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  • A Divine Design Master Bedroom

    Candice Olson Bedroom Design

    Designer Candice Olson tackles a bland master bedroom in this Minneapolis Star Tribune article.

    The room is in a renovated 1926 home. For the wall color, Candice went with a creamy white and a darker blue grey, colors that play well with the dark hardwood flooring.

    A subtle world-traveler theme prevails, with a zebra-striped rug on the floor an exotic tropical ceiling fan overhead, and other tropical home decor accents.

    Zebra Stripe Rug

    Above is a close match for the zebra rug from our rug collection.

    Tropical Rattan Ceiling Fan

    The ceiling fan is pretty blurry! After squinting at it for a bit, I think this fan model is a good match for it: the Casa Vieja Rattan Ceiling Fan.

    I also love the typographical lettering on the wall over the bed. For more typographic decor, see my recent post.

    Photo thanks to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

    Post Update 1-5-11: For more designer starpower, check out our series of designer interviews, where we chat with everyone from David Bromstead to Sandra Espinet!


  • Best Holiday Gifts for Dad

    Z Bar LED Desk Lamp

    Finding the perfect Christmas gift for dad is always a challenge. But it doesn't have to be that way. Here are some of the best holiday gifts for dad that will make him happy! 

    Up above is the Z Bar Red LED Desk Lamp (also available in black). Dad may not be as flexible as this lamp, but he'll appreciate its sleek looks, energy efficient designs and adaptability. He can easily position the lamp for reading or other tasks, and the design also comes with a built-in dimming system for even greater lighting control.

    LED Magnifying Hobby Light

    If he's into hobbies, get him this LED Magnifying Craft Light. The bright LEDs make a great work light, while the adjustable magnifying glass brings into focus close-up details. This particular model can be powered by batteries or the included AC adapter.

    LED Camping Lantern

    If Dad's the outdoor type, he'll love this LED Lantern. It collapses down into a small, compact unit, making it portable for camping trips, and has a non-slip, rubberized finish.

    iChime Doorbell

    For techie-gadget types, there's the iChime Customizable Doorbell System. It comes pre-loaded with hundreds of doorbell sounds, funny greetings and chimes. Dad can also record his own greeting or upload an MP3 recording.

    Laser Star Projector

    Here's more tech magic. This mini laser star projector is great for dad's next rave. It's a steal at only $99. Holographic Laser Star Projector.

    Design Your Own Custom Lighting and Art

    Custom gifts are always nice, so use our Design Your Own online tool to make him lighting with a custom color shade, or customized artwork. You can make something to match his office decor or give him his favorite color in just a few easy steps.

    Bulova World Time Clock

    Finally, accessorize his office desk and keep him on time with a desk clock. Pictured above is the special Bulova World Time Clock in a brass finish case. 

    Good luck shopping (only 37 days left!).


  • Three for Thursday: Tripod Floor Lamps

    Rachel Simon Tripod Floor Lamp Picture

    Tripod floor lamps have a three-legged base similar in appearance to that seen on cameras or telescopes. They are very stable, so if you have small pets or children running around they're a good option. Tripod floor lamps also offer a stylish look that's a little out of the ordinary. For your Thursday viewing, here are three to take a look at!

    Up above is a tripod lamp with a cool circles pattern shade from Brooklyn-based designer Rachel Simon. The thin tripod legs are in a brushed nickel finish. Circles Tripod Floor Lamp.

    Walnut Wood Tripod Floor Lamp

    This version features a surveyor-style base in beautiful walnut wood. A two-tone fabric shade sits on top. Walnut Tripod Floor Lamp.

    Glass Tripod Floor Lamp

    Last but not least, here's a tripod floor lamp with a gleaming glass barrel shade. Three bulbs are set within the glass, with a dimmer switch to control them all. Glass Shade Tripod Floor Lamp.



  • Get Inspired: 600 Square Feet of Home

    Small Apartment Decorating

    You don't have to have a large home to live large. This beautiful studio apartment, recently profiled in a New York Times slideshow, proves the point.

    Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, it has been meticulously planned out; everyting has a place and fits just so.

    Studio Apartment Kitchen

    The tiny kitchen gets a little bling thanks to a crystal ceiling light. Refrigerator and dishwasher are hidden behind the paneling.  

    Acrylic Ceiling Light Fixture

    This acrylc and chrome ceiling light offers a similar look at a great price (just under $100!)

    Top photos thanks to The New York Times.


  • Lighting Design on the Bones TV Show

    Bones TV Set Photo

    Bones is a popular Fox Network TV mystery show that revoloves around the cases of FBI Agent Seeley Booth and his forensic anthropologist cohort, Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan. Booth is American rustic; Bones is urban chic.

    As revealed in an Los Angeles Times feature article, the Bones design team turned to decor and lighting to visually express these two characters.

    Reading the article, I spotted some of our very own LAMPS PLUS designs used in the sets!

    Agent Booth's bedroom, seen above, has an Old West theme and uses our Neat Pleat Swing Arm Desk Lamp on the side table.

    Swing Arm Desk Lamp

    Above is another view of the lamp, which features a horizontal pleat lamp shade.

    Bones TV Show Living Room Set Photo

    The set for Bone's living room has a different vibe, with chic seating, overhead lighting and accessories.

    To set the scene, the designer used the very stylish Liata Collection Pendant Chandelier above the dining room table.

