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  • Photo Contest Winner -- Nursery Ceiling Fan

    Robin, a Lamps Plus customer from Florida, was a grand prize winner in our recent photo contest. So, what did she buy with her winnings?

    To put the finishing touches on her daughter's nursery, Robin brought home the Casa Deville Pretty in Pink Ceiling Fan. Using the Build-Your-Own-Ceiling-Fan feature at Lamps Plus, Robin customized hers to perfectly fit little Lacey's nursery.

    It looks fantastic ... congrats to Robin and Lacey!

    Here is a "before" picture ... Before - Baby's Room without a Ceiling Fan

    ... and two "after" shots:

    After - Baby's Room with new Ceiling Fan from Lamps PlusCloser View - Nursery with the Casa Deville™ Pretty in Pink Pull Chain Ceiling Fan

  • The Return of the Pole Floor Lamp

    Pole floor lamps are definitely regaining popularity.Triad Chrome 3-Arm LED Task Floor Lamp

    Pole floor lamps
    were a common room accent in the 1950s and '60s.

    Often they stretched from floor to ceiling and were held in place with a tension rod.

    I like the Espo floor lamp with the sci-fi streamlined lamp heads. This contemporary design doesn't reach the ceiling, but it offers the same cool retro looks, and come with multiple lights that you can adjust as needed. 

    Also in our floor lamps sort, a cool design with spherical shades: Spherical Metal Shade Tree Floor Lamp.

    Post Update 10-23-12: The floor lamps mentioned in this post are no longer available. Use the link above to view our pole lamps, or check out the latest contemporary floor lamps. 

  • The Arc Floor Lamp to the Rescue

    Contemporary Arc Lamp Photo

    The popularity of sectional seating and sectional sofas has had an interesting impact: a rise in the popularity of arc style floor lamps.

    Sectional sofas and arc lamps are a perfect match. The sofas tend to be low and spread-out, so lighting overhead from the arc lamp works well. The modern look of the arc lamp also fits the sectional style.

    You can tuck an arc lamp base into a corner created by the sectional and get great lighting for the entire seating area. Check out our selection: arc floor lamps.


  • Beach Bungalow Inspiration

    A Colorful Beach Bungalow Home

    Need some sunny inspiration on a cold winter's day? Check out this Venice beach bungalow renovation project recently profiled in the L.A. Times.

    We love the open space, the warm colors, and the unobtrusive recessed lighting.

    The contemporary pendant light adds some visual pop to the area and is scaled nicely to the room dimensions.

    Check out the article, Beach bungalow sprouts a modern addition, and the wonderful photo gallery of the entire project.

    Photo thanks to the L.A. Times.

  • LED Light Show Wall or Ceiling Light

    LED Light Show Wall or Ceiling LightWe've added a new version of our popular LED Light Show Ceiling Light.

    The new design has a rectangular shape, so it's perfect for use as a wall sconce in hallways or media rooms. 

    You can also install it on the horizontal for use as a bath bar.

    It comes with halogen bulbs as well as LEDs.

    Use the included remote to make any number of mood-setting light effects at the touch of a button.

    This type of LED lighting is going to be seen more and more in the future. Check it out now: Possini Euro LED Light Show Wall or Ceiling Light Fixture.

    Post Update 9-24-12: This design has sold out, sorry! Use the LED lighting link above to browse our latest designs, or view our Possini Euro Design lighting collection.

  • Childhood Winter Pastimes - the Spirograph

    This vintage spirograph commercial brought back a flood of childhood memories. Cold winter afternoons spent pressing pens and pencils into small, toothed disks and then lamenting the loss of said disks...

    To enjoy the nostalgia on a more permanent basis, consider our Spring Buds Handmade Rug. The color palette is very modern and versatile while the design is sweetly familiar.

    Spring Buds Handmade Rug 





    Check out our complete designer rugs collection and our selection of childrens' room decor for more ideas.

  • Chinese Ice Festival Glows with LED Light

    The Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival is going on right now in northern China.

    The festival is, in a word, breathtaking. Amazing structures are created from ice and lit up with brilliant, colorful LED lights.

    See's fabulous pictorial, and start planning your trip for next year.

  • Does the East Coast Inspire You to Go Traditional?

    A Traditional Living Room with a Tufted Sofa

    This post on Apartment Therapy got me thinking. The author, Lindsay Roberts, moved from the Pacific Northwest to the DC area and found herself inspired to add traditional/colonial accents. 

    Should our interiors try recreate the time period in which our homes and neighborhoods were originally constructed? 

    In the Southwest many homes are built to emulate a different time period than the modern age they were constructed in. What do we do then?

    In any case, I found the items below for all of our East Coasters at heart. You can also check out our selection of traditional designs in almost every category. 

  • Staff Picks -- Adam's Top 10 Giclee Patterns

    Blue and Green Circlets Giclee Glow Shade

    Our exclusive collection of giclee lighting and wall art features 1000's of exclusive patterns, each of which is made-to-order here in California.

    In other words, there is a lot to choose from. I've narrowed it down (a little) to my top ten favorite giclee patterns. These patterns are available on table lamps, floor lamps, pendants, ceiling lights and more.

    So, without further ado ... From cool to colorful, these are the designs that float my boat:

    Circles of cool blue gather together on the design seen above. Great for beachy-cool spaces or a mod motif. Blue Green Circlets Giclee

    This ornate, traditional pattern is punched up with spectacular sage. Sage Filigree Giclee

    Sophisticated with a simple, circular pattern. Portholes Giclee

    From pattern guru Stacy Garcia, I love the combination of stripes with the floral silhouette. Stacy Garcia Harvest Dahlia Giclee

    Three-Tone Leaves Giclee Glow Shade

    An organic tree design softens the sophisticated black and white palette on the Three-Tone Leaves Giclee (seen above).

    Regency Black Giclee Glow Shade

    Paisley is always cool. Regency Black Giclee

    Circles and leaves at the bottom join the color-block top for a two-tone design. Wispy Circles Giclee

    Another traditional flourish presented in cool blue with ivory. Ivory Blue Tapestry Giclee

    This bright, colorful design is perfect for a child's room. Or surprise your sweetie! Be My Valentine Giclee

    Another winner from Stacy Garcia ... I like the subtle, refined palette and the natural forms. Stacy Garcia Calligraphy Tree Birch Giclee

    Post Update: Sorry, but some of the patterns mentioned above are no longer available. But you can use the links at the top to browse our newest styles and designs.

  • Oui Oui: Paris Flea Market Collection

    Parisian Collection 6-Light Swarovski Pendant Chandelier

    The romance of Paris has been the subject of much wistful contemplation by design bloggers in the past few years. 

    You can find multiple examples of Paris induced swoon on Erin Gate's Francophile blog Elements of Style

    And if you don't believe me, check out a Paris photo montage from blogger This Is Glamorous.

    With this in mind, I present one of my favorite Lamps Plus lighting collections, The Paris Flea Market ceiling and wall lights. 

    May lighting-induced Paris daydreaming become a treasured part of your every day routine!

    Try searching by collection for other inspiring designs if you want to redecorate an entire room or house at once. 

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