Console Table Decor

I know it’s not quite time for spring cleaning, but there are easy ways to lighten the look of a room without clearing out and without the hassle of a time consuming yard sale. Incorporating lucite accent furniture, like a lucite console table, in a room will instantly create the sense of more space while not sacrificing storage or seating. Lucite offers a weightless elegance and functionality.

Living Room Decor

This eclectic living room is a wild ride of furniture styles and mixed within this wide array is a small lucite stool on casters. Whether you want to use it as extra seating or a surface for a drink, a portable piece of furniture like this is just right. 

Country Bedroom Decor

Another great seating option is this retro 1970s style stool. Used as a desk chair, vanity stool or small side table, it’s an unexpected addition to an original design scheme.   

Contemporary Kitchen Design

Speaking of unexpected, these incredible lucite counter stools don’t overpower the large center island of this contemporary kitchen. Wisely, they are upholstered for comfort and on casters for easy movement. Lucite is a great option for the kitchen as they can easily be wiped down for easy cleaning.

Black and White Home Design

From stools to sophisticated seating. This highly stylized living room introduces a curved lucite side chair for a touch of glamour and balances it by placing a geometric lucite table lamp on the adjacent side table.

Traditional Bedroom Decoration

Even an antique-filled bedroom can sport a little pop culture. This bubble chair disappears but still manages to offer womb-like seating.

Rustic Dining Rooms

Ghost chairs are a timeless look. I love the juxtaposition of the rough stone and weathered table with the slick clear plastic. The clear ceiling light balances the chairs beautifully.

Front Hall Design Ideas

Lucite can also be a chic base for lamps and accessories as this image displays. There is a lightness and glow to Lucite that seems at odds with its strength. Thankfully, they work in harmony.   

Dressing Room Decoration

Lucite can take on just about any shape, so it’s no surprise that lucite furniture can be curved or formed to take on a neoclassical style like this table which is the same as in the first image above.   

Dining Room Decor

Any size or style dining room can benefit from the use of a lucite side table. It visually doesn’t take up much room and offers surface and serving space for entertaining. 

Soothing Bedroom Design

I love this bedroom. It’s soft, comfortable and stylish. Like the other rooms, there is a great mix of antiques and lucite. The lucite nightstand is totally functional, but also has an ethereal quality that compliments the pale creams and pinks in the room. Lucite is a clear winner.

Photos courtesy of Eclectic Revisited, Rue Mag, The NeoTraditionalist