Update to this post: The video is no longer available, but check here for more information about Fanimation Ceiling Fans.

  • New! Mid-Century Clocks with Contemporary Cool

    Turn back time with these retro designs that offer the best in mid-century modern chic. Which look strikes your fancy?

    We just added a fabulous new selection of contemporary clocks, with wall clock and desk clock designs. 

    Contemporary Wall Clock at LAMPS PLUSContemporary Wall Clock at LAMPS PLUS

  • Take Flight with the Monte Carlo Airlift Ceiling Fan

    This is one of the more unusual and innovative ceiling fans we've seen in some time.

    Monte Carlo Airlift Ceiling Fan

    Close Up View - Monte Carlo Airlift Fan

    The contemporary design features fan blades that hang down when the fan is not in motion.

    In this mode, the fan looks like a decorative ceiling light (click on any of the images below for more product pics). 

    Hit the power and the blades lift as the motor spins.

    Monte Carlo Airlift Ceiling Fan in a Living Room

    Centrifugal force creates the lift and the breeze.

    Pretty neat! View more details here: The Monte Carlo Airlift Ceiling Fan, or view all Monte Carlo fans at Lamps Plus.


  • Functional Floor Lamps

    Jonathan Adler Tray Table Floor LampDavid Easton Tray Table Floor LampRobert Abbey Collin Black Shade Tray Floor LampDick Idol Mission Valley Del Rey Tray Floor LampThese floor lamps come with a handy tray table built right in, just the thing for holding the remote or that cold beverage. These are great for reducing clutter in a seating area; you can also use them in the bedroom as a bedside table. We especially like the mod Jonathan Adler designs!  Check out our other Tray Table Floor Lamps.

  • LAMPS PLUS in the News -- Trends in Kids Furniture

    The AP published a wonderful article yesterday about how designers are embracing decor aimed at children. "Designers of kids' furniture are letting their imaginations run away with them, and that's great news for hip parents looking for fun, exuberant decor." 

    The article mentions two imaginative pendant light designs featured at LAMPS PLUS, the Prop Plane Pendant and the Planet and Stars Pendant.

    Planet and Stars Pendant Chandelier at LAMPS PLUSProp Plane Pendant Chandelier at LAMPS PLUS

  • Nesting Tables - Small Tables, Big Space Savers

    Georgia Collection Chocolate Finish Nesting Tables

    What's a nesting table? It's a series of side tables (usually three) that neatly store one under another when not in use. Very versatile, they can be used as end tables, serving tables, drink tables and more. The space-saving design allows them to be easily stored away when not in use.

    When placing a nesting table by a chair or sofa, look for design that's sized even with, or an inch or so taller or shorter, than the chair arm.


  • Murray Feiss Lifetime Achievement Award

    Feiss Company Logo

    Lighting industry pioneer Murray Feiss will receive the Academy of Achievement Award at the Total Home & Gift Market this week in Dallas.

    Family owned for over 50 years, Murray Feiss lighting got its start after WWII. Feiss' father had a company that manufactured springs for the bedding, upholstery and furniture industries, while his mother owned and operated a factory that created original, hand-sewn lamp shades. 

    Feiss soon began making decorative table lamps, which then gave way to chandeliersbath lighting and more. For years the company was known as "Murray Feiss", though they have recently shortened the name to just "Feiss". 

    Congratulations to Murray on his award!

    Visit the company site to read the history of Murray Feiss lighting.

  • Introducing New Blogger Jeff Emmerson

    Jeff EmmersonI'd like to introduce a new Light Post blogger, Jeff Emmerson. Jeff is an eighteen-year veteran of Lamps Plus and a field consultant with our trade pricing program, Lamps Plus Professionals.

    We look forward to Jeff's insights into the challenging issues facing building, design and remodeling professionals, as well as his home lighting know-how. 

    Welcome, Jeff!


January, 2009