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  • More Handy LED Book Lights from Mighty Bright

    We love the Mighty Bright Book Lights line of handy little lights and magnifying glasses.

    We've recently added more of their products, and you'll find everything from LED clip-on lights, to lighted magnifying glasses, to travel reading lights.

    They're super-compact and adjustable, and the LEDs never need changing. Plus, they come in a range of fun colors.

    See all the Mighty Bright LED book lights or browse our entire book lights selection.

  • Mini Lamps, More to Love

    Black Mini Gourd Table LampWhite Mini Gourd Table LampWe liked the red mini accent table lamp that we recently posted about so much (see A Red Mini with Big Style) that we've added two new colors: a Black Mini Gourd Table Lamp and a White Mini Gourd Table Lamp.

    Both are big on style, light on the pocket-book and great for bedrooms or side accent tables. I think I'm leaning towards the white!

    Post Update: these designs are sold out, but if you are looking for mini, check out our selection of small table lamp designs.

  • An Energy Efficient Space Age Design

    Possini Euro Planetarium Energy Saving Pendant Chandelier

    When was the last time you went to the planetarium?

    Now you can enjoy the atmosphere at home without the Pink Floyd and neck ache.

    Planetarium Pendant Chandelier in a Living Room

    Introducing the energy efficient Planetarium Pendant Light whose bold looks were inspired by the shape of a planetarium viewing dome.

    And just in case this post got you fired up for a field trip to the planetarium, check out this international list of the world's planetariums.

    For more contemporary design, browse the entire Possini Euro Design lighting collection.

  • A Floor Lamp You Can Make Your Way

    Color Squares Floor Lamp

    If you ever loved playing with Lego pieces you'll go for this new floor lamp design.

    It features squares of colorful metal plates that can be arranged as you wish for a custom look.

    The plates fit over fixed-position posts and are held in place with the simple twist of a nut. 

    Put 'em all up straight and linear, mix 'em up or do a color arrangement.

    And, unlike Legos, there's no clean-up afterwards!

    Color Squares Halogen Floor Lamp.

    Post Update 3-7-11: Sorry, but this design has sold out and is no longer available. Browse all halogen floor lamps from our collection to find one of latest designs.

  • Back to School Lighting

    Magnifying Clamp-On Desk Lamp

    It's baaaccck...and parents everywhere are rejoicing!

    What should be on everyone's back to school list?

    One purchase that will keep on paying dividends the entire school year is a great desk lamp.

    A good reading light will not only help prevent eye-strain and fatigue (especially in the first couple of months as a student’s eyes readjust to hours of reading and homework), it can also help create a more comfortable, stimulating study environment.

    So, what make's a good reading light? We like adjustable desk lamp designs and pharmacy style lamps that focus the light down to books and papers.

    Specialty desk lamps include models with built-in magnifiers, like the clamp-on model pictured above, LED desk lamps or other energy efficient desk lamps that use CFL bulbs. 

    No matter what the style, place the lamp opposite a student's writing hand so that shadows don’t streak across their work. 

    Pictured above: Magnifier Clamp-On Desk Lamp; Balance Arm Brushed Nickel LED Desk Lamp; Adjustable CFL Blue Accent Energy Efficient Desk Lamp.


  • A Red Mini with Big Style

    Sovereign Red Mini Modern Accent LampIn the new bin we came across this red mini accent table lamp that we fell in love with. It has a right-in-style tall cone shade and a flashy red ceramic base.

    These would look great in a bedroom or on a buffet table. And their mini size makes them ideal for smaller rooms or apartments. Get 'em while they're hot!

    You can shop on this item with a coupon; click to view our current offers: coupons and promo codes.

    Post Update: the red mini lamp pictured here is sold out. Not to worry, browse our collection of table lamps to see our newest designs. 

  • LEDs on Interstate 35

    I-35 Bridge with LED Lights

    LEDs have been used to illuminate the reconstructed Interstate-35W bridge in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

    This is the first interstate highway to be lit using LED lighting.

    From an article about the project in the Star Tribune newspaper article: "Lighting still accounts for as much as 20 percent of electricity used around the world, so improving lighting technology by even a little bit can lead to great savings in energy and reductions in greenhouse gases."

    And the costs?

    The article goes on to note that,  "For large projects like these, the long-run savings in energy and maintenance, as well as the environmental concerns, generally outweigh the short-run costs."

    It looks very cool. I can't wait to see it in person! Read the entire article on the website: LED Lighting: A Bright Idea.

    Photo thanks to Wikipedia.

  • New - Jamie Young Table Lamps

    Jamie Young Natural Wood Acacia Table Lamp

    We love the fresh table lamp designs from L.A. artists Jamie Young Jeter and David Jeter.

    They've just released a new batch of designs that have turned our heads.

    My fave: this natural wood table lamp that features a sophisticated, organic look.

    View 'em all: Jamie Young table lamps.