    Liata Pendant Chandelier

    Above is a closer view of the pendant, which is highlighted by strips of champagne finish metal bands. Very stylish sets indeed!

    Set photos thanks to The Los Angeles Times.


  • Thanksgiving Table Accents

    Faux Flower Arrangement

    From Veronica, our home decor buyer, here are some ideas to give your Thanksgiving table decorations extra holiday spirit this year.

    "Dried and silk flowers always strike a festive note. I also really like the fact that they can be reused year after year. This arrangement has wonderful Fall, Thanksgiving colors with silk hydrangea and ranunculus flowers." Hydrangea and Ranunculus Faux Flower Arrangement.

    Traditional Candle Holders Set

    "Candlesticks are a welcome addition to any Thanksgiving table. Move them to a side table or buffet for the main seating. This set of three has a lovely distressed finish." Bronze Urn Candle Holders.

    Bronze Finish Decorative Bowl

    "A decorative bowl is a quick way to add interest to the center of your table. You can display fruit or seasonal items like mini pumpkins and squash. The one I've picked (seen above with matching items and wall clock) has ornate detailing with a bronze finish and crackle amber finish accents." Bronze Crackle Scrollwork Decorative Bowl.

    Mahogany Finish Serving Trays

    "Finally, I always like to have a supply of serving trays nearby on Thanksgiving day. Use them to move things to and from the table, or to serve after meal coffee and desert. They come in handy for clean-up, too! The set of three I'm showing gives you even more flexibility."  Set of 3 Hanley Trays.

    Thanks for the input, Veronica! Look for more on our home decor page.


  • French Style in Toronto

    French Dining Room Idea Photo

    Want French style, but live 3,700 miles away in Toronto? As seen in this Style At Home article, mere distance didn't stop homeowners Laurent Papaix and David Toto. They redecorated their vintage home with French style, mixing rustic motifs and traditional tables with more modern accents, drawing inspiration from the Ile de Re, the holiday island off the west coast of France. 

    In the shot above, they've used a distressed table with table runner and a dramatic crystal chandelier with a clear glass body.

    Clear Glass Crystal Chandelier

    Our crystal chandelier shown above offers a similar look. To match the look even more, you could replace the glass segment shades with an ivory or white clip-on shade. Regent Square Five Light Crystal Chandelier.

    Bedroom Idea Photo

    In the bedroom, simple white accents play against a DIY bedside table lamp with a clear glass body.

    Clear Glass Table Lamp

    If you're not the DIY type (I'm not!), go with our Contemporary Clear Glass Table Lamp. It has a slightly more elongated neck and body, but you'll get the same shine and shimmer effect from the clear glass.

    Room photos thanks to Style At Home .


  • Kid's Desk Lamps with Character

    Little Monster LED Desk Lamps

    Homework is never fun, despite what my sister used to say! But it can seem like less of a chore if done in a bright and inviting room space. Here are some kid's desk lamps that will have your little characters studying in style. Another great plus - these are all under $100.

    The Little Monster LED Desk Lamps (see group shot above) are fun for all ages. The designs come in bright colors and feature LED bulbs that can change colors. A USB adaptor allows you to power the lamp straight from a desktop or laptop computer.

    Set a mood of retro cool with the Blue Mood Light Box Table Lamp. Perfect for a teen's room, the lamp has a black linen and translucent blue shade that encloses the bulb. It also comes in pink and yellow.

    Blue Twist Desk Lamp

    The Twist Desk Lamp looks to me like one of those fun twisty straws. It comes in multiple colors to spice up a drab desktop.

    Penquin Desk Lamp

    Cute beyond words, the Pingunio is a daper little lamp that stands on its own two feet. They come in a wide range of colors and the lamp head is adjustable to illuminate reading materials or papers. This one is the Pingunio Blue and White Accent Lamp.

    Halogen Desk Lamp

     Finally, for those teens or kids who can't make up their minds (you know who you are), this Rainbow Mini-Desk Lamp offers a bright color accent. It has a bright halogen bulb perfect for studying. Browse for more lamps with character in our Kid's Desk Lamps collection. 


  • Jimi Hendrix Lava Lamp

    Jimi Hendrix Lava Lamp

    Axis: Bold As Love was the second album from The Jimi Hendrix Experience. This lava lamp faithfully reproduces that classic album's cover art on the base, and even has a reproduction of Hendrix's signature across the lamp glass.

    Jimi Hendrix Lava Lamp Detail

    Flip the lamp on and watch the pink wax undulate its way through the purple haze liquid. If 6 Was 9, indeed! Jimi Hendrix Lava Lamp.

    Post Update 12-5-11: this product is out of stock at the moment. Contact us for future availability.


  • Monica Pedersen Interview

    Monica Pedersen Photo

    I spotted this interview with designer Monica Pedersen in the Kansas City Star. Pedersen is best known for hosting Designed to Sell, Bang for Your Buck and Dream Home on the HGTV cable network.

    For home decor trends, she says, "People are celebrating small spaces. The real-estate downturn has forced people to be more creative. They’re using versatile furniture like tables as desks and attractive storage pieces."

    Outside Dining Idea

    And I like her tip for your Thanksgiving table: "Line your napkins in brown velvet. It looks rich and then the napkins don’t scratch your face." Scratcy napkins are definitely a no-no!

    Photos thanks to the Kansas City Star.


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