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  • Changing Bulbs - LED vs. CFL Light Bulbs

    Are you wondering about how LEDs compare to CFL bulbs? We are here to help!LED Clear Light Bulb

    National Geographic magazine's cover story this month is a timely look at energy efficiency, Energy Conservation: It Starts At Home.

    One side-bar to the article talks about the LED bulbs vs. CFL bulbs issue - while LEDs are the bulbs of the future, they're expensive now in relation to CFL bulbs.

    "With no filament, just a microchip, it (an LED bulb) uses significantly less energy than an incandescent. But the price is high and reviews are mixed."

    The upshot is that CFL bulbs probably make more sense now for the average consumer, but look for that to quickly change in the near future.

    Read more: Changing bulbs mini-article. Also worth checking out is the online Energy Conservation Quiz that links from the main article.

    Looking for a way to improve your home's energy efficiency today? 

    Take a look at the new, energy efficient National Geographic hybrid outdoor lighting collection on our site that combines solar-powered LED lights with an electric-powered CFL bulb. 

    Post Update 11-5-12: The hybrid collection is no longer available, but we invite you to browse the latest in LED outdoor wall and ceiling lighting to find a look for your home. 

  • New! Rustic Wall Sconces and Bathroom Lights

    If you're a fan of the rustic, lodge style and the look of crafted metal, we have you covered!

    Now available, some excellent new wall sconces, bathroom sconces and bathroom light fixtures

    These fixtures feature forest and mountain scenes with majestic creatures like bears, elk, and salmon. Many offer hand-applied finishes and beautiful panes of naturally occurring mica plate. See these new rustic bathroom lights and wall sconces here at Lamps Plus.

    Rustic Wall Sconce at LAMPS PLUSRustic Bathroom Wall Light at LAMPS PLUSLodge Wall Sconce at LAMPS PLUS

  • Energy Efficiency Data for Ceiling Fans

    Want to know just how energy efficient your new ceiling fan will be?Ceiling Fan

    Energy-efficiency information on ceiling fans will be easier to find thanks to new government guidelines for retailers.

    You'll notice an "Energy Information" box listed for all our ceiling fans.Just scroll down on a ceiling fan product page and click the "Energy Info" tab. 

    Ceiling Fan Energy Information Chart

    Airflow divided by electricity use gives us the airflow efficiency, an excellent benchmark for each fan design. 

    Using the airflow efficiency benchmark, you can compare based on efficient operation -- a great tool to help you plan your energy bill.

    Keep in mind the chart does not take into account a fan's light kit.

    The American Lighting Association (ALA) offers a great document explaining these charts and some other recent changes in how ceiling fans are sold. You can download the document as a PDF file from the ALA website.

    Have questions about a particular ceiling fan model? Give us a call; one of our ALA trained and certified ceiling fan experts will be happy to offer product recommendations.

    Image credit: Lamps Plus

  • LAMPS PLUS is a Find!

    We knew that already, but TheFind100 has made it official, choosing Lamps Plus as a favorite retailer for 2009 in the home furnishing category.

    Lamps Plus Company Logo

    Says TheFind, "Out of the more than 500,000 online stores and retailers with products findable on, these ... merchants were clear favorites of users searching in their specific category."

    Thanks to TheFind and all of our great Lamps Plus customers who make honors like this possible!

  • Rockin' Modern-day Chinoiserie

    When merchants and missionaries traveled to China in the 1600s, they returned with books and journals filled with accounts of their visual impressions. The European intrepretation of these accounts form the basis of the "Chinoiserie" style. It means "Chinese-esque" in French.

    Amazingly this imaginative, highly decorative style has continued to thrive for four centuries and is now enjoying a revisit from interior designers everywhere. A recent Apartment Therapy post spotlighted the trend and you can see touches of it in the Hollywood Regency style which is also in the midst of a resurgence.

    If you want further inspiration, check out this pictorial from the LA Times.  

    Here are a few items which add the exotic touch of Chinoiserie to a room:

  • Myths About LED Lighting

    LED Recessed Light ModuleInteresting Residential Lighting article by Dave Simon, President of Michigan LED manufacturer ilumisys, de-bunking some myths about LED lighting.

    "LEDs Last Forever: With proper thermal design, LEDs can achieve 60,000+ hours of life while maintaining 70 percent of original light output. The number one reason that properly manufactured LEDs fail prematurely is overheating."

    Read the entire article online: 5 Myths About LED Lighting, then browse the Laps Plus LED lighting collection for a design for your home.

  • Lighting by the Stars -- Astrology for Pisces

    Time to give a nod to our fishy friends, Pisces! These are emotional, empathetic, and sometimes melancholy individuals, so don't forget to wish them a happy birthday.

    Buddha Water Fountain

    Dear Pisces: This month, be aware of .... Ahem, Pisces. Yoohoo! ... Over here, space cadet! Ok, now that I've got your attention. This month, you should keep an eye on ...... Hey, um, are you listening? This month, watch out for ...... Hello!? Oh, never mind.

    Just a couple of suggestions for our absent-minded Pisces:

    Bronze Finish Ceiling Medallion

    Ceiling medallions are a great way to really set off a ceiling light fixturechandelier or ceiling fan. They come in lots of different sizes and styles. While dreamy Pisces is staring at the ceiling, let's give him something pretty to look at.

    Pisces is a spiritual, meditative fellow. The Buddha head design from our decorative fountains collection that's seen above is perfect for creating a calm, restive scene indoors or out.

    Next month, courageous and bold Aries!


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