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  • Energy Smart LED Light Bulbs from G.E.

    GE Energy Smart LED White Glass Medium Base Bulb

    For all you energy watchdogs out there, G.E. has a new line of LED bulbs called Energy Smart. You can find them in the light bulb section under the G.E. brand. These are reasonably priced  for LED light bulbs and come with free shipping.

    Like all LEDs, these are super energy efficient and have a long, long bulb life. If you have a hard to reach fixture or ceiling fan that you don't want to be changing bulbs on all the time, these are a perfect solution.


  • A Midcentury Catskills Cabin

    Catskills Cabin Photo

    A cabin owner raised the roof and knocked down the walls to transform her old fishing cottage into a cool mid-century retreat.

    “I didn’t want it to be too country,” she says. “I didn’t want the farm bells and all the rustic old watering cans lying around. I have friends who have houses like that, and they’re beautiful, but it is too cluttered for me.”

    We love the modern barstools and touches of contemporary furniture. View the gorgeous results here in this New York Times profile.

    Photo and quote thanks to the New York Times.

  • Three for Thursday: Contemporary Ceiling Fans with Style

    A ceiling fan is no longer just a ceiling fan. It's the trend-setting centerpiece of the room, a piece of sculpture and head-turning eye-candy. For our Three for Thursday feature, here are three designs that have modern style to spare.

    1) The Artemis ceiling fan by Minka Aire fans  is a sculpture that moves air, and it looks good both moving and at rest. It's also nearly silent: the organic shape of the fan blades creates an ultra low noise signature.

    2) The unique sculptural shape of the Fanimation Torto ceiling fan results in an airflow that is spread out over a greater area. You can even use it outdoors, as it's UL listed for damp areas.

    Casa Vieja Escort Ceiling Fan

    3) The Casa Vieja Escort ceiling fan is contempo sleek and has a warm natural tone thanks to the mahogany finish blades.  A handy remote controls the halogen light kit, so you never have to move from your stylish pose to adjust the fan speed.

    For more contemporary styles, take a look at our complete contemporary ceiling fan sort.

  • Invisible Lamp Shades

    White Bell Lamp Shade 5x11x8.5 (Spider)

    OK, they're not really invisible, but they are kind of magical.

    Most white lamp shades will show the inner shade frame when illuminated. These elegant designs have a special inner shade frame that's bent away from the fabric. This prevents any part of the shade frame from showing when lit from within.

    We hopped over to the store to see one of these shades in action. Here's what we saw:

    Invisible lamp shade at Lamps Plus

    Standard shade on the left ... Invisible shade on the right

    The final appearance is more elegant and streamlined than regular shade styles, making them great for formal sitting areas or bedrooms. So maybe you can call them invisible shades after all!

    They come in a range of shapes, from bells to drums. Or take a look at our full lamp shade sort for more styles and colors.

  • Questions With: Designer Camilla Meijer

    Camilla Meijer Designer Photo

    I've written before about Camilla Meijer's wonderful patterns and lamp shade designs (see Camilla Meijer's Colorful Lamp Shades).

    Fresh from the recent International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, Camilla was kind enough to answer a few of our questions about her designs and work.

    Q: You were born in Sweden and now work in England. But your designs seem very of the moment and international. Do you see them that way yourself?

    Camilla: My work has never been purposefully fashionable or universal, I have always worked in a way that I feel comfortable and enjoy.

    My patterns are a result of my love of drawing and my love of nature.

    My whole life I have been soaking up forms from the world around me both in Sweden and London, and recording them with pen and paper.

    Q: Your work begins with a hand drawing and is then composed digitally. How does this process impact the final look of the pattern?

    Camilla: The digital part of the process is essential to bringing my patterns to print.

    I treat my computer as a tool that allows me to create repetitive patterns, and add colour to my ink drawings, but does not interfere with the essence of my original art works.

    Camilla Meijer Designer Picture

    Q: We love the beautiful, interesting color combinations in your work. What influences your color palette?

    Camilla: The vibrancy of my colours often come from nature, but not exclusively so.

    If I see a nicely eg. coloured handbag or a house or a car etc, I will carry these colours in my head until I can get home to test them in all shades and then with others.

    I see the world around me as one big colour swatch for me to sample from!

    Q: Your lamp shades use 100 percent recycled materials, which is  wonderful. Was being eco-friendly always part of your plan?