  • New Looks from Tech Lighting

    Fire Satin Nickel Red Glass Tech Lighting Mini Pendant

    If you love contemporary, you have to check out the new Tech Lighting mini-pendant lights and Tech Lighting monorail pendants.

    The company is known for their use of beautiful glass and their innovative low-voltage systems. Their new designs are really knockouts. 

    Sleek and sexy, these will look stunning in a kitchen or over a bar seating area.

    Cheer Single Globe Satin Nickel Mini Pendant

    The mini-pendants, like the red glass and clear glass beauties shown here, install into any overhead junction box; the monorails work with the Tech rail system.

    Either way, we like! Check out the links above or click the following to view all Tech Lighting.

  • Questions With: Allison West of Thumprints Lighting

    Thumprints Lighting

    Allison West is the artist-designer behind the chic Thumprints collection of lighting. Thumprints table lamps offer unique, artistic looks with mouth-blown glass, ceramic bases, and sumptuous fabrics.

    We recently chatted with Allison about her collection, and her design philosophy.

    Q: We love the free-flowing profiles and contemporary looks of the collection. What are some of your favorite design inspirations?

    A: My underlining inspiration for each Thumprints lamp design is to achieve a distinct balance of select high end materials, creatively assembled to yield unique and artistic lighting that is functional art.  I am also inspired by the medium with which I am working. 

    In Thumprints most recent collection, Precious Gemstones, the main medium is plated steel.  The simple, symmetrical shaped steel bodies dictated a sleek, sophisticated design.  I paired the steel forms with natural stone sub-bases and chose shade fabrics that would dress the lights up a bit to go with the marble and granite accents, while maintaining a clean, sleek style.

    I have always been intrigued by the art of glass blowing.  Thus, I use a lot of art glass in the line.  This medium typically inspires more artistically-styled lamps, like Thumprints Pisa table lamp, which boasts a multicolored glass bodice topped with a triple stack black silk shade and glass finial. 

    Photo of Allison Davis of Thumprints Lighting

    Q: You're based in Little Rock. Does that sense of place work its way into your designs?

     A: In a way, I am sure it does, because individuals are constantly learning new things from daily experiences and are inevitably inspired by their environment.  It is funny, though, because people often look shocked when tell them that Thumprints is based in Little Rock.  Its kind of like, "Something this contemporary came out of Arkansas?" 

    Q: Describe some of the unique craftsmanship that goes into a typical Thumprints lamp.

    A: One of the beauties of Thumprints products is that they are all hand-made and no two are exactly alike. 

    Thus, each one is as distinctive and personal as your "thumprint". 

    The design and production process varies from one lamp to the next and can be quite complex.  I work with artisans and manufacturers of glass, wood, pottery, porcelain, iron, metal and textiles around the world. 

    Often, one lamp is assembled from works by three or four different artisans to achieve the best possible mixture of product and quality.

    Thumprints Ceramic Table Lamps

    Q: What?s the hot design trend of the moment?

    A: One trend that I really appreciate is the trend of lamps as functional art.  The possibilities of useable mediums for lamps are endless, making them fun and exciting accessories.  I incorporate a variety of hand-blown glass into my designs (such as the Thumprints Glitz table lamp), which is art itself. 

    I also enjoy working with wood, because the material?s rich wood grain is beautiful in its natural state and can be highlighted and enhanced by stains, paint and various design techniques.  

    Lighting is continually steering away from the "norm" and becoming more creative and artistically-styled.  Lamp shades are "upside down", asymmetrical, and sometimes larger than the entire body of the lamp. 

    Thumprints has a popular series of pendant lights that are basically upside down lamps (Hot Tamale, Sunny Side Up, Moondust, Jack, Obsidien-Pendant, Tiger's Eye Pendant and Citrine Pendant).  Consumers are appreciating the trend of lamps as functional art more and more and are seeking unique lighting to be statement pieces and focal points of their rooms.

    Another big trend is "going green".  The lighting industry is seeking ways to produce products that are eco-friendly in design and more energy efficient in function.  The move towards green has increased the number of products in the marketplace made from recycled materials and renewable or sustainable resources. 

    Some lighting manufacturers are even moving to the production of lamps with LED lights.  

    The application of LEDs is limited and very expensive at this time, however. 

    At Thumprints, we encourage customers to use energy efficient compact florescent lamps (CFLs) in all of our products.  Today, CFLs can be found almost anywhere you can purchase a light bulb and they work with the majority of lamps made for incandescent bulbs. 

    It is easy for consumers to acquire CFLs, though they are pricey.  It will take time for everyone to realize the true benefits of energy efficient lighting, for both long term financial savings and, most importantly, to help save our environment.

    Q: What's next for you and the Thumprints line?

    A: I am constantly looking for and experimenting with new mediums and applications to incorporate into Thumprints designs.  I have a few things in progress, but am not sure exactly what is next.  It is important to me to make sure that I maintain my individuality and fresh perspective and continue introducing innovative and creative products. 

    Thanks, Allison! Make sure you browse the entire line of Thumprints from our complete collection of table lamps.

August, 2009