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  • New "Fully Equipped" LED Light Bulbs From Sharp

    Sharp LED light bulbJapan gets all the cool stuff first! On July 15th, Sharp will introduce a new line of LED bulbs with a couple of interesting twists. Most interesting is the "fully-equipped" model, which features a remote control that allows you to adjust the color and dim the bulb via built-in dimmer.

    You can choose from seven colors, ranging from pleasing warm to cooler daylight white, "to match the weather, the season, time of day, purpose, or other preferences."

    Did we just refer to a light bulb as "fully equipped"? In any case, these energy-sipping bulbs are built to last for 40,000 hours.

    One last cool feature of LED lights like these: They don't emit the kind of UV light that attracts insects. Don't you just hate cleaning the dead bugs from your ceiling fixtures?

    No word on when these fancy bulbs will appear stateside. To get energy efficient right now, browse our selection of energy saving and long-lasting LED light bulbs and CFL bulbs.

    Via Engadget. Read the full Sharp press release.

  • Lighting Design and Specification Services

    We've launched a brand new info page from the LAMPS PLUS Professionals' home/log-in about our professional trade Lighting Design and Specification Services.

    Our lighting specification team works on a range of construction projects, including multi–family homes, senior housing, retail and light commercial projects.

    From energy compliance reviews to custom designs and value engineering, they help you plan efficently and save money on your next project. Visit the page for more info.

    Jeff Emmerson is a manager with LAMPS PLUS Professionals. Jeff Emmerson at LAMPS PLUS Professionals

  • Water Fountains in Motion

    Weathered Jug Tabletop Fountain at LAMPS PLUSWe've always loved the pleasant sound of gently flowing water that you get from our distinctive fountain designs. Fountains are ideal for use in gardens and patios, or they can be used in a wide variety of indoor settings.

    But it's hard to put into words how a fountain actually sounds and how the water is creatively used in each we've added video to our fountain product pages to help us out. Dozens of water fountain products now how videos. Browse around, take a look and let us know what you think!

  • Better Homes and Gardens 100 Ideas Under $100

    Our Purple Bijoux Lamps sure are popular lately! After popping up in an episode of "Glee" (see our recent post), the table lamp was chosen by Better Homes and Gardens for their special Spring issue "100 Decorating Ideas Under $100".

    Click on the thumbnails to see full size.

    We have lots more lighting under $100 -- head to our Best Lighting Values page for a huge selection of affordable lighting choices.

  • Karim Rashid on Design

    Karim Rashid - picture courtesy of Residential LightingResidential Lighting this month has an interesting piece penned by designer Karim Rashid. He talks about his design process and his thoughts on lighting. "I tend to use organic or sensual lines in my work — my hand and mind think that way — flowing, fluid, to create movement, to have a continuum of shape that is an extension of our organic world and the human body."

    Read more online, A Revealing Look at Karim Rashid’s Design Process, or browse our collection of Karim Rashid lighting.

  • 3 Best Hobby Lights

    While doing DVD-drive surgery this past weekend (don't ask), I realized that...I couldn't see what I was doing! Which led to a frantic household search for a desk lamp, none of which really did the trick (too big, not adjustable, bad light). After the fact, I looked at our online desk light selection and browsed our Chatsworth store. I've come up with these designs that would have helped me, and would make great hobby lamps for electronic buffs or crafters.

    Magnifier Clamp-On Desk Lamp at LAMPS PLUSFirst up, an adjustable model with a built-in magnifier. The diopter glass has a 150 percent magnification power, which is handy, and the spring tension arm lets you manuver the light into position. Has a clamp base, which could be a drawback in some situations. Clamp-On Magnifier Desk Lamp



    Brushed Steel Gooseneck Magnifier Desk Lamp

    This model is slightly less adjustable, but is more compact and has a regular base. 5x magnifier is not as powerful as the model above, but would have worked just fine for me. I like the brushed steel finish as well. Gooseneck Magnifier Desk Lamp



    OTT-LITE Downbridge Desk Lamp at LAMPS PLUS


     Finally, this lamp offers a more traditional look, but comes with a hi-tech HDLT (High Definition Lighting Technology) bulb. By Ott-Lite, the bulb offers lighting that's close to natural daylight, so it's great for crafting, working with paint colors, and reading. Ott-Lite Downbridge Desk Lamp.

    Let us know what you use for hobby or craft lighting, as well as what you think of these choices!



  • Kathy Ireland - Momdelpreneur

    Kathy Ireland in Baby Couture MagazineKathy Ireland was recently featured in Baby Couture magazine's anniversary issue. She talks about her career, her writing, and her parenting philosophy. You can read the interview in Baby Couture's online magazine reader by clicking here. Mouse over the page navigation at the bottom; the interview starts on page 15. Kathy Ireland lighting.

  • Murray Feiss Video

    Pasquale Miranda, Director of Design for Murray Feiss lighting, talks about the company's line of lighting in this video clip. Click below to view, or browse our selection of designs by Murray Feiss.

  • LEDs from Ann Arbor to Buckingham Palace

    NY Times LED Streetlight PhotoHere's an interesting overview of the cost-saving promise of LED lighting in the New York Times: Green Promise Seen in Switch to LED Lighting

    The technology is on a very fast learning curve, becoming more efficient and less costly every year. LED light bulbs have even found a home in Buckingham Palace; "...the palace has installed the lighting in chandeliers and on the exterior, where illuminating the entire facade uses less electricity than running an electric teakettle."

    The article also points out how useful LEDs are in outdoor settings, from street lights (like the ones pictured in Ann Arbor, Michigan) to porch and driveway lighting. "Because the light from LEDs can be modulated, in Ann Arbor they have been programmed to perform various useful tricks — to become brighter when someone walks under a light or to flicker outside of a home to guide paramedics to an emergency."

    And a nice benefit for home use on porches or patios, LEDs emit no ultraviolet light, so they won't attract night-time bugs! Where are you on LEDs? Are you ready to make the switch? (Photo thanks to the New York Times.)

  • Incredibly Cool LED Wall Dimmer

    Lutron Vierti Blue LED DimmerLutron recently unveiled their line of Vierti wall dimmers. These sleek, futuristic dimmer designs feature a one-touch finger slide; touch anywhere along the illuminated control bar, and the LEDs adjust to set the lights to your specified level.

    We love the minimalist design and the high-tech wallplate colors and finishes. There's even audible feedback that confirms your touch of the switch and settings. Very cool!

    See these and other Lutron dimmers on our website. For more info, check out these demo and info pages on the Lutron website: Vierti demo page; Vierti info page.


June, 2009