Color Specialist Jessica Colaluca Gives Tips for Incorporating Color in the Home

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Design Seeds and Jessica Colaluca

Selecting the right colors for your home can sometimes be overwhelming. Therefore, this morning's "Designer Interview" features color specialist Jessica Colaluca of Design Seeds, who offers a few tips for incorporating color in the home. Jessica is definitely not color shy!

LAMPS PLUS: What started your passion for color?

JESSICA COLALUCA: I have been obsessed with color since I can remember. I used to play with color markers like they were action figures and was fascinated with melting crayons into little hue sculptures. I was also captivated with crayon shavings and would choose different color palettes to make up little crayon shaving confetti.

LAMPS PLUS: I know this is a tough question, but what is your favorite color?

JESSICA COLALUCA: I absolutely love robin's egg blue, specifically when the color shifts to the green side of the hue. I suppose what I am really trying to say (but am avoiding it because it sounds like such a cliche), but my favorite color is Tiffany Blue.

Tiffany Blue Color Palette

LAMPS PLUS: What are your favorite colors from nature?

JESSICA COLALUCA: I have been on streak of being captivated by moss this past year. I love the color, the vibrance, the earthiness, and the showiness of it despite being such a humble plant.

LAMPS PLUS: What do you see as being the stand out colors for this fall?

JESSICA COLALUCA: I see inky navy, flame orange, ochre, and mossy browns as stand out colors. Also, gold is huge for this fall/winter.

Colors for Fall Image

LAMPS PLUS: What is a simple way to incorporate color into your home?

JESSICA COLALUCA: You can be fearless with color if you have grounded (and layed in tone) base colors. The easiest way is to leverage the gray and charcoal trend as your base color and be expressive with your color through accessorizing. This is a sure fire way to get pop, without being overwhelmed by the commitment.

How to Incorporate Color into your Home

LAMPS PLUS: What makes a successful color palette?

JESSICA COLALUCA: Controlling the chroma of each hue and layering in shades and tints to create depth.

LAMPS PLUS: How does lighting change the tone of color in an interior space?

JESSICA COLALUCA: It dramatically affects color in a space as the time of day alone shifts the mood of the space. Careful consideration to lighting and focusing how it can interact with the color of your space is where the magic is.

LAMPS PLUS: What are the best colors for modern, contemporary and traditional home decor?


  • Modern - earthy colors derived from nature - greens, ochre, orange, purples, and neutrals such as sepia and browns
  • Contemporary - sustained trending colors such as yellow, ochres, gray, warm grays, charcoal, and turquoise
  • Traditional - bold contrasting hues - navy, ecru, black, salmon, and golds

LAMPS PLUS: What colors evoke a strong emotional reaction?

JESSICA COLALUCA: I do not personally agree with color psychology. As a designer, I am always driven to make something work when I am told there is a rule or perception against it. That is why one of my favorite responses from readers of Design Seeds is "I would have never thought to put those colors together."

There are infinite ways to layer color to fight the perceived emotional reaction based on a color swatch. I believe colors do have baggage and our perception is ingrained through our personal history.

Harvest colors, although trending, are polarizing because of the baggage from the seventies. Similiar to this was when blue eye shadow came back in the 90's. It took people a long time to embrace it as there are still those holding onto it from the first time around.

LAMPS PLUS: Do you prefer to have generous uses of color in a home or simply pops of colors?

JESSICA COLALUCA: I am color crazy in my house and wardrobe. This is our 5th home and by now the first thing we do when we move in is have the chalky builder beige walls painted.

By color crazy, I do not mean every room is drenched in chroma. We have a flame orange laundry room, but color transitions through the house and our master bedroom is a deep teal tinged charcoal.

I also layer colors and prints in my wardrobe as well. I have an eclectic style and mash modern with heirloom pieces. I am careful not to say vintage...I don't go antiquing or buy reproductions. The treasures in my home and wardrobe are handed down from my grandmother and relatives. I believe those pieces are the critical part of making a home a home and your style personal.

Images via Jessica Colaluca from Design Seeds.


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  • I would love to see Jessica's home. She's so talented.

  • Jessica is an amazingly talented woman.

Color Specialist Jessica Colaluca Gives Tips for Incorporating Color in the Home