    Camilla: Wherever possible I have always tried to be environmentally responsible with my work.

    Its always a pleasure to collaborate with people who share this desire, and are willing to do that little extra to lessen their impact on the planet.

    Lights Up have impressed me with their commitment to creating fabrics from recycled materials.

    Lights Up! Camilla Meijer Green Anna Shade

    Q: What's next for you? Any plans for patterns based on non-organic  motifs?

    Camilla:  My work is about capturing beauty. For me this is nature in all its shapes and forms, and I can’t imagine exhausting this pool of inspiration any time soon!

    Thanks to Camilla for taking the time to respond to our questions! Take a look for yourself at the Camilla Meijer Red Anna Shade or the Camilla Meijer Green Anna Shade. Or browse all of our contemporary lamp shades.

    Studio photos thanks to Camilla Meijer.


  • A Deal of the Day That's Out of This World

    It's not really from outer space, but this LAMPS PLUS Deal of the Day does have a space-age retro feel. The floor lamp has four uplights in beige speckled glass and comes with a handy foot dimmer that controls all four lights.

    Get it while it's hot! The special Deal of the Day pricing is valid for today only. Don't like what you see? Check back tomorrow for our next deal.

    If you like the style, the lamp is from the Possini Euro Design lighting collection, or you can check out all our contemporary floor lamp designs.

  • Three for Thursday: LED Outdoor Lighting Accessories

    Summer is here and it's time to start livin' in your slice of the great outdoors...comfortably, of course. Here are three nifty products that will add a little spice to your outdoor evenings.

    1) Help your guests navigate to your outdoor soiree with an eco-friendly solar LED address light. These power on at sunset (see above) and will operate year-round.

     2) Add some light to pathways and gardens with a solar-powered landscape light. These charge by day, then light up at night, and are particularly effective at providing reference lighting for garden plantings throughout your yardscape. Find more Black Finish Pole Solar Lights.

    3) See how hot it is with this solar-powered LED thermometer. A built-in sensor switch automatically lights the numbers at night. A spike allows you to position the thermometer anywhere in your lawn or in a strategically placed potted plant.

    For more summer outdoor living ideas, browse our outdoor furniture selection and check out our full range of landscape lighting.


  • Outdoor Porch Lights - Bigger Is Better

    Arroyo Park Collection 10" High Outdoor Wall Light

    When it comes to outdoor lighting for a porch or front entryway, many people get it wrong when sizing a new outdoor wall light.

    This is because it's hard to judge how a product will actually look when installed by just looking at it online or even in a store. So what many folks end up with is a fixture too small for their home.

    A simple rule to remember is that the height of the fixture should be based on the height of the entryway or door opening.

    • If a single light is used, it should be around one- third the height of the door.
    • For two lights you can go smaller, about one-quarter the height.

    To check the size of something, use a cardboard or paper template cut to the height and width of the fixture.

    Many of our outdoor lights have a life-size image  you can print right from the product page. Check out this Bellagio collection wall light (pictured above) as an example. You can also make your own template based on the given size of the fixture.

    Position the template on the wall where the fixture backplate will be over the junction box. Tape it in place, then head to the street to see how it looks. If it looks small, go bigger!

    For more info, read our quick guide article on choosing exterior lighting.


  • A Colorful LED Chandelier

    Changing Colors LED Pendant Light

    New from the Possini Euro Design lighting collection, this LED pendant chandelier is nothing if not eye-catching. 

    The contemporary chandelier look features color-changing LEDs at the center of the pendant.

    The LEDs illuminate art glass forms at the touch of a remote in hues of green, blue, pink, purple and red. Eighteen halogen bulbs offer bright lighting when you get tired of the LED light show.

    We've just shot a video for this stunning design; we'll let you know when it's been posted online so you can see the LEDs in motion. In the meantime, check out our expanding line of LED lighting.

  • A Halogen Lamp for Your Fortress of Solitude

    This new accent table lamp somehow reminds me of Superman's Fortress of Solitude. If you don't get the reference, it still makes an eye-catching decor accent!

    From our contemporary table lamp collection, the design has three cylinders in a brushed aluminum finish. Each offset cylinder has a halogen bulb behind frosted glass. It even has a built-in dimmer for mood lighting. Very cool! Icicle Accent Table Lamp.

    Need more? Check out all our halogen table lamps.


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