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  • The Magic of the Spheres

    Modern Table Lamp Picture

    In this case, not spheres of celestial bodies, but two elegant table lamp designs from the Possini Euro Design lighting collection.

    The sleek, fluid look comes in a polished nickel finish and is available in both a single sphere (pictured) and a double sphere design.  

    Possini Euro Design Single Sphere Table Lamp

    Possini Euro Design Double Sphere Table Lamp

    Post Update 4-2-2013: Hi everyone. Unfortunately, the two table lamp designs listed above are no longer available. Click the link above to view new looks from Possini Euro, or check out our entire lamp collection for the latest designs.



  • Review of the Decade

    ABC News has posted an "End of the Decade" feature at their website. It's a great rundown of top stories from the 00's. Reminisce about Enron, the debut of American Idol, Martha Stewart goes to prison, and more. Click to see it at

    This decade in lighting has been all about the emergence of alternative, more energy efficient bulb technology. Though invented over 30 years ago, CFL bulbs finally made their way into many homes and businesses. LED bulbs have improved by leaps and bounds this decade, and I'm excited at the prospects for this technology as we head into the next decade.

    Be safe this New Year's Eve!!

    photo credit: jonrawlinson via flickr


  • Synchronized Neighborhood Christmas Lights

    Couldn't resist one last post about Christmas holiday lights!

    This neighborhood in Murrieta, California, went all out this year. All twelve houses on the neighborhood street feature synchronized lights set to music.

    Resouces used: "30000 plus lights, 130 extension cords, over 8000 feet of control cable.

    Programming time" "Dont ask."

    LED lights were used for the entire installation.

    Click to above  to view a very cool light show!

  • Repurposing Old Light Bulbs

    Repurposed Old Light Bulb Photo

    I'm working on a theme here -- see my recent post on recycling light bulbs.

    Next time an incandescent bulb burns out (and after you've replaced it with an energy efficient CFL bulb or an LED bulb, of course), here's a fun project.

    Once they're carefully cleaned out, these bulbs make a neat little vase.

    Pretty cool!

    See images of more bulb designs at Gizmodo and Instructables.


  • Candice Olson Decorates a Basement in Warm and Cozy

    A Candice Olson Designed Living Room

    Designer Candice Olson writes about decorating a basement family room in this Seattle Times article: Candice Olson takes a room from frightful to delightful.

    The project was for a busy family with two young children. Candice notes that, "...the space was so scary the kids wouldn't even go down there alone." See below for the scary before look.

    Her solution? "...the perfect antidote to dark, cold and creepy is light, warm and cozy. So this whole project was about taking one very cold room and wrapping it in layers of warmth."

    For more warm and cozy looks, check out the entire Candice Olson lighting collection.

    Photo thanks to The Seattle Times.

  • Bravi Lighting and Decor Collection

    Modern Table Lamp Picture

    Meet the Bravi collection of ceramic lighting and decor! Contemporary lamps, candle holders, vases and more feature a criss-crossing cutout pattern in a range of neutral tones.

    See all Bravi Collection lighting and decor.

    Looking for other contemporary designs? "Shop by Collection" is another great feature at that helps you decorate like a pro. You can search categories, like bathroom lighting and chandelier collections, and sort by style and finish to find a collection that fits you.

    Check it out: Shop Lamps Plus Lighting Collections.

    Post update September 15, 2010 : The Bravi collection has sold out! We'll leave a post update if it comes back in stock. Otherwise, look to our collection of table lamps for other stylish options.


  • Happy Holidays!

    Red Berry Christmas Wreath PhotoAll of us here at Lamps Plus wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy holiday season.

    We hope Santa treats you good today!


  • NORAD Tracks Santa

    NORAD Santa Tracker

    Following a tradition that dates back to 1955, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) tracks Santa's amazing journey on Christmas Eve.

    Using the latest technology, NORAD keeps you posted with up-to-the-minute information on Santa's whereabouts. According to the website, "NORAD uses four high-tech systems to track Santa – radar, satellites, Santa Cams and fighter jets."

    There's a Facebook page, a Twitter feed, and Google Earth integration. It's quite the high-tech operation! 

    Keep an eye on Santa (and your presents!) at the website --

  • Guitar Hero Christmas Lights

    Have you seen this?

    This enterprising dad in my neighborhood set up his Christmas lights to put on a light show in sequence with Guitar Hero. 

    If you're inspired to step up your holiday light display then you can stock up with our holiday light selection. If you want to get your own light show going then we carry these LED light display/karaoke kits that sync to Guitar Hero and Rock Band.


  • For All the Romantics Out There: Jessica McClintock

    Jessica McClintock Outdoor Light Photo

    Jessica McClintock is familiar to many as a fashion dress designer.

    Her specific niche is undeniably feminine frocks complete with lace trim, ruffles, and fabric rosettes.

    Jessica McClintock Chandelier

    Now she has branched out and is designer lighting and home decor accessories.

    Check out the new Jessica McClintock line of lighting to see how her nostalgic sensibility translates into warm, traditional looks for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 


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