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  • Moonlight Wall Mirror Lights Up Living Room Decor

    Living Room Mirror Idea Photo

    Our new friend Lynda got our attention recently by posting pictures on our Facebook page. Lynda owns Focal Point, a growing interior design firm in Florida.

    The pictures are from a recent project where Lynda completely refurbished the common areas of a small townhouse. As you can see above, our Moonlight wall mirror takes center stage in the living room. Thanks for uploading the pics, Lynda!

    Read more about this project including lots of before and after pictures at Lynda's blog: Focal Point: Client Project.

    We love seeing our products "in the wild." Upload your pictures to or email them to and we'll do our best to feature them!

    Here's another look at our Moonlight mirror:

    Mirror Frame Wall Mirror


  • Easy Style Fix: Plug-In Wall Sconces

    Plug-In Wall Sconce Photo

    LAMPS PLUS Facebook reader Wanda recently asked us the following: "Please give me some advice about hanging wall sconces above an electrical outlet. Do I have to knock a hole in the wall to attach electricity between the sconce and the outlet?"

    The short answer is, "yes". If you have a wall sconce that requires hardwire installation, and there's not junction box around, you are going to have to have an electrician install a box and wire it for you. If you are an advanced DIY type, you could do this yourself.

    Rimini Plug-In Wall Sconce

    However, if the spot you want to install the sconce is directly above an existing electrical outlet, then I'd suggest using a plug-in wall sconce. These are super easy to install; if you can hang a picture you can install a plug-in sconce!

    All you do is attach them to the wall, much as you would hang a photo or art piece, and plug them in. That's it! You can dress the hanging cord up with a cord cover for a fancier look, but there's no electrical work needed.

    Jonathan Adler Wall Sconce

    The hardwired sconces offer a more finished look, but for seating areas or around a bed, the plug-in wall sconces look great and offer an easy style fix.

    They come in a wide range of looks. The Jonathan Adler Havana Sconce (above) and the Wakefield Daisies Plug-In Sconce (at the top of the post) are among my current favorites. 

    Hope this info helps! 


  • Fillable Glass Block Table Lamp

    Fillable Glass Lamp

    We loved our Cylinder Glass Table Lamp so much that we made a square block version of it!

    Like the cylinder lamp, this version can be filled with whatever you like - shells, stones, colored knicknaks, you name it.

    Bored with the look? Swap it out for something else or leave it "au naturel".

    Here it is with some pretty glass fish for a coastal decor look.

    Fillable Block Lamp

    Or give it a Thanksgiving, holiday theme with seasonal items.

    Holiday Fillable Glass Lamp

    It's fun to try different looks by combining different items!

    Get all the details here: Check out our entire line of fillable lamps, or view more glass table lamps.

    Post Update 4-28-14 - This item has sold out and is no longer in stock. Click the links above to view more options.

  • Lighted Mirrors in the Bath

     Chrome Lighted Bath Mirror

    Reader Suzanne wrote to us with this question: “Hello, I recently stayed at a hotel in Montreal, that had a lighted mirror in the bathroom. Do you have anything like this?”

    We do carry a wide range of lighted makeup mirrors for the bath or dressing area. Some are smaller, swing-arm mirrors that are ideal for applying makeup or grooming.

    The chrome wall-mounted makeup mirror in the scene above offers convenient lighting and a coordinated look for the vanity area.

     Lite Source Lighted Wall Mirror

    Other lighted mirrors are rectangular in shape and take the place of the regular mirror over a sink or vanity. The Lite Source Lighted Wall Mirror (currently unavailable) seen above has a frameless mirror design that uses eight bright halogen bulbs.

    La Crysta Plug-In Wall Mirror

    There are even lighted mirrors with a little bling, like this traditional mirror with cut glass accents and side sconces. The design above also plugs-in, meaning there's no wiring necessary. La Crysta Collection Plug-In Wall Mirror (currently unavailable).


  • Rachel's Floor Lamp on Glee

    Purple Bijoux Floor Lamp on Glee

    With the new season of the hit TV show Glee in full swing, I thought it would be fun to re-post about the show's use of our Purple Bijoux Floor Lamp.

    The lamp can be seen prominately in lead character Rachel's bedroom (see photo above) in a scene from last season.

    We also have a matching table lamp and swag chandelier, if you want to get the full bijoux effect.

    Orbital Table Lamp on TV Show Glee

    Flipping through the Glee photo galleries, I also spotted another one of our designs in a school office scene.

    The pair of Orbital Brushed Steel and Wood Table Lamp designs looks very stylish used as desk lamps.

    Contemporary Table Lamp Photo

    This design has a brushed steel finish base with cherry walnut wood accents and frosted glass.

    With the on-off pulls this would also make a great bedside lamp. Take a look: Orbital Table Lamp

    Hope these lighting choices help you Gleek out!

    Glee photos thanks to


  • From the Heartland: New A'Homestead Lamp Shades

    A'Homestead Lamp Shade Picture

    We've posted about A'Homestead Shoppe lamp shades before

    The company is located in the tiny farm community of La Paz, Indiana, near South Bend, and their shades are all handmade with artisan touches.

    They have some surprising new looks for this season, so I decided to email product development team member Cathy Clough for some more info. Minus the time lag, here's the exchange.

    LP - Hi, Cathy! So, since we last spoke, what's new in the world of lamp shades? It looks like you have some new designs.

    Cathy - Well, many of our customers are looking for more neutral color shades to blend with the current decorating trends.

    Even though they are neutral, we wanted our shades to have a “designer” feel to them.

    The beautiful multi colors of brown in this shade (see above) really fit the bill. Its colors are calming and it is aptly named  the Serenity Lamp Shade.

    LP - We've seen that neutral color trend as well. What about prints?

    Black and Tan Zebra Stripe Shade

    Cathy - For the younger, trendy urban customer, animal prints are really hot. I think that this zebra stripe fabric, paired with a black lamp, is a sure winner!

    We fell in love with this black and tan zebra stripe lamp shade the first time we saw it and knew our customers would feel the same.

    LP - Looking to the future, any other trends out there for you?

    Clip On Lamp Shade Flip Flops

    Cathy - Beach, nautical, lake, and coastal are all categories that our customers are asking for.

    We needed a fun and bright fabric to address that need. And what could be more fun than these flip-flops shades? 

    This is a Waverly outdoor fabric that will match cushions and pillows already on the market.

    I love the colors and the pattern. It's perfect for this coming summer!

    LP - Cathy, these look great. Thanks for emailing with me. We'll talk again with you soon!


  • Our Crystal and Chrome Chandelier Joins a House Tour

    Crystal and Chrome Pendant Chandelier

    Today's Apartment Therapy L.A. House Tour is of a 1912 restored Craftsman home in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles.

    Among the beautiful details, I noticed that the owners used our Crystal and Chrome Pendant Chandelier to add style to their kitchen space.

    Crystal and Chrome Pendant Chandelier

    The pendant has a chrome frame with hanging crystal accents. Around the frame is a black fabric shade with a subtle pleat. It's a great mix of old and new, the classic and the bling.  

    Crystal and Chrome Pendant Chandelier

    You can hang this design as a pendant chandelier, but here they've shortened the cables to a semi-flushmount height to fit in the kitchen. You can see how it looks hung at pendant height in the photo above. Either way, I think it looks great!

    Top photo thanks to Apartment Therapy.


  • Three for Thursday: Ideas for Decorating the Fireplace

    Fireplace Tools and Log Holders

    The Fall season is here, with rain (in Los Angeles of all places!) and cooler temperatures. If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace to cozy up to, here are three ways to give it a whole new look for the season. 

    Start with the fireplace tool set. These come in a wide range of styles, from ornate to rustic.

    Most feature a brush, tongs and ashes scoop. Fancier designs, like the one above, give you storage for logs and kindling.

    Wall Art and Wall Decor

    Next, you'll want to accent the mantel.

    If you have just one large painting or photo above the fireplace on a mantel, try adding additional wall decor pieces.

    Odd numbers of framed prints or wall decor items always look best, say 3 or 5. Matching prints, like those above, are a great way to add multiple items.

    And you don't have to get fancy and hang them; just lean them against the wall for a more casual look that can be easily switched around. 

    Decorative Candleholders

    If you are stuck on using just one painting or wall decor accent above the fireplace, here's another approach to try.

    Add decorative objects below the painting on the fireplace mantel to create a sense of depth and dimension.

    The objects can be prized collectables from around your home or seasonal accents like pine cones and pumpkins. Candleholders, like the twig and branch-themed design above, are always a classic touch. 

    Got an idea of your own? Let us know and we'll blog about it!


  • Style Watch: Moroccan Decor Style Comes Home

    Rubina Area Rug

    The unique culture and civilization of Morocco has always held a fascination for decorators and fashionistas.

    Moroccan decor style is rich with wonderfully vibrant colors, patterns and textures; it's a natural for the home! 

    Let's begin our style tour with the Rubina Area Rug (above). It has a beautiful red and gold pattern that evokes classic rugs from the area.

    Orange Square Ottoman

    This square ottoman has a more modern look, but the vibrant colors and pattern will work in any Moroccan decor room. Orange Square Pouffe Ottoman.

    Surya Accent Pillows

    These accent pillows have a beautiful repeating pattern, an element often seen in Moroccan design. Surya Gold and Green Accent Pillows.

    Pocono Candle Lantern

    A classic Moroccan blue is seen on this ceramic lantern design. Pocono Candle Lantern.

    Capri Brown Baskets

    This set of woven baskets offers a rich wood accent for the vivid Moroccan colors. Capri Brown Baskets

    Misa Decorative Finials

    These decorative finials come in wonderful colors and have an eye-catching form that evokes Moroccan architecture. Misa Decorative Finals

    Hammered Metal Pot Table Lamp

    For lighting, this table lamp has a hammered metal base reminiscent of traditional Moroccan crafts. Hammered Metal Pot Table Lamp.

    Leather Round End Table

    And to place the lamp on, how about this leather end table with nail head trim? Leather Wrapped Round End Table.

    Moroccan Garden Fountain

    Finally, to take your outdoor spaces to exotic Morocco, try this beautiful Moroccan Garden Fountain...

    Cambria Hanging Outdoor Lantern

    ...and the Cambria Outdoor Hanging Lantern with seedy glass and a decorative grill pattern.


  • May the Force Be With You: Star Wars Party Lights

    Yoda Clone Wars Party Lights

    As Yoda would say, "For your patio buy these you should!" Ten Star Wars-themed party lights come on each twelve-foot-long strand. They’re incredibly cute!

    R2D2 Star Wars Party Lights

    There's a Clone Wars Yoda string light, Star Wars Yoda lights, a strand of Star Wars Storm Troopers lights and R2D2 string lights.

    Yoda Star Wars Party Lights

    Use 'em inside or out to decorate your office cube, holiday tree, patio, or Podracer.


